The Wrath of Gods

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When the Earth was created so were Gods. In time those Gods created humans and monsters. When humans stopped praying to the Gods were locked away, releasing them would bring chaos and destruction to all. A Vampire cursed to be the ultimate sacrifice in a war between monsters and the Gods that created them, and a Hunter who must put his beliefs and feeling asides to save all of humanity. Monsters and all.

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Orkneyjar/Orkney Island- 1078

“My Valkyrja, come inside there’s a storm coming,” she could hear her mor calling for her. She closed her eyes and let the wind sweep through her hair, the mist of the ocean spray onto her skin. She didn’t know when the next time she would be alone after tomorrow, after her wedding, would she ever be alone again?

Valkyrja opened her eyes as soon as the wind had stopped. The wind never stopped, especially not right before a storm. She looked out into the ocean, no ships were sailing, no birds were singing. Did she dare look behind her? A chill ran down her spine, it was quite, the kind of quite she had never heard before.

She heard someone coming down the hill towards her and a blanket was placed over her shoulders making her jump.

“Min kjærlighet,” it was Olav, her husband to be. “You’ll get a chill if you stay out here.”

“Somethings wrong,” she said turning into his warm, muscular body. “There is no wind, no sounds.”

Olav rested his head on top of her and held her tight, “a storm is coming, that’s all.” She looked up at him and he gave her a soft smile. “Min kjærlighet, are you afraid of tomorrow?”

Valkyrja looked away from him not wanting to admit that she was afraid. Olav placed his hand under her chin and tilted it up so that she was looking at him. “I promise to you that I will be a good husband, and hopefully a good father. I promise that I will be gentle to you, for you are my villblomst, you are the most precious thing to me and my heart.” His thumb rubbed her chin gently. “I knew that I wanted to marry you since we were children, you could have anyone, you could have a Scottish Laird if that is what you really want-“

“No Olav, I want you,” she brought her lips to his, softly brushing them against his before locking in. “Olav,” She whispered as their lips parted for a moment. They stood there in each other’s embrace, Valkyrja didn’t feel cold, her body burned with passion and for a moment she wasn’t afraid anymore.

“Min kjærlighet,” Olav whispered. “I cannot wait until tomorrow to have you as my wife, let us vow here and now, to each other.” She nodded her head. “My Valkyrja, chooser of the slain, I vow that I will love and protect you, I vow I will never lay a hand on you if only to elske, and then I will be as gentle as a bee is gentle to his flower unless you don’t want me to be gentle.” They laughed.

“Olav, my protector, my love, I vow that I will be yours and only yours, until the day we grow old and die. I vow that I will try to have your children and raise them to be kind, gentle and honorable,” she took his hands and placed them on her heart. “You have my heart, my body, and my soul, until the day we die.” They smiled at each other.

“Come, I want to show you your wedding gift,” Olv took her hand and led her back up the hill, but not going into their village. They were by a cottage that looked out to the ocean. “I built this for you,” Olav said proudly wrapping his arms around her. “We shall grow old here, raise our children here and see our grandchildren grow up here.”

“Is this what you have been doing the past month?” She looked at the house. “Olav, I have nothing to give you as a gift, I believe my father is giving us livestock-“

“I want nothing from you,” he leaned down and whispered in her ear. “Except your body.” He pressed himself closer to her and she could feel how hard he was. “No one is looking.” With one motion he swept her up in his arms. “I will carry my wife into our house and then I will make love to her.”

Valkyrja giggled and nodded and Olav carried her into the house, the house he had built for her, for them, for their future. He walked into a back room, a fire was already going and the bed ready for them. Olav set her down and went back to shut and lock the door, while Valkyrja undressed quickly so that she was ready for her husband. Her mother and brother’s wife, along with all the other married women in the village had told that men expected this of their wives. They had also told her that part of her wifely duties was to be at her husband’s call whenever he wanted to be, intimate.

“It’ll hurt the first time, but after that, it might feel good,” Ingrid had told her. “After you have your spell, the few weeks after is when you are most likely to become pregnant.” She stroked her rounding belly. “But I can tell Olav will be different, for he loves you, he is gentle with you and he will most likely be gentle with you in your wedding bed.”

Valkyrja let her hair down, it was long, and it covered her breast. She knew that she did not have the wide hips like most women did and this made her even more self-conscious. She could hear Olav coming back into the room and she wanted nothing more than to close her eyes, not wanting to see the look of disappointment on her husband’s face.

Olav opened the door to find his new wife standing obediently, she was naked and looking at the floor, “Min kjærlighet, why are you looking so sad?” He held her hands. “You are the most beautiful creature I have ever laid my eyes on.” She looked at him. “For you are not a woman at all but something unworldly, and I am unworthy to have you.” He kissed her.

“Olav, I’m afraid,” she whispered. “This is my first time being with a man.” She watched as Olav quickly undressed. He took her hand again and led her to their bed. “The women say it’ll hurt the first time.”

“Valkyrja, I have not been with a woman,” he kissed her hand. “We will learn to be a husband and wife together.” She nodded and let Olav lay her down on the bed.

He started to kiss her lips, then move to her neck, while one hand clasped with her and the other cupping a breast, his thumb rubbing against her nipple. She could feel her body shiver with excitement as he moved his lips down her body. There was a wetness between her legs that she had felt before when she and Olav had snuck off to kiss and try to discover each other’s bodies. Was it natural for her to let out a gasp of pleasure, to moan with delight?

Olav brought his lips back up to hers, “are you ready?” He whispered in her ear, she could feel his hardness against her thigh, she wanted nothing more than to be one with him.

“Yes,” she whispered and then he slipped inside of her. “Oh, gods Olav.” She screamed.

“What? Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head, “no, it, feels,” she smiled at him and he gave her a wicked smile and thrust again, making her back arch.

“How does it feel villblomst,” he thrust again, this time going deeper.

“It feels so good,” She whimpered. “More, please, I need more.” Olav didn’t need to be told twice, he brought her legs up so they wrapped around his waist and thrust harder and faster.

“Villblomst, I can feel the burn coming,” he smiled down at her. “How lucky would be if you were to become with child after this night?” She smiled up at him and with that, she could feel his seed spill out into her.

They laid together, their legs intertwined, Valkyrja laid her head her husband’s chest and he stroked her hair with one hand and holding hers with his other hand.

“You are so beautiful, and I am so lucky to have you all to myself,” he kissed her head. “Would you like some dinner?”

She smiled up at him, “I have no appetite for food.” Olv raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, what do you have an appetite for then?” Valkyrja moved swiftly as she sat on top of her husband, her legs straddling his waist. Olav couldn’t help but smile up at her, he put a hand on her cheek. “The gods have truly blessed me giving me wife that belongs with them. I shall worship your body until the day I die.”

They both froze as they heard the first scream, they didn’t move until they heard the second scream a moment later.

“Min kjærlighet, get dressed quickly and go hid, please, take this,” Olav had moved quickly, his Viking warrior kicking in as he got dressed and handed her a small knife. “I will come back.” He kissed her long and hard.

“Jeg elsker deg,” Valkyrja whispered.

“And I you,” he left, closing all the door behind him. Valkyrja got dressed quickly and went to secure the front door. She could hear more screaming and now the smell of fire was in the air.

Where they under attack? Had someone in the village gone mad? Did a cottage catch fire? She peered out a small window and saw the horrors that were taking place. Men on black horses dragging her people out of their homes, setting the houses and sometimes the people on fire. There were bodies, blood spilling out around them.

There was a pounding at the door, “Valkyrja it is me,” she could hear Olav and she rushed to open the door. “We have to go my love.” He pulled her close to him.

“Who are these men?” She tried not to look around but then she heard a familiar voice. “Mama.” She broke free of Olav and started running towards her home. Olav was calling her back.

“Valkyrja where are you?” She ran as face as she could.

“Mama,” she reached her parents’ house. “Mama, I’m here.”

“Valkyrja where have you been? You must hide,” her mother gasped, and soon Olv had joined her.

“She was with me, Valkyrja we must go,” he pulled her back. “One of the men said he was looking for the one with the flame hair.” Olav handed her a clock and put it on her, putting the hood up. “We must go.”

Valkyrja looked at him and then to her mother, “mama.” She embraced her mother. “We married today, vowed to each other.” She whispered to her mother.

“Go, go with Olv, go with your husband, take one of our horses,” Olv nodded and led her out of the cottage, only to come face to face with one of the men.

He was tall, pale, and had the evilest smile Valkyrja had ever seen.

“And where are you two going?” He held a sword to Olav’s throat. “Bring the rest of the family out.” More men went into the house and brought out her mother, and soon her father from the field. The man stepped closer to Valkyrja and with his free hand removed the hood. She could have sworn she heard a gasp escape before his eyes narrowed. “How is this possible? I killed you.” his lips formed a snarl. “YOUR SUPPOSE TO BE DEAD! I KILLED YOU!” Valkyrja tried taking a step closer to Olav. “Move one more time and I will kill everyone in this entire fucking village.” She froze and closed her eyes.

“But you aren’t her, are you?” The man said out loud. “No, I held your dead body, I burned it.” He growled. “The gods must be playing some sort of trick on me.” He looked at Valkyrja. “What is your name now?”

“Valkyrja,” she said softly. The man snorted.

“Chooser of the slain, how very fitting, and how old are you little Valkyrie?” The man put his hand under her chin. His hands were ice cold.

“Seventeen,” she breathed. “Please, whoever you think I am, I’m not her.” Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Please, please stop.”

The man lifted her up with the one hand still under her chin, “now I know you aren’t her; she would have never begged.” With a flick of his wrist, he threw her down on the ground. “Kill everyone, burn the village to the ground, leave her alive.” He said the men around him; he lowered his sword from Olav’s throat. “And who are you pray tell?”

“I’m her husband you filthy bastard,”

Valkyrja was on her feet, the man held her close to his body, “the gods want to punish me by sending you back, then I’ll give them an offering on blood.” He looked up at the sky. “SEND DOWN YOUR VALKYRIES AND ANGELS NOW!” The man shouted and then laughed and before she knew what was happening the man thrust his sword into Olav’s heart.

Her world stopped, time was nothing, she could hear nothing, and the only thing she saw was Olav’s body fall to the ground. The man turned her around and she saw the same thing happen to her mother and father’s body. Finally, he let go of her.

“Kill everyone, burn it all to the ground,” the man said walking away from her.

“Olav, Olav,” she held him in her arms, his blood soaking into her clothes. She knew he was dead. “Thank you, husband.” She stood up and took the small knife out of her pocket and held it out in front of her heart. “I will see you in Valhalla.” She plunged the knife into her heart.

“I don’t think so,” the man said behind her. “You’re not getting off that fast.” She felt the knife getting pulled out, she closed her eyes not wanting him to be the last thing to see before she died.

Valkyrja could feel blood in her mouth, was it her blood, it wasn’t warm like blood normally was. Her eyes shot open. The man had clamped his wrist to her mouth, his blood was spilling into her mouth.

“I have seen the errors of my past and I won’t let you go as I did before, you made me and I killed you, but now the gods have brought you back,” he brought her closer to him like he was embracing her. “They brought you back to me, and I will make you like you made me and we will be together forever.” He lifted his wrist her mouth and held her mouth shut, forcing her to swallow the blood.

“What have you done?” She cried softly.

The evil man smiled, “giving you a new life my little Valkyrie, now close your eyes, this will only hurt for a moment.” She looked up at him smiling down at her and then the next thing there was nothing.

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