The House of The Alpha

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Jail Cell

Chapter 3

I walked back to see Sam coming in the front door without my luggage and Kate.

"Where are my things, "I asked.

"Kate took them the female single dormitories. Where did you think they were gonna go," he asks wearily walking past me.

"Um... I don't know my old bedroom," I stated sarcastically.

"What room? You don't have a childhood bedroom here anymore, Spence. Mom empty it after you graduated high school, "he concluded.

"What? You're lying. I still have my things in there," I yelled running towards the staircase heading upstairs where Alpha's family rooms are. I ran past my parent's room and my brother's old room. Most rooms were left for guests such as visiting alpha or high ranking wolves. I open my door, but it remained locked. Sam walked swiftly down the hallway.

"Spence, you can't be up here," he looking worried over his shoulder.

"Why not? Where's the key? I want in my room," I said as I kept wiggling the doorknob as if it will spontaneously open up.

"You're not a child anymore. Or heir to the pack. You don't permission to roam the Alpha's house anymore," he spoke with authority.

Little brother tried to push his dominance on me. His twenty now and he'll be the next Alpha due to my lack of a wolf. I would never look at him as Alpha's son or as my alpha. He'll always be my little brother. So, I completely ignore what he says.

"Where's the key," I hissed.

"Spencer? What are you doing up here," asked my mom strolling down the hallway brushing her long hair out the way. She looks like she' is about scolded me as if I'm a child.

"My rooms locked. Why?"I asked.

"Your dad requires for you presences as soon you got home," using her dominant voice. The voice I fear so much as a child. As an adult, I give it second of thought to concern to listen to her.

"He's in a meeting. I don't know how long it'll last. I want to put my stuff away. Sam is telling my stuff had gone to the dorms and I'm not allowed to see my room. What is going on," I asked

"Why would you make your father wait for you? What disrespect. As soon that office door open you should be there ready head in," she scolds.

"Yes, let me link dad ask him for how long wait for. Oh, wait I can't. So, it guessing game for me. I'm not an appointment for dad scheduled in. If he wants me to see him tell me when his free to do so. Why wait around, if he's not available? Now, open this door, "I spatted. I am not gonna be pushed around their pack rules about dominance.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out an old key. She inserts the key into the lock and the lock clicks. She opens the door and steps back ushering me in. I step forward to question her weird behavior. I step into my old room to find my old bed, dresser in the corner and desk. All the furniture is cover in cloth to protect it from dust. The dust stirs as I walk across the wooden floors looking at the blank walls where my stuff use to be. All my old toys, pictures, drawings, knickknacks are gone. Anything that had once represent me is gone. "What could be given to another child had been pass down. Any junk had been burned. Anything not useful to other members had been put in a box in the attic. There were only a few things with your name on it Sam thought you would want to keep." She explained.

"Why? Why is everything gone? "I asked as my eyes start to tear up. They all knew why I stayed away for so long. Why it had been hard for me to come back even for a visit. I thought I could least have a home here if I needed to come back. My room had been my sanctuary as a child. The room is now an absence of what represents my life here before I left. I didn't realize how much my old room I missed until now.

"You were gone for seven years. You're too old to stay old in the packhouse now," mom said little more sympathy.

"Too old? Where am I supposed to sleep? I thought you were be welcoming me home. I feel as I burden to you now," I said still eyeing the room to somehow image something change back.

"You're adult now. All single adults move into the dorms, Hunny," she said sympathetically. "Those always have been the pack rules."

"Pack rules? Most of those rules are made for those with wolf behaviors. I'm not wolf mom. What good is to put me in the single dorms if I'm not a Wolf or will be mated? That's the general idea for single dorms, right? To be mated. I won't be mated okay. I came back here to be close to you and dad. I didn't come for the pack," I vent out my frustrations knowing exactly how this visit gonna go. They're gonna except me follow the pack rules and many of it doesn't reference me because I can't shift. Now, mom's eyes started to tear up. I could see the gentle side of my mom show little more. That is the mom I knew as a child.

"Your dad is done with his meeting. He wants to talk to you," her voice sobbed little as she spoke. I said nothing and head downstairs seeing the main room is clear out. I heard a commotion coming from the front door area. A group of unfamiliar men stood by the entryway looking my way as I approach. A tall muscle male's back face me stood as he wishes the men goodbye. The male turned around and his blue eyes widen at me. I stood there waiting for his attention. The male with black hair, dark-skinned with oval face is the man I loved and fear the most in my life. Dad. He has on a short sleeve polo shirt show his distinctive port-wine stain on his right arm which resembles the shape of his wolf. He refuses to tell me how he had got it or why. My family loves to keep their secrets with their scars.

"Is this Spencer," asked a red-skinned tall man eyeing me up and down. The man has an angry scar coming down his left eye that I try to ignore. His short brown hair is gelled back given his handlebar mustache the spotlight of his face. Did he use his handlebar mustache do diverse other eyes away from his scar I wondered?

"Yes, this my daughter. Come over say hi, Princess, "Dad instructed. Wow, I haven't seen you in two years and we are treating this as you only saw me a few minutes ago. I walked over shacking the man with handlebar mustache's hand and I saw younger similar feature man look over his shoulder.

"Hi, "I shack with a firm handshake and rest my other hand on top of his as we shack hands. A handshake with the spare hand over the other's hand is a sign of dominance. My dad had show tricks in my youth on how to show dominance over others. In a simple handshake, one can show dominance. A lot of the tricks Dad show me came useful in boarding school and college.

"This is Theodore, and his father Alpha Robert from the Elmberry Pack, my dad instructed.

"Very nice to meet you," I replied looking in the Theodore in the eye. Not avoided eye contact or lowering my eye contact is me showing him I will not summit. Theodore stood right under six feet and has lovely tan-skinned. He has a wide face with round gray eyes to match his dad's. All his muscles laid his upper tall torso and arms. He has curly hair that made me jealous. I couldn't ever tame my curls as well as him. Surprise, his left earlobe is pierced. Most wolves refuse to have piercings because it'll hurt like a bitch during the shift.

I give a firm handshake to Theodore. "I'll be looking forward to our future chat," Theo smirks as he let go of my hand. Theodore and Robert with the rest their men went out left. I looked at dad questioning him what that was about. It had been years since my dad introduces me to other packs. He didn't want me not to be able to shift get out to other wolf packs.

"Not here. My office," he replied to my unspoken question. I follow him back down the hallway to his office. A few pack members hover nearby. Dad opens the door for me and walks in behind me. His office gives a manily vibe about it. It has dark wood trim everywhere, a huge oak desk, and leather chairs.

Dad shuts the door and turns to face me. Dad's body slams me into a bear hug. I lift me off the ground as if I'm still a child. My height can sometimes make people think they treat me as a child. "Finally, you're home," he rejoices.

"Sorry for lack of a welcome crew. There's a big dinner with the pack tonight to celebrate your homecoming. We're all thrilled and excited for you. Kate says graduating college is a great honor. I'm very proud and I saw the footage Kate took of your graduation," he below out still refusing to put me down.

Tears flash in my eyes and sobbed in relief finally having my dad. "I've missed you so much," I sobbed.

"I'm sorry I miss your graduation, but it's big news for your future. I needed to finalize a few things before I could tell you. First, tell me how are you?" he asked.

You go first with your news, "I said excited hear.

"The Elmsberry Pack was here for pack ties. We're looking for an alliance. You're a huge part of that," he said as his hinting towards something.

Alliance? What did a pack alliance have to do with me? I don't feel good how this sounds." You lost me," I said not understanding.

"What were your first thoughts of Theo? Any tickles or sparks, "he smirks moving this thumb up or down waiting for a response from me.

"Um...his okay. Is he coming from one those pack training,"I asked already losing interest in the conversation.

"Yes, but he coming here to form a bond with our pack. His pack alliance can be huge for you and the future of this pack. You're very special Spencer. Your mom and I want you to know that. You have great potential. What's wrong" he asks seeing my tears rolled down my eyes.

"You think I have potential," I asked unsure if I heard him right. Maybe he thought better me then I thought. Are they proud of me purely being human and what I've done in college?

"Of course we do. You dominated the human world. I express that greatly to Robert of what a prize and wonderful daughter you are. You are a gift worth cherishing my sweet," dad said hugging me. "I want to only give you the best you deserve and raise you so high no one can touch you. " Dad sweet words made my heart sing. I'm unsure why Robert had anything to deal with it. " I want is only the best for you. I don't want you to feel not having a wolf doesn't separate you from this pack. You're my daughter and I'm sorry your brother took your future spot," he said apologetically. Sam could shift and he steps in to be my dad's heir. A wolf who couldn't shift couldn't protect the pack. "Theodore hasn't found a mate and his dad looking to step down as alpha. He wants his son to have a strong mate to be there with he steps in as alpha. Robert is extremely impressed by how you've handled your weakness and learn to readjust your strengths. His impress all you've done in human society. He is more impressed you didn't let lack of shifting stop you from dominating the human world. Robert and I agree to an alliance form out of each other's training strategies to each other's pack. Theodore is coming out for our end summer training and to get to know you better. We want to get to know each other better before the mating ceremony. My sweet you'll still be alpha just not how we thought, but you'll do wonders for the Elmsberry back, " he announced. I could hear the jail door sliding shut, locking, and keeping me from my freedom.

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