The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Three

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Three

Andrei Ryan-Taylor

I raced down the stairs looking for my baby sister, when I got my hands on that brat. I would bring her the worst pain she could imagine. The little idiot had set up a flour bomb up above the bathroom door, so as soon as I entered to shower. The one kilogram of flour would be dumped over my entire body.

“Lillian Ryan-Taylor, when I find you. You are in for a tickling my dear sister!” I screamed as soon as I made it down to the first floor.

“Mum! Andrei is being mean again. He said I was old, so I dumped flour on his head. He’s going to tickle me, I’m innocent! I swear!” Lily screamed as she raced around the other side of the island of our kitchen, when I entered.

She smirked at me, when her eyes finally landed on me. My hair had been already wet from my and Lily’s work out session this morning in the gym room, our mum had created next to our bedrooms, for our sixteenth birthday. How my little sister had managed to set up the prank in the five minutes it took me to get my clothes from my bedroom to the bathroom we shared, I would never know but she did.

And thanks to her little prank, the flour had mixed with the sweat that settled in my hair, on my head and body causing the flour to stick to my body and form little clumps in my hair. I was beyond pissed, but if we’re being honest here. I would have done it to her if she hadn’t done it to me.

“What no, you little liar! I’m the same age, why would I call you old idiot? You dumped flour on me, after waking me up from my beauty sleep, so you wouldn’t have to work out alone” I protested as I went to grab her in my arms but missed.

“Beauty sleep? You need a miracle to fix that ugly face, big brother!” She giggled, as she rounded the kitchen island again. The blush in her giggling face, remind me of when we were small and we would tease and play fight with each other everyday. Even to this day we still tease and play little pranks on each other.

Meet my ‘logical’ sister everyone. Lillian Ryan-Taylor, or as I like to call her. My Lily Pad, my more annoying, bubbly and beautiful other half, twin baby sister.

“We are twins you idiot! That means we look and act the same, dummy!” I laughed as a frown took over her face, her dumbness knew no bounds. But as soon as that frown turned into a sly little smirk, I knew I was in trouble.

“Oh big brother” She called in a sing song voice. She walked closer to me braver than before and began to circle me, like I was her prey.

“Who is only older by six minutes, that is not completely right is it? we are not identical twins, now are we?” She let out a cackle, before she began to chant that I was ugly. I lunged at her as soon as she faced away from me, but at the last second she sided stepped me, causing me to go crashing onto the floor. She began laughing again, until her eyes widen when I pushed myself off the floor. In the seconds that followed she screamed around the house as I continued to chase her.

“Why must you two torment each other everyday? Doesn’t it get tiring?” My mother’s voice broke our little game as she came into the room, that we were both now located in. At the age of thirty-four, she looked stunning for her age, not one wrinkle graced her beautiful face.

Her bright green eyes that matched my own, shone with happiness. Whenever they were directed at my sister or myself. Her brown silk hair still held life and bounce, I remember how Lily and I loved playing with my mother’s hair when we were little.

My mother was one stunningly beautiful women, I just didn’t know why my father, whoever he is. Would lay a hand on her. Yes, Lily and I know all about my father after over hearing a conversation between my mother, uncle Adam and uncle Dakota. After that day I promised myself. I would kill anyone who harmed my mother or sister ever again, and when it comes time for me to settle down, I know I would never treat them the way, my father treated my mother.

I just hoped I find someone like my mother to settle down with, carefree and full of life. My mum always tried her best to raise my sister and me at the age of sixteen till now. But there were certain things that she just couldn’t do, but one thing about my mother that I loved was that she always tried her best for us. I will always be thankful what she did and had to sacrifice for us.

My mother would never talk much about our father, only that his name was Nicholas, that he did love us dearly, that he would have turned nineteen the night she left him and that she has giving him exactly till our eighteenth birthday to find us. Before she will finally move on. We never really asked about him after that, because we could see what it was doing to our mother.

But one night we found her passed out in her room with a tears stained face, clutching one of his many shirts she had and a photo of them, when they were young, maybe five and eight.

She was very much still in love with my father, because no matter how many men asked her out or tried to flirt with her. My mother would just ignore them or let them down early. That included a man named Raymond that taught Lily and I many things while we were growing up.

Until we saw uncle Adam and uncle Dakota beat him within an inch of his life. When they found out the true intentions he had for our mother, my sister and I.

Lily and I swore that we would do everything and anything to take care of our mum, when we became old enough and any man that wanted to come into her life with romantic feelings, would have to go through the both of us. That included my father, we did not trust him especially not with our mother, once we and our mother trusted him enough, then and only then would we allow him to be apart of our live as well.

“But you love us all the same mum, right Lily pad?” I stated as Lily came and stood beside me, as we placed a kiss on each of our mother’s cheek.

“Yeah! Andy is right mum, you love us so so so so much” Lily sang sweetly.

Yeah, my baby sister is a weirdo!

“Only because I have to, you little brats” Mum joked, making me and Lily place our hands over our hearts.

“You would think that her and dad would love us so much, I mean they did get tattoo’s of our necklaces. Right Andy?” Lily giggle, giving me a sly smile to which I just nodded back in agreement.

“Of course, we love you two. You are our babies but that doesn’t mean you have to do anything drastic” Mum began to back away knowing exactly, that Lily and I had something planned. But before she could do anything, we jumped onto our mum and pelted her face in kisses. We started to do this when we turned five, because it was the only way we could get mum to given and agree with us.

“Alright, alright, I love you, I love you more than uncle Adam and uncle Dakota” Mum laughed, before two voices broke us, away from our mother.

“Hey! That is just plain rude” Uncle Adam stated, with a pout on his face.

“I agree, we are right here” While Uncle Dakota’s deep voice, held humor.

My uncle Adam was my mother’s older brother and five years older than my mother. My uncle Dakota was my mother’s best friend’s older brother and grew up with mum, they saw each other as brother and sister, uncle Dakota was eight years older than my mother. Uncle Dakota was the one that taught me and Lily to fight after the Raymond incident. He told us that there would be many things in this world that we would not understand and that we would need to be prepared for anything.

My Uncle Adam on the other hand, was like a stand in father for me and my sister. He taught us how to play sports, ride bikes and hunt with guns. He use to be my father’s best friend and when he found out what my father and my mother’s now former best friend did to her. He had beaten them both up and helped my mother leave, then once we were born he helped support us before he and mum came into some money.

“I know, I saw one ugly face and another gorgeous face and I had to use them. Now please get your niece and nephew off me, before they squash me like a bug” Mum laughed pulling the tongues at our two uncle’s.

“Come here, my munchkins” Uncle Adam yelled rather loudly.

“Give your two favorite uncle’s a hug” Uncle Dakota grinned, with his gigantic arms wide open.

“We aren’t five years old anymore” I said standing, pulling Lily up as we looked and faced our two uncles.

“Yeah! We are eighteen today!” Lily stated proudly.

“Fine, Dakota I guess since our niece and nephew won’t give us a hug, because they are to old” Uncle Adam started, letting uncle Dakota finish his sentence.

“They must be to old for the presents, we got them to” Uncle Dakota masked his face in disappointment, before they both began to turn away from the two of us.

“Wait, Wait! Uncle Adam, Uncle Dakota. We want a hug!” We screamed before I tackled uncle Adam to the ground as Lily jumped into uncle Dakota’s arms. uncle Adam wrapped his decisively strong arms around me and gave me a bear hug, while uncle Dakota spun Lily around, placing kisses all over her face, making her giggle loudly.

Once uncle Adam released me and stood up, Lily jumped into his arms and he spun her around. Uncle Dakota pulled me into a bear hug and kissed the top of my head.

“You are doing a good job looking after them both, my boy. I hate your father for what he has done to your mother, but I know if he could see you. He would be so proud of you” uncle Dakota stated before pulling away from me and looking at me with pride.

“A fine young man, you have turned out to be. You mother did an outstanding job raising you and your baby sister” I smiled up at him, before Lily raced over to me and grabbed my hand excitedly.

“Uncle Adam told me, they were outside. Let’s go big brother!” I raced out the front door with Lily, as I sensed the other three follow. As our presents came into view I felt both Lily and I freeze, while my mum let a gasp escape her lips.

“Oh Adam, Dakota. They are going to love them. Thank you so much” She cried, and kissed both men on the cheek, before wiping her tears away and a huge smile took over her face.

“They are ours? You’re kidding right?” Lily asked with tears in her eyes, our uncles just nodded their heads. We turned to our uncles and ran to give our uncles the biggest hug we could muster. After we let go, Uncle Adam and Dakota took our mother inside to calm her down, she had not stopped crying since the bikes came into our view.

Two 2018 Kawasaki NINJA ZX-10R SE, but instead of the classic black with green accents. My bike matched the necklace around my neck. My bike was the purest white I had ever seen, while the blue accents of the bike made the contrast just amazing. I looked to see that my name had also been painted on the right side of the tank, just under the design of a wolf howling at the moon in the same dark blue as the accents of the bike.

I looked over at Lily to see that her bike was identical to mine, the only difference was that her bike was a dark blue with white accents, her name and wolf design had been painted in white on the left side of her gas tank. I looked at my baby sister to see that she had began to sob in her hands, I slowly got off my bike and made my way over to her.

I pulled her into my arms and as she buried her head in my chest. I kissed to top of her head. After she calmed a little, I pulled back and wiped the tears from her pretty little face.

“Tell me, what is wrong baby sister?” I said worriedly but also slightly at myself, why the hell did I not tap into our twin connection sooner.

“I am so happy and thankful that we got these. But I just wish I knew where our father is? He should be here with us to celebrate our birthdays, he should have been here from the start but I don’t blame mum for leaving him for what he did” She said softly as she got off her bike and hugged me properly.

“We should take these to school, show off a little. What do you think baby sister?” I said trying to change the subject and cheer her up a little, she smiled brightly up at me and nodded her head.

“Okay, we’ll go get our showers and get dress, then have breakfast that mum is properly preparing now. Before we head off, does that sound okay?” She nodded her head again, then proceeded to kissed my cheek in thanks and then ran into the house to get ready for the day.

“Could this day get any better?” I asked as I looked up at the sky and smiled.

Little did I know, that this was going to be the last normal morning of my life..

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