The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Twelve

The Alpha's Twins - Chapter Twelve

Nicholas Taylor

I walked around the car to get my still unconscious mate as our twins climbed out of the back of my car and stared up at the house in awe. It was a two story ivory white house with a wrap around balcony on the second floor and a wrap around porch on the first. It had about a thousand acers of backyard and beyond that, a brilliantly lush woodland that belonged solely to my pack or more so to me and my mate. As my mate she was my equal and what was mine is also hers, completely.
Carley and I had this land brought and this house built a week before our wedding and before I had screwed everything up between us. I am just glad this house was not the house that she left from all those years ago or bringing her back here, may have caused her more harm than good. I am just glad the all that needed to be done was the furnishing of the house and that I had mind linked some of my pack members mainly the pack females to go select furniture for us. While a few of the males set the furniture up and around the place. If there was something the twin's or Carly didn't like, I would have it changed in a heart beat.
"Woah, this is so huge" Lily whispered, making both me and her brother to look at her, causing a blush to make it's way across her beautiful face.
"Well baby girl, this is your house. if you want it to be, that is?" I said looking at her with a hopeful smile, she walked over to me timidly and looked me over for a second, before a soft look took over her face.
'Pup looks more like mate, like that' My wolf yipped.
'She's beautiful like her too' I answered back.
Lily leaned up, placing a single and soft kiss against my cheek, before walking in the direction of the front door, she gave a soft little smile over her shoulder.
"I'll give it a shot, Dad.." And she shot of in the direction of the trees at the side of the house, shifting and shredding her clothes in the process. Not looking back or saying anything else. Nathan gave me a look asking for approval, giving a nod. He raced after Lillian.
It warmed my heart so much as she called me dad, but confused me as to why she did not stay around and decided to run off.
"Out of the two of us, Lily is the more sensitive one and not only emotionally, she begins to feel the emotions of others if she in close proximity of them for long periods of time" Andrei said as he came up beside me.
"She probably felt how anxious you were, when it came to her responding to you. She is also more shy than me and is a homebody, if she doesn't have to leave home, she won't. But it is also a contradiction for her, being the second twin, she has the tendency to let everything go how others want it to. Even with me, if I want to do something but she doesn't agree with me, she'll just let me do as I please"
"Growing up she always made sure that I was first, no matter what it was. Be it attention or necessities and if it doesn't go that way then she'll just walk away or lock herself away. She'll be a lot more reserved than me dad and that's what scares me most about Lily, because it's the only time I cannot reach her or her emotions" He pulled the keys from my hand and walked up to the house before unlocking it and walking inside, leaving me outside with my mate in my arms and a few of my warriors to.
"Please get the twin's bags and take them up to their respected rooms, their names are located beside the doors with a pin pad, you will not be able to enter. So please just leave the bags outside the doors" They nodded and moved as I ordered as I made my way into the house and up the stairs towards the master bedroom, the only room in the house that Carly designed and furnished fully before she left.
A dark mahogany four posted king bed in the middle of the room, white transparent curtain like fabric tied to both sides of each post. With an off white bed spread made the room look neat and pristine and matching the rest of the white and mahogany furniture that was located around the room. I looked over to the balcony doors to double check the lock had been flicked so no one from the outside could get in. I was the first time I had ever been in this room as I refused to step into the house after Carly left.
I walked over to the bed and placed my mate down with a soft kiss on her forehead before actually taking in the detail of the room. My breath got caught in my throat as I spotted a series of photo's frames located on a dresser opposite the bed, I walked over picking them up one by one, letting the tears gather in my eyes.
The first was of My parents, with me and my four younger siblings as children, then us together again as young adults right before my parents died that summer, my sister Mila had a squirming Ryder in her arms and heavily pregnant with her second pup, while my youngest sister Nicolette had a hand securely wrapped around her little baby bump. Me and Remington were on either side of each sister being the protective brother's that we were. But also coming in the order the we were born in, Me, Mila, Letty and then Remy. My siblings, the ones I as the oldest was meant to protect but I couldn't even do that..
I shook my head, trying to shake of the dark thoughts as I ran my thumb over the happy faces of my parents before turning to pick up the next photograph. It was a photo of Carly, Adam and their parents, I placed a kiss over my mate's four year old self, perched on her father's lap and looked over a few of the other photo's, Carly and I on our first date, our high school dance, a few random cutesy pictures she either took of both of us or places we had visited and the photo of me proposing to her in front of our summer lake house, that I had gifted to her moments before I fell into that very lake. My eyes scanned and landed on the last two photo frames.
One was of one identical to the scan photo of the twins, that Carly had left for me in the box and the other was of Andrei and Lily, who looked to be still babies. The twins were laying on their backs looking up at the camera, Andrei was looking directly at the camera with a goofy smile and his left foot in his mouth, with his baby sister snuggled into his side and sucking her thumb, her beautiful brown eyes held a curious look as she looked at the camera from her side ways position.
"I am such an idiot.." I whispered as my tears finally started to fall, I had missed so much of my babies and mate's life. All because of a stupid mistake that she thinks I made, then had the audacity to lay hands on the woman I claimed to love with all my heart, what kind of man am I? Not a very good one that is for sure..
"Fucking stupid.." I sobbed, resting my head against my hands.
"You stupid moron, Nic. Your parents would be so disappointed. You're not fit to be Alpha or a father for that matter, let alone a mate. You'll fuck that up to.." I growled lowly to myself, causing my wolf to whimper at me in my head.
"A monster, that no one will love" I repeated the words over and over in my head, until I felt a hand begin to lift my head by my chin. Sad bright green eye met my watery brown ones. Placing a single soft kiss upon my lips, She puts her hands on the side of my face and smiled softly.
"Then you will be a monster than only I can love.."

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