A Vampire's choice

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Book 3 of the eclipse saga Lisa Boon dreamed of being a baker since she was small and finally achieved it when she opened a small bakery in the city. Late one night walking home from work, she was attacked, and nearly raped, by a mad man with black eyes. Roger Rosseau, the dark one, as he is called, is as ruthless as he is handsome. Tortured by his past, he keeps to himself until one night he stumbles across a human girl in distress and saves her. He is instantly drawn towards her but she wants nothing to do with him after she learns what he is. Will he be able to show her he is more than a bloodsucker and will she accept him? The only problem is she is being hunted by a crazed werewolf, a one that will not rest until he has caught his prey

Fantasy / Romance
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Hello Luke

His heart dropped as the words fluttered around the room and without sparing a glance, he quickly stuck his head under the pillow, pressing hard against it.

The voice had become more frequent, sometimes an image appearing before him. At first, it had been kind, standing in for the friends he did not have. His mother had been kicked out of her pack for trying to seduce the Beta, a move she hoped would lead to power, but instead, lead to them being rogues and forced to constantly keep on the move.

"Go away. Go away. Go away." He softly whispered as he clenched his eyes together, hoping the thing would get bored and leave him alone.

Let's play.

"No!" He screamed out into the open. The sound bounced against the walls, shooting back at him.

Luke counted to 10 in his head before slowly opening his eyes and moving the pillow away. It took seconds for them to adjust, but when it did, he let out a sigh of relief. The bed dipped as he moved to get off, making his way to the bathroom. Once inside, he quickly turned on the water, splashing his face with the cold liquid. Whenever the voice came, his mind would go dark and it took days to return to normal.

He reached for the towel next to him, keeping his eyes shut, and dried the water off. The sink felt cold beneath his hands as he gripped it, his fingers turning white from the strain. The mirror in front of him showed his features, a face he hated, but still, he forced himself to look. Ear length hair hung shapelessly over his forehead and ears, the color reminding him of dirt, but what his mother called ash blond. Next, he focused on his eyes. They felt too small for his face and the brown was dull and boring. A sharp, pointed nose pushed out and usually into people's faces, or that was what the kids at school said.

"Stop!" Luke shouted at himself in the mirror, his mind beginning to turn back to what he hated. Every now and then, he imagined blood and himself covered with it. Only, it was not his, but rather the blood from the dead bodies scattered around him. Their faces would change every time, morphing into people he hated at that time.

Why do you want to stop?

Luke spun around to search for the voice, but the room was empty.

"Leave me alone." the door slammed behind him as he closed it hard while entering his room. It was small, but at least the bed was comfortable and the window visible. His mother always lost the job she managed to get, forcing them to keep moving to a new city and a new identity.

The chair scraped on the floor as he pulled it out, sitting by the desk. If the voice won't leave him alone, he would do something to occupy his mind and the books in front of him would help. The math book was on top and even though he hated the subject, at least he could stay distracted.

You can't get rid of me that easily.

"I can try." Luke shouted out to the unseen force before opening the book at a random page, reading the first line. Over and over he read the line, the words not sticking to his mind. He let out a loud huff, before slamming it shut and getting up.

"Fine, what do you want?" He asked into the empty space. Minutes passed before he gave up, and as he sunk down on the bed he mentally kicked himself. Maybe he was just imagining it, and he was just crazy.

You aren't.

This time, Luke ignored the voice, grabbing his phone and surfing the web. There was nothing interesting enough online to keep him occupied, so he dropped it next to him, blankly staring up at the ceiling. He must have fallen asleep since when he woke up, the room was cast in darkness, the moon illuminating his room. His neck muscles screamed as he shifted to get up, and as he stretched it side to side, something caught his eye. The window in his room looked down at a park, usually full of families but this late at night, it was eerily empty. Luke shrugged his shoulders, forgetting what he saw when something pink caught his eye. Since he had not received his wolf yet, his eyes were like any human, and he had to squint his eyes. Nestled in the darkness, between the trees, was an old playground. Swings at in the middle and as he focused on them, the shadow of a person jumped out.

Luke opened his window softly, the glass hindering his view. The fresh air filled his lungs and he gladly accepted it. His head leaned out as he tried to make out a figure. He had been right. A Girl with a pink dress was swinging back and forth, the wind swooping the material all around. Homeless people were frequent in this area, but his gut told him she was not one of them.

Go find out.

Before, he never listened to the voice, but now he needed to. She seemed young and at night it got dangerous.

So Luke grabbed a jacket and made his way down the stairs as softly as he could. His mother was a full-blown wolf and her hearing immaculate, but lucky for him, she was also an alcoholic and after a bottle of whiskey, she was dead to the world. The stairs creaked beneath him but he kept going. The door was unlocked again as usual since his mother did not care. He gave himself a mental note to remember to lock the door when he came back.

The path around the house and to the park was clear, the only light from the moon, but he had walked here every day, the area familiar. A light breeze tickled him and Luke moved to put on the jacket. The gate came up just as he zipped it up. He glanced around, making sure there was no one else before proceeding. A feeling in the back of his mind screamed to leave, to run away, but he couldn't. This girl was all alone and he wanted to help. Sure enough, she was still there, swinging up and down.

Luke gave a little caught as he approached, making her aware of his presence and not to scar her. Clouds covered the moon, the light gone so he was not able to make out her features, only her size. He was ten years old, and tall for his age, but she seemed taller and he figured she must be sixteen or seventeen.

"Hello." he called out to her.

Her head turned to his direction as he came closer, but she kept swinging. Again, something told him to get away, but he couldn't.

Don't listen to it

His gaze traveled around the park, but only they were here.

"Hi." her voice was soft and he instantly felt drawn to it.

"What are you doing here?" Luke stepped closer to her as he asked.

The girl lowered her feet to the ground, using the motion to make herself stop. When she came to a complete stop, she climbed off, straightening her clothes. "I was bored at home." she replied.

"It is dangerous out here." Luke pointed out. He had stopped moving towards but now she was coming to him. He felt frozen as he watched her advance, the rays from the moon peaking past the clouds and landing on her face. The breath left his body as he gazed upon her, no words able to describe her beauty.

Take her

Anger crashed into him as the voice spoke, interrupting the moment. "Shut up."

"I didn't say anything." the girl said and Luke kicked himself. He thought he had said it in his mind and not out loud.


The girl shrugged her shoulders at his apology. Luke watched as she finally stopped before him, her warm breath fawning his cheek. "My name is Veronica and you are?" her smile was big and contagious, causing him to respond with his own smile.


Veronica held out her hand to him and Luke accepted. "Nice to meet you Luke." she shook it, holding on longer than usual. Her skin was soft and warm, small sparkles tingling where their skin touched. The shock from the response made him step back, severing the tie.

Take her

Using all the willpower he had, Luke ignored it, focusing on her. She kept her eyes glued to him and he began feeling nervous from the attention. "So..uuhh.. won't your parents miss you." he changed the subject.

"No. Sometimes they forget I am around." her smile faltered as she spoke and Luke felt sorry for her. They were both in the same boat. "But at least I can have as much fun as I want."


"No." the voice became more demanding, causing him to lose his anger.

Fear gripped the girl's face and she stepped back. Luke reached out for her, the need to apologize great. "I am sorry, I don't know what came over me."

Veronica decided it was time to go. "Sorry, I need to go. You were right, my parents might miss me." her smile was weak as she took two steps back.

Luke felt bad at his response and grabbed her hand, forcing her to stay. "Wait, before you go..."


He had it with the voice and he spun around fast, his arm slamming into the girl, sending her falling down. It happened to fast and before he could turn back, her head hit the ground.

"Shit, I am so sorry..." he moved to help her, but iron filled his nose. The scent awoke a part dormant in him and as he bent down, he saw blood pooling around her head.

Take her

Her chest slightly moved up and down, indicating she was still alive, but he was different. Images flashed before him as power surged in him. His mind opened up, allowing the voice to take over. Slowly he lowered himself over her, pinning her down.

Veronica let out a moan, her eyes fluttering open. Above her was the boy, Luke, only now he was different. "Please." she murmured, noticing the look in his eyes. Her mouth opened to scream, but he quickly stopped her, placing a hand over it.

"Take her." it was his voice this time.

Her eyes grew large as fear grabbed onto her, her voice muffled as she tried to scream, but it was useless.

From across the field, he stood watching. Another one succumbing to his power. These creatures were easily manipulated and if he kept it up, the victory he seeks in the palm of his hand. After many years he managed to observe them and notice the ones craving darkness and he chose them.

The scene unfolded before him, a smirk on his unseen face. Long gone was the remorse, now only revenge left. Others needed his attention, and with a final approving glance, he disappeared. Dissolving into a ball of white light.


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