The omniscient Masquerade

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Midnight skies and falling stars Stained glass windows well worn Blood trails her feet in the crisp white snow Gates to the castle like prison bars Vines climbing the walls and crowns of thorns Emperors new clothes woven from sin and soul Pan flutes and pipes plague dancers to death The grim reaper prepares to commence “Come one come all, ladies and gents, everybody and nobody, rich or poor that leave the Earth. The Devil only values the weight of heart in debt!” Black teardrops shed, staining your funeral attire Pumpkin to carriage, coffin to hearse Fairy tales and fantasies Twisted realities Folie á deux This grave fits two Do you trust me? I’ll show you all Take my hand and march into the masquerade From what is hidden, forbidden, and ridden They wear their hopes and dreams Wishes and fears On a mask that conceals ear to ear Plastic perfection protects insecurity and fatal flaws Lips painted red with the lack of life The masquerade parade shrouded in mystery Who is behind the beautiful lie? The people of deception begin to dance Folie á deux This grave fits two Do you trust me? Hand in hand, heart to heart Till death do us part Show me I want to see Whom is the puppet master of it all? All secrets will be revealed in the masquerade ball

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Through the beating maze of masked phantoms he made his way over. Swift and sure his beating heart led him closer. The mysterious man bowed before the maiden standing alone amid the phantoms. “Why I wonder, is such a lovely rose such as yourself all alone?”

The brunette raised her head up to see a handsome man before her, “May I say, patiently anticipating how long it would take for a man like you to bestow upon me such charms.” The young maiden’s cheeks flushed a deep crimson as the mysterious figure with the lightest of touches brought up the maiden’s hand to his face kissing along the knuckles.

“I’m Tyrell, Son of King Trevor”


Tyrell raised his brow, wondering where this Elizabeth came from, was she a royal? A duchess or perhaps a widow? He had never heard of this woman among the palace, although one thing was for certain on this haunting night.

He was utterly bewitched by her.

She led him out to the center of the ballroom, with their steady gaze transfixed to one another, they began their waltz.

A vivid spectacle of bodies moving in harmony. They spun and swayed and smiled as one to the sweet melody being strung by the orchestra, Elizabeth’s dress vividly moved with every long stride they took. Tyrell captivated by her dark brown eyes, Elizabeth longing for his light honey ones.

Tyrell lifted her up in the air, gripping on to her torso laced up tight by her corset. For a brief moment Elizabeth felt as if she were flying amongst the gods.

In his arms it felt as though time itself wasn’t a construct. Elizabeth soon forgot about her worries, sorrows wouldn’t catch her, damnation was far away the fiery pit would have to wait forever if it wished to claim her.

Son cœur a été frappé par l'arc de Cupidon. Her heart was struck by Cupid’s bow.

Dumbfounded by the warmth she was experiencing, Elizabeth hadn’t noticed her mask had loosened and fallen off, cracking against the the polished floor.

The mask concealed her beauty and her secret. Revealing her true eyes, scarlet as the roses in bloom.

“Good heavens Tyrell you are dancing with a witch!”

Tyrell startled, pushed the maiden away from him. Cast down to the floor Elizabeth felt the warm daze quickly replaced by a lingering fear. The maiden found it difficult to breathe as hordes of people gathered around her screaming over the violins shrill pull. The fear of the unknown drowned their thoughts.

Tyrell gripped her hand dragging her away from the mob. Dashing down the castle steps, past the gardens and far along the forest. Her dress was torn, his own attire ruined, the pair ran through the rain and mud. Into the night Tyrell took Elizabeth swearing to protect his one, true love.

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