The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Seven

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Seven

Carly Ryan

“I think not” My head snapped in the direction of his voice. The voice that usually kept me up at night, the very voice that haunted my dreams.

“Carly, my love. You still look like the most beautiful women, I have ever seen in my life” He stated as his eyes traveled over me, causing me to shudder. Both Adam and Dakota walked up beside me, before they both came around and stood in front of me. While glaring at the man who had caused me some serious heartache.

“You stay the hell away from my sister” Adam yelled .

“And if I do not want to? Nicholas smirked.

“You do not even want to go there, asshole” Dakota said in a deadly tone.

“Well, well, If it isn’t the man who helped to keep my mate hidden for all these years”

“You deserved it”

“I did not such thing to receive the years of pain, I had being away from her!” Nick screamed, I watched as his dark brown eyes shifted to black.

Oh how, I use to love when his eyes would shift colors as he would gaze at me...

“So the night, Adam called me saying you finally fucked Carly over, with some faceless sluts. That wasn’t true?” Dakota taunted. causing Nicholas’s body to begin to shake.

“Your charming little words won’t work anymore, it’s not only Carly you have to be cautious of now” This time it was Dakota’s turned to smirk as he walked over to the twins.

“Your children, do not even know of who you are”

“Pups..” Nicholas growled back, as he raised his nose in the air and began sniffing.

Pups? What the hell did he mean by pups?

“My pups..” This time a whimper was released from Nicholas mouth, making me feel more confused and fed up.

“What do you mean by pups? My children are not some offspring of a dog, they are my babies! Mine” I yelled furiously at all three men, making sure that my messaged was received loud and clear.

“It took the two of us to make those babies my love. They are just as much mine, as they are yours” Nicholas said, walking forward and heading in my direction. But came to a stop as the twins stepped in front of me, growling lowly at him.

“You will stay the fuck away from our mother” Andrei snarled at Nicholas.

“Andrei son-” Nicholas went to step forward again but was cut off by another sneer.

“You heard my brother. Now fuck off before we kill you ourselves” Lily cut in.

“Baby Girl, I can’t-” Right before Nicholas could finish, He was again cut off by two identical screams. I watched in horror as both my children fell to the ground, screaming and yelling in pain.

“Andrei, Lillian” I screamed, darting forward and wrapping them both up in my arms. My eyes began to water as I looked up to the man, who clearly knew what was going on. The man that no matter what he had done in the past, still owned my heart completely.

“I do not care, what happens after this or what has happened in the past. Just please help me. Nick please, our twins” I watched as his eyes softened, looking over my panicked and teary face. He crouched down beside me and laid both twins on the ground, before he began barking orders at the groups of students behind me. Then he turned to look at Keith.

“Keith, evacuate all the humans out of the vicinity” Keith took off, leaving me, Nicholas, Adam and Dakota alone with the screaming twins.

“Dakota, I need you to run and get Bridget back here. She is the pack doctor and I need her to monitor and check over the twins” Dakota looked at me, as he saw my pained stricken face. A dark look took over his own face, before he darted off into the direction Nicholas came from. I started to cry harder as I watched the twins eyes roll back in their head and they came to a complete stop.

“Nicholas, Nick. What is-” I began ranting, scared of what was happening to our children.

“Baby, they are fine. They have just passed out from the pain, they will be fine. I promise you” He grabbed my hand in reassurance and squeezed, Then turned his gaze in my brother’s direction.



“Adam” Nicholas stated, doing a slight head turn and looked at my brother with demanding eyes.

“I said no”

“Go find my younger brother” Nicholas grumbled.

“Okay, but take care of my sister and your children” Adam said, narrowing his eyes at him.

Adam kissed my forehead, then darted off and jumped into the car. I looked over at my ex-fiance with suspicious eyes, Nicholas looked up at me with a tight smile as he caressed my face softly and picked up my hand, before placing a single kiss on my palm.

“I know I haven’t been the best boyfriend, fiance or father in the past but once we get past with what is happening to our twins. I would really like to sit down and have a chat to you about everything, after you find out the whole truth and if you still want to leave. I won’t stop you, I’ll let you go” I nodded looking into his sincere dark brown colored eyes.

“Just for now, tell me what is happening to our children” I asked, still being a confused as ever.

“My love, I will not lie to you no longer. I am not human, well not completely-”

“What do you mean, not completely?” I stated, pushing him away slightly.

Oh god! I had children to an alien. Didn’t I? Does that mean my babies have some magical voodoo powers. What if they eat brains?

‘What are you then, an alien, monster, killer zombie?’ I thought ranting off naming absurd things in my mind.

“Carly lovely, just by the look on your face I can tell what you are thinking. I promise you I am something a lot more amazing than any of those. I also promise our children will not sprout an antenna, tentacles or a craving for brains” Nick stated laughing loudly.

How the hell did he know, what creatures I was thing about?

“Remember baby, I can read you like an open book. But if you want to know what I really am and what our children are about to become because of my bloodline, I will tell you” For the first time since I have known him, I watched as his eyes shifted to a golden color and a loud thunderous growl escaped his chest and throat.

“I am an Alpha werewolf and our children, are my Alpha twins..”

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