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Emily was used to her strict life on Earth, as she would become a veterinarian at a young age. She loved to take care of her dogs and the rigorous combat training she got each weekend. This way of life was normal for her. She didn't have much friends, but that didn't matter. Anna was all she needed. Tomorrow she will turn twenty-one and her whole life is about to turn up-side-down. She finds out about another world that has strange creatures and races. And maybe even finds the love of her life. Emily will get stronger and stronger, but will that be enough to overcome all the drama that will happen to her?

Fantasy / Romance
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1. The Ring

A/n: At the moment I’m rereading this book, as it is my first one and still has some flaws. Don’t worry, I won’t change any information, only words. Thank you guys so much for all your support, and keep smashing that like button! 💛💚💙

My uncle, Dennis, was so nice to make me my lunch and made sure to always have breakfast ready before I came downstairs. So, I just had some cereal with milk and a big glass of freshly pressed orange juice. Afterwards, I had packed my bag with lunch and books for today’s classes.

I was running late for school, because my dogs kept me from leaving the house, to play fetch and get some attention. While being so rough, they jumped into a lamp which fell over and broke into pieces. I glanced a bit angry at my dogs, pointed towards their big cushions, for them to walk over there. Which they did without a bark. Now I had to clean up the broken lamp, before they would hurt their paws with the broken glass.

On my way to school, while sitting at the back of the bus, I read the chapters that were required for my anatomy exams, again. Even though I knew all the facts and I only received maximum scores, I still wanted to read it again, just to be sure. I always wanted to do something with animals and made my decision to become a vet, specialized in both small and big animals.

And because I made that decision myself, I wanted to do everything I could to keep getting the maximum scores with tests and exams. I know I might be exaggerating but it’s beyond my understanding why others are happy enough with anything less than the maximum result, and just slack through their years of uni.

Maybe I was like that because of Dennis, as he always was a strict person in life, almost obsessive I might add. Everything in our house was nice and clean, no speck of dust to be found. He knew where everything in our house was, and made sure that when I used anything, I put it back in the same place that I found it at first. Over the years I’ve grown used to it, so now I do pretty much everything the same as he does. As I found it very handy to find everything I want, and I didn’t want to argue with him over a lost item.

Dennis has raised me from the day I was born, apparently my parents passed away, during a car accident. I had survived the accident, and he took over the care for me, as he is the last living relative that I have. I never knew my parents, so I don’t actually miss them in person, but I do miss the fact that I don’t have parents at all. I often wonder how my life would have been with a mom and a dad, instead of an uncle. Don’t get me wrong, I love Dennis, and he raised me to be this strong person I am today, but sometimes I just needed a woman’s touch in my life. Like for when I got my first period, and when I found out that my boyfriend cheated on me.

Ever since I turned eighteen, Dennis had been training me in hand-to-hand combat, fighting in different styles and the use of weapons. This was, as a result of me being attacked in an ally once, when I went to the movies with my best friend Anna. Two big men assaulted us, and robbed us with a gun against my head. I felt at a total loss when that happened, I was so helpless and terrified. Hence the reason Dennis decided to train me, so I was able to at least defend myself.

But it turned out, that I quickly learned everything he threw at me, especially the use of the bow. I always liked the feel of holding a bow, because it made me feel strong. The fact that it’s such a precise weapon, I liked it even more. You have to focus really well, to even land an arrow in the close perimeter of the target. Dennis was astonished, that I was able to shoot my first arrow, straight in the middle of the target. Which was pinned on a bundle of hay, almost twenty yards away from me.

At first, I thought that it was a lucky shot, I mean, I never shot a bow before. But after shooting six more arrows, dead centre, Dennis chuckled. So, now after a few years of training, I am actually pretty much advanced in combat, if I say so myself. Luckily, I had never had to use it against any danger. So, I don’t know for real if I’m good at it, but at least I feel fit and strong, and had a better chance to live through any danger.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I noticed that the bus I was in, was half way across town already. We were nearing the edge of it soon.

There it was, the campus was showing in the far distance. A big football field and a running-track around it, an inside swimming pool in the structure behind it, and next to that stood a really big building.

It was a huge three-story high building, with brown bricks on the front, tall white window frames with clear glass in them; On the front side was a big, green logo of the university with white letters underneath it.

Behind the old building, there were all the apartments for the students, and separate houses for the fraternities and sororities that you could join. I didn’t live on campus though, nor did I join any sorority. Dennis found it more pleasant, to move to this town and live close to school. Rather than me having to sleep and live in an apartment, filled with students partying all night.

At first I thought it was a bit strange, and insisted to get a room in one of those apartments. But Dennis wouldn’t have it, and now I’m used to travel by bus and found it actually nice, to have quiet nights at home.

I got off the bus and was immediately greeted by Anna.

“Milly!” She screamed and I lifted my head towards her. While my name is Emily, I was used to Milly now and I liked it. Anna, is the only real friend I got. So, she has the privilege to call me whatever she wants. Even if I would’ve wanted her to call me otherwise, she wouldn’t budge anyway. Her strong, but happy character, just would not give in to strict rules.

Anna is a good-looking girl, much more than I am, I always thought. She has long bright red hair, and her stunning eyes are light brown, orange even, when the sun shone upon her face. Her slim body, is slightly smaller than mine and she always wears light fabrics, that hang loosely around her. Accentuating all the curves that she has.

In contradiction to her, I have shoulder length, ash blond hair, put up in a ponytail and blue eyes. And as a result of the training I have every weekend, I have some muscles which I always try to hide them a bit under my clothes. I never really care about my appearance, but still, my muscles don’t look ladylike.

So different as Anna was to me, so well she matched me as a friend. Always backing me up, in annoying situations, and always trying to loosen me up, in normal day activities. I could never understand, why she chose me as a friend but I was content with her, being just that.

When it came to boys, they always seem to be more attracted to her, than to me, and I couldn’t care any less. Anna was always the playful one, and I’m always the study kind of girl.

I did have a boyfriend once, three years ago. But I never felt the real buzzing love, so I decided to save my body for the real guy. Of course, we had been feeling around each other, but never worked up, to do the actual ‘thing’. I’m happy, that I didn’t follow his wishes. Since it turned out, that he was such a jerk, and cheated on me with another girl.

Ever since that ended, I haven’t found the right guy yet.

“I got you something Milly.” I looked up into her bright orange eyes, wondering what the reason could be for getting me a present. But I could not figure it out.

“Really Mills? I can tell you don’t have a clue as to why, right?” Another name she gave me, and indeed I did not have a clue...

“You’re such an idiot! It’s your birthday tomorrow silly!” She said, all laughing and jumping in joy, to see how I would react to the gift.

I forgot all about my twenty-first birthday, since I was studying all week for several exams. In a few weeks I was about to graduate, and I would do so with honours. I didn’t want to fail these last few exams now. I even wrote a speech already to use at the graduation ceremony because I was asked to do so.

Anna gave me the small package, and I took the wrapper off and a small white box appeared. I opened the lid, and there was a ring inside. A simple elegant golden ring with little white golden filigree, and a blue sapphire in between the swirls. It was beautiful, and I almost didn’t feel worthy enough to wear such a beauty.

“This must have cost a fortune!” I said to Anna, with a surprised face.

“Of course, you can only think about that! Just say thank you, and be happy what you got Milly!” Anna said while crossing her arms and tapping with her foot on the concrete sidewalk.

“Yes, yes, I am definitely happy with the ring Anna. It’s so beautiful that I don’t want to scratch it, while wearing it!”

Anna began to smile happily at what I said, but still encouraged me to put it on. I stared at the blue sapphire, and it almost looked like it contained water that was moving, just beneath the surface of it. Focusing on the beautiful shine of it, it gave me a feeling I was a bit more relaxed and calmer in my mind.

I never wore jewellery, because I did not care about it, and also since they weren’t allowed during surgery on animals either. But now I got this ring, from my best friend, so I won’t take it off unless really necessary. The ring felt warm to the touch, and it didn’t bother me, wearing it. Even though I never wore a ring before.

Anna saw me smiling at the ring and nodded me to walk inside, because the bell – which I hadn't heared - just rang for the classes to start.

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