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The Alpha's Twins

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Growing up was never easy, but to grow up with out a father figure is even worse. My mother never did talk about my father much, maybe it was because every time we asked her she broke down in tears, maybe that's the reason why we never pushed to know I wish we never come to know But that wasn't to be because on the day of my eighteenth birthday, My sister and I got the most shocking news ever.

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Chapter One

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The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter One

Carly Ryan

I stood near my kitchen sink cleaning the last of the plastic plates before placing them into the dishwasher, I felt a small body wrapped itself around my leg, making me stumbled as I caught the side of the counter just before I was about to fall. I looked down to see two little four year old, blond haired angels, as they push their faces into each of my legs. I smiled down at them, placing a hand on both of their heads.

A sobbing sound made a frown cross my face, causing me to crouch down to their level and lift their little faces to look at me, wiping both of their tears away. I place a single kiss on both of their cheeks making them smile briefly. My bright green eyes met a pair that resembled my own and then another pair of dark brown ones, that matched the man’s that haunted my dreams.

“Now, tell mummy. What happened?” I asked with a concerned voice and looked down at my twins. My oldest, Andrei Kenneth Ryan-Taylor was exactly six minutes older than his twin sister, but acted as if he was at least three years older. He is not only insanely over protective of his younger sister but his mother as well, He had inherited the good aspects of his father’s personality. He was confident, a natural born leader and protective, while I also taught him to be kind-hearted, nurturing and self-aware, well most of the time.

Lillian Bridget Ryan-Taylor, My second born, who lived up to the name well, She took more after me. Always so shy, reserved and patient but make her mad and it was like a switched and she became the definition of a she-devil. Because of their personalities it concerned me to see them crying at the same time as one usually was cheering the other up.

Andrei wiped more tears from his watery green eyes and frown took it’s place, He place one of his little arms around his sister, pulling her closer to his own body. Lily clung to his t-shirt as soon as he pulled her close, she continued to sob into her brother as I grabbed both of their free hands in each of mine.

“Andrei? Why were you and Lily crying, What happened?” I asked in a soothing voice, If anyone had made my children cry, I’d make them wish that they were no longer breathing. I ran away from their father for them to have a happy life, every second of the day and night. Instead of living in misery with a lying, cheating and anger filled bastard.

“We were playing outside, with a few of the other kids. When Carlos came over and started making fun of us for not having a daddy, Lily started to cry mummy, so I got up and pushed him away but he kept saying it, So I threw sand in his eyes and punched him. He made my Lily pad cry, So I returned the favor. The dickhead had it coming, mummy!” Andrei looked at the ground, waiting to get growled at, but I just kissed the top of his head and caressed his little cheek, before smiling brightly at him.

I know it was wrong of me, not to give some sort of punishment to my son, But he was doing what he believed was right. He was protecting his little sister as I always taught him to. I wasn’t going to let him believe that it’s wrong to protect the people you love. My brother always does it for me, even to this day. And you know what they say? Karma’s a bitch, It wasn’t my son’s fault, that she got him to do her biding.

“If Andy gets in trouble mummy. Don’t punish him. It was me, Andy is just protecting me cause I cried, when Carlos went to pull my necklace off” Lily whispered, she turned her eyes to face me but the side of her head, was still buried in her brother’s chest. I looked down to see Lily had her wolf shaped necklace clasped in her tiny hand. As the new information came to light, I felt myself build up with fury, But made sure my face held the best mother smile, I could muster for my twins.

I had no idea where their necklaces had come from. But when the nurses had taken the twins away, after my brief cuddle with them once they had been born, My brother. Adam, my older brother had brought them back and these two yin and yang type necklaces were placed around their necks. The strange thing is no matter how many times I tried to remove them, they would not budge. The design was even more special, inside Lily’s half of the necklace is a dark blue wolf with a white wolf paw print at the base of the wolf, while Andrei has a White wolf in his half with a dark blue paw print at the base of the wolf.

This design was significant because before the twins were even conceived, I had the same design of Lily’s necklace tattooed on the lower left half of my rib cage. While my ex-fiance and the twin’s father, had Andrei’s half tattooed on the lower right half of his rib cage. The colors and design were identical to our children’s necklaces.

“It’s okay my little love bugs. Mummy isn’t going to punish you, in fact because you’re so brave Andrei. How about after dinner, mummy takes the both of you out for ice-cream? Would you like that?” I asked gentle as I tried to sooth my children, at the word ice-cream both twins had beaming smiles on their faces.

They both ran and hugged me tightly around my neck, before a knock came at the door. I picked them both up and began to make my way to the door. Andrei leaned forward from my arms and opened the door, then proceeded to lean back and burying his head in the side of my neck, much like Lily did on the other side of my neck. They clung to each other’s hand from behind my back, making me smile at their close twin bond, that they have had since birth.

“Yes, How may I help you?” I asked looking at the two visitor’s at my doorstep. Who happened to a sobbing Carlos and his furious looking father.

“I believe a little someone has an apology to make” Marcus Rybis said angry, glaring at my four year old son.

“Hello Marcus, How are you? Oh, I’m great, Thank you for asking. Now what the hell do you want?” I replied sarcastically, There was no way in hell my son was apologizing to his psychotic devil spawn.

I placed my twins by my feet but made sure that they were at a safe distance from the two that were outside. But instead of getting behind me, Andrei stood in front of me, after making sure Lily was behind me, he turned and glared at the devil and his spawn.

“I just said. Your son owes my son an apology, we will not be leaving until I hear a sincere one” Marcus stated confidently.

“Oh really? Well did your son, tell you the full story?”

“Yes, He come over to your children and asked politely, if they wanted to play. but for some reason your younger brat started to cry and next thing my son knows. Your maniac son attack mine. So now I’m here, awaiting our apology” As Marcus finished his little story, I saw a sly smirk past his son’s lips. If Carlos believed he was getting an apology out of my son. He had another thing coming.

“Really? So Carlos didn’t tell you about the part of my children, not having a father? Or making my daughter cry by saying things, like this to her. But the best bit yet? Trying to steal her necklace, that she received the day, her and her brother were born?” By the look on Marcus’s face. I knew Carlos had told him, But his father had refused to acknowledge it.

“That doesn’t matter, My son was right to tease your children. They need a father figure in their lives, You’re probably some hussy. Who doesn’t even know, who the father is. If your that desperate for one, Just look across your street you’ll see me. But believe me, when I say it will cost you, and not with money as the payment” I watched as Marcus gave me the up and down, while licking his lips.

The action made me cringe, and glare at his face. If he wanted to play dirty, I can play dirty.

“Carlos, Andrei and Lily. Cover your ears for a minute please, I need to discuss something with Carlos’s father” The children did as they were told, including Carlos. At least he has been taught manners by at least one of his parents.

“Now Marcus, You want to bring up the past and partners? Here is one for you! I know that you know, that your wife and I are on the bored of trustees at the local school together, I also know that Maria and your children don’t know about your past deceptions. Another thing I know for a fact, she would drop you as fast as a pebble, if she found out. So the next time you want to bring up my ex partner and myself. You shall be prepared for your wife to receive an anonymous letter” I stated, making his face turn pale.

“Also if you are that fascinated by why I do not have their father with me, it is because he was a lying, cheating bastard much like yourself, and I ran. Without telling him about our children. As far as I’m concerned, he does not deserve to know. Now if you will excuse me, I have to get my children’s lunch ready, Have a good day Marcus, Carlos” I said, bidding the both of them, as soon as Carlos and my children removed their hands from their ears.

I shut the door and began to make my way towards the kitchen, to make my children their afternoon lunch. As they ran off to play in the living room. I was cutting up two oranges and placing them on the twins plates, when another knock came at the door. I sighed and made my way to the door, before pulling it open. As soon as I saw who the person behind the door was, the biggest smile spread across my face, I jumped into his open arms and snuggled into the chest that had comforted me through my childhood till now.

“Hello, my beautiful baby sister. I see that someone has missed me” Adam chuckled softly, as he kissed the top of my head.

“You have no idea, how stressful today has been without you” I said, smiling up at him.

“Awe, I feel so loved right now. Now, where are my two little monsters?” Adam yelled into the house behind me, before we heard to little screams and the pitter patter of little running feet.

“I swear my children love you, more than me” I pouted looking at my elder brother.

“That is because I am their only awesome uncle, the rest they do not know and they just suck anyway!”

“Including Remington?” I teased him, referring to my ex-fiance’s younger brother and the man, my brother has the biggest crush on.

“Especially him, my dear sister” Adam said with a strange glint in eyes, as he turned to look at me. Before being tackled to the ground by my little angels.

“Uncle Adam!” They screamed as they placed kisses all over his face, making Adam burst into hysterical laughter.

“Maybe I will have to visit less often, if this is the welcome I get?”

“No! You aren’t allowed!” Andrei growled softly, while Lily just clung tighter to her Uncle.

“Okay, my little monsters said no. So I won’t” Adam said finally getting up, he patted both of the children’s bums sending them in the direction of their playroom, telling them he would be there soon. But he needed to have a chat with me first.

I walked back into the kitchen and started preparing the twin’s lunch again. Adam came in after me and lent against the counter right beside me.

“How did it go, Does he suspect anything or have any idea?” I asked getting straight to the point.

"He does not suspect me at all, the idiot really believes that I wouldn’t help you get away. As for on your location? I would have no idea, he only talks to Keith about that. He’s convinced Remy to pester me, to see if I would have a clue. But get this, when I told Remy, about the letter you finally sent a letter to me. Your Ex commanded his own brother to tell him about it, and you know how a lot of people can’t refuse his orders and then, when Remy had to tell him, He actually stole it right from my hands and hasn’t given it back since” Adam relays as to what happened, when I sent him back to spy on my ex-fiance. Just to see what he had been up to recently.

“I don’t mind doing this for you baby sister, but that letter was a bit risky. Especially for you, I just hope the twins weren’t put at risk for it, I know I was gone for longer than i said I would be, but you need to understand. It is getting harder for me to keep lying to Remy, Keith and him. It’s even harder when all I want to do is tie him up and skin him like the pig, he is. When you first told me, that you were pregnant, that he didn’t know and that he slap you, when you accused him of cheating” I didn’t have the heart to tell my brother, that I sent that letter hoping that he would intercept it, I had wrote a few things in that letter that only he needed to read.

“Even though, at the time he had been my best friend and then Keith went and covered it up. I wanted kill the both of them. Keith was suppose to be your best friend, but he turned his back on you. No, on both of us and this is something I cannot forgive. I know, you have those days when you miss him, but look what you have done, Carly!”

“You have carried and giving birth to two of the most beautiful children, the world has ever seen without him. You worked three jobs, taking care of two new born children with only Dakota’s and my own occasional help, to just survive, until last year when we came into some money. Now you spend your time being a single mum, trying to raise your children, how you believe is right. You are a strong, caring, loving mother and women, who needs no man like him in your life” By the time Adam has finished his speech, I had already started to cry.

Sometimes it is hard being a single mother, but you do all you have to, to make sure your children have the best life, one better that your own. Just to see those little smiles on their faces. Adam walked over to me and pulled me into a hug, before kissing my cheek and wiping my tears away.

“I tell you this now, because there will be a day. That he will find out about you and your children together and I know, for a fact that no matter what, That bastard has done in the past. He do anything within his power to get you back. When that day comes, I know you will make the best decision for you and the twins, but I want you to know how proud I am of you and how much I love you. That no matter what you decide, I will always love you and support you” He kissed my forehead once more, before giving me one last cheeky smile. He turned away from me but stopped in the doorway of the kitchen, before turning to look at me, over his shoulder.

“Happy Twentieth Birthday, Baby sister. I love you!” I smile softly at him.

He then took of at top speed towards the playroom, before a roaring sound was heard, followed by screams and little squeals of laughter. I finally picked up the finished lunches, including that of Adam’s and my own lunch, before following the screams and squeals.

Adam was right, there will be a day. That the twin’s father will out about the them and me, but until that day. I will continue to be the best mother I can be, without the man, who fathered my children and who happened to be the man, I still loved dearly.

My Nicholas..

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