Alpha x Omaga

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Chapter 1 - The Pack

Having a word with my beta, Ling and my delta, Callum.

"Alpha are you sure you want to go through this?" Callum starts to question me and my authority.

"I'm sure, get Jorja, Chloe, Dixon, Tuck, Jack, Logan, Dylan and Cameron. Please." Growling lowly to him so be knows his place. If you are wondering who are these and why I need them is because they are the strongest other then us three in the pack. The lead warrior is Chloe. The rest of the warriors are Dixon, Dylan and Jack. The hunters of the pack are Tuck, Cameron and Logan. Whilst my powerful healer is Jorja. Thats my whole pack but I didn't mention MY omega, Christopher, bless him, he gets picked on for him being "weak". But out of all the pack, he trusts me the most, well it doesn't surprise me, the whole pack trusts me.

However, I believe that he is my mate, and the only people I told were Jorja and Ling. They think that I am correct.

This whole discussion is for me to go to the Moon God to tell me if my assumptions are correct, and that everything leads to us being soulmates.

"Zero, they are on their way now" Ling states in complete shyness.

"LING, you are supposed to refrain yourself, and call her alpha, so don't be disrepectful to her." Callum refers to the "rules", which is who ever is the leader of the pack needs to be refered to their title.

"Ugh, Callum she is my closest friend, I gave her permission to call me by my name. I've allowed my whole pack to call me Zero because I don't like being called Alpha, and you know that. I like feeling equal to everyone in my pack. Plus you are the only one who calls me by my rank."

Bang. Bang. Bang.

"Come in." Stating with no hesitation.

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