The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Two

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Two

Nicholas Taylor

I spun my desk chair away from my desk and stood up to look out at my window and across my balcony that looked over the private section of my pack land. Only the alpha’s family and higher ranks would be allowed to access this part of my pack land. But because of my foolishness my alpha line, would more than likely stop with me, unless one of my sibling’s children were to take over for me. As there would be no way in hell that I would take a chosen mate, after my beautiful Carly had left me four and a half years ago.

I would wait an eternity for her to come back to me, if that is what it took for her to see that I wasn’t the cheater, she believed me to be and that I always regret the split seconds that I snapped and slapped her across the face, for the first and only time in my life.

The right side of my rib cage started to sting me, with not only the memories of that night came flooding back to me. But also with what the significance of what today was. Every year that she got older, I would buy her that amount of gifts, one for every year she had been alive and graced this miserable world with her wonderful presents. I actually brought her twentieth gift this morning while laying in my bed, that I use to share with her.

A knock came at my office door, breaking me from my thoughts. I kept silent already knowing, who wanted to see me. Keith walked in looking less happy than his normal bubbly self. I already know what that was about, he was regretting the decision that caused him to lose is best friend in his life, he had taken my side over her’s. He had betrayed someone he and his mate had known since they were in diapers and who knew their every secret, well almost every secret. For a man who had bullied and teased him as a child and teenager just to catch his own mate’s attention and eventually be his alpha.

“I hate you” Keith mumbled, in his depressive state.

“I know, I loath myself everyday” I mumbled as I began to remember how much of an idiot I was to treat my mate, the way I did.

“You know, I will not blame her. If she never forgives the both of us” He stated sadly, before slamming his fist down on my desk.

“She may after, she finds out the truth”

“And how is she suppose to find out the truth, if we can’t find her?” His question was reasonable, but for some reason it pissed me off and I felt my wolf’s emotions build with fury at his words.

“I do not care how long or how far we have to search, I will find her” I growled, looking at him with a glare from over my shoulder.

“Well, do you have any clues as to were, she might be?” Keith asked with urgency.

“If we are actually going to discuss this, I need you to sit down. Before I continue” I said as I gestured to the chair opposite mine as soon as he took a seat, I sat down behind my desk and pulled out all the files and investigations that held information about my mate.

“What I am about to tell you, stays between you and me. You can’t even tell Bridget” I warned him, as my Beta and best friend. He knew what I was asking of him. Keith just nodded in understanding, for if Bridget ever found out the true reason Carly left, She would reject Keith on the spot and send her brother after me.

And believe me, if there was man. You don’t want after you that is Dakota Cortex, the man was and still is to this day the most ruthless killer the supernatural world had seen. He was currently working for the Royal family of the demons and my baby sister’s best friend and her mate, who lost their daughter a few years ago. But Keith and I both know. One call from his baby sister and Dakota would drop everything at a drop of a hat, Especially if that reason was Carly, the girl he adored like she was his own sister.

“Knowing Carly. she may have not been able to hide for this long without help. I have a suspicion that Adam may know where she is and that when he leaves on his little ‘business trips’. He is actually going to see her, I also know that Bridget has been in contact with Dakota recently and he knows where my mate is. Dakota isn’t a man, who would let one of his little sister’s to disappear without hunting for her, so he must also know what we have done. Especially to Carly” I said growing worried.

“Now that makes sense” Keith said, looking just as worried.

“You were right, Bridget did call him recently and after he was done talking to Nathan. She asked Dakota, if he wanted to have a chat to me and he told her straight out. That Bridget should leave me and that he wanted nothing to do with me or you. But if you or me were to contact him, we would end up on his hit list just for fun” Keith began to fidget in his seat, as I just ran my hands over my face. This was just another problem getting in the way, of finding my mate.

“Dakota aside, Do you think Bridget may know anything?” Keith asked me.

“No, she would have contacted Carly by now and besides, I am sure if Bridget knew, she would have left you and gone to join Carly in her solitude, plus she would never let you see Nathan again. I’m definitely sure of that much”

“What about the letter, she sent Adam. That you took away from him. Is there anything helpful in it?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t looked it over yet” My voice broke, thinking the worst. She was happy without me? That the six years we had spent together. Before she left me, meant nothing to her anymore? I was only thirteen and she was only ten, when we got together, but I knew she was my mate the moment I turned five.

“What if she has moved on? I wouldn’t blame her, if she has. I just know that if I found out another guy, has been warming her bed or making her happy, I would give up on life. Especially if she has given him pups. She is suppose to be beside me, I was going to marry her the day she left, then we were going to start a family, when we were ready. But now look at me, I’m a lonely Alpha without his mate or pups to call his own, to protect”

“Do you realize that if everything had gone the way Carly and I planned, we could be living happily in this house, that I had built for us with my own two hands. She could be decorating it how she liked, while cutely waddling around with our pups”

“But no, I had allowed myself to get drunk that night, to the point that I don’t know what I had truly done, until I remembered when I was chasing a car down my driveway that took her away from me” By the end of my speech, I had tears rushing down my cheeks. I had lost my mate and it was all my fault for not telling her the truth from the start, instead I proceeded to slap her and then told her I was going to do something atrocious.

I am the lowest type of man, in this world and I could only hope that, when I did eventually find my beautiful Carly, that her heart still belongs to me and only me, much like mine is only hers and that she can find it in her heart to forgive a fool, that is still desperately in love with her.

“Come on Nick, you are never going to find the answer to those questions. Unless you read that letter, she wrote. it may give us the clues to find her” Keith stated, as he walked around my desk and placed a comforting hand on my shoulder.

I pulled the letter from the draw, removing the envelope and unfolded the letter, the first few words made me drop the letter, out of surprise. Keith went to pick it up but right before he could reach for it, I snatched it away.

“What is it Nick? Why did you react like that?” Keith asked, as I composed myself and began to unfolded the letter again.

“She addressed it to me, meaning she knew I would take this from Adam. My baby still knows me so well” I growled with satisfaction. My love was as cunning as she had been four years ago.

“What does it, say Nick?” I began to read out loud, not expecting the effect her letter would cause me, in the next coming moments.

’Hello, My Love.

I knew I could trust you to take this letter from my elder brother, I am actually most thankful to you for doing this as Adam does not need to know the reason as to why I have decided to write this. Right? Honestly I do not know why I am even writing this? Maybe it is one of those days that I wake up and realize you are no longer with me. Maybe that is my fault? You know for overreacting..

But then I think back, and remember I did nothing but love you. I wanted to spend my life with you, raise a family together. The only man, I know I will love for the rest of my life. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be in this life time.

Does your tattoo sting some days? I ask this as I have been in excruciating pain the last couple of days, When it gets closer to the day that marked our first time. Why does it get worse every year, is it just me? I guess, I will never know as you will not find the return address anywhere on this letter or the envelope. There was actually a reason to why I am sending this letter to you, Nicky.

That is to tell you, to look in the box. I left you in the bottom draw of the cabinet, Next to your book self. The combination of the box, is of the date, when you first told me you loved me. I hope you remember that date well. because the contents of that box, may give you more incentive to find me. I do know that you have been searching for me, I still have a lot of contacts back home that keep an eye on you for me.

So do not ever think, I do not know what you are doing, I am waiting for the right moment to return to you. But you need to prove to me that you are still a man, that I can trust and love fully, without living in fear or pain. I do not think I would ever be able to give you up Nicholas, and that is my own problem. if you can’t prove to me that you can change. Then I will find a way to forget you. Be that moving on with a great man or meaningless flings. I will find a way.

When you open the box, I have left for you four years ago. From that point on I will give you fourteen years to change and find me. If you do this I promise that no matter what I will be yours again. And I promise that I will never move from the location I am situated at right now. Can you do that for me, my love?

Now, my Nicky. I do believe you have a box to open.

P.s. When you figure out what the contents of the box means, get Bridget to call Dakota and tell him. Operation: A&L, He’ll understand and will send you a package containing photos and little videos of the last four years. Do not worry about his threat this time I have asked him to do this.

With All My Love..

Carly xx

When I finished reading the last word of her letter, I practically sprinted over the to cabinet that sat next to my book self and yanked open the last draw. Not worried about the rest of the stuff in the draw that I sent flying across the room. I quickly picked up the wooden box, she had spoken about and placed it on my desk. Sitting back down at my desk, I felt my heart begin to pound faster and harder than ever. What had my beautiful mate left me? Was it good or bad? At this point, I didn’t really have a clue. But I did know one thing.

She still loves me as much as I love her.

I felt Keith come back to my side, as he was just curious as I was. We both stared at the box in anticipation, as if the the box would magically open. I reached forward and put the combination. The date of the day I first told her I loved her.

02 . 11 . 08

The box started making a few strange sounds, before the lid was popped open slightly as the latch automatically unlocked itself. Pushing the lid fully open. I felt a growl make it’s way out of my throat.

Inside that box contained, two pair of baby booties, A sonogram picture, a baby boy’s and baby girl’s outfit and a simple paper folded in half on the top. I grabbed the note as Keith looked over the contents in shock, before his head shot to me.

“You don’t think-”

“I do not know, but it would make sense as to why, she up and left” I growled, as my own wolf growled at me angrily. If this is what I think it means. I fucked up big time.

As I unfolded the paper, I noticed my hands began to tremble. I hoped this was real and not a dream.

Surprise! Nicky baby. We are officially parents to twins. I can’t wait to raise them with you. My love and my soon to be husband. I love you!

She had made me a father. She had my pups, The woman I love actually gave birth to our children. That means they would be about four years old now, My baby boy and girl. I had exactly fourteen years to find and locate them, to become a better man for them, otherwise Carly and my children would be gone forever. I was not about to let that happen.

“Keith, mind link your mate to my office, right now!” I commanded, in a hurry to see what and how my mate and pups lives had been like until now.

“Yes, Alpha”

“I want every crevice and inch searched for my mate” I called across my many groups of my pack trackers and fighters.

“How far, Alpha?” One tracker asked, curiously.

“The whole world, if we have to. I want even the deepest trench searched. I will join you in a few hours. I have one thing to do first” As soon as I was done, a knock came. Before Bridget walked into the room and gave her mate a kiss before turning to me.

“Yes Alpha?” She stated smiling.

“Please get your brother on the phone, I have a few things I need you to ask him” She picked up my office phone and dialed a quick number. Then proceeded to place it on speaker and she prominently left my office but not before giving her mate a kiss goodbye.

“Hello, Dakota speaking” A gruff and hard voice came through the speaker.

“Operation A&L” I stated straight to the point.

“Ahh Nicholas, I was wondering when I would receive this call. So she told you about your pups? Beautiful little things, If I do say so myself” He laughed and continued to mock me. Which caused my wolf to growl loudly down the phone at him.

“Carly already warned me, the package will be there within the hour. Now if you do not mind I am in the middle of killing a wolf, that looks like your ugly self” He stated, then hung up the phone. Before I could say anything.

Why did you have to get him involved?

My Carly..

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