The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Six

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Six

Carly Ryan

“Adam Ajax Ryan. You apologize to Keith right now!” I yelled angrily as I made my way out of my car. I mean I may have hated the guy, once upon of time and still don’t forgive him. But nobody deserves to get beaten to a pulp over what happened eighteen years ago.

“No I will not. This scumbag deserves everything that is coming to him and so does that son of a bitch, Nicholas. You are my baby sister and they treated you like that while you were a month and a half pregnant with the twins. And do not lie this time, tell everyone the truth what actually happened that night!” Adam yelled back with a deadly glint in his eyes.

“Wait what? What the hell did they do to our mother?” Andrei asked stepping forward, finally listening in on the conversation that was going on around him and his sister.

“Andrei baby, It is fine. You don’t need to worry about what had happened, all that matters is that you and your sister are fine and happy” I said, pleading that he would not pick up on the tremble in my voice.

“But you see mum, we can’t be happy. If we do not know why you actually left dad in the first place. What did he do?” Lily said looking over at me.

“That asshole does not deserve to be called your father” Dakota stated, looking at the twins. Then to me with a look that said, “If you don’t tell them, I will”. I sighed and nodded my head as I turned to look at my twins with sad eyes.

“Fine I will tell you. But promise me, you will know that no matter what you are about to hear. Is that no matter what your father may have done, That he and I both love you more than anything” I stated looking at both of them.

They looked at me for a few minutes before turning to each other, after a few more minutes they finally turned back to me and nodded their heads. Dakota waved the twins over to where he was standing so that I could also address that teens that clearly came to school with Keith’s son.

“Just over eighteen years ago, a week before I left your father. I found out that I was pregnant with twins. I had kept it a secret from your father. Because I wanted to surprise him a few days before we were to be married.”

“I had the whole thing planned. I knew where he hid the rings for our big day, and I also knew that he would not look at them until the day of the wedding, because my ring that I got him was to be a surprise.. So with that I got together a box full of baby things, an ultrasound photo and a note I had written and placed it in the draw.” I heard a few people ‘aww’ at my idea. But the story was about to get much, much darker.

“But on the eve of our wedding day, your father and I had our final nights out. My best friend at the time Bridget, knew I was pregnant and planned for us to have a relaxing spa and movie night. While your father went out and got drunk with Keith and his other friends. Given at the time I was only sixteen and getting married so I needed your Uncle Adam’s permission, because your grandparents were no longer with us, But your father, was also turning nineteen that night. So he and his friends wanted one last hooray before he was a ‘truly’ taken man” Adam scoffed and glared down at Keith again.

“It was about two am when your father came home smelling like a liquor store, Wanting some ‘love’. I told him no, as I was pregnant, tired and hormonal, not that he knew any of that. So we ended up getting in a fight, which resulted in your father slapping me. He left after that not realizing what he had done, and I screamed at him that if he wanted sex so much to go find one of his whores, that use to flirt with him. He screamed back that he would and not to wait up, because he had planned to get her pregnant and it may take a while” At this point I could feel the twins anger rising, as well as my brother’s, Dakota’s and everyone else’s in the car park.

“I wasn’t able to sleep after that. So I stayed awake waiting for your father like an idiot. It was about five in the morning when I received a message from an unknown number. It read; Me and the girls had a great night with this man and his wedding band. Attached to it was a picture of your father and six other women in bed.” I felt Dakota take me into his arms and hug me to his chest as I bursted into tears.

“I messaged back asking why they had sent me this, and I got the reply of “He told us to send it to the bitch he was to marry today, So I guess that is you!“. At that point I forgot as to why I even was staying with your father, so I called my only other best friend to help me pack. Knowing that he would help me, well at least I thought he would. We made a promise to always be there for each other, but when I was about to call Uncle Adam to come pick me up. That is when Keith turned on me and called your father, causing him to hurry home” I looked over at my ex best friend and watched as he looked away from me in shame.

“You fucking bastard! I will kill you, you hear me you son of a bitch! I will fucking kill you” Andrei went to charge at Keith, But Dakota and Adam rushed at him and held him back. Lily went to pounce at Keith as he staggered to his feet, but his son intercepted and grabbed hold of Lily, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“You tell that bastard of a sperm donor, If he comes near any of us again. Especially our mother. He will die. Me and my brother will kill him! You tell him I promise him that” Lily all but screamed at Keith.

“Wait Carly. You misunderstand! Nick didn’t cheat on you! I promise I was with him the whole night. Ask Brid-” Keith was cut off by my brother.

“She does not need to hear anymore lies from you or that bastard’s mouth. Baby sister, don’t you think your time of waiting for Nicholas to find you is up? I think it’s about time, you moved on and found someone better” Adam stated, as he looked at me with pleading eyes.

“I think not...”

And then he stepped out of the trees.

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