The Alpha's Twins

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Chapter Nine

The Alpha’s Twins - Chapter Nine

Carly Ryan

“I don’t know anymore” I watch as his face dropped and he looked away from me.

I looked down at the twins and began to ponder over the features of the two, when the two of my children were born I had debated with myself over the fact that the twins would more than likely grown up without a father, that they would hate me for it one day and at the time how I was struggling with supporting myself. So how in the world was I going to provide for two newborns?

If it had not been for Adam or Dakota coming to my rescue, I would not have been able to raise them both for the first few years of their life, not until I came into some money and invested it, making sure my twins could live comfortably if anything was to ever happen to me.

“Carly, I-” Nicholas started before he was cut off by the twins eyes snapping open and painful scream escaped their lips.

“Andrei, Lily!” I yelled, trying to comfort them as well as I could as I took both their shaking bodies into my arms. I yelped when I felt their bodies heating up to the point I could no longer hold onto them.

“Lee, let them go. They will shift soon” I heard Dakota yell from across the field as Keith and a women in a white coat followed him from behind. Not to long after them Adam, two teenage boys and a group of muscular men followed but stayed at a distance.

I let the twins go, wrapping my arms around myself as I watched my two children scream and their bodies arch in pain. I felt arms come around me and buried my face into the person’s chest as tears began to fall down my face.

“I can’t do anything to help them” I cried wrapping my arms around him.

“Hey lee, they will be okay soon. My sister will help your pups” Dakota said, pulling my face away from his chest, wiping my tears away and smiling softly down at me. He turned my head and I watch as Bridget attended to my children, before she turned to look at me with a smile and mouthing she loved me.

She pulled out two syringes that contained a green liquid and injected both twins, that successfully sedated both of them.

“Now how many shirts has it been the you’ve either ruined with your tears or taken of mine now?” Dakota said pulling away and looking down at his shirt.

“To many to keep track of” I replied before a growl was heard behind Dakota, to which he turned and glared at the two men, that were causes of starting this mess eighteen years ago, that stood staring between Dakota and myself.

“Fuck off, will you Nicholas” Adam glared back, before Dakota shook his head and gave him a look that he would handle it.

“What the fuck is your problem?” Dakota snarled, turning back to look Nicholas.

“She is my mate, mine!” Nicholas growled back his eyes turning a darker shade of brown, almost black.

“If you were a decent mate, you would have her and your heirs for the last eighteen years of their lives. You would be a husband and father but you just proved me right, what I’ve been telling Carly. You really are and what you are really like, ever since I found out that she liked you"

"You are nothing but scum and you do not deserve the most amazing fucking women in the world as your mate. Because let me tell you right now, the moon goddess really screwed Carly over by pairing her with a fuck up like you. I was the most happiest man in the world when she finally told me she had left your pathetic cheating ass ” Dakota screamed back as he grabbed my hand pulling me to the side, as all of the males that came with Adam looked over at Nicholas in disgust

‘Huh, I guess cheating on your mate was not a good thing for werewolves’

“I never once cheated on Carly!” Nick yelled back, clenching his fists.

“I saw the photo” I whispered, not looking at him and instead held Dakota tighter.

“Love, it wasn’t what you think I promise. Keith was with me the whole night. I swear” Nick tried to explain and get closer but Dakota just stepped in front of me slightly, causing Nick to back down.

“He really didn’t Carly” Keith tried to argue.

“Shut the hell up. Can you not see what you are doing to my sister? She’d rather cling to a male that is not her mate. We all know Nicholas does not deserve my sister as a mate. He never did” Adam yelled at Keith.

“And who should she have paired her with, if not me?” Nicholas snarled.

“Do not ask a question you will not want or like the answer to, Nicholas” Dakota chuckled and before turning to me and giving a little cheeky smirk.

"I could give you a list of many guys, who deserves this beautiful woman by their sides. With my own name at the very top" Dakota stated smugly as he looked up at a pale Nicholas and Keith.

"Carly, do not tell me you and my brother got together?" Bridget stated looking shocked.

“Well, he is the one man who has always been there for me and the twins besides my brother, he comforted me when I was yearning to have a connecting with someone, when I would be in pain from you" I stated, pointing at Nicholas.

"He would go to all the twins school events with me, step in for parent conference meetings when I couldn’t attend. He helped me raise the twins and he always made us feel safe. He on countless of times showed me and the twins affection when he did not have to” I smiled softly as I recalled all the things Dakota had done for the twins and me.

"I never thanked you for that either" I leaned up and kissed Dakota's cheek, causing him to smile brightly at me and the twins.

"I would do it a million times over, watching those kids grow up and you making a loving and warm home for them all these years have been a pleasure, Lee" Before we turned back to the group of people, who were looking for an explanation.

"But to answer your question. No we are not together, we've only seen each other in a sibling sense and as much as I may hate Nicholas. I would never do to him, what he did me. I gave him fourteen years to find us and in the last few minutes he did" Now it was Dakota and Adam to look at me in shock as did the rest of the people here.

"Carly, you cannot be fucking serio-" I held my hand up stopping my brother from talking.

"In my letter I stated I would give him another chance. What I did not state, was he would have to tell me and our children the truth as to what happened that night. Even if I do not like it, it has to be the whole truth and then if our twins and myself can forgive him for what he has done, then and only then will he get another chance to be in our twins lives as well as mine"

"Thank you so much, my love. You will not reg-" I held my hand up again, this time stopping Nicholas talking.

"But if we cannot then both me and the twins, will leave and you all can forget that we exist" Causing everyone to look at me in shock.

"This was stipulation the twins asked of me last year on the day of their birth, if they were to ever meet their father and did not like what he had to say. They did not want me to live with reminder of his failure or his regret. So we would leave and never speak of you or your side of their heritage again, that includes both Dakota and Adam as you both have connection to Nicholas in someway. They would find a man, who would treat their mother with the love and respect I deserved. I will keep my word that their stipulation still stands here and now" I said making sure to look every single one of them dead in the eye, before looking at the man who fathered my children

"And if you do not like that, Nicholas. Then you can leave now"

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