Never in the blue moon

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Chapter 6

Misty atmosphere, damp and cold climate. A crowned Kingdom of clouds and peaks Felderberg was the most high in the Black Forest and was at his feet. It sounded romantic, just Simon mentioned a cabin sturdy fireplace, sloping roof and wood to the front. This was the friendly description because she faced a large house with a shed and garage Simon stopped.

-Do you prefer to eat something else? I will leave you...

_ No way!

Selene was vigorously - reveal photos of Rick and there are no errors...

_ Do you believe in those photos of the soul? Would that call as well?

Simon said it distracted came out of the car she felt then check your messages on the phone and breathe deep, looking at him.

-This e s my situation Simon, my sister this loss supposedly witnessed a horrible crime, then I get this offer of work that brings me here, there’s a killer loose, a madman who emulates a Wolf and everything leads me to you. Nick was arrested after the crime and by so-called your influences and your money freed him, I first thought that you talking of a werewolf just for macabre atreaerme as bromine to that photographer not interested in the photograph to the Loch Ness monster? or the Jeti?That touts Zoe mocking my organized safaris. Managed to scare me very well Simon, I believe you get and be anyone more I believe. Now that was attacked to Saskia? Not a man that was what surprise the other nights? What did you are alerted. Tell me, Nick is dangerous ′ be it does not seem it for you and finally that is this... mutation... are aberrations of nature. Is it that?

Simon smile in spite of him by saying:

-Have you seen strange lately through the lens of your camera?

You got that question as a response.

-An animal with human eyes, admitted she thought yours.

Simon smile happy again, she opened the door and began to get bags then opened the door of the chivalrous side of Selene and tended her hand.

-Rick will come and all will be well when the rest get us marchartemos.

He said with relief and opened the cabin, Selene is find myself before an encouraging panorama: two floors, fireplace, comfortable furniture, library and others. Simon moved agile fired up the chimney and accommodated bags

-There is food here, you choose your room.

If then he stood trying to be calm I

-I will verify the generator. You do not step on the shed or leave here!

Selene preferred to dig in the well equipped kitchen, I am looking for a coffee maker and warned that Simon had a small bottle of water and a dish to the shed, left without shelter. He was surprised but received it with hot coffee. Simon was still practically in shirt sleeves, she just stripped of his sweater and relaxed.

-Rick was here and not errará road.

-Would and should come to take care of myself expressly not?

-Then we will continue the competition.

-Then we will continue the competition.

-Not even I can take photos at night!

Selene went to the library and he said:

-Under the blue moon... men are animals that create and believe stories that are on them.

It could already take pictures then with better planes said it without being distracted and Selene warned for the first time using a watch, one dark Lunar clear faces and perhaps gold. There were clear allusions to fantasy literature and mythology. He hoped that that wood Castle, Mansion, corrected it reveling, did not have passageways.

-you got them! - it winked you an eye - women adore those details romantic, rain light of candles, a piano, flowers and fireplace and dark, unfortunately there is a generator extra and I am bad playing any instrument and of course...

-shines the moon...!

Selene pointed out the window, day could even see quite easily, Simon trouble coffee.

-The only thing that I can promise you is bored until Ecstasy teaching you clear family children’s videos!

A purpose to which she did not resist. Jazmine and he had been two very different children.

She always neat and educated and running around there, barely looked his father forbidding and elegant. Not to her mother.

Then Simon left in the company of a few family photos and returned to the shed without shelter. Selene heard the noise of chains, fast then Simon is internal in the kitchen to open cans, prepare something perecido to a light meal for dinner would even go for a few bottles of good wine. She noticed us and stood up to scrutinize more than the House. Shields with coats of arms. Selene noticed it without bother him and he asintio. Sat in e l floor for dinner between cushions, Simon tried to turn on the television and up to a computer but it was impossible.

-It is a lousy place to hide and have fun.

-Would you like to see my photos?

Selene invited him praising the dinner and just drinking.

-I’ve taught and said everything already about them especially your suspicions!

Simon shrugged nervous.

-Pantry this full extras of the truck have keys and convertible that are in the garage, full tank and gps enabled and...

-There are weapons there, some new other old ones. These updates on display.

-True!--he admitted ronco almost - is just to clarify that Nick had nothing to do with the killing of the young man in the Park. Never you took his life to anything not even to a mouse!

-A fly would be a most used simile.

She interrupted him without scare you and he continued walking nervous of a site to another room.

-Clear it stood fast and was something similar to a dessert

I heard him ask lightly.


-Would you take a picture of the yeti?

Selene replied:

-Not because the apresarian, the desecarian still live or enhibirian in a cage.

-That thought!

Simon smile was bright and return with a couple of cookies in two separate dishes. So it would look after it?

Selene launched a giggle that kind of question was that?

-I am an ecologist do you remember? I do photographs campaigns to save spices in danger, especially to animals that I respect!

-The man is an animal that loves!-sentencio Simon.

-Very animal!

Selene laughed. But paused to hear him say: personality disorder. Be free as a bird.

-Each act of freedom has a downside: accountability, consequences.

The silence seemed to surround Simon and Selene realized this: for the first time seemed to be really alone, isolated. In the following hours only Simon checked the phone until generator succumbed. Selene was by candles and I steal the lighter from his jacket. Simon returned covered of snow and with a bitter gesture

-Collapsed really, I think there is a lantern there...

He stopped his steps and listened the ear. Selene felt a shiver. Night was already falling and the nervousness persisted

-There are no peasants near... - low she finally.

-You know that do not. Only ice and traps for animals there!

Simon is bit their lips.

-the van is covered.

In the shed she inquired.

-Get away from there!

He repeated it strongly and I apologized said that Rick and the others already should be there and then everyone will go away, serious evening...

The corner of the lip of Selene bowed before a smile

-Sounds that you do not want to be alone with me Simon!

-Oh! Selene that horrible night!

Simon said it for yourself with the transformed voice and ran the curtains as if it wanted to move the climate there outside. Finally strong, heard it is clear, sharp and threatening: a howling...

-Even if you close windows and doors wolves are howling outside...

It was a statement that he learned years ago, his eyes centellaron. He left his phone aside.

A measure that gave steps is hunched, broke the first button of his shirt and shook his head.

-Only closing the door do you hear? Hold the phone in your hands even if it has no signal and waits for the dawn to go up to the car and leave. The weapons are loaded take one!

Selene paled, from speaking?

-Do not go if you hear noise or hits or footsteps!

-Simon scare me...

-Go if not return.

- and you do because you must not wait that happened with Rick and others

Simon stopped in front of it, and his gaze was fierce.

-Just walk away, go as far as you can and if you hear a strange...

-that... is howl!-told Frost now believed, believed...

Simon ran towards the door

-What happens if I hear cries tell me Simon!

-Runs even faster!

-Is it because?

Simon turned back already:

-Because the last word you hear can be yours!

The gate is Hill after Yes. By this time exactly Selene stood there standing in the middle of the room with your phone at hand. I even hesitate to take a weapon without knowing if they would be charged or not. It was in the dark almost, howl was not repeated. I’m looking for flashlights without ignoring that something was in the shed.

Something was moving inside knocking things and tearing, if it tearing with claws - wooden door. It was only a bluff and was with the in your hand to take her coat to refuse to carry a weapon.

The snow had covered everything with thin and sparkling wine. The branches of the trees were threatening, or a noise more... a safari without caregivers, neither colleagues nor drivers only she...

An animal that was in the shed did to take a look... would a dog...?

Distinguished a black figure. He ran, went to the truck and believed tell Simon to the side of the road.

“Simon!” it shouted desperately and lifted up the view. He saw the Moon, round silver bathed her, damn Moon! Neither thought about just driving to find Simon, this should go to pursue to... whatever! His walk is extended until the darkness out of the way. It had dropped the lantern in an attempt to not slip as a unexperienced. Sniffed at it... an animal felt it......

Saw her figure under the light. It wasn’t a dog. An animal...

.. .a wolf. Of precise movements and understood what was feared, it must have been Nick, should be certain so many ancient legends.

-Are you not e s so Professor? - do Nikolai? Simon protects you not so?

Wolf neat hair and sparkling eyes - those eyes!-looked to one side. A red trace surrounded him, Selene was able to see his left rear leg, it was bleeding but the animal remained firm in its stance. He groaned just she try to get closer and he cocked his head-

-The legends are true! madness... Simon protects all... You are all... this! But you’re not a murderer. How do you get here?

Selene fell in the snow to deliver him from the trap. Wolf threw a human moaning finally. Selene touched the icy iron trying to open that pointed trap that looked like an iron fist.

-Poachers are hateful is twofold. They should tell me. Can you understand me? Get vista to the Hunter. Simon wants you think will reach here and Rick and others.

In a first effort to Selene fell sitting in the snow, the second he managed to open the trap a few centimeters and that was enough to make the animal skillfully removed the leg and is lamiera drawn sitting in the snow.

Selene swore animal testuz is dropped.

-Look at me talking to a Wolf and waiting for me to answer! Just as I do when I photograph them from meters! Come here!

But surprisingly when approaching to touch the Wolf joined in an attempt to move away and even gave him a scratch on his arm. Selene retired arm suppressing a moan of pain, saw the animal raising his head triumphant in the light of the Moon and go limping.

-This was a nightmare!

Selene felt desires of cry of impotence, there sat, icy, shocked. He took his scarf and wrapped his forearm. Regresaria to the cabin. That did. Not serve run to nowhere for help, if at least Simon returned, or Rick and the others or Nick to become human. The so without question more thought. The wind had open the door of the cabin that she left without key. He entered, is warmed by the fireplace sacudiendose niebre, added more logs, shut the door gently and lent ear turning more and more candles. Nothing, calm...

Selene collapsed on the couch busando a blanket without his wound healed, took the phone and embraced this unaware that the shed door was open wide and that the moon shines a inequivocas traces of leg of Wolf in the snow towards wing rear door of the cabin...

The night is the wolves, keepers of the moon...

It was early in the morning, candles had been consumed in the waiting.

A distant blow startled Selene even had nightmares, he now believed, I knew... Before her a Wolf was dozing. It was to be... or looked at his hind legs. It was dry and docile. Selene was slowly incorporated

-Tea polls well Nick? Is there anything I can do for you by your foot... leg?

The Wolf not moved their ears or made any reaction.

-do you human again?

It asked it with the beating heart.

-Do not respond you... is therefore mute and deaf!

Selene feared the worst and was presented there in the light of the flames of the fireplace. Simon had a long dark robe, a pair of pants and a bandage on his left foot, was more than tired. Be sento renguenado giving her time to understand.

-It is impossible!

-Tell me my Selene!!

Simon burlo almost of itself with a gesture of pain.

-Tus ojos me espiabas in Canada!

-Your I espiabas!-corrected it quickly and smiled-Plato - called blows on the floor of wood with s u standing naked and healthy.

The Wolf seemed to perceive the sound vibrations and stood up stretch is. Selene noticed a ciatriz after one of his ears.

-Is Plato... a good Wolf... vegetarian! breed puppy. Only this was achieved to investigate what we are and reverse it in the

“Plato...” she repeated it as if it were the uncico that came out of her throat.

Wolf lamio with affection the mandible Simon

-Amicus Plato sed magis amica Veritas - said Simon in latin and translated: Plato is my friend, but the truth is more my friend!

It gave a suspsiro:

-Certain Selene I am a wolf or even a werewolf simply a Wolf! See Plato returns to the shed there have your coida and don’t need salair hunting! one time that Wolf retreated slowly, Selene is resigned

-God that doomed pain! Thank you for saving me Selene but I thought you said that you not out!

-Can I...?

She pointed out the band, and he refused.

-Do not know as just “Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf”?

-If but also is as just “beauty and the beast”!

The smile before that answer and it was by a botiquien

-It is the hour of the Wolf...-I leave it to escar she lentamene. Is it always so? You lead a double life?

-Of course, I have a wife she-Wolf and my second litter of lobizones in a cave, they have beautiful light eyes!

-you make fun!

Selene knelt to cure it

-Of course Yes! I smell dog?-she denied

Selene had never noticed it although convivia with them.

-Because I reckon that all used are...

-... we are!

Simon noted the wound.

-That terrible fool am you risky!

-save you life! You have died bleeding!-Selene cried out and forced him to look at it.

Simon departed but she took him furious arms, he tried safar was and stopped looking up the sleeve of the sweater of Selene.

Sorry... - low it - I wanted to tenrte about and protect yourself, but these are risks.

Selene continued healing him unless he noticed her tears.

-Damn it hurts! I know as you put on shoes! someone put that trap there. It was very sophisticated.

-It was for you...

-That someone retrazo to Rick and others - he continued talking with same encircled them. What I sense someone knows...

-do for you?

Selene closed the Cabinet met its cure:

- Or of that beast that is not explained - Selene wrench head he realized - arms have molten churches crosses silver bullets, my family helped raise the first churches here and in other parts of Europe-he let him escape with regret.

-Rick knew it has always rather than your employee is your friend!

Simon asintio and she asked him how he managed to also hide their condition.

-Money are useful, an eccentric life, crazy, while I reorganized! I can lose myself in a steppe, a forest, a crazy competition or climbing who knows? Clear that makes my love life a little unstable... of course can not have breakfast with me after a passionate, wild crazy night. I have escaped through the back door several times before dusk after dessert... gentlemanly walks, more than once in reality but that me no different from the rest of the men is not so?

Simon winked you a charming look and Selene instantly forgot his nocturnal encounter.

-I thought you were more ready to not put your paw on these sites!

- and me! At least I thought having my instinct! Plato returns women do not understand the animals and are unbearable!

-Is your...

-... son? - River Simon and adjusted her gown trying to stand and recovering its position - do know the poem? ”A man who is pure of heart and says his prayers at night still can become Wolf when Belladonna flowers and autumn moon is shining”

Supposedly was thus in addition to traditional factors Simon straightened up as if it was to give a speech:

-transarte us behavioral traces of DNA, the violent part of our being. The Warrior gene, the science just see, it is an enemy to us since our birth. Hormones involved in behavior substances that measure metabolism. For less have condemned poor Devils to death. If they had been even witches have saved if same don’t you think? Diosnisio, san Agustin, Petronio already spoke of us.

-According to Pliny: Damac an antropófago sorcerer became Wolf on full moon nights. They said that to stop being Wolf to remove them should drink aconite plant stem green and blue flower... wolfsbane. That pretended to Nick when the oi discuss on homes of Saskia?

Simon asintio with melancholy:

-Yes, remove three drops of our blood when we are transformed - the voice of Simon was overshadowed - have seen it driving thousand times finding fault with it being a werewolf or asking to be called by its name.

A fast-moving he went to the library and brought him a book that had the pages marked with red tape. Selene took it in his hands and read aloud:

-Para transform must be bare formir in the light of the Moon, using a garment of werewolf skin belt maybe, having relations with a wolf man and that that it is beaten, cubirse with a wolf skin, drinking water where bebrio a wolf man, labar your body with some ointment, incurring the wrath of the devilborn seventh son or outdoors a night of full moon, cut a stick of certain tree and say that we want to be a Wolf, eat human entrails...”

Selene closed the book, ignoring the antique prints and finally asked the question that burned his throat:

-None of them had to do with the crime in Central Park?

Simon reacted vehemently:

-Clear queno newer or less the quieter with Darren or Saskia as Borja and Tina despite the jokes and clear not Tilly...

Selene stood up suddenly.

-Selene does not deny me it!

Her face transformed she knew that she was unaware of it, he took her by the arms.

-I have been so stupid! I thought that you sospechabas it even, that not you say it me openly for fear to discover more than me!

-My sister is not ′that’! - refused him rotunda trying to get away from Simon - is a girl!

-A teenager - corrected him with regret - changes begin at that age are most notorios.

Selene took a step back with the doubt in his face.

-Insistias find me, hire me just for that?

Simon denied resounding:

-No, just for this situation. I take care them each and every one and you especially

And now it seemed willing to leave. She took him by the arm

-Not in that State, or you can walk! and you want to do your care for me?

See me as well. Was it not enough for the last night? You need a pet, nobody resists him no woman!

-You yourself say that I am different!

Her voice broke and he felt even more compassion himself.

-I love you and will I am corresponded but I will not make my heart your jail!

Simon was then defused:

-My body is the evil of my soul. I’m a beast and it should be caged, I’m still my own jailer and the other lambs that I stalk!

-Stop talking so!-Selene dropped onto the sofa.

-Your newly awake to this nightmare, just the fun side romontico get seen!

Simon came up to her and knelt down to force her to look at it

-Live fleeing even from myself, I am an animal today tomorrow perhaps and I have pain but at least one choice: I choose to suffer and suffer because each day I distance more than human being. Yet I saw... all breathed love it was beautiful, if it could be... but I am a realist! who walks with wolves learn to howl... Selene no me fio, poque who Wolf Wolf is born dies...

She shook her head fiercely.

-Q EU say? You have money, research science or would like to continue to be who you are?

-Can not be it! this is who I am, would be the know Zoe?

-You do not know who I am and who you get in love actually by your human part makes you flinch

-Think about it: who saves the Wolf kill the flock. He knows who innocently may fall if everything gets worse! -Maybe something happened to any of us. Nick investigates a cure with a doctor anything official. But if we ask for help we will end up as frogs or dried butterflies and mutiladas, animals in formaldehyde jars all my money is invested in these studies

-This are not your Simon!

-I’m leaving will come back to...

Selene stopped him stabbing:

-Or think that I alejare you Simon! Do you want of my?

-That you ask?

-the first time I saw you thought you comprendías passion for the life you had

the quality of transmitted with feeling inside you. Adrenaline to the surface.

Only Simon remained in silence listening to sincere confession. Selene had wanted was to say more. His phone rang and shattered the peace.

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