The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Eight

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Eight

Carly Ryan

“I am an Alpha werewolf and our children, are my Alpha twins..” I sat there and stared at him for a good five minutes, just processing as to what he has just told me. Before I lent forward and poked his cheek with as much pressure I could produce.

“Love, what are you doing?” He asked with amused eyes.

“You know, just checking if this is real and that I am not dreaming” I said poking him again, causing a loud and deep chuckle to escape his lips.

Oh, how I wish I could just sink my teeth into those beautiful lips of his.

I shook those thoughts from my head and turned my attention back to our still unconscious twins. I ran each of my hands threw their hair and pressed a quick kiss to each of their foreheads.

“No matter, what you two end up being. I will love you both the exact same as I did when I first found out I was pregnant with you” I wiped the lone tear that escaped my eye as I continued to smile down at them, as I looked up at Nicholas with a small smile.

“Carly, I know that it probably means little to you now. But I promise that whatever you saw or heard, I have never once cheat-”

“You know, I never once hated you for what you did to me that night. I do not think I could because you also happened to help with the creation of my only happiness in this world. I just wanted to know why you did what you did that night. But then I realized that you at nineteen really weren’t mature enough to be in a serious relationship like ours, let alone to be a father of twins, so essentially I gave you what you really wanted” I looked away from him, not wanting to fall for his guilt ridden face and forgiving him fully for what happened that night.

“Carly, I never once told you I wanted you gone, I swea-”

“After you struck me across the face and pushed me to the ground, you sneered in my face. “That you gave yourself to me after a few pretty words, a quick and easy whore is what you are Carly and you only deserve to be treated like what you really are. You where a fool to think I would actually have no self respect to marry someone as useless as you and that no one in this world would need or love a slut like you enough to be sad, If one day I just disappeared”. Seems to me that you really want me around at the time, Nick” I responded sarcastically at the end, before I clenched my eye shut as I recalled every single word he said to me that night.

“I never meant those words my love. I was drunk and angry, I swear that I never thought of you like that in anyway, I love you so much that it kills me to be away from you” He tried taking my hands and pulling me to look at him, but I snatched my hands away and pushed him away from the twins and I.

“Some say to listen to what people say when they are angry, because that’s when the real truth comes out and that the drunk mind speaks what the cowardice sober heart cannot” I stated coldly.

I know that I had once sent him a letter stating I would give him a chance and the possibility of us being together, if he found us in the fourteen years I had giving him. Which he did on the very last day, but the amount of excuses and words he could have thought of in that time also makes me reconsider my whole idea of us being a family with the twins and even cringe at the idea of me getting back together with a man, who would lay his hands on my children or myself.

I hate myself for loving you as much as I did at one point.

“I no longer wish to hear your excuses for our past, but I will listen to your side of things that occurred that night, I just want the truth. So if that the twins deem it okay, they may come spend time with you to learn about this other side of them. But that is entirely up to them” I said looking at him as I hugged myself comfortingly.

“And what about us? Do we have a chance?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know anymore...” I whispered.


Bridget Cortex

I heard a series of slams followed by a rushing of footsteps before my office door slammed open. I stood fast and looked over my panting mate and... older brother?

“Dakota, what are you doing here?” I asked confused, he was supposed to be contracted under the Demon lord for a top secret mission.

What the hell was he doing here?

“No time to talk babe, I need you to pack a bag of supplies” Keith said rushing to my side and pecking my lips.

“Get your scummy lips of my sister, bastard” Dakota growled lowly. Making me look over at him in shock. My brother was never like this unless someone had done something seriously wrong.

“Kota, what is the matter?” I asked stepping away from Keith, unsure of what was happening. A look of betrayal crossed my mate’s face, but I know my brother and exactly how he is.

“If you knew what your so called amazing mate did to your best friend, causing her to leave. You would have left his pathetic ass by now” Dakota sneered. Making me freeze and then slap Keith across the face, when he tried to reach for me.

My best friend, Carly had disappeared the night before her wedding without so much as a word to me, as to where she was going or who with. All her stuff was gone, when I woke the next morning with a distressed regretful and hungover Alpha, but a guilt ridden mate as well. At the time I thought for a split second that she had gotten cold feet, until I remembered how much Carly deep down loved Nicholas more than anything.

But because she left without me knowing and no one telling me what was going on with the Alpha or my mate. I was left in the dark and eventually moved on not thinking much of it, thinking she would come back. But I was so fucking wrong and now my older brother, who has been my only source of sibling love since Carly’s disappearance is telling my mate had something to do with it. Made my fury for the situation eradicate any love I had felt for him moments before.

“What does he mean, Keith? You had something to do with Carly leaving?” I growled, feeling my claws extend.

My wolf felt nothing but fury and betrayal as we looked over at our mate, who looked away in shame. My wolf had formed a bond with Carly when we were very young, one very similar to that of my sibling bond with Dakota, but my wolf was more protective over Carly because she is a human.

“I promise I will explain everything later Birdy, but please we really have to leave. We have a double shift occurring at the school” He urged using my nickname he had giving me when we were just pups.

“Fine, I’ll kill you later” I growled back, before grabbing my bag and filling it with equipment and medicines that I would need for a shift but making sure to double up.

“What are we dealing with?” I asked Dakota, as we ran out of the room with Keith following us.

“Twins, one male and one female. Eighteen years old. Shift triggered by a rage episode”

“Cause of Rage episode?” I inquired.

“Father tried to get close to the only person the pups recognize as a parent, the mother” Dakota stated, making me understand adolescent pups were prone to be protective towards the female parent.

“Parents species?” I asked needed to know, If one or both parents were of supernatural blood or not.

“B, the twins” Dakota said coming to a stop and looking up at me with regretful eyes.

“They are Nicholas and Carly’s...”

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