The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Eleven

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Eleven.

Nicholas Taylor

“Take my Luna’s and my pups to my vehicle that is located on the other side of the school, but wait until I can see over their move. I don’t want my family out of my sight ever again” I commanded four of my pack warriors, I looked over at Nathan who growled and watched as a hawk as they picked Lillian up. I looked away quickly focusing my attention on my luna.

She laid there so still, my heart broke looking at her very form. I had almost lost her again and this time it would have been permanent, had it not been for our two angels. I had no idea what those two had turned into or what they had fully done to there mother, all I know is that her heart is beating again and they made that happen.

“I love you, I now know you love me and I swear I will do anything to earn your trust back, my beautiful” I spoke as I picked her up in my arms, causing her to unconsciously snuggle into me.

“You will work your fucking ass off” I heard a growl come from behind me, I would normally be pissed off but it was my brother in law that had stated that and he had every right to be angry with me.

I may have not slept around on Carly as she and her brother think I did but I certainly laid my hands on my pregnant mate, yes it may have been unknown to me that she was pregnant with the twins. But she was still my mate and that alone in the werewolf world is a big wrong doing, the royal’s would get involved and nobody wanted that.

Especially when king Marco held the mate bond at a very high standard, so much so that he single handedly wiped out the supernatural council that opposed his parents bonding, that lead the then prince and his two siblings without parents. Leaving him to raise his two younger siblings, luckily for him. He met his mate early on, Queen Mia, princess of the vampire kingdom, who helped him raise his siblings.

“Do not worry Adam, she is in safe hands. I swear I will protect her and our pups” I reassured him to which he just scoffed and glared at me.

“Like I haven’t heard you say that before asshole. But I mean it Nicholas. You fuck this up again and I will take her and those pups away. Be it I have to give up Remy and our family so be it. You know before anything else, Carly happiness comes first and if you cannot give her that. You can deal with a broken heart while helping your brother through his as well. I love my mate more than most in this world but Carly and those twins are an exception. They have been through enough shit and do not need you coming in and fucking things up before leaving again” He growled at me once more before stalking off no doubt to find my younger brother.

“See what I have to put up with when it come to your brother baby? He thinks I am going to fuck up again but I swear that I’ll do the upmost for you and the twins to earn your trust and love” I kissed her cheek as I began walking in the direction of my truck that was located on the other side of the school.

I placed my beautiful mate in the passenger side seat as my twin’s were placed in the seat at the back of the cab. A smile made it way onto my face as I looked at the faces of the three most important people to ever come into my life. Two of them sharing the same DNA as someone, who was a complete and utter screw up. Carly did the right thing by taking the twins away from me and raising them into two of the most courageous, beautiful and amazing young adults they have come to be. I was proud of my mate, for building a life for her and our pups and I will always thank the moon goddess for them being safe and somewhat worry free life.

“You are the most amazing mother, Carly. Thank you for giving birth to our beautiful babies. I love all of you so so much” I caressed her cheek, before shutting the door and making my way around to the drivers side and getting in.

“Now let’s get you all home” I stated before starting the truck and pulling out of the carpark.

It would have been thirty minutes into the drive as the twins began to stir. I looked in my mirror to see that they both now had their eyes directed at each other and seemed to be having a conversation in their mindlink.

“So what happens now?” Andrei asked.

“Right now, we get you three back to my pack and checked over” I stated looking at my son.

“She will be okay, right?” He said looking at his mum before pausing and looking at me.

“Dad?” As the word left his mouth, I swear my heart began to beat so fast.

“She’ll be fine my boy. We just have to prepare for your mother’s shift. It will be a whole lot harder for her as she is older than you two, when you two shifted” I saw as he nodded his head in thanks before gazing out the window.

I shifted my eyes to my daughter, who had yet to speak to me. To see that her eyes focused solely on a muscular rusted coloured wolf running directly next to the truck since we entered the forest road that lead straight to my pack. The wolf’s eyes never once strayed from my little female pup. A sigh of content left Lily’s lips making my blood run cold.

’Nathan! Stop making goo goo eyes at my daughter! You both will have mates of your own!′ I told him through our pack link, I didn’t want my daughter to get into a relationship with someone who isn’t her mate.

’Mine. Alpha or not. You will not take her from me′ His wolf growled at me causing me to growl back

’Back down Beta, before you start a fight you do not want!' I growled at him.

'I did not realize that, she is your mate. You have my blessing to peruse my daughter, but it is only right that you get your Luna's permission to as she has raised Lily all her life'

’Thank you, Alpha and I will seek the Luna's permission’ He answered.

When we finally pulled into pack land, I drove in a different direction than most of the pack, I looked back to see the cars that held Dakota, Keith, Remy, Bridget, Adam and Lance. While Nathan continued to follow in his wolf form. Until we came to a stop in front of a two story house. A house that until recently I had no mind ever coming back to. The Alpha family's house, our house.

"We are finally home, baby"

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