The House of The Alpha

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Dying From Embarrassment

Chapter 11

Birds chirp right outside the window and groan as the repetitive noise. "Shut up," I moan rolling in the sheets. I move closer to the heat source wrapped the blanket around us. My heat source chuckles pulling me closer to him.

"Be nice to the birdies," he chuckles.

I look up to see him smirking with his eyes close. "I thought you were asleep," I pointed out.

"Was," he said and the smirk disappears instantly and his eyes snap open. "The pack is looking for you," he said.

"Why," I stretch wrapping the blankets up around me.

"They think you're missing. Does anyone know you here," he asked.

"No, "I yawn stretching my hands. "No one knows I'm in heat," I confess not caring about the pack right now.

"Were," he specifies. "It's been four days. I don't smell your heat anymore. Your heat as pass," he explains.

" You didn't believe until you taste on my blood," I pointed out.

" Trust me when I say your not in heat anymore. How do you want to handle this," he asked giving me a concerned look.

"Handle what, "I said setting up.

"This," he pointed between us.

"I want to talk to my mom about me being in heat and wait before you tell someone I had been with you," I said.

"You want the pack to know we were together," he answered with a surprised tone.

"Sure, why isn't a big deal the pack to know we were together during my heat. Females take males all the time during the heat," I asked unsure where his train of thought is.

The light in his eyes that has been there the last few days slowly starts to dim. "Right, because you were in heat," he insisting climbing out of bed. "Do you know someone who brings you clothes since yours is torn. You could wear some mine, but then they would know who you were with by the smell of my clothes. Speaking of smell you should take a shower, "he said with his back to me.

"You're doing it again. What did I say wrong," I asked.

"Nothing, Princess. We just had different expectations of how this would end," he said looking over his shoulders and heads towards the bathroom.

The door goes just and I hear the lock click and the shower turns on. Different expectations? What does that mean? I know I did have the female wolf endurance to keep going too long periods of sex. In the last few days, he seems content being with me. I didn't know where I didn't meet the bar. It hurt a little I didn't meet his expectations. I don't get werewolves even if I'm related to them. I cross my arms a huff in frustrations.

Leo links Kate to bring me clothes and to let her know I'm fine. I could tell he seems frustrated by what she linking back to him. Leo said she kept asking him tons of questions he didn't know how to answer. I shower quickly and Leo had already left the cabin before I left. He let Kate know the coast was clear.

Kate and I were headed to the packhouse where my parents had been alerted I've been found and had been unharmed by Kate. She had linked them as soon as we left Leo's cabin. I really wanted to go somewhere private and talk to Kate what she thought of Leo and how our conversation ended. We couldn't talk out in the public because I needed to find out somethings first from mom. I ask Kate to link my mom the message I wanted to talk to her alone in dad's office.

As we walk into the packhouse warriors were in the entryway and living room talking in hush tones. As we enter the house the voices drop to like a pin. "Let me through," growled an upset Luna. My mom with her long hair flowing down her back and her dark eyes sent me an uncomfortable feeling. Mom always kept her hair up and bags under her eyes shown she lacks sleep. "Spencer Cella Massey, where on this god's green earth where have you been?" my mom demanded. "I admire your friend," mom glaring at Kate. "knows how to keep a tight lip on what's going on," she said with no amusement. I hear everyone wait in the room waiting for my answer.

"We need to speak in dad's office before I say anything," I declared.

"Child, answer your mom's question," my dad's alpha's voice echo through the small crowd as he approaches.

"I didn't leave the pack's territory. Now, can we speak,"I snipped back eyeing my mom?

"The child looks fine Amie. Let her explain herself in private," my dad declared to his mate.

"Actually, I just want to talk to mom. I want Kate included too," I said to dad. His eyes widen for my request. It's unheard for me to distance my dad out of the conversation. My mom nodded and grab my hand. She orders the wolves to move out of her way as she pulled me towards dad's office. Kate stayed hot on my tail. I knew mom is in her mama bear mode when I request only her. Mom always has been fiercely protective of me. Especially, when we found out I couldn't shift.

She rushes us to dad's office and orders Kate to close the door. As soon the door closes she is on me so fast white on rice. "Now, where were you," she growls.

Yep, mama bear is mad at her cub. "I went into heat, mom, "I explained.

"What?, "she asks unsure what I had told her. "Why didn't you come to me instead of disappearing," she asked. "Was that your first time? Where did you go? Why didn't you tell anyone?" she asked.

"Just breathe, mom. I'm okay. Alright. I'll explain, but you need to give me a chance," I asked gesturing my hand outward to calm her.

"Alright explain and don't leave anything out," she declared.

"I went into heat when all the girls did. I think one first one before anyone knew that the heatwave hit early this year. I thought I having period cramps and Kate was with me in my dorms. Come find out no one could smell I had been in heat, so no knew including me," I explained.

"Sweetie, how do you know you were in heat if no one could smell it," she asked not sounding convinced at what I said.

"Excuse my language mom, but I wanted to fuck the nearest male," I declared. Her eyes widen as the comment, but she didn't say anything. "It felt my stomach was on fire inside my body and I never felt such intense pain like that before and still wanted screw someone, "I explained.

"Sounds like she was in heat to me," said Kate.

"Okay, the symptoms and the cravings sound on track, but that doesn't explain why no one smells on you, sweetie. The smell is how males know you're in heat," she said.

"I'm very well know how it works, mom. This might be different for me because I can't shift, "I said.

"Was this the first time?" mom asked.


"Where did you go, Spencer? We couldn't find you and we were all worried. Anyone who wasn't mating or guarding a female was out looking for you, "she said. Her eyes widen as she seems to answer her question. A snarled rip from her lips. "Which one was it?" she declares. "I'll skin him alive," she snarled the words out.

"Mom before you threaten anyone. Can I finish explaining? "I asked.

"No, all males no females have no control their needs in heat, and any unmated male would happily fill those needs," she said.

"Yes, I know. Mom, Stop. I went to find help because I figure what was happing to me. I originally trying to find someone to link to you to come to help me. By the way, we need to figure this out for emergencies. I link to anyone and it's all frustrating when I need to get hold someone. "I confess. "Yes, I found a male," mom snarled at word male. "I've met this male a few times before meeting him and I just happen to go his cabin without realizing it was his. Still unsure why that is. I pass several cabins before I got to his," I explain.

"You went to upper-level wolves cabin," she asked in snarled. " It does make sense since you are the alpha's daughter. You would crave dominate males for your needs," she spoke out loud as if she's explaining to herself at the same time to us.

"Mom. He originally pushes me away because he figures out I was in heat. He first didn't believe me I was in heat and it was all consensually too. I wasn't hurt in any way," I declare trying to sudden some the fire in her eyes.

"What convinces him you were in heat or were just throwing yourself at him," she asks with a strained voice.

"He tastes my blood and second, "I whisper out wincing for the bomb to go off.

She rushes to me so fast pulling my t-shirt to both sides of my shoulders looking for something. She was looking for a mark bite. "He didn't mark me, okay. I'm not mated to him. He accidentally bit my lip and from taste my blood and then he smelled my heat," I explained. The fire in her eyes seems to calm a little.

"So, what now," she asked backing away from me.

"What do you mean what now? "I asked.

"You and this male. Are you two a pair," she asked. Kate leans in curiously on my answer.

"No, it wasn't just the heat," I said in my defense.

"Does this boy know that because males can become protective after having a female through her heat even if he didn't mark her. His wolf may look as you belong to him," mom explains.

"Yes, he understands it just the heat. I mean he seems little peeved about that, but I don't know why he expects anymore from that," I said.

"Maybe because your the first female he has ever taken during a heatwave," Kate muttered. Mom and I looked at her. She covered her mouth realizing what she had said.

"What, "I asked in surprise. Leo has never taking females during heatwave before.

"Are you sure, Kate, " my mom asked.

"Yes. People were even starting to question his sexuality since we never have seen him take a female before in or out a heatwave. So, it had been a surprise to have him link me this morning asking me to bring clothes for Spence, so no one could smell him on here. He was very keen to protect her from others finding out, "she said.

"Maybe I won't skin this boy after all. So, tell Leonard to do," my mom asked.

"Wait, how did you know it's Leo, " I asked with my cheeks turning red at my mom's last comment.

I hear the teens talk Spencer. I am Luna after all. My job is to take care of the pups and I hear things." she explain.

"He did fine," I snipped back. "I don't want to talk to you about my sex life mom," I said.

"I didn't realize you had one," she said eyeing me.

"Yes, I've had sex before all this," I confess.

"With who," she asked.

"With a human boy from college and this as far as this conversation goes," I snapped and make x in front me with my hands pushing my point.

"Afraid not hun. You went into heat and that tells us little more about how your biology works," she says. "If you can go into heat, you carry pups," she explaining clapping her hands as this best news she heard all year. The color from face drained and sat in one dad's leather armchairs. Fuck. She's right. I went through heat and I had unprotected sex. Birth control means shit to a wolf's sperm during a heatwave. It doesn't protect against a wolf pregnancy.

"Mom, I can't have pups, "I said out loud thinking about my future.

"Yes, you can hun your heat proves that," she smiles wide.

"Mom, I need you to stop clapping and be a normal mom. I could be pregnant," I whined.

That only made her smile get bigger. "It's possible, but most girls don't get pregnant on their first heat with a male or even on their first heat period. There still be a chance you aren't pregnant," Kate tries to reassure me. Oh, thank god. I needed some good news. This news seems to sober up my mom out of her happy thoughts a little.

"Kate is right, but I also came pregnant with you when I was not in heat," mom confesses.

"Mom," I whined. "You're not helping. I need a pregnancy test," I declared.

"It's too early to test. By next week, we can test your blood," Kate said.

"As awkward as this may be. We need to tell your dad what has happened to you. He needs to know why you went missing," mom said.

"What his gonna hurt Leo," I said.

"I won't tell him who, but he will eventually find out because he always does. Your dad is gonna be excited you have pups," she shrieks. What is wrong with my parents?

"I'm still not mating with anyone," I snapped.

I don't know what is worse. Being put on kitchen duty for the week with chatty females who had found out I was in heat and have been constantly asking with who. Or my brother who also is put on kitchen duty constantly asking me with who. No, figure dad or maybe mom couldn't keep their mouths shut I went into heat for the first time and they over the moon they now know I could carry pups. It felt someone told my whole family I had received my first period and now they congregating I am a woman.

The chatty women in the kitchen didn't help and I swear they went through the whole names of unmated males around my age twice. I held my breathe anytime Leo's name was asked during that list. They didn't seem to catch my reaction to his name. I heard one point, one jokes the boy still virgin and they doubt it was him. After that, no one brought him up. The story of him being a virgin did catch my attention and what Kate said about him not being female. I wonder if he had been a virgin before my heat. He sure didn't act like a virgin when I had been in heat. My cheeks redden at the thought of what he all did.

They pack is having a field day with who was the alpha's daughter with. My brother order and growled at the ladies enough time by the third day they stopped asking me out wright who is was I with. I knew they still kept linking to each other about it. I barely talked to anyone that week and only did solo training this week. To be around anyone right now made what happen to me makes me blush hard. This was all embarrassing.

My brother has been my shadow anytime I left the dorm. He snarled and snapped at any males that came too close to me, even they did nothing wrong. We kept having fights about it. I didn't like how protective he was of me. I'm the older sibling here. No one wants their little sibling to be the one to stick up for them. That was supposed to be my role.

Sam questioning the first day. He finally gave up on the third day when he realizes I'm a tight lip about it. He even tried to use the alpha order on me. I burst out laughing when he tried that. By the frown look on his face that's not what he wanted from me.

Sam shadow me also because some unmated males seem wanted to flirt with me now. They are keener on me knowing I could produce a pup. Sam calls them tail chasers. Sam calls a lot of girls he sleeps with tail chasers. The wolves trying to raise their wolf status. Being with the alpha's offspring is a great way to raise their wolf status. I don't understand why they were even concerning me to be a way they up their wolf status. I didn't really hold a title. I'm the alpha's daughter and when my brother comes alpha, I'm just the alpha's sister.

By the end of the week, I convince dad to personal salute wifi for me because he's the one with the blubber mouth that started all this. The current wifi is too slow. I got on a dating website and I spent all Friday night looking for a date for Saturday. I needed to feel human and to have that I needed a date with a human.

I rush this chapter and grammar may be worse than normal. I wanted get it out awhile it's fresh. I had way too much fun with this chapter.


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