The House of The Alpha

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Stupid Mistake

Chapter 12

Going on a date had been the worse idea I had in a long time. Dave sat across the booth from me in a retro family restaurant. He has shaggy mob hair and his beard ran down his neck. I watch his food fall into his beard.

My stomach rolled and I lost my appetite halfway eating my burger. Dave's picture online had been a picture of him clean shave and styling in a suit. His profile said his recent graduate with a degree in business. I had been impressed by the details he gave in the questionnaire portion of the profile. He wrote in his profile how he learned motivation and teamwork from being on his rowing team. Come to find that out he graduated five years ago and the profile had been created five years ago.

"Are you going to finish that," he asked spitting out food as he talks pointing to my burger. I can't do this anymore.

"Can we talk for second and stop eating," I asked. I can't watch him eat anymore and I have an hour to go before my ride comes. I didn't have a phone to call for my ride sooner, so I'm stuck with my bad decision to deal with.

"We just got our food," he gestures to his half-empty plate.

"I'm not very hungry and I would like to talk you without the food in your mouth, "I said grimacing as he ate with his mouth open.

His cheeks redden and he drops his burger on to his plate. He grabs a napkin and aggressively whips his mouth. He throws the napkin down on his plate and gives me looked an irritated look. "What do you want to talk about," he taunted giving me a bored look.

"I want to get to know you better," I said gesture to him with an upper ware palm.

"What do you want to know," he asks taking a drink from his soda.

"Why did you ask me out," I asked.

"You are hot like an exotic Jasmine from Aladdin," he uttered. I wanted mentally smack myself for hearing that comment. I'm sorry I ask that question.

"Um, thanks, but what else?"I ask.

"Oh! You're one of those girls," he points at me.

"One of what girls," I ask confused by his remark. I played with my straw in my glass.

"You only want compliments," he snaps out.

"No, I'm not. You've barely talked. You seem to care more about what going on with your food then trying put effort into this date, "I raved.

"No, no. I know what you want," he snaps at me. "You're hot, you're beautiful, you have a great personality, and I think we have a lot common," he rambled off as he rehears what he had said. "Now, let's eat," he suggests, He grabs his burger and continues to give his food more attention in ten seconds then he has to me this entire date.

"You're right. Enjoy the food," I insisted as I grab my purse and stood up from the booth.

"Where are you going? The little girl's room that way," he sneered spraying his food pointing in the opposite direction I'm facing.

"I'm gonna pay for my food," I said and turn head towards the register.

He stood up from the booth. "You're not gonna even get mine," he shouted as he offended. Yeah, Spencer, this had been one of your worse ideas to date, I mumble to myself as I walk away ignoring him.

I got to the register and paid for my food. "He comes here a lot with girls. You aren't missing anything," said a petite brunette ringing up my food.

"Go through this door and there's a door on the right you can exit out. I'll keep him distracted before he finds you. Do you need me to call anyone," she asks as she said all this before. I thought is there anyone I could call? My mind drew a blank who I could call. My college phone had all my numbers prerecorded, so I never remember any of the numbers from home.

"I'll be fine and thank you," I said. I reach into my purse and grabbed my staff. Mom got me a metal staff that folds in itself an eight-inch rod. I can easily put it in my purse. If I push the button on the side it will expand to full-size staff less then a second.

I head towards the door the brunette described. I held firm to the small metal staff in my hand as I exit out the door. The sun had already set and it's completely dark now. A light shine over the side door illuminating some for the parking lot. I question if the brunette has done this before and I wonder Dave may catch on where I've gone. I walk along the building with my hands shagging wonder will Dave find out. I don't know why know I'm fearing him if he does find me. I've been having constant training over the last month with self-defense. The fact that he brought multiply girls here and the brunette has given them the same tip. He could very well know about the side door escape.

"Spencer," called a male voice. I push the button on the staff. It shot out to full length. In one motion I took a defense stance and I pointed at the voice who called my name. Not inch away from the tip from my staff stood Leo.

His hands fly up unharmed stance. "It's Leo," he barks out.

"Fuck, Leo. Don't do that," I release my breath.

"What's going on? Why are you nervous," he steps towards me.

"Spencer," called Dave from the front of the restaurant. " I know you exit the side door. We need to talk," he bellows out.

"Help me," I pleaded.

Dave comes around the corner spotting me. "Why did you leave our date," he asked. Leo's eyebrows go up in shock and look at me with a shocked look. Leo gave me the questionable look what have I've been up too.

Dave walks towards us. Leo steps in front of me with a wide stance crossing his arms.

"Leave," Leo snarled.

Dave only hesitates for second and kept walking towards us. "She's my date." Leo growls. "Find your own," he battered.

"Take one more step. I'll break your arms," Leo threatens in low voice. A growl continues to vibrate low in his body. Dave finally stopped but doesn't leave.

"Spencer, come here," Dave waves me to come to him. He said as he expects me to actually listen.

"No. This date is done, "I insisted.

"She's mine," Leo barks out. Leo turns and lifts me into his arms. I shriek not expecting it. Leo's eyes focus forward and he carries me towards my brother's red 80's ford. I look over Leo's shoulder and see Dave fuming where he stands.

"I'm calling the cops," he yells. Leo didn't slow and pulls the door open. He all, but throws me across the bench seat. He slams the door behind him and turns the key. He grabs the gear stick and jerks the truck in reverse. I grab the door handle to keep from sliding into Leo. He jerks the stick forward and slams on the gas pedal. I heard gravel fly under the tires as the truck flies forward out the parking lot onto the pavement. Leo moves the stick again switching gears as we plow down the road.

"Distract me or I will go back kill your date," he hisses between his teeth. His eyes glow gold and fear shoot up my spine.

"You can't shift or kill him," I bark out in desperation.

"Princess, I'm trying, but I need you to distract me," he snaps back. His iris start to change to his wolf's eyes. He's gonna lose it if I don't think something.

"Um... "I blurted out. I'm trying sort threw my thoughts on what to do.

"Last year, I went skinning dipping, and the golf clubhouse called the cops on us. We went shrieking through two miles of woods with our purses trying to get away from the cops. We saw them pulling into the parking lot about fifty yards away and we flew out that lake so fast as we were cats in water. We only time to grab our purses and busted our assess so fast to the woods. Their flashlights caught the sight of my bum and I'm still mortified a fifty-year-old man saw my ass. Luckily enough we sneak back on to campus because a friend got clothes for us from our room."

"I ran so fast I fear if caught I wouldn't know how to tell my dad I had been put in jail for skinny dipping. I don't know if I could handle that confrontation, "I blurted out. I putt my head in my hands mortified I'm telling him this story. My cheeks burn hot and I felt a blush cover my body. I didn't dare look at Leo.

His laughter burst through the silence. " Are you sure you grew up with wolves? That wouldn't be the first phone call your dad got about someone is in jail for indecency," he chuckles. I whip my head up and I see he had tears in his gray eyes. I release a breathe seeing he had tame his wolf.

"It wasn't that funny. I'm sensitive who see my booty, "I remark.

"You weren't shy showing me that booty," he teases. The blush returns. I dropped my head back into my hands wordless on what to say. Leo's chuckles subside and silence returns. It's forty-minute drive and I mortified I told him that story. Mason drove me out and he was supposed to pick me up.

"Where's Mason? He was supposed to pick me up, "I asked. I remove my hands from my face.

Leo grips the steering wheel harder and his body starts to vibrate. "I told you to stay away from him," his scolded. His comes out ragged as his losing the restraints on the wolf.

"Leo please don't shift. If we crash I won't survive it as you would," I pleaded.

His body stops vibrating. He still holds firms to the steering wheel. "Tell me, Spencer. What kind of girl are you," he hisses. What's with the what kind of girl am I tonight?

"What do you mean," I scoff at his question.

"Are you kind girl goes using guys and only want to get laid," he attested.

"Fuck you, Leo," I sneered and cross my arms.

"You already did," he boasted.

"Wow. Just wow. Why did you come to pick me up if you think so little of me," I snapped?

"I have orders. Your brother trusts no males around you right now because of the news of your heat. He thinks I'm only one who won't put moves on you because I'm some kind of saint in his eyes," he gave dry laugh. "To think I had been the one you were with and he doesn't have a clue. The jokes on him," Leo spat out.

"Just pull over. I'll find another way home, "I yell.

"No. You're stuck with me for now," he insisted.

I slam my back against the seat in frustration. I gave a pout and cross my arms not please with the situation. "I'm not a whore. I dated a guy for two years. He had been the only guy I had sex with besides you. Man, I wish I left that night and if I knew what kind of guy you were Leo," I grumbled looking out the window. I don't know why I blurted out that information. I shouldn't care what Leo thinks of me.

"So what happens to the guy you dated," he asked in a calm voice. I look over at him and see his staring out the window.

"No, you don't get to do that. I do not owe you anything, "I snapped.

"Fine. Ask me a question, then will you answer mine," he asks with a strained voice.

"Fine. Were you virgin before you had sex with me," I asked facing my body towards him. His head whips facing at me with a surprising look.

"That's your question. "he asked.

"Yes," I simply replied.

"For the record, I didn't lose my virginity to you, Princess. Now, what happened to the guy? " he asked.

" We broke up just before I came home. Why does everyone think your virgin or gay," I asked.

"Do you think I'm gay," he asks raising an eyebrow looking at me.

I gave a firm no and flashback of our time together. "You didn't answer my question," I pointed out.

"I'm no tail chaser or heat chaser," he snapped.

"What's a heat chaser," I asked.

"First tell me why did you two break up? "he said.

"I broke up with him. I got tired of denying him half who I am. He knows me as a human, but I could never tell him about werewolves. Lying to him came too hard. He starting to get suspicious about why I didn't talk about family or introduce him to them. I couldn't play the fake persona anymore," I mumbled.

"I'm sorry," Leo said sounded as he met it. He makes eye contact with me for a moment. "A heat chaser is male looking to have sex with female in heat because he knows he will get a lot of sex out of it," he answeres my question.

"Why did you agree to be with me during my heat, "I asked.

"I didn't. You jump me," he replied.

"Right, but you didn't let me leave when I was about to go," I pointed out.

" Your right," he said.

"Why didn't you let me leave," I asked.

"Why don't you want to stay with the pack," he asked.

"I don't belong with the pack. Do you have any idea what feels like have everyone can communicate with each other and I only get silence? Or how everyone gets to turn into these beautiful creatures and I'm left standing there on two legs? It hurt too much to stay," I whisper.

"Maybe you are what this pack needs Spencer. You're different from others. You see things differently and I see that. I wasn't gonna let another male take advantage of you when they don't know how special you are," he finally answers my last question.

"I'm not special. I'm a broken wolf," I snapped.

"No. You're human and that what makes you special. You just don't have clue how that makes you special," said Leo.

"That doesn't make sense on why you want me during my heat. You wanted a human?"I question.

We pulled down the narrow road towards the large garage on the pack's land. He pulls into an empty spot and shuts off the engine. He turns to face focusing on me. In low warning voice he says, "No, I wanted you. Only you and I will not share with anyone." It sends a shiver down my spine.

"You can't have me," I protested.

A sad smile crept across his face. " I know. Believe me, I know," he answered.

"You're the most confusing wolf I've ever met," I stammered. I open my door and hopped out. I close the door and walk out the garage not looking back. I couldn't even follow our conversation anymore.

"Princess stop," Leo yells.

"No, "I yell back and kept walking back to the dorms.

Leo easily catches up with me. He steps in front of me blocking my path.

"Why did you go on a date tonight with that guy? You told you, brother, you were meeting with a friend," he asks.

"It was a dumb mistake. I needed to take my mind of everything that's going on here," I raise my arms out to display my point.

"So, you date a loser to get a break from the pack," he asked with a confusing tone.

"Fine, I did it get my mind off of you," I said stepping towards him. Again, my height gave me a disadvantage. My eye level went to his chest. I step back and I see a amuse smirk across his face. "I don't get you, Leo, "I said honestly.

"I don't get you either Princess," he answers back.

"Leo," my brother calls out coming out of the dark. His looks he came from the packhouse. "You picked up my sister? What happen to Mason," he asked.

I whipped my head around to give Leo a questionable look. "You lied, "I pointed out.

Leo gave a smug look like a kid that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "Guilty. Mason might be eating dirt currently outside the male dorms," he shrugs as it no big deal.

"What did you do to Mason," I croak out.

"He had refused to give up the keys to the truck. I knocked him out. He should be coming to soon," he said.

A growl snapped through the air. Sam dodges towards Leo and I. "You're the guy that slept my sister," Sam snarls. Oh, shit. Sam's eyes glow with a firing gold. Sam's body starts to vibrate and his body starts to shift.

No his mine a voice echo in my head. Sam will not touch Leo! A boiling angry flew up in me. I through myself jumped in between Sam and Leo without a thought. A rough snarl rips from my throat as I starred Sam down. "You will not touch him," I growled.

Sam's body stopped vibrated and he gives me started to look as he didn't expect that from me. "Spence your eyes are glowing," he says stun looking down at me.

"What?"I asked coming out my rage as I didn't hear him right.

"Your eyes are glowing like a wolf," Sam says in caution voice.

My body froze by his words. It felt like an ice bucket had been dump on me. "Spencer, look at me," Leo instructed.

My body stood in place and I couldn't face Leo. I couldn't let him see my eyes. I didn't want to see his reaction to my eyes. I could see my eyes reflection in Sam's eyes.

"Sam, take me to mom and dad please," I pleaded with tears rolling down my eyes. Sam lean forward and picked me up. I wrap my arms around his neck. I felt tears roll down my eyes. I didn't want to be wolf is only thought that kept crossing my mind. I hide my face into Sam's shoulder trying to hide my eyes.

"Princess look at me," Leo begs.

"No. Just leave me alone," I muffled into Sam's shoulder.

"You've done enough," Sam growls and he carries me back to the packhouse. He said nothing as we enter the house and I kept my face hidden in his shoulder to avoid making eye contact. I didn't want them to see my eyes.

"Honey, let me see your eyes," mom pleaded as she follows us to Dad's office. I shack my head digging my face tighter into Sam's shoulder. Sam must have told mom through the link what happened to my eyes.

I heard the office door click shut and Sam tries to set me down. I refuse to let go of my hold onto Sam's neck. Sam firmly, but gently pulls my arms off his neck. His stupid werewolf's strength gives him the advantage. I covered my hands automatically to my face. I close my eyes tight feeling my hands getting wet.

"Why are you crying, Spencer? What happen? Did Leo do something," she asked gently soothing me. She brushes my hair back as she pets the back of my head.

"No, mom. Leo didn't do anything. Mom, tell me it's a lie. Tell me my eyes aren't gold," I pleaded as tears rolled down my cheek from behind my hands.

The office doors burst open. "Spencer good you're here. Theodore has arrived for the mating ceremony," my dad blurted joyfully tone.

Wait did he say mating ceremony? I snap my head up and looking up to see a smiling alpha. Theo stood in an awkward stance as he doesn't know what to do. He's giving me a concerned look as I stare at him.

"Sam her eyes are normal," my mom said sounding disappointed. I look up at her with a displeasing look at her comment and look at Sam. He stares me as looking for something.

"Well, they were gold," he objected.

"Why are we talking about gold eyes," ask dad noticing everyone didn't hear a word he said coming into the room.

"Sam said Spencer's eyes had turned gold," mom answered.

Dad snaps his head down on me looking directly in the eye. "They look pretty brown to me Sam," he said.

"She also growled and snarled as we do when her eyes were gold. I know what I saw," Sam defending what he saw.

"I did growl," I whispered.

"Well, maybe Spencer isn't as human as we thought. Theodore, our dear girl has also gone through her first heat. She can for sure carry your pups," Dad blurted out. I slap my hands to my face shaking my head. My cheeks burn red and I wanted to die right there from the embarrassment.

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