Tuesday at Midnight

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Chapter 1

Misaki's POV

“Hurry up! We’ll miss curfew!” a blonde haired girl whined.

“Angelica Rose. Who’s the older one again?” I asked.

“Eriko’s the older one” Angelica answered.

“Angelica!” I snapped.

“Fine, fine. Misaki” Angelica muttered with a roll of her eyes.

“That’s what I thought” I said.

“Touché” Angelica said.

“Go back by yourself if you’re going to be a pest” I growled.

Angelica flicked her dark blonde hair over her shoulder and pulled her lollipop from her mouth. “And what would Mistress say if poor little Angie returned home by herself again?” she said waving her lollipop in the air as if to emphasize her point.

“Do I care?” I murmured “And need I remind you you’re only one year younger than me and I don’t think it’s that much of a big deal”

“I’m sorry. Who was it that was saying ‘Who’s the older one again?’ not even five seconds ago?” Angelica said, before putting her lollipop back into her mouth.

“Go home Angelica. Who the hell gave you a name with the word ‘angel’ in it?” I said, turning my back on the blonde.

“Aw fine. And trust me Misaki if I knew who gave me this dumb name, you’d be the first person I’d tell”

“How reassuring”

“I know right?” Angelica grinned. She turned on her heel, swinging her bag over her shoulder and gave me a lazy wave as she walked off.

I shook my head, letting out a sigh as I turned my attention back to the bookshelf.

The small blue bookshelf hidden in the corner of the library. You wouldn’t even notice it unless you knew what you were looking for. The once bright blue paint had faded over the last 6 years and it was beginning to curl away. The bookshelf was almost full, but it hadn’t gained any more books or lost any more books for the past five years.

Because this bookshelf, was the property of Eriko Terajima.

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