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Trump Cards

By FoxcatAl All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Fantasy

Ruios- Poker Face

"Hey, Rust, aren't you getting too cocky lately?"

They said idiocy is incurable. It might actually be true.

"Just cause you're a Joker doesn't mean you're above us now."

Five. All from the Judo club, I think. Two had balls of fire in his hand; one had an orb of water; another had a little tornado spinning above his palm; the last one had the earth cracking beneath his feet.

How annoying.

Two Hearts; one Spade; one Diamond and one Club.

A smirk grew on my face.

Numbers really need to learn to stay away from Jokers.

Court Academy.

Quite a childish name for a school, eh? However, if you are a child, it would do you good to keep away.

This school is located on a mountain, isolated from society. Students and teachers have a lift to travel up and down the mountain, but there are stairs on the other end for visitors. Yes, visitors are not welcome here. No dorms are allocated here, so students have to travel up the mountain every day.

Allow me to explain the rules of this place.

- This is a school that will give education for students in the age range of 13 to 17.

- Feel free to stay in the infirmary overnight, but only with permission.

- All that happens in here is to be kept secret, excluding academic grades.

- All students are required to participate in the Trump.

- Health insurance will be sponsored by the school.

- Uniforms will be given after your class is determined-after the entrance ceremony.

Quite simple, eh?

What is the Trump, you ask?

Well, be patient, my dears.

Rules of the Trump:

- First come, First serve.

- The game starts at 7:00 a.m.

- Take only cards from your floor.

- You may put down a card you have taken and pick another one if you find another.

- Cards are to be given to the Game Master before midnight.

- No stealing. However, trading is allowed if card has not been given to the GM.

- No cheating. If found so, will be disqualified immediately.

Cards would be scattered around a certain floor of the school grounds. There are sixty students in each year-fifteen students in every class, thus all sixty cards in a common poker card deck will be present on the floor.

How to play is easy. Find a card and give it to the Game Master, the GM.

Where is the GM?

Well, there are four classes in this school: Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond. Depending on the suit of the card you have picked, you are split into different classes.

However, in a Joker's case, they can be in any class as long as no other Joker has registered in that class.

The most special thing about this school is that cards give you magic powers.

1- School rules are absolute.

2- No using powers outside school grounds with any valid reason.

3- Only Announced Cards can be an exception of Rule 1 for safety purposes.

4- If case of any outsiders finding out, you are to silence yourself.

5- Those who do any violation of the above will be silenced.

Is there a grammatical error there? No, 'grammatical error' isn't quite right. Hmm... my vocabulary fails me, sometimes.

My favorite part of the entrance ceremony.

Chairs are kicked around and screaming ensues.

I didn't hear anything about this!

That's fucking bullshit!

You're telling us to just kill ourselves??

Ah, the irony. That's exactly what everyone willingly does after a few months. Cowards that can't handle the pressure and speaks of the school; idiots that violate school rules, the morons that believe school building are for jumping off... Shall we bet on how many will remain in the academy at the end of the year?

Despite the chaos from the freshmen, the principal continued speaking. The hall door was shut and reinforced, so no matter what they do, no one's getting out.

Let's return to the present.

I remove my hands from my pocket. Since the entrance ceremony taught me something, I started wearing gloves. Not just any normal gloves; metallic gloves that won't rust, because that is my power.

Oh, was that a little confusing? I apologize.

I removed one glove.

"Wait, what's your power?"

Too late to be wondering that, moron. I took slow steps toward the guy with a tornado in his hand.

Diamonds are annoying to deal with. I'll get him first.

Fear seemed to overtake his sense of rationality. He panicked and sent the tornado at me. It grew into a full sized one, blowing me toward the school building quite hard before disappearing altogether.

He, as well as the others in his gang was blown a ways away.

I laughed. With my ungloved hand, I punched the wall beside me. It didn't crack. It started ageing. Cracking, chipping off, rotting. Nearly half the wall was an ugly shade of murky green, having corroded into some sort of acidic rot.

"Oh my god, it's a monster!"

I could laugh my head off. What Joker wasn't a monster in this school?

My smile wiped off. I eyed them, almost glaring.



It was a deep and masculine voice. I plastered on my smile.

"Lion was looking for you." He said.

Tower was the coolest guy on earth. He's about 190cm in height; he's like everyone's daddy. His hair was black, his eyes were blue. Very simple appearance. Fascinatingly, his poker face is the most attractive part of him.

My, I sound like some high school girl. Ah, Lion is looking for me? I better go, then.

"Rust." He called again.

"Hm?" was my response. I was hugging his arm, amused that my head only reached his elbow.

"Hand." He said, referring to my beautiful and deadly hands, perhaps?

I looked at my hands. I had forgotten to put my glove back on. "[Sorry!]" I said, a worried tone in my voice as I rushed to place my glove in its place.

Tower was a Joker, like me. He could negate my ability with an invisible barrier, so he was the best person to hang out with. I don't have to worry about accidentally killing him.

Dammit, how does he always catch me?

Attempt to kill Tower no.191, Fail.

Lion was my best friend.

"Liar." A voice interrupted my inter-head narration.

"[Well, Murk. I'm a man of many lies.]" I turned to her.

"The only wrong part in that sentence was 'many'." She stated.

I laughed. She amuses me a little too much.

Murk. Till now, I'm not so sure about her gender. She has short black hair with purple highlights, and hazel-yellow eyes. She had scars all over her face: minor and major, toned muscles all over her fabulously hot bod. Apparently, she's female.

I have no idea when and how, but she smacked me up the head.

"C'mon, not like I said you were flat or anything-ow!"

As usual, I earn not enough sympathy to finish one sentence. I brought myself up to my knees, and took her arm, pulling her to face me, bringing my fist to her face.

Her hand easily blocked it.

"[Sorry! My hand slipped!]" I feign, smile on my face as I added more strength against her firm hand.

"L-I-A-R." she growled.

I smile.

I should continue. Lion was my best friend. He's the closest thing to it, at least.

I opened the door to the roof.

Something hard came down hard on my head-something like a bat or a pole. I didn't black out. I tried stabling myself on my hands and knees, fighting the pain and dizziness.

Very sweet greeting.

"Naïve." He said.

I scowled.

Lion was my childhood friend. As for appearance, he's a blond that wears glasses. I didn't need to look back to know he was swinging that stupid baseball bat of his like it was easy.

No one ever asked why there was dried blood on the stupid thing.

But if they did, I'd tell them it's not mine.

I stood up, staggering. Why must a brain be so fragile? One hard impact by the fucking school baseball ace and I can't stand up.


Perhaps I'm the weird one, seeing as I'm not unconscious yet.

Who the hell survives a hit by the freaking baseball ace, Rust?

"Bring it on, you piece of shit." I taunted, prying off the gloves on both of my hands, bringing the sweetest smile I could muster to my face.

His indifferent face remained the same, but he pointed the bat at my face.

"Don't disappoint me, bloody fucktard."

This is why I absolutely love him.

So if every underlined and bracketed phrase or line was a lie, how many lies have I told?

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