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Loss of Virtue

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Judas is the bastard prince of the fae kingdom, born deformed and forbidden to take the throne as the oldest. He is damned to train the fae guild for the rest of his life and love the witch Yael from afar. He is kept hidden in the castle, only to be seen in war. Judas buried his love for Yael a long time ago,but now with Yael's mating coming up it is getting harder and harder to keep his feelings for the witch undercontrol. Lilith is a mind walker, the highest power any elf could have. She is a lady of the high court posed as the king's niece, without a drop of royal blood in her. She to marry the fae Prince Cain to unite the kingdoms before they go to war. The court of elves turned her cruel along time ago. Love is weakness. The last of her kindness died the moment she broke her true love Lot's heart in order to advance further in the elven court. Now, war is coming to all the kingdoms . Will they succeed in uniting to stop the blood magik war? Or will love and darkness destroy beyond repair? There is no place to escape your fate, you can only prolong the inevitable. Erotica, fantasy, several lgbt+ characters, graphic sex, heavy adult content. 18+ Trigger warning abuse/violence/ ROUGH DRAFT NO GRAMMER/SPELL EDITS YET

Fantasy / Erotica
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I clenched my fists as Odette pulled the strings tighter. "Must this cursed thing be so tight?" I swore to the gods under my breath, swatting her away. She squealed, completely exhausted with me. "You need to look like a princess. You can't be gallivanting in trousers." I twisted my mouth as I continued to grit my teethI looked at my reflection in the mirror. My body contorted into the perfect hourglass, wrapped in the emerald dress the same shade as my eyes. I am not even a princess by blood, it is my gift that blesses me. Perfect princess to a picture, worthless peasant underneath, only skin deep.

I looked into her deep brown eyes, filled with kindness, and just a sprinkle of fear. Her ear peaking long through her fawn hair, not nearly as long and as regal as mine.

Her eyes twinkled, as she rested her arms on my hips and pulled me in for a lovers embrace. I sneered, looking into her doe eyes of innocence. Complete ignorance to the way I squirmed away from the loving embrace.

"Lilith! Stop it! I hate that. " Odette jerked back, clutching her rune at the way my voice snapped. She always did ever time I made her nervous. My eyes get dark when my emotions flare. It was a sign I had enough. I pushed my displeasure into the air as her bottom lip shook. The green of my eyes melted into black as I felt my fingertips burn. A piece of clay isn't strong enough to protect against someone like me, but as long as it brought her piece of mind. I reached a hand out and grabbed at her waist, craning my neck in a mock apology.

"I'm sorry, my dear." It was curt and short. The room still buzzed as my mental talons curled back. Mindwalker. Her thoughts hissed as I slipped my hand under her blouse and traced her navel, pressing a kiss against the corner of her mouth.

"Stop! We can't! Not he-,"

"Lilith, your presence is requested in the throne room." I pushed her back, smugly leaning forward against the vanity, smearing light rouge across my cheeks. The voice was clipped in a silvery way, it feigned niceness but was laid in contempt. My ears perked up, realizing immediately who it was.

"Hello, Lot," I sensed him down the hall. His energy light as a bell. It wasn’t strong, as many benders aren’t but it was enough where it buzzed against my skull walls.

"You should wait till a lady is finished dressing you know. It is polite to knock." I tsks as I pressed my palms against the deep green dress. I knew it made my eyes seem luminescent and volatile. Beautiful as I was deadly.

"King Abraham doesn’t care for waiting. He immediately requested us." He repeated sharply. Nodding, I turned around and met his hardened gaze, hair cropped short to frame his pointed ears as it always did was he was in this form. The two rings on his left ear prominent against the clipped hair. They always showed brighter when he wore his hair high and tight.

Turning to Odette I cupped her plump cheeks, leaning in and capturing my mouth to hers. She breathed in a little sigh as I nibbled her lip gently. She feared me as her thighs quivered. I knew it wasn't necessary but it was a distraction, as addictive as spirits. My magik slowly uncured and slipped into her sweet memories, diving into earlier that day. Trying to get hints of what the meeting entails, as maids often saw all.


Odette’s Memories


“You shouldn’t get involved with her. You know that right?” She turned around, a light blush glossing over her cheeks. Lot adjusted the white tunic that was cinched at the waist with a golden belt, her sword strapped as it always was. I can’t remember a time I have ever seen Lot without it.

“I am unsure if I know what you are implying.”

Lot pinched the bridge of her nose, taking a gentle step forward as her dandelion curls were pinned back to fram long pointed ears, the two golden rings glittering in the sun. Lot took a breath, eyes quickly scanning over the garden.

Looking for me.

“She doesn’t love you. I hope you at least know that.” Odett’s mouth went dry as a thrum filled her chest. Lips twisting in tight frown as she jutted out her chin, meeting Lot’s hard aurum eyes.

“You don’t know that…..I-It’s different than with you. She never hurts me.” She scoffed, fingering the rune on her neck. Her heart beat loud as she tried to keep her composure.

“She can’t even see inside me, Lot. I am protected.”

I chuckled, she was trying to convince Lot as well as herself. Trying to prove she really wasn’t afraid. She watched as Lot grimaced, pulling a ring from her pocket. Simple silver braided together to form a band,a gem the same green as my eyes in the center. Odett’s heart froze as Lot took in a deep breath.

“Regardless, did she give you one of these too?”


I chuckled deeply, pushing her back and patting her cheek. Odette's cheeks were flush as she gulped. She and I were lovers, but that didn't stop her fear. It was as I like to keep it, drunk off fear and pain. Her rune was nothing to me. A worthless trinket. I craned my ear to the door, something was hidden. I quickly shuffled through her memories not seeing anything useful. I pressed my lips together in a mock smile. Of course I gave her a promise ring. They love knowing I think they are special. Just as she chose to stay with me, even after Lot’s warning. She really must be dense.

"I..Be careful Lilith." She whispered, none the wiser. Walking into weak minds was as easy as walking into another room. Walking into guarded minds is almost the same, except the door needs a little lock picking. The higher the elf the more guarded the mind till they were completely sealed, as they had actual runes.

"Let's go." I twirled around gracefully, with one last brush of my fingers over her hand. Lot rolled his eyes and grabbed the hilt of his sword as we walked out the large door. He continued to clutched and unclutched the hilt as we walked along the stone halls. I ached a brow slightly. He was nervous, even if his face showed nothing. This observation leaving me slightly unnerved, even if I also showed nothing. Emotions were frowned upon, a chink in the chain. Distasteful and weak.

"Must you be so cruel?"

I batted my eyelashes, pouting my lips. It was feeble minded of him to bring it up. It showed empathy, a rare and dying trait among elves.

"However do you mean?" I whispered softly, running my finger along the seams of the greying stone.

"It's just cruel. You have no reason to toy with their emotions. Just be in their bed and go!” He said exasperated, curling his lips with distaste.

"A lady needs a hobby."

"Lilith,” He snaped, pausing to turn and face me head on, “ I regret to inform you being absolutely grievous to everyone around you is not a hobby ." I adjusted the dripping sleeves before reaching out to grab the hand that rested on the crested hilt..

“Don’t!" He bit back, grabbing my hand and pushing it back. .

"Do I have to remind you everyone thinks we are cousins? Not to mention your licentious ways are sickening."

I shrugged, ignoring the biting comment "We know we aren't related, Lot."

He signed, clenching his jaw and continued to move forward, as I trailed behind him.

“I wish I could forget. My cousin is the most notorious mindwalker in the kingdom.”

I felt a sharp pain in my temple, pressing my fingers against it. Mind walking was an unstable powerful gift. I was the oldest and last mindwalker alive , most taking themselves to the grave before their 20th winter.

"Just at least answer me this, doesn't it bother you in the slightest that you are using her? The poor girl is desperately in love with you." Lot frowned disapprovingly, looking around at the torches that lit the walls. I looked at the small flames, closing my eyes. It feels as if yesterday we were children again, running up and down these halls.

"Me using her? I'm at least giving her pleasure.” I pushed out a bitter laugh, “It is a mistake to think anything has meaning. Especially in manners of sex and love.” I grabbed his arm, turning him around and staring deep into yellow eyes.

“As I remember once, you didn't mind one bit when you were in her place."

He cursed under his breath, letting me hold him for a mere second before ripping his eyes off of mine.

"I was the first to have you in both forms Lot," I reached out to touch him one last time, feeling my gaze soften slightly, “As you were the first to have me.”

“That was back before you turned into an unfeeling beast!” He hissed before taking several long strides ahead.

That person was killed a long time ago.

I had to bite back the words, making sure they never made it past my lips. He was right. I wasn’t always this way. I loathe thinking of the time before, wanting to wring it out of my memory like the wash.

I peeled my eyes away, squashing down the feelings of regret and soured memories. I tried to not let it slightly weigh on my chest. Crushing the urge to hold onto him and rest my head on his chest like I used too. It didn’t matter anyways.This is how It needed to be. I learned my lesson a long time ago when it came to emotions and the high court.

I looked over at the silent guards flanking the last part of the hall. Lot fiddled with his royal rune, adjusting the chain around his next. All high elves had the same runes, used to keep those who wield mental magik unable to penetrate their minds. Runes the servants wear just burn my fingertips, like Odette’s. They discourage the use of mental magik but do not outright stop it, for they were made of weaker, inferior spells.

The ones the high elves wear will take me out for a good moon cycle if I try to read them. They were created by blood magik elves, the most deadly gift. They were forbidden to practice in Tiwern, yet it was unspoken of the rune’s true makers.

Tiwern as the eleves, Merums as the fae. Mantuu as the humans, and the last quarter is the Unknown. Where no one but the evil creatures of old dwell. They are said to have crawled into their own pit of despair past the mountains where the far scorching heat and blistering cold met. The edge of Tiwer and Merums, with Mantuu in the middle.

Lot and I approached the door, the guards visibly cringing as I walked past.

“Do you know anything about this meeting?” I asked softly, briefling looking down.

“I wish I did.” He murmured back, briefly meeting my gaze as an unknown emotion flashed across his face.

I am empty.

Nothingness runs in my blood and fills my veins.

I am unfeeling

I opened my eyes after my mandra and felt my magik circle around my palms. The dark pine door opened, the silver accents twinkling. I grit my teeth, trying to hide the feeling of jitteriness. There were no whispers about the details. The notorious finicky king was oddly silent.

We walked in, a red velvet floor spilling slightly into the hall, hides and heads of wild beasts mounted. Flicking my eyes around the throne room I raised a slender brow. The five sets of wings are missing. It made my heart skip a beat. Something was wrong. The wings we collected from tortured fae and battles. Rumor is one set belonged to a fae directly from a descendant of King Abraham. I have never seen battle but I've seen many a torture chamber. It was the place where my gift was prized. The king's mustard eyes showed nothing. He could be a corpse and I wouldn’t know. All except his thin lips, curving upwards in a mock of a smile.

"King Abraham." We bowed slowly, the tips of my white tresses brushing the floor

"How is my dearest niece?" He purred, salt coated in sugar. I flashed my teeth, narrowing my eyes.

"Absolutely divine." He kept his waxy expression, still completely flat.

"How about my general?"

"Excellent, father." He responded stiffly as I suppressed the urge to exit the stifling room. The queen was nowhere to be seen, as she normally is. Only the men were allowed to talk of battle and plot. Lot was complicated, as he appears as a son right now, he could easily appear as a daughter just as fast. Lot always appeared as him in front of the king, but outside of the throne room Lot switched gender like shirts. Whether she or he, they had the same wavy blonde hair and strong jaw..

"The fae King Herod and I have come to an agreement.” He started as I immediately clenched my fists. “ We will unite the kingdom's and take over the other two realms. Uniting us will make us even stronger. His mask cracked briefly, before taking in a breath. He was anxious. I have never heard his breath hitch. My heart pounded in my chest as he continued, "The Unknown is starting to expand. There is going to be a war and we will be stronger together. I have heard whispers of creatures of blood magik attacking our farthest borders. Ripping fae and elf apart alike, they can only find their parts scattered along the borders. Tiwern and Merums uniting is our best option, this will happen with a marriage." I grimaced in complete disgust as Lot kept the plains of his face even. Obin, Aspt and Gala combined! It was at that moment I knew that he knew. It explained his edginess all morning. I would never debase myself with working with savages. The glosamour wings in the throne room were my favorite adornment. I have my own pair in my chambers. Lavender and glittery, hanging above my bed. Their fangs and thirst for blood are known in all the kingdom. My pointed ears became hot with rage.

"My dearest Lilith, and my loving niece. You are the most powerful heir I have-"

"No! Absolutely not! Of all the three! Lot can transform! Have you forgotten you have a son and a daughter? I am not even blood!" I howled. There was it. I will not. Lot is perfect for it. I tried to keep my power curled inside my chest. He can be she and she can be he. It should make Lot a even bigger prize.

"I would sooner lay with an ogre than a fae!" I hurled the words out. Feeling magik snap and crackle in my head.

King Abraham kept totally still before standing up and gripping the hilt of his dagger. The vein is his head pulsing with rage.

"As much as I'd love to offer someone with pure blood. Lot’s powers are not substantial enough.You are the most powerful elf in my court, and to everyone, you are my neice!” He took long strides forward. The decorations on the wall quivering.

“ I have been very lenient with you,Lilith! Most women would have been married by your age. I allow you to galavant to and fro. I allow you into the battle rooms! I have granted you all of this freedom and rank you a lady! Yet you refuse me! I could have you killed for treason!" He took an angry breath, getting up as the chandelier jerked violently. His own powers twitching with anger.

"I took you off the streets begging where you were no more than six winters old! You were skinny and covered in dirt, yet I held you close and took you here! I have loved you as my own!' I could feel his power buzzing stronger in the room. He has been lenient with me. Most women weren't allowed in battle rooms, let alone participating in battle as I have. All my warfare was mental, I wasn't even allowed a sword but that doesn’t mean I haven’t killed. The mind is an even more deadly battle ground.

"Do not disobey me! You will do it! You WILL marry! This is the one thing I am asking of you!” He drilled his hand down on his knee, the lights in the room shaking as his power flared.

"The humans are mindless to me. They will be wiped out. The most powerful are the witches, but there are even less of them. There are only a few villages spread across their land. Whatever happens to the humans is not in our interest. King Herod and I only want to protect our own, with both of our armies and our gifts alike, we might stand a chance when war comes. Ospin, Aspt and Gala will bless this union." The gods of ancient magik, thought to create all of our becomings from each individual land.

“First the fae and then the witches! This is a disgrace to everything we have-” I opened and closed my mouth as I felt all the air on me. Tears flowed to my eyes as I gripped onto my neck. My eyes darted to King Abraham fist, which was tight. The air bent to his will and now his will was my throat.

“Do you recall what blood magik is my precious niece? They bath in both of our blood alike and consume flesh. It gives them power beyond all reason, yet it drives them mad. Blood magik users were just like us, yet they felt the calling to something darker. All of the kingdoms chased the last of the creatures into what was to become The Unknown, and now they want out,” Tears leaked out the corner of my eyes as I started to claw at my neck. They were stories told in every land, of those who felt a calling for blood.

"Will you do what I ask of you, my precious niece?" The words were honeyed, yet I didn't feel any safer. The unseen force pressed harder on my trachea as my resolve to keep my emotions under control dwindled even further.

I spit through my teeth, " What do you wish me to do, my king. I apologize for my outburst." He dropped his hand as I heaved. My breath forcing its way in and out of my lungs. Lot stood completely stoic, eye burning into the throne. My lungs screamed as I forced myself to stand straight.

"You will act like royalty and contain yourself ! Tomorrow I will send you there. Lot will come with you when you meet Prince Cain." My stomach twisted as I tried not to throw up at his words.

“What of the oldest?” I spit out, my voice still hoarse, “ I've heard whispers of him among the other elves. The offspring of King Herod and an old magik beast.”

“That is a rumor, Lilith. He was very sick as a child and lost his wings. Nothing more, nothing less.” Lot murmured softly, seeming to ignore what happened moments before.

"I expect you to use your gift as well. Once every month I request a letter. Any and all information you find yourself to possess.” He took a long breath, the room stopping twitching.

“ I do not wish to give you out blindly, as much as you don't believe it. I do care for you Lilith. You are my neice, blood or otherwise." His eyes soften sighly, even after his outburst. I knew I pushed to far. He has given me everything, regardless of my birth and gender. I touched my throat, what I felt for King Abraham wasn’t quite love, but a slight affection.

"What of their archaic mating ritual?" I pushed through pinched lips. I heard of their mating in the dark. Ancient spells whispered and wrapped in violence.

"He is forsaking his mating ritual to be wed to you as our custom."

"Wonderful." I hissed, clenching my fists tightly.

"You will leave at dawn. I EXPECT you too have your emotions under control, they are still mourning their queens death. Please do not be a hysterical child, Lilith. I know of your feelings towards the fae. This is your duty to not only your kingdom, but to me.” My face burned as we again bowed and walked out. Electricity crackled around me as I let anger pour out of myself like lava, thick and hot. Consuming everything in its path. I watched guard after guard flinched as I passed them. I wanted to scream and howl, hold his mind in my hands and snuff it out. Of all the three I wish him dead. There was no room for love in my heart, and my weak affection for him didn’t stop the boiling anger.

"Lilith, " Lot said in a hushed tone, grabbing my shoulder. I ripped back as if he was on fire.

"What ? What do you have to say? " I went to push past him but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a maids room. I beat against him before I pressed my hands against his chest.

Go, feel it. Feel what I'm feeling. The rune only protects me from entering your mind, not influencing it. I shoved all my anger, hurt, confusion and disbelief into him.


"Lilith stop! " Sweat beaded down his brow and his cupid's bow quivered slightly. Skin became void of all color as he took several steps back.

"Lilith ! Don't! What do you want me to say? I'm sorry! I'm sorry I didn't tell you!” He threw his arms up, clasping them mockingly over his chest. “ Oh please forgive me, fairest maiden ? Is that what you want to hear? Of the three, Lilith stop! I am not one of your play things!" Exasperated, he pulled his maroon cape tighter around his broad shoulders before he ran a hand through his hair.

"Even if I had felt so inclined, I couldn't tell you. You have to understand I was under oath of the King.” He met my eyes for a mere moment, continuing, “That is quite presumptuous of you to even assume I’d tell you! " He pushed out, briefly looking away. My lips pressed into a fine line as I stared into his pleading eyes. Lot was the one who told me we weren't actually related. We were each other's first everything, bonded in every way, in pain and pleasure.

It occurred to me I always assumed we were in this together, enemies or not. In my own way, I always looked out for Lot. He used to be disrespected constantly because of his status as a bender. I made sure no one even looked twice at Lot, regardless of form. He helped me learn how to read, a gift taken away from most elven women. We were once each other's only lifeline, but that was when we were young. Many, many summers ago.

"Are they at least aware they are being tricked?" I breathed softly, tightening my grip around myself. He looked away, chewing on his lip. There have been sins of omittance between us, but never lies.

"No. They have no idea your blood is completely and utterly void of high elf."

I barked out a laugh, "Isn't that lovely!" Turning on my heels I walked out the room and down the hall, not looking at the hurt in his eyes.

The pain of Lot’s deceit too much to bear, even without mind walking I could tell it was different this time.

I pressed my fingers into my temples, walking up to the guard who stood by my chamber door. The guards were the first to fall prey to my flirtations. They were so eager to touch high elf flesh, it didn’t matter who they were. The idea of being chosen by a royal was blessing enough.

This could be the last elf I’d bed before I was to wed the fae prince. The prince would be the only person in my bed after the wedding. I’d be forced to feel his deplorable wings against my skin for eternity.

The thoughts made me even more desperate to have his hands on my nakedness.

"What is your name, love." A blush splashed across his freckled cheeks, as I stood straighter, putting on my own mask. I couldn’t handle Odett’s lovesick eyes on mine any longer. Her charms were growing tiresome and her usefulness has ran out.

It was easy to cast her aside. It was always easy to cast them all aside.

“Marco, Ma’am.” His voice was mousy as he looked at the ground. His light brown hair bleached blonde from the sun.


“Marco,” I said in a faint undertone, letting the name slide off my lips. I took a small step forward and placed a hand on his chest, “Would you like to come in for a drink?”

"I-I don't kn-now if I can, my lady." I looked into his rust colored eyes, running my thumb across his calloused hand and biting my bottom lip.

"Please,” I started, moving a hand up to his neck and bringing his ear to my mouth. “It is quite impolite to turn down a high lady." I whispered, almost tender as I used my free hand to slide down the hard plains of his armor.

"Yes, Lady Lilith." He gasped quietly as I brushed him with the tips of my fingers through the crack in his armour.

I turned around one last time, watching Lot hurry down the hall, the guard following me wordlessly to my chambers. I was bitter.

It was a constant taste in my mouth, embedded deep in my bones.

Sex was my distraction as much as it was an implamint in my armory. I could close my eyes and there were just sweaty bodies whirling. There were unprotected thoughts. I could sink deep into their consciousness and sate myself. I could see their innermost thoughts, the ones cradled close and protected. Sex was for pleasure as much as it was a tool. It was a second weapon. The things my gift couldn’t find out, pillowtalk could. My rituel of sex was sacraed as the three.

As they were inside me, I was inside them,

When it was over I would wrap myself in silken sheets, pour myself a glass and tell them to leave. It is an addicting cycle.

I chased the feeling. That feeling for a mere moment. It was a different kind of power.

I pressed my mouth on his and closed my eyes. He was soft and hesitant, pressing closed mouth kisses against my mouth. I grabbed his hands aggressively, sliding them down to my breasts.

“Kiss me like your trying to fuck me!” I demanded, backing him up against the door, cupping his hardness. He gave a faint moan, opening his mouth wide enough where I could stick my tongue between his lips. Marco flicked the tip agaist mine, I hungrily latched to mouth. He panted heavily pulling away as a blush crept higher.

“I understand you are very eager, my lady, but I do need to breathe!” He gasped with a small smile as I tugged at the sturdy armour, slipping underneath to feel his bareness against my nimble fingers.

“No you don’t”, I slowly started to slide my hand up and down as he squirmed against the door. He reasonably sized cock throbbed in my hand as I rubbed my thumb over the slit.

“F-Fuck, Lil-” I covered his mouth with another sloppy kiss, tracing the roof of his mouth. Quicky pulling back, I squeezed my nails into the soft skin of his balls. He jumped as I stared into his chestnut eyes.

“No names, love.” I ranked them once last time over his shaft before turning around and unwinding my botice.

“W-Would you like help?” He asked shyly. I rolled my eyes, dismissing him with a wave of my hand.

“Just take off your clothes.” I listened for the clattering sounds of his armour hitting the floor, as I shimmed out of the gown. I untwisted the wretched corset, closing my eyes.

Stay inside. There is no need for you.

I whispered to my gift, whiling the mental arms to curl themselves back. I didn’t need it. I didn’t care to see what was in his head. It didn’t matter now. There was no amount of information that would soothe the bubbling nausea in the pit of my stomach.

Unweaving the last of the strings, I cast it aside. Feeling my nipples perk in the cold air. All I wore was the glossy slip underneath. His eyes widened slightly, even the tips of ears tingeing red.

“Y-Your beau-”

“Shut up,” I flicked my eyes to his toned sun kissed body, war scars littering his muscled body. His length fully hardened “Come here.” He blinked his eyes before walking over, I spalayed my hand across his abs. The other one rubbing the top of his erection. His hips bucked as I continued to stroke up and down. Throaty moans filled the air as I grinned, swinging my leg around his hips. He dropped his head, taking one of my nipples into his warm mouth.

“Fuck!” I released his rigid cock, jumping up garcefully as his iron grip caught my thighs. Against the thin material of my gown, I could feel his nerves shivering. So scared to touch me in the way I needed. They always feared me and I was drunk off it. I moaned as his teeth rolled off my nipple, twirling his tongue over the hardened peak.

“M-My lady, may I taste you?” He kissed the words across my chest,as I tangled my hands in his tousled hair.

“Eager to tell your fellow guards you had your mouth between a royal lady's legs?” I breathed as I arched my neck, giving him more access to the sensitive skin. He stuttered, pausing his bites.

“N-No! I didn’t mean-”

“Gullible Marco,” I clucked my tongue,sliding my nails down his sternum. “You’re lucky I am feeling generous today.” I murmured, he dropped his hands to cup my ass tracing his tongue down my abdomen.

“Thank you my lady.”It was a whispered thanks as he nuzzled his nose in my pubis.I leaned my back on the wall for support, swinging a leg to hook over his shoulder.

“Oh, of all the three!” I cursed under my breath at the first slow drag of his tongue over my labia. I tugged his hair and stretched his neck into the spot I knew would cause my knees to quake.

If this is to be the last lover I have before I’m wed, I will take all my pleasure greedily.

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