The House of The Alpha

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Heat Wave

Chapter 10

Back in my room my body is still pumping with adrenaline from the fight or attempt of a fight with Lily and dealing with Leo. I didn't understand is the point of him stepping into my fight. He knows how that makes me look! I don't want to feel like a stepping stone again. I let out a scream in frustration flopping down on my bed.

Mom and dad want me to be part of the pack and then I have other people like Kate and Leo reminding me I'm only human. This sucks! Before I came back here I knew who I was and felt comfortable about myself. Now, I'm struggling with the peer pressure of my parents again. Why do I let them get to me? I know what I want. I want to be a single adult forging a part in the rule for myself. Not a lonely human in wolf pack who doesn't feel like I belong.

Okay, I need a new plan here. I will take part in mom's training and pack jobs. I need to start socializing with humans too. I need to go on to have fun or possibly go on dates. I'm not too keen to start any new relationship since I just got out of a two-year relationship with Ryan. Speaking of Ryan, I am missing sex or maybe lack of it. I'm not a horn dog, but last few days there has been a sexual need I need filling. I'm only surrounded by unmated males only a building over. Right now is looking more and more attempting to me. Fuck, I need to find my dildo. In the midst of all these boxes, I didn't know where it was. I hide it in a random bag, so Kate didn't see it when we were packing. Now, I didn't know where to start to find it. I guess to fill my sexual need and burn off this adrenaline pumping through me I need to unpack.

The bed is stripped of all Kate's extra blankets and threw to the door to be washed. I dig threw the boxes and found my old lavender comforter. I sheeted the bed and threw my white pillows on to the bed. I pulled out my tapestry with golden skies with pink, maroon, navy, and gold mountains covering most of the picture. I hang the tapestry above my bed, I hang a few of my favorite pictures from college I had made into canvass and hung them above my desk. I threw away the one I had with Sam. Didn't need that anymore. Part of me realizes how much I'm lacking feelings from a recent breakup. I guess the relationship came signet. I didn't have feelings left to dedicate to the relationship.

My breath falters trying to hang small floatings shelves above my desk. I filled up them with books and knit knacks I've collected. I pulled out all my clothes from the boxes. I had a love for clothes in the last few years and wonder how I'm going to find room in my tiny closet now. I laid out all my clothes on my bed. I pulled out the training clothes, outside clothing, jeans, and plain tees. No one around here cares too much about fashion trends or wardrobe. Mostly because shifting tear most wolves' clothes, so dedicating so much money to expensive clothes is pointless. All the clothes I pulled out and I put them away in the closest. I reorganize my closest with the current clothes I had been wearing. I broke down most of my boxes. I put my unused clothes into totes. I shoved the totes into the corner stacking them. I put a gray blanket over top and put small trinkets top to make it look like a small table.

I spotted the true treasure I had been looking for. I dive for the shoulder bag with my dildo in it. I pulled it out smirking mischievously at it. I pulled the blinds down and shut off the light. I flew under my covers depantsing from waste down. My sexual drive pulsing my core with juices. I shoved that dildo in me to hard not bothering taking it easy. I flip the switch on and moan in relief from the vibrating. Finally, the tension starting releasing out of me.

The next morning greeted with horrible cramps. I grab my stomach as my alarm blares at me from the desk. I hit the alarm and lean over feeling the heating pounding in my stomach. Okay, we can do this. It's just bad menstrual cramp coming early, I told myself. Thirty minutes later, I feel my head sweating as I'm carrying the paint supplies to the Care Center. Lissa and Jessie help me carried the supplies from the storage shed. Molly and Annabelle are at the care center already taping off around windows and doors.

The girls help me come up with great ideas for the baby room. We spent most of the time moving all the toys, cribs, and furniture out of the room to clear the space. We painted the wall a fresh white coat to give us a clear canvas to start. After the first layer of paint it's done we broke for lunch. In the early afternoon, we started painted with light gray. The plain is to paint white trees and detail the trees with gray paint. The leaves and woodland creatures will add colors back into the wall. The contract between the white and gray it makes it easier for newborns to see. The colors on the wall would be for the older babies to enjoy sense they'll be able to see the colors. Jessie had a knack for drawing so we put her in charge of penciling the outline of the trees and animals. I'm horrible at drawing, so I stick to painting in between the tape off areas.

As day goes on my focus is working on the room to get it done. Tomorrow we had to put everything back to be ready to be used again for Monday. Cramps came and went in the morning and early afternoon. By four o'clock, I'm hovering over a chair grabbing my stomach in pain trying to still help paint the trim. "Spencer, you're done. You look bad," said Lissa.

She called Kate through the link and request for her to take me home.

I didn't bother to look up from my sitting position. My head laid on my knees to my chest. I've had cramps hurt this much before. " I called a few people to come in and help us. Molly isn't feeling good either. She says her heat is starting early, so we'll do what we can. The heat is starting early this year, so we might finish this room in couple weeks," Lissa said softly sitting by me. She rubs my back trying comforting me as we wait for Kate to get me.

"We're here to help," said a couple of male voices. I look up and see a bruise face Mason and Landon in the doorway.

I look startled to Lissa." They are who you called in to help, "I asked baffled.

"Yes. Landon go talk to Jessie where she needs you. Mason take Spencer home. She's in too much pain to walk. Kate will meet you on way to the girls' dorm," she instructed.

Mason raise is high brow at her and gave a questionable look at me. He walked over to us and kneels in front of me. "Did baby Alpha rough you too much last night," Mason with a side smirk.

I smirk through the pain as my brother's nickname. "He wasn't the one I got an ear full from," I answered. From that comment, I look up seeing it's five o clock and Leo didn't show up. He made a sound he would be here yesterday. I guess he's not the dependable type.

"Let's get you up. Lissa said she wants to get this room nearly paint tonight," he said cradled me up in his arms. I tense up from the contact be close to him. Mason is still one of the people I want to be the farthest from even if he is currently being nice to me. Mason took me back to the dorms to my room with Kate on his heels. She took my temp and notice I had a high fever. She got me a hot towel to help my ongoing cramps that seem to worsen with each hour. Mason left and Kate seems to walk constantly back the common areas and my room pacing as she's nervous.

At eight o'clock her head is sweating and she looks nervous at me. "The heat is coming early this year, Spence. I'm starting to fill it too. A lot of the girls have clear out of the dorm because it seems it's affecting everyone. A lot of heat cabins are full or the girls went to their parent's homes. I know you don't feel good, but I need to go take care of my heat," she said with sympathy.

I knew what she meant. The heat cabins are where girls can go who didn't want to take a male and waited out their heat. Wolves that are not affected by the heat stay nearby to protect them from unmated males. Parents protect their unmated daughters at homes too. "Go, I'll be fine. It's just bad period cramps," I said urging her to leave.

"I'll have your mom come to stay with you. I'm sorry. I need to go," she blurted out and ran out the room slumping over. I got of bed and walked out of my room whimpering in boiling heat still sitting in my stomach. I need to be cool off. I already in bra and underwear and sweating as if I'm in a sauna. I notice the unit was quiet and dark. I guess the unit got hit with the heatwave as well. I lean on the hallway walls as I slowly make my way to the bathroom. I lean over grabbing my stomach dying from the pain. I turn the shower on it's coldest setting.

The cold shower lower my outer body temperature. The heat in my lower abdomen grows as pins and needles poking me from the inside. I sit in a fetal position as the shower rains down on my the cold water on full blast. I let out an intense groan. My eyes close shut desperately wanting this pain to end. My mind keeps thinking about how to release the pain and my mind keeps going back to getting laid. Ahh, why is my mind thinking this way? My first thought to resolve the cramps is to use a heating pad, Netflix, and stuff on my face with trash food. That's always has been my go too and it always works. I couldn't do this anymore. I think there's something wrong with me. This isn't a normal cramp.

I turned off the shower and see if there's anyone in the unit. Only silence is heard and the pimps in the wall. "Help. I need help," I yelled. I crawled outside the shower and open the door. "Help," I blurted out. I needed to see the healer or something. No one responded. I grab the towel off the hook and wrapped around me. I crawled out the bathroom and crawl down the hallway pleading for someone. " Help," I yelled again. No one answered. I open the closest bedroom door to me and saw no inside. I went to each room and open the door to find someone for help. All of them were empty. Kate had warned me the unit has been cleared.

There had to be someone here that's not affected by the heat. I half drag and crawl back to my room with sloppy wet hair running down my shoulders. I the closest underwear and groan as I put it on. My lower abdomen is fire! I grab a dress and found my shower sandals. I stand up and get dress. I went out of the room groan with each step. I hold the wall as I walk out of the unit and look down each side of the hallway. The hallway usually filled with giggles and laughter of girls is eerily quiet even 9:30 at night. "Help, I need someone's help please," I pleaded. My voice echo down the hallway and responded only by silence. Shit is the whole dorm deserted too. I will have an adventure outside the dorms for help. I wish I could link at this moment in time.

A slow pace down the stairs and out the dorms I finally make it outside with heat my core boiling. Fuck, this hurts. I wonder if this what heat feels like I thought? I pause at the thought. I've heard heat felt like your body on fire on the inside and pains unbearable. I wasn't on my normal period cycles, but I thought to be surrounded by other girls just made a change. What if I'm not experiencing cramps, but going into heat. I look around seeing normal around. The grounds across the nearby areas are quiet. The boy dorms would have been empty out with all the girls going into heat. Most unmated males are sent far away on pack lands as possible during heat cycles. The males usually sent on patrols runs and camp out in the woods. I wonder how that work with an early heat cycle had sent it. Male that's what needed right now.

A row of cabins laid not too far from the dorms. I could see a few lights on and a few groans coming from the cabins. High ranking wolves were for sure busy right now. I could find help there. I moved faster down the small hill to the cabins and one caught my eye in particular. I ran past few cabins and ran up knocking on the door of the cabin I have been eyeing. I knock demanding for my knock to be heard.

The door is fully open and a wide eye Leo looks down at me. "Spencer? What's wrong," he asks looking me up and down. I stand with my gaping mouth open eyeing his shirtless body. I want to drag my fingers down his abs. I feel my fingertips tingling at the desire wanting to touch him.

"Spencer," Leo said from somewhere far away.

"Hmm," I responded looking up at his face. I notice I came easily distracted by his abs. He has on shorts or I would have been easily distracted by other things.

"Is something you need, " he insisted looking at me and around me as to find my answer.

"I need help,"I muttered. " I think I'm in heat," I said shyly looking away. Leo stiffens and raises is noise high sniffing the air.

"You smell like normal. I would know instantly if you were in heat," he says as his eyes darken. He didn't believe me.

The heat waves roll through me and my body begs what it craves. I do want any werewolf girl would do in the heat. I pounce her man!

I lunge forward grabbing Leo's shoulder and jump up with my legs around his waist. He instantly grabs my legs looking startled at the impact and he appears please by the action. "Are you single," I murmured against his lips.

"Spencer," he growls as he displeases by the question.

"Answer it," I demanded in a hoarse voice


I slam my lips down on his. I kiss him hard and he did not hesitate to return the same force. He grips my thighs harder and pulls me into the cabin. He slams the door with his foot and the door slams shut. He moves us through the cabins and kissing him with everything I have. His canine teeth nip my lips breaking the skin. His tongue swirls over my cut lip and he drops me like a brick. I clamp on the bed looking up in surprise. His eyes look confused and his predator's eyes start to appear with full silver eyes.

"You're in heat," he whispers licking his lips as liking the taste.

"I told you," I groan not wanting to be talking.

"You need to leave now," he says in low voice.

"What," I said sitting up.

"You're in heat and I didn't know until I taste your blood. I can smell your heat and arousal fully now! You need to get with the other females," he growls backing off. "I won't be able to stop, Princess if you don't leave now," he demanded.

I narrow my eyes at him. I felt I'm being put out with the trash. I growled in frustration. "Fine. I'll find another male to help," I declared crawling off his bed. He growled at the comment and push me back on the bed pinning my hands around me.

"You're mine," he snapped noise to noise with me.

"Then make me yours," I challenge back. His eyes narrow looking back and forth between mine. He pushes off me backing away from the bed.

"Is this all because of your heat? How many males did you go see before you came here," he demanded. Dam, him. We are back to talking again.

"None. You're the first," I answered sitting up. He looks his not going continue what we started.

"Why did you come here, Spencer? Why did you come to me," he demanded.

"I didn't even know this was your cabin until you open the door. I had been looking for help," I snapped back scooting off the bed. I look around to see where my sandals fell off. I look around the small cabin. Wasn't much to the small living room, bed, and small kitchenette in the corner. It had all the basics for one person's needs. I spent more time looking for shoes than looking at the details of Leo's cabin.

"Just looking for a male. That's all you wanted," he spat.

"Yes, fine. I reacting to my desires. Sorry to fucking offending you. I'll leave," I put on my shoes near the door. I open the door and I feel Leo grab my wrist.

"Why did you come here, Spencer? "his voice is less strain.

"I told you I didn't know this was your place. I don't know, Leo. I knew I was in heat and some part me came here because I'm attracted to you," gesturing towards him. "I'm leaving okay," I snap trying to pull my wrist free.

Leo pulls back towards him slamming the door for a second time. He lifts me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He slams me up against the back of the door. I feel his need to press hard against my core.

"I'm the only one filling your needs tonight, understand," he declares. I didn't answer. I pulled his mouth against my trying to desperately finish what we started. My core needs to fill now.

He kisses down my cheeks as moves along my jawline. I feel his hands pushing my dress up and him moving his hands up my thighs. He growls feeling my underwear. He pulls them ripping them off my body. My breath hinges feeling his naked body against my core. His kisses down my neck as readjusting his position. I hear his shorts dropped and he pulls me firms against his cock.

"I need to do this down, Princess," he declares.

"Then do it," I snapped. He lifts angles against his hips and hammers right into me giving me no time to readjust. As wet as I am I quickly adjust to his size. I whimper at the impact and felt instant relief at the same time.

"You okay," he says looking at my eyes. His body stills instantly looking at me with intent.

"Yes," I replied trying move my hips closer to him. He took as responses move forward and pounds into me not giving me any more of a warning. My body hums in delight taking all of him.

Hey, sorry about the delay. I suffer from pinch that makes hard seat down for long periods. Not being able to seat effects my ability to actually write. Being sick and slightly depressed isn't helping currently.

P.S. Thank you all who recently added this to their reading list.


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