The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Five

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Five

Layne Morris

I looked up from my kneeled position to see as Nathan’s mate pulled her brother’s face down to hers, and began to whisper something into his ear. The male began to calm down at his sister’s words, allowing the pack and the humans around us to stand. As his Alpha born power and aura was pulled back.

“What the fuck was that!” I yelled, pushing Nathan’s arm as soon as we both got to our feet.

“My wolf told me to stop, but I wasn’t willing to back down. How the hell was I to know, that he is a royal blood?” Nathan whispered yelled back at me.

“Andy? Big brother, please you have to calm down. Please!” A whimper came from the smaller female, who was currently talking to her older brother. But all he did take a protective stance, growl and glare at everyone that was currently around them. More so to the ones, who lingered their eyes on his little sister for to long, especially Nathan.

“Andrei!” She tried again, placing her small palms on her brother’s cheeks and pulling his face back down to hers again.

“Do I have to ring, Mummy?” She whispered lowly in a threatening voice, thinking we couldn’t hear her.

Andrei’s face went from anger to amusement in a split second before he burst out laughing. To the point of where he was bent over. Once he calm down, he look at his sister, who now had a frown on her face and arms crossed before he bursted out laughing again.

“Andrei Kenneth Ryan-Taylor, do not laugh at me, mister. Or I’ll tell mum, you’re being a bully!” She yelled stomping her foot and huffing, making Nathan swoon at his little mate.

“Well fine, If the whole school now knows my whole name, I’ll repay the favor, little sister” Andrei said laughing.

“Don’t. You. Dare. Ugly” She said narrowing her eyes.

“How many times have I told you, Lillian Bridget Ryan-Taylor? Not to call me ugly. We are twins, shared the same womb, remember?” Andrei shouted back, smirking at his sister.

“Oh, I remember womb hogger, or maybe you’re just fat. Huh hippo? And also remember the term. Not identical. Ugly!” Lily screamed before she looked at her brother with wide eyes and ran off screaming the words ‘Andrei is ugly’ around the school car park.

“Come back here! You little shit!” He seethed chasing after her. We watched in amusement as Lily weaves in an out behind cars avoiding her brother at all costs, before she pulled out her phone and called someone while still running away.

“Mate!” I heard a growl from beside me, I looked over and saw Nathan ready to protect his mate at any cost, even from her own brother.

“Nathan, calm down. He will not hurt her, he is her twin brother, remember? ” I said placing my hand on his shoulder.

“I mind-linked my father, I thought Alpha picked this land because there was no packs here or wolves. Obviously that was incorrect, we need to find out who they are, their family and what pack they are from, but we need to do this without disturbing Alpha Nicholas from his duties” Nathan stated lowly, so only I could hear, to which I just nodded.

As soon as Nathan stopped talking. Keith, Nathan’s father walked out of the school’s tree line minutes later and made his way over to us.

“Son? What seems to be the problem” We proceeded to tell beta Keith everything that happened in the last hour, including Nathan finding his mate, luckily we arrived three hours before school actually started, so the pack could get settled in.

“That cannot be right- Unless. Oh god, we found them, we actually found them!” Beta Keith rambled and a look of pure excitement took over his face.

“Dad, what do you mean, you found them?” Nathan asked, but before Beta Keith could answer. A roar of an engine cuts through our conversation as we watched a full blacked out sports car pull into one of the reserved parks, next to the twins bikes.

Before a tall male made his way over towards the twins and pulled both of them by their ears towards the car. As another man, that I recognized as Nathan’s uncle Dakota got out of the passenger side of the car storming his way over to Keith.

“Stay” The other male said to the twins, once they stood by the car and bikes. Before his eyes scanned the crowd in disgust, until they landed on something or more like someone.

He made his way over toward our direction and stood next to Dakota, but instead of stopping in front of us like Dakota did. He pulled his fist back and slammed it into Beta Keith’s face, making the pack growl at him.

“Oh shut it. You fucking mutts” He seethed.

“You fucking basta-” Nathan screamed and went to charge at the male. But before he could reach him, Dakota grabbed him by the shirt and shook his head.

“You stay out of this, Nathaniel”

“But uncle! That is my father! Your brother in law-” Nathan screamed at his uncle.

“And the fucking scum, deserves everything Adam does to him!” Dakota sneered at his nephew and threw him to me.

“You maybe my sister’s son. But you know nothing of what your father has done. Or that scum of an Alpha. He has no right to be protected” Dakota all but growled at Nathan. But you could tell he was talking to all of us.

“Adam, mate please. Let me explain” Beta Keith yelled out, as the male that was now on top of him, began to punch and injure his face and body.

“Let you explain? Fucking explain? Like you and that assholes let her explain eighteen years ago? When he treated her the way he did? You her best friend should have been there for her. But no, a fucking position and reputation was more important than a girl that had been your friend since diapers”

“Even if she has forgiven him. She will always remember what you and he did to her. If the mate bond wasn’t fucking killing my sister. I would have never let him find her or his children” Adam screamed, as he stood and began kicking Keith’s abdomen.

“A-adam, I swear on our friendship. I regret-” Keith pleaded.

“I am no longer, your friend Keith. The moment you tried to hide the fact that Nicholas laid his dirty fucking hands on my sister. I told you what would happen, the moment you tried to lie to me. Did I not? Carly had every right taking the twins away, the pack didn’t need it’s heirs, if the alpha couldn’t even keep his temper from hurting his own mate. She was just fucking protecting her pups. Even if she doesn’t know about any of this werewolf crap” Adam sneered in Keith’s face, then stood up and looked at all of us.

“Yes, my niece and nephew are the heirs to your pack, I do not know how the scrum of this earth, helped make two of the most kindest and beautiful children in this world. But he did” As the words left Adam’s mouth, we looked over at the twins. Who were talking among themselves, not paying any attention to anything around them.

“Do not mind them, they tend to block everything out, when they are together or maybe it’s just their link. Anyway, you want to know the reason as to why, you’ve never met them or your Luna? Than ask that bastard, you call Alpha”

“Kenneth. You tell Nicholas, that if he ever loses his temper at my sister again or their children and If I find out you keep it from me. I’ll slit both your fucking throats” Adam gave one last kick to Beta Keith’s stomach before he stalked in the direction of his car.

“Adam Ajax Ryan. You apologize to Keith right now!” A feminine yet powerful voice called across the car park making everything stop and the pack bow their heads.

Our Luna Has Returned.

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