The House of The Alpha

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Falling Down

Chapter 14

Teeth 5 seconds of summer

“Absolute not! That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth,” Sam grunted in disguise crossing from his arms.

“Not the excast way I would have put it, but your brother does have a point. This has been one of your oddest request, Princess,” dad said sitting at his desk.

“Why, can't I do it? At least give me a fair shot to prove it,” I protested.

“The answer is still no. This is my area of the pack and dad can't overthrow my word here,” Sam huffed as I offended him to try out for the warriors.

“Hun why are you even asking to do this,” Dad asked. That's what I didn't understand myself. Sure I needed to talk to Leo, but to go this far to do it. Warriors were the first to defend and protect the pack. They are our pack's soldiers in battle. To have me a pure human with some werewolf's angry isn't going to do well in a battle. Ever since Lissa put the idea in my head. I can't shack the idea to prove them wrong.

Eight Years Ago

“I can't believe Mason and Landon has shifted before you,” Lauren blurted out as we were playing cards in my living room. I huffed and shrug playing it off.

“I'm giving them a head start,” I snickered trying to hide my fear. My fifteen birthday is coming up in a a month and my nerves sat in my throat. I had yet to shift. Im one of the last humans in my age group to not shift. Lauren and Kelly had already shifted almost a year ago. My best friend Mason and Landon shifted recently in the last pack run. I'm showing signs I'll have a weak wolf and that's not okay for the alpha's heir. Hell, Sam has started showing signs he'll be shifting soon. I heard the whispers and rumors of people thinking I'll be weak. Dad still is pushing my BO staff training. He says the training will help kick in my wolf shifting into gear.

“So, your parents finally ending your botanic sleepovers with Mason,” asked Kelly. She took a drink of her soda and tried to play off her crush on Mason. Mason had been my first friend and one of the few to beat me in hand-to-hand combat. It had been our competitive edge to defeat one another that turn us into best friends. His one of few who can appreciate my love for spider men movies and cartoons. What turns into him coming over to my house to watch my Spider-Man movies turn into movies and endless wrestling matches. Dad shows no theart to me having a Mason over. When I was ten he did say when one of us shift there will be no more sleepover for us? Dad would joke unless Mason is my mate and I am eighteen would he approve of sleepovers again. I rolled my eyes at the Mason being my mate comments. I heard from all my friends, some elderly woman who found our friendship adorable, and so have Mason's mom. I only told people he's going to be my Beta. I refuse to have mate because then my pack would view my mate as alpha because his male. I refuse to have my mate above me purely because his male.

“Nope we won't because he shifted,” I said laying down my hand of cards. “Yahoo, I won this round bitches,” I tease take all the cards in the pile. My friends know I'm highly competitive. Lately anything I can do to win is helping me feel little better. I invite my friends over to forget the fact Mason had recently shifted. He and Landon were out doing shift training and I haven't seen him in a few weeks. I ask dad to tell Mason in the pack link to catch up with me when he gets back from training.

“I swear you cheated Spencer,” Lily hissed. She always has been a sore loser. She has been the weak one of our group. Lauren, Mason, Lily, Kelly, and Landon were my group friends. I already decide it they're going help me rule this pack someday.

“Don't be jealous,” I smug reshuffling the deck. I heard howls right out my back door. Kelly and Lauren eyed each other. I knew that look. I've seen it all my life. I've been impatiently waiting to see what it's like to link and not talk to someone out loud.

“The boys are back. They want to go for run with them,” said Kelly blushing. My stomach dropped and I look out to the darkness surrounding my home. Mason is home. I thought he would come back talk to me.

“As much fun this is girls. The boys call, and we need to stretch out our wolves,” said Lauren standing up.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Rub it in,” Lily mutter rolling out her blanket on my couch. It's after eleven now, and we would usually do a few more rounds of games before calling it quiets. Lauren and Kelly have been bailing early since they shifted. I am super jealous they can shift and I'm still left on two legs.

“Don't worry girls. We'll show you all thecool spots when you shift,” Kelly said standing up. “We'll see you tomorrow,” she waved and heading towards the back door.

“Wait you're not staying over,” I asked. My friends had always fond staying in the alpha's house for sleepovers. Usually they came back after a late night run.

“The boys are back,”Kelly said as that's her explanation. “We're going to be running all night long,”she teases and follow Lauren out the door. The door slammed and the room fell silent.

“This is all bullshit,”said Lily wrestling with her blanket.

“Very much so,”I said putting the cards back in the box.

“Can we make a promise,” asked Lily looking a bit sad.

“What,”I asked laying out my blanket and pillow on the floor by the fireplace.

“Which every one of us shift first, they don't forget about other or bail like those two have been” she said.

“Promise. I think low bull they ditch girl night for boys,” I huffed. I hold out my pinky out to Lily. “Lily Walford, I promise to you, I stick by you shifted or not. We'll remain friends,”I promise.

Lily give me a sad smile and leans over wrapping her pinky around mine. “Spencer Massey, I promise we'll stick with each other fur or nor fur,” she promises.

Few hours later I woke up in the dim fire and scratching noises at my back door. I look around seeing its around two in the morning. I look to the back door and saw movement in the darkness.

It's unclear who it was. I knew it's a wolf, but my lack of wolf sight gave me no insight who it is. It is odd for them not shift and come out. It might be Lauren or Kelly who change their mind. I ran in to the kitchen grab a flashlight and grab extra clothes for the women bin for anyone who needed clothes. I ran outside and felt a huge chill come up my spine. The end of Summer is here and Fall is on its heels. I wore tank top and shorts. I had quickly put on my boots before I had come out. The fire warmth gave me a false idea how cold it is outside.

“Lauren? Kelly? I got clothes,” I whisper in the dark. I move my flashlight out around the backyard looking for either of their wolves. My flashlight lit up the woods nearby, but nothing came forward. “Lauren? Kelly,” I asked a little louder searching for the movement I had seen in the dark.

Snap. I swing the flashlight to my left hearing a stick break. A small charcoal wolf with red tints stood couple yards from me. It seems unsure and nervous of my flashlight. I know it's young wolf by its small stature. It's not Kelly's or Lauren's wolf though. “Who are you,” I asked feeling the urge to step back. Dad constantly warn me to stay away from newly shifted or young wolves because they still didn't have a lot of control on their wolf yet.

The wolf step forward slowly seeing as fear I might move. It gives a playful bark and does little wolf dance. A smile cross my face as I'm amused by the wolf's dance. “Who are you,” I ask less fear this time. I didn't feel no fear no from this young wolf.

The wolf ran into the trees and I heard the familiar grunting of a shift. “Throw me some pants,” order a rough male's voice. I look down at the girl clothes I grabbed. I judge if the clothes I had would work for a boy. The shorts might be little short, but I think it covers the important bits at least. I know nudity if normal thing for woods. Parents generally kept the unshifted kids away from it until the child shift. My parents raise me the same way.

“Here,” I said throwing the girl's shorts as far I could to where the voice came from.

A tall form step out the woods into my flashlight's light. They had shaggy hair and very noticeable abs. My throat gulped as if I never seen abs before. The thing broke my gaze from the abs are in icy blue shorts that display muscle thighs. My gaze hit the ground unable know what to do. “I've been gone for weeks and you won't even look at me,” Mason'said ingrudley voice.

My eyes snapped up and I saw Mason's familiar smile. I laugh and dropped the flashlight. I ran and hugged him. He grab me with easy and twirled me in a circle. I realize pretty quick his strength has greatly improved. A month ago he would be able to left me up an inch off the ground. Now, he lifts as I'm only a doll. “Woah, woah,” I laugh nervously as he continues to spin me. “Put me down,” I laugh nervous.

He puts me down and I could see the smile on his face. “ Miss me,” he smug.

I smack him on the arm, and he gives a fake pout. “I heard you came back and you didn't even say hi,” I snapped.

“Sorry, Lauren had been in a rush to show some spots or something. She didn't want to wait for Landon and I to say hi to you and Lily,” he explained.

“Dude, I'm your best friend and you only miss the new launch on of a new spider men cartoon,”I tease.

Mason's smiled dropped and his face came serious. “I have confessed Spencer,” he said in serious tone. My face dropped and my heart start to speed up.

“What,”I whispered trying to keep my hand from shacking.

“I haven't like Spider-Man since I was nine,”he gives comforting smirk.

“What? Traitor! I don't think I can continue this friendship,” I scuff crossing my arms.

Mason's smile dropped. “There's another thing. I don't know if I can continue this friendship,” he said.

My mouth dropped and my arms fell to my side. “What do you mean by that? “ I asked hearing the bitterness on the edge of my voice.

“I mean this,”he said in low voice grabbing the bottom of my chin and tinting up to face him. He pushes his lips down softly and head by chin as he moves his lips against mine. Shock rippled down through me. I stood there unmoving not knowing what to expect or what to do. “Princess, kiss me back,”Mason mumble against my mouth. My heart leaped and my arms flew around his neck. I pulled my weight up to meet his mouth and I kissed him hard.

Mason slowly press my shoulders down as he pulls away. I give him a confuse look as he pulls away. “I'm glad we share mutual feelings,” he chuckles.

“Why didn't you ever tell me,”I asked?

“I didn't know I felt this way until after I shift. It's like a light bulb went off. I fear my feelings would ruin our friendship,” he said.

“What does this mean now because honestly I don't know what this all means,” I spoke feeling nerves strike me to core. I realize I did fear for our friendship and my attractiveness towards Mason. Did I like him? I do like him, but did I like him more than my best friend? I know Mason is turning into attractive young male and a few females have begun to notice.

“Me neither. Do mind we keep this between us until you shift,” he asked. My heart dropped because he said the word I hated, the statement I didn't know would ever come true. Shift!

“I don't know when that will happen,” I said honestly not know how to tell him I'm worried about if I could shift.

“It'll be very soon, Spencer,”he said with confidence.

“Can you feel my wolf,”I asked feeling hopefully the tides might finally turning for me.

“No, I don't feel anything right now, but you're nearly fifteen and your wolf is only waiting to come out with a bang,” he smug.

“That's it Mason. I'm nearly fifteen and I feel no different,” I pointed out.

“It'll be fine. You're late bloomer. You're the alpha's daughter. We know you have strong wolf coming to lead our pack to greatness,”he boomed.

“You're pretty convinces,” I stated

“Maybe that's what you need. You need to be more confidence with yourself and then your wolf will show it's self, “he courageous.

We agree to keep our feelings a secret between us. I could hardly see him unless it's dinner with the entire pack. I'm still concerned a kid until I shift. We would wave across the room. Lauren and Kelly started sitting with Landon and Mason during dinner. I'm stuck with my parents until I'm shifted and train to control my wolf. Lily started showing signs of aggression and snarls in the last few days. Her parents send her off to shift safely away from others she said she'll stick to our promise. She had told she'll call me as soon as she could. I wish her luck. My birthday came and I had refuse to celebrate it. My mom tried to convince me still important even though I have yet to shift. I locked myself in my room and watch reruns of Prince of Belair.

After a few days of my self-pity my mom dragged me out bed and took my horse back riding. When both of us were riding it made me feel nearly normal as any other mom and daughter. After a long day riding around our territory I don't see much because I yet to shift. The ride had help brighten my mood, but didn't make me forget my lacking in wolf genetics. After the ride mom did recommend I continue my home school on my own rather in group setting. It made sense since I'm the only one in my age group who hasn't shifted yet.

On the walk back from the stable I see Lily laughing with Lauren and Kelly. I gave them a quick wave and their laugh dead instantly looking straight at my mom who stood beside me. “Lily did you just get back from shift training,” I asked thinking I haven't receive a call from her yet.

“No, I've been back awhile,” she said and look to my mom. “Ma'm our parents are looking for us.” she said they call ran off not looking twice at me. I look up my mom confuse by her coldness.

“You're at a crossroad right now Spencer. Your bond with your friendship will improve after you shift,” she resurre me. She notices the coldness to they gave me. My mind only kept thinking Lily broke her promise. She did what Lauren and Kelly did. She bailed on me all the same. It had been I started to feel the threads that tie me to my friends start to loosen. “Those girls just shifted. Give them time. Meagan's daughter Kathleen had shifted two years ago. I could introduce you two, so you have company. Her wolf calm and collected. She would be safe for you to be around and bond with,” mom said.

“Sure,”I mumbled and held back the tears. I knew Kathleen from my younger years. She had been a shy girl and didn't speak much. I pay no attentation to her because I needed strong allies. All my friends were the most competitive in my age group and that's what bonded us all together.

It only makes them distance themselves from me because I'm the weak one now. Kate and I surprisingly hit it off pretty well. After a month we saw each other at dinner we hardly separated. Only when she had to do wolf training where we separated. She introduceme to hiking on trails outside the entrance of our territory. Our parents agree for us to go only if Kate had been in her wolf form. She would walk with me at my pace and I carried water bottles and her clothes in bag with me. She came the main focus of my love of taken pictures of the breathless views and is chasing after raccoons. Regardless her wolf or her human we seem to bond seamlessly.

As the leaves were turning. I start my fifteen year without shifting and depression start to sit in hard. I could put on face with my parents even they know I'm miserable. My brother shifted and the pack is thrilled by the strength of his wolf. I'm living with Kate now because it's not safe to be at home with my brother's unstable wolf. The hikes through the colorful leaves were only few moments I could forget my friends abandon me or I don't get see my family much.

Kate spoke about a cool spot she wanted to have me take pictures, but it in place I couldn't go in human form. She spoke of old rail track and it could create edgy picture she thought I would love. We snuck out of her parent's house early morning, and she kept look out for any wolves. As we approach the train tracks we heard laughing. We dipped down behind some bushes and Kate tried to tuck my hair under her hat. I wore her clothes to help hide my smell as best we could. We hide and ease drop at where the laughing is coming from.

A group of young kids were jumping from high heights and rolled to the ground. I knew the game. It's a game young shifter do to push their human bodies to the brink to hurt it or to show how strong their wolf strength is in human form. I saw Mason from the top of the train tracks that dropped a twenty foot landed on the hill below . My breath hinges. I desperate miss Mason. Im bitter towards Kelly, Lauren, and specially Lily, but Mason I knew still had my back. I convince myself he still had my back and is keeping his distance because of his wolf. Mason rolled with ease into the hill and Kelly laugh in rejoice. My heartache because I desperate miss my best friend and I wanted least know he still cares about me. I quickly stood up even though Kate tried to pull me back down. I rolled off her effort and start march determine to Mason.

I rolled off Kate effort and start march determine to Mason. Kelly ran and jumped into Mason. Her legs wrapped around his waist and I stopped in my tracks. That's no friendly gesture between friends. Mason kisses Kelly with the same ease he had kissed me two months ago.

“Hey look it's Spencer,” Landon calls out pointing at me. “Did you finally shift,” he asked. Kelly instantly drops to the ground and Mason face turns red. Kelly looks peeves off at Mason dropping her and stands up looking from the boys to me. The girls looked surprise and Landon looked like only thrilled of me being there. Mason's guilt screamed all over his face. Kate ran and grabbed me by the arm.

“They're still don't have enough handle on their wolves yet,”Kate tries to urge me back. Lily, Landon, and Mason is who she's referring too. Lauren and Kelly were safe for me to be around, but they made clear they don't want me around me by ignoring all my attempts around my birthday for them to hang out again. The big one is they said my sleepovers were child game and didn't want to be seen with stud,”they croak out. Stud the word use for wolfless humans.

“Mason,”I yelled. His shoulder hunged, and he didn't make any effort to come near me.

“She's not shifted yet,” Kelly barks out laughing.

“Trying fit in when you got nothing left stud,” she bells out. Landon looks confuse my comment. Mason shoulders shrug more. Lily and Lauren smiles and giggles at her remark.

“Mason we need to talk,” I demanded eyeing him. He's my best friend. He'll listen me. The attempts to talk to me. These months apart only temple rare. Kelly reaches for hands. She looked straight at him with intense stare, but no words came out. Mason rolled his shoulder and looked at her. It's clear they're talking through the link. He gives her nod and looks back at me. That's when I see the change. The goofy smile with the bright eye boy who has been my best friend since forever is gone. A dark blue eyes turn dark and a disgust presences takes over his features. He sends a snarl my directions and my heart stopped at the aggression. He shows no aggression that night he kiss me. He leans towards Kelly and grabs her by the chin much like he did with me and kiss her hard showing his dominance. I didn't see how any of it finish.

I ran and Kate caught back up with me with ease. The piece of my heart broke with each step I ran back home. My mind never recover what broke me the snarl at me from my best friend or the heartbreak from my first love. That's when I accepted my fate I wouldn't shift. If Mason's reject isn't what send me over edge to shift I wouldn't be shifting.

I went home not accepted by my parents for ignoring an order to stay at Kate. I didn't fucking care. I stood put in my room and that's where I stay for weeks. Kate or my uncle brought me food. Dad connected me up with internet. I could see the change in my parent's eyes in those short weeks. I could see they're starting see I may not shift and their pride a joy of an heir is serious lacking.

It wasn't until a few transfers from other packs came in did things hell broke loose. Dad refuses to let me be. He pushes harder on BO staff training, he pushes for long runs in the woods with his wolf hoping to tip the balance for me to shift, he made me eat every meal with his Beta. I had been remained not to be alone to I shift. The rope snapped on a way meeting with dad to meet the new transfers. I couldn't take constantly runs of wolves, their constant state to want to dominate my wolf to bring it out, or lack no one fucking listen me I had no wolf.

"It's important for these new wolves meet their future alpha even though you're going through a tough time right now,” he reassures me as we head outside to head to the training area where all the wolves stood. He truly accepts for me to shift and still take on alpha. I froze in my steps and I refuse to be push into something I wasn't anymore. “Spencer they're waiting. Move,” he barked out order. He finally stops walking when he sees I haven't moved.

“Stop. Dad stops all of this,” I urged with my fist at my sides. “Stop what,” he asked. “You're scowling us down,” he points to where I stand.

“That's exactly what I am trying to tell you,” I scream. “I will forever slow you down. You need to accept I will never be alpha,” I yelled.

Tears burst down my eyes at me finally hearing the words I had refuse to say out loud for years. Dad eyes pity a little looking at me. “Princess takes the day off. I know I've been pushing you hard. We'll talk about this more later,” he said unfazed by my angry.

“No,”I order. “I will not continue to pretend no more,” I urged. “I am not your heir and you need accept that dad. I am a stud,” I screamed out. That's the first day I ever saw disappointment on my dad's face. The words me denying being his heir and I'm stud screamed weak alpha line. Declaring this out in front of other pack members and recent transfer wolves made it clear my dad's a weak alpha in wolf world. Truthfully, I am the weak one and I didn't want to be the weak child my dad kept trying denied me as.

Spooky season only a few days around. Dad hasn't talked me in over week and I tried to apologize, but he avoided me. I had even been banned from pack dinners because of my disrespect to the alpha. Mom only spoke me when she there hands me foods and to check on me. She ignored me anytime I breathe word of boreding school. She snapped at me as soon I brought the idea to her. She said she's not sending her daughter away for humans to harm me. My heart broke again because now I truly felt like prisoner in my own home. Dad refuse to see/ talk to me. Sam drops hate comments anytime he walks past my door or called me the fail heir. Mom barely look at me as she hands me the food and walks away as I desperate ask her to concenter sending me to boreding school or at least public school. I couldn't stand to be around anyone whose wolf no more. I hate feeling the like reject.

One night at eleven clock I heard muffles coming from my window. I put down my headphones and head towards my window seeing only darkness. A knock on my window is what made me jump back. I hold my hand to my cheast and took huge breath. I saw a rough outline of a soulette outside my window knocking on it. I grab for my flashlight and shine it towards the window. I screamed by face starring back.

"Spencer, what's wrong," called Sam. Mason holds up finger up to his lips.

"Nothing. I thought I saw a spider," I murmber. I heard Sam let out a heavy sigh.

"Girls," he mumble leaving my door. I look back at Mason pointing to the latch that opens my window. I narrow my eyes and mouth no. His face grumble and he teach for something behind him. He pulls out my favorite collector piece of spiderman he owns. "Do you want it," he mouth.

"No,"I snapped and reach for my curtains.

"Please Princess. Let me explain,"he begs seeing the curtains. I hault the curtains and I looked at him. "I know I screw up big, but please Spence," he pleaded using my nickname. I reach for the window to crack it open. I figure if he tried anything any wolf in screaming range would hear me.

"What do you want," I snapped "I want to apologize. Can you please let me in," he asked.

"Why should I? Go talk to your girlfriend," I snapped. I heard the rumors from Kate that Kelly going around saying Mason is her boyfriend.

"I told you I screw up huge," he said with remorse.

"Please Spencer. I will stay at this window all night," he said.

"And I will go get me dad," I snapped.

"Give me five minutes," he demanded.

"No, I need more then that to let you in," I said.

"What do you need,?"he asked.

"I need the truth," I said.

"What do you need to know," he question. "Did you ever really like me or was that just ploy," I asked.

"I do really like you Spencer. My wolf as thing for Kelly. I've been playing off my wolf's feeling since I've been around her so much. Wait!" he demanded as I start to close the window. "I still want our friendship," he confess.

I close my eyes and knew that's what I wanted back so deperately too. "You got three minutes and then I scream to let everyone know you broke into my room,"I challegnege him.

"A chance is all I want," he said. I open the window and I stepped back. Mason climbs into my room with ease. Right away I notice his grown since I've seen him. His features are slowly losing his boy charms looks I use to know so well. He beginging to look like someone new to me. My eyes closes at the reminder of my mom's words. I'm at a crossroad and they're all in different place then where I am right now. My heart still wimp knowing I won't shift and I could not stand to be near my pack anymore. I just didn't know how to let me parent's to see that.

"Go,"I said looking at the clock. 11:24 the clock read.

"I'm sorry for how I've been treating you. I broke it off with Kelly after what happen near the old tracks," he said.

"I dont care about Kelly or who you date. That's why you came then leave," I pointed to the door. "Spencer, you're my best friend," he steps towards me putting his hands on my shoulder. You had look so beautiful in that dim light and I couldn't help me," he voice came husky. My cheeks turn red and look to the ground not accepting his answer. He tint my chin up again to face him. "I want you to mine, Spencer," he whisiper.

"I can't shift, Mason." I replied. His hand dropped from my chin. He gives me a pity looks and pulls me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry. I'm still here for you. I'm bad at this new wolf stage. I'm trying to get a handle on it. I'll do better Spencer. Tell me what you need from me," he urge.

"I need my best friend back" I blurted out.

"Then that's what I'll be," he confirm holding my tighter to his body. I hug him tight and embrace his familir warmth and new wolf smell. We stood like that for few minutes and I stopped looking at the clock. I look to the clock 11:56.

"I know Landon misses you wants to see you. Would you want to go see him," he asked. I stepped back whipping my tears away with my sleeve.

"I can't. I'm under house arrest, if you didn't hear," I said. He looks over the window he came in and looks back at me. "I've heard you don't have thing for following the rules," he said. I looked at him question and eye the window his eye kept wondering back too.

The night air had a nip as we walk in the woods. Mason wram his arm around mine as he head to meet up with Landon. Mason said meeting at the old tracks would safe enough for us not to be spot my the elders. It had been surpising easy to escape out my window then I had thought. I admit dropping into Mason's arms from the the second story did not help me starting recrush on him. I held tight to my flashlight in my hand. I kept it off so we wouldn't be spotted it. I heard a few voices hush as we approach. I knew it wasn't just Landon out here. I flick on my flashlight and saw the three girls I wish to punch. Kelly, Lauren, and Lily all gave me not to thrill looks at me. I eye up at Mason quick with what the hell face.

"You wouldn't come if I told you," he said.

"Yeah, you think," I spat.

"Listen hear them out. They come with good intentions," he resure me. "I doubt it," I said eyeing them.

"Let's us girl talk," said Lauren facing Mason. She nodd her head towards me in some direction intenting for me to follow. My feet stood in place not trusting their word.

"I came out here for Landon. I'm not talking to you guys," I scuff at them.

"Please just give them a shot Spencer," Mason encourage.

"No," I said and turned around to start back home. I made it only a few steps until I heard a few grunts behind me and then growls. My flashlight whipped around so fast at the familiar sound.

"No," Mason stepped in front of me. I saw him phase and I whipped around to run knowing that's last thing I should have done. With seconds they jumped on me pulling at me clothes. I screamed hard. Two wolf at my feet dragged on my jeans and another wolf pulled on my sleeve.

"Get off," I yelled banging the wolves with my flashlight. The flashlight hit the wolf on my arm and slipped from my arms. I feel them pulling me and I cried out.

"Mason," I yelled looking for him. I didn't see him anywhere from the wolves. I pulled me as they heading some where. "Landon," I cried seeking for help. As they pull by pants leg down hill did I hear growls and snaps in the distance. I saw to other wolves going at each other. I figure out Mason's wolf is being block by Landon's wolf from getting to me. Landon is in on with the girls. "Stop," I screamed trying smack them with my hands trying fight for them. They snapped their teeth at me and got few bites at the attempt I tried to free self. The wolves at my feet stopped pulling me and I felt my feet in a ledge. I try to push my feet off from the ledge.

The three wolves rush to push my body over the ledge. I only saw darkness as my body fall. I felt stick poke and prode me as I fall. I hit the ground with a splash. I look up and could make out a small opening above me. I fell into some kind of hole in the ground. I could see the girls had shift back.

"Get her out," Mason yelled.

"Do you want to join her," Lily barks out.

I expected Mason to fight back. I stand up feeling my body ache. My whole body is wet from the muddy water at the bottome. The water went up to my thighs. My body is soak from the fall. I try to feel around the hole looking for something to help me climb out.

"Get me out of here," I screamded.

"Oh, no baby girl. This where stud below in the pit," Kelly sneered.

"Mason help," I scream again looking for responds. I could see his human form over the ledge with Landon holding his arms behind him.

"What's gonna be Mason the pit with the Stud or with us ," asked Kelly looking at him.

"Mason link for help," I pleaded.

"We'll know what you do Mason if you link anyone," Lauren threaten. Mason fights in Landon's arms and look down at me. I couldn't make out any facial expression. I could see the tension in Mason's shoulders. I see the dropped in his shoulder's and my heart dropped instantly. I see his face look in my direction and I knew he could see somewhat of me in this hole.

"Mason link my dad," I pleaded as hot tears start to pour down my eyes. Mason shrugs off Landon and walks away. The girls throw rocks and sticks down on top me and I cover my head. "Mason," I scream to see him again. " Don't leave me," I cried out hearing the weakness in my voice. Only distant laughs is all I hear.

I scream and yell for help after accepting defeat Mason isn't coming back to help me. I tried to pulled myself up by roots sticking out the side of the hole. Only mud and my limbs being wet I kept slipping back into the water. I scream in frustrations. "Help," I screamed into my voice goes hoarse.


Yes, I know the grammar is bad. Editing on my phone on a car ride is not going well.

You all thought it was Theo you had to worry about. Theo comes more into play soon.

Didn't plan to end this chapter here. It wouldn't have made any sense to end where I stop writing. The next chapter is at least 1/4 written.

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