I Have Loved You For A Thousand Years (My Love; My Mate; My Shifter - Chronicles - Book Two)

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THIS IS BOOK TWO OF 'MY LOVE; MY MATE; MY SHIFTER' CHRONICLES, PLEASE READ IN ORDER - Vectore Lightman had lost his soulmate, over two hundred years ago. And now, she’s in his life again. Can he look past what she had done to him? What he had done to her… Will they find that bond again? Or is she lost to him forever? Annika Berrings lost her best friend, over two hundred years ago. For what? Her destiny that wasn’t even true? For a man who tricked her…and took her away from the only man she could ever love. Now she’s in his life again, but can she forgive him for never forgiving her? Between rekindling a friendship and finding true love. Vectore and Annika protect their family from the Dark Wizard, who had torn them apart, so long ago. War is still in the balance, and they’re prepared to protect what is theirs, with their own lives. THIS IS NOT A STAND ALONE BOOK. IT IS BOOK TWO, TO THE SERIES, My Love; My Mate; My Shifter. PLEASE READ BOOK ONE, The Bearington Brothers and Their Fated Mate. BEFORE READING THIS BOOK.

Fantasy / Romance
Koko Aranck
4.9 121 reviews
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Prologue: Betrayal



-New England 1813-

“How could you do this?” Vectore Lightman demanded as he glared at his best friend. The only woman he has ever claimed as a friend, and the only woman he knows, that he has never slept with. He respects her too much, but now...now he despises her, she has slept with his other best friend. Blake Sternhill.

“I love him Vec, why can’t you understand that?” Annika Berrings said as she stared at her best friend. “I have finally found love, why can’t you be happy for me?”

“Happy for you?” Vector spat. “Happy for you!? Anni, he’s an asshole, who sleeps with anything with tits.”

She snorted. “And you don’t?”

Vectore growled angrily. “I have better taste then...”

She slapped him and he stared at her. She held her hand to her mouth as she stared at his angry face.

“I...I’m sorry...no wait, I’m not. Better taste in women? So, I’m not good enough for you, so I can’t be good enough for Blake?”

He stared at her stunned. His anger still simmered, but he hadn’t meant what he’d said. She’s too good for either of them. Doesn’t she understand that? That is why he hasn’t made any moves on her? For eight-hundred years, he has loved her. But how can he tell her, when he’s not even a good enough man for her?

But still, she slept with Blake!

With her knowing that he has been suspicious of Blake, for over a hundred years now, something just hasn’t been right with the man...

“You don’t’ own me, Vectore. Just because you trained me, doesn’t make me yours.”

“Don’t you think I know that?!”

“Then what the fuck is your problem?!”

“You know what my fucking problem is, Annika! I have told you my suspicions.”

“But you have no proof. And he’s a good man Vec, he’s your best friend.”

Vectore snorted. “I thought you were too.”

“I am!” She cried.

“Nah, you’re just as bad as the rest of them. He’s going to use you for something, that will get you killed.” Vectore said with a shake of his head. “And I don’t think I’ll be there to stop it.”

She sighed. “I’m sorry you think so little of your friends, Vectore. I guess since we’re just a couple lowly Witches, we’re not worthy of your friendship.”

Vectore snarled. “Whatever Witch. Just get out of my life, and don’t come back.” He said angrily, then turned and disappeared.

Annika fell to her knees and cried. For over eight-hundred years, Vectore has been her best friend and companion. What is she going to do without him? She wiped her eyes and got to her feet. She has chosen her own destiny, and that is with Blake.


-New England 1814-

Annika slowly opened her eyes and stared into the dark eyes of her boyfriend, Blake Sternhill.

“Thanks for the help.” He said, then kissed her lips and turned from her, to mess with something at the counter.

She got up slowly and held her hand to her head. What was going on? She looked around the room and realized they were in the blessing room, and she was on the offering table.

What the fuck?! She cursed in her head, as she jumped off the table.

“How...how did I get here?” She asked as her head spun.

He turned and grinned at her. “You don’t remember?”

She shook her head.

“You agreed to do an offering ritual with me and passed out.”

She looked at the small gash in her arm and frowned. She wouldn’t have agreed to any offerings, she doesn’t use that kind of magic.

What is he doing?

“I’m going to get some air.” She said as she headed for the door, still groggy.

He nodded. “Drink plenty of water too.” He said absently.

She nodded slowly, then ran from the room and out the front door, and didn’t stop, just kept running. Something is going on with Blake and she can’t handle it anymore. This wasn’t the first time she has woken up in a strange position and not known how she’d gotten there. Fuck, even the first time she’d slept with him, she hadn’t meant to...or had she? God, what are her thoughts and feelings? She can’t remember anymore. One day she loved one man, then the next, she loved another.

What the fuck is going on!?

She didn’t know where she was running to, until she found herself outside Vectore’s house. She hasn’t seen him in a year, not since she’d told him about Blake. She ran up to the door and pounded on it.

The door opened and Vectore glared at her. “What the fuck do you want? I thought I told you to get out of my life.”

She felt the tears slide down her cheeks. “I can’t stay with Blake anymore. He’s doing strange things, that I don’t understand...”

“You made your own bed, now you can sleep in it.” He said with a snarl, then slammed the door in her face.

Tears streaming down her cheeks as she pounded on his door. “Vec!” She cried out.

He never answered and she finally made her way out of the city. Now she has a feeling that she is going to have to hide herself from Blake.

And find a way to make it all up to Vectore.


For more than two hundred years, Annika survived on her own. Even formed her own powerful coven. She never forgot Vectore, and what she’d done to him, and what he’d done to her.

And when Blake turned into a Dark Wizard, she realized what he had been doing, and she looked for a way to reverse what he’d done to her. She was able to block him from connecting to her and finding her, she even blocked her mind from him. And when she did, she found that she’d never loved him...

Now, she has found Vectore again, and is helping him and his children. When she had found out that the Queen of all Animals, the mother of the future Kings, was the daughter of a powerful Witch, she knew she and her coven had to help her.

Finding Vectore with them, then finding that he’s her father, was a shock, to say the least. But made her want to help them even more, it will be a way to make things up to him. She never thought she’d see him again, and now, now she has a second chance with him.

She just needed to show him, that he’s all she’s ever wanted.

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