The House of The Alpha

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Alpha's Disapproval

Chapter 4

As a child, I had been taught do NOT submit under other's authority. I was to be Alpha one day and I had to be the one giving orders not taking them. There always an exception to every rule. If my dad, Alpha gave me an order or request I had to submit to him.

I told Dad I wasn't too keen on the idea of arranging a mate bond. I didn't agree or disagree with dad. I'm unsure if that is submitting to his will or not. He knew I am not a big fan of the idea. He took that as I may need more convincing. He thought once I get to know Theodore it will all fall into place. Theodore will be back in a month and the end this summer we'll be having our mating ceremony. Fuck! I thinking I had a whole year to break in my parents into thinking not moving back permits. I wanted to move to the south coast to start life. A few friends from college had planned to move to New Orleans. I had a premature workout I would roommate with them in a year. The second I stepped back on to territory I stepped back into being the Alpha's daughter. Now I'm my dad's pawn.

I never concerned being someone mate after I found out I couldn't shift. As a girl, find a mate or having that bond had been the last thing on my mind. I never wanted to entertain the thought of finding a mate after not being able to shift. I would think like most people I wouldn't be able to carry pups. Even I could carry pups would they be able to shift in the future? A lot of males would not concern me as a mate for that very reason. I had dated plenty of human males and figure I would settle down with one of them someday. Learning of dad's plan now I understood why I'm moving to the single dorms. It's a place to let everyone know you are available. Dad wanted Theodore to know I am available and not a child living in her parent's house.

As alpha's daughter, I never worried about mates like other females. I worried about being stronger than males. Showing them I deserve the alpha's heir spot and I would be great Alpha someday. Dad never worried about my female status would hurt me becoming alpha. He said only be stronger and a better alpha then the boys.

When I hit my preteen I came of age to shift anytime. Most alphas or dominant wolves shift sooner in puberty then later. Eleven to fourteen it is the ages most shift into their wolf form. At fourteen I worried about if I'll shift. At fifteen, it came to confirm I would not shift even though my mutual family held out hope I would still shift.

The idea of a mate went to bottom my worrying list. I didn't hope or care for it anymore. My biggest grief I couldn't shift into a wolf and I lost the statutes as alpha's heir. I've done anything to prove my parents I wasn't a failure just because I couldn't shift. I show them I still the best in a human way. By doing well school, take part in cheerleading at my boarding school, getting into a great college, being RA, tutor, and graduating with honors.

Towards the last few months of graduation, I knew it didn't matter what I did in human society. They didn't understand my accomplishment or care about why it so important in the human world. They praise me when I made did well at school when it sounds exciting. If I had craved a wolf out of a potato and make it sound like a big accomplishment in human society, they would have praised me. Only if I had sold out as big accomplish would they know I did well. They had no clue about society is in the human world. They had enough knowledge to get supplies and deal with the country's government.

I'm uncleared how gonna get my stuff from the post office back here. I need to figure move my stuff back out and move by myself in three months without my parents knowing. I couldn't tell anyone about my plans. Keeping secrets from the alpha goes against the rules.

My parents and I walked into the large newly renovated dining hall. Everyone rejoices and yelled my name as we enter. I shyly waved and looked around. A few faces I recognize from my youth. A lot of their faces have aged a bit since I've been gone. There is also a lot of people I don't recognize, but they seem to know me. I wonder how much they did know about me.

My brother stood front left corner room joking around with a few members that are strong warriors of our pack. The more I look over there the more I recognize my old crew. The crew I use to play with and train with as a kid. I notice there are a few faces that are warriors I don't know. One face particular stood out from the rest looking oddly familiar.

He has an oval face with a softly shaped jaw, angled lips, and his brown eyes are almond-shaped. I could see an elegant tattoo speaking out from his navy collar shirt. His black shoulder-length ponytail hides the rest of the tattoo. From the side, he had a slightly boyish look to him. I kept going back and forth if Sam's age or older.

Sam talks the male laughing and points at me to get the male to face me. The man smirks at Sam and his frown drops as soon his eye hits mine. My mind seems to register faster then my eyes did. No, No, No, my mind kept ranting on. I knew this man that's why he looked from familiar. I couldn't replace how I know him or who he is.

Sam waves me over urgently over for me to come to him. Dad and mom were caught up talking to packmates. I head over and looking around for Kate. I felt like an outcast. I grew up with all these people or most of them, but I felt as I'm an outcast.

As I approach my heart hammers and my breath speeds up. I make a fist as I walk begging myself to stop. I didn't understand why I am reacting like this. I couldn't remember who he is, but my body did. I kept searching my memories of this man as I approach begging to get a clue.

"Hey," I waved to Sam as I approach. Sam and the man stood up waiting for me to come near. They both tower over me. I am used to looking up at others. Especially those with wolves genes are usually taller than the average human. I'm still adjusting to how tall everyone is and not use constantly looking up. My neck cramping from all of this. The male twitches looking uncomfortable as I approach.

"Hungry? Everyone waiting for you to start? " Sam hint towards the food buffet.

"What? Why?"I said looking around the room to see faces looking surprised to see me or possibly irritated I am here.

"You're the honor of guest Spence. You eat first," Sam insisted.

"But dad," I insisted is always first.

"Will eat with his down chattering about he alliance," Sam said.

"You know about that?" I asked.

"What alliance," the male asked. Something in his voice soothes me. The back and forth vibes I get from this man is confusing.

"Never mind that," Sam said. "Spence will go eat already. I'm starving and you're taking forever," he urges.

"Fine," I said heading towards the buffet.

The tables fill up with plates and the room fills up with chatter. Everyone gabbling down their food and paying very little attention to each other. I sat by Sam and a few of his friends I recognize from my childhood. Many I wasn't too please see again, but ignore looking at them. They weren't my concern anymore. The male that sat by Sam earlier sat across from the table from us barely ate anything. He takes bites and tries to steal glances at me. "Will you stopped Leo? She's spoken for," Sam mutter grabbing for his beer.

"Leo," I asked the same time Leo speak, "Spoken For"?

"Yes," Sam answered putting down his drink after taking a gulp answering both of our questions.

I look bewilder at Leo who stares oddly at me.

"Spencer come up on stage," my dad's voice vibrated through the room.

There's a small wooden stage lets the announcer been seen above the rows of tables. I sigh and avoided further eye contact with Leo. I step on stage and stood by dad. My brother and mom came up as well to stand by us. This isn't gonna be good. The only time my mutual family stands up on stage at the same time is for important announcements.

"Today, my daughter has finally come home and joined the pack. As a celebration to Spencer coming home. I have an announcement. We are working to form a new alliance for our pack with the Elmsberry Pack," Dad's voice boomed with joy. The pack applauded with excitement. Alliances always make a pack stronger and help us in defense for pack battles. "To bind our packs together. The Alpha and I arrange an agreement to benefit both packs. My daughter Spencer will be mated with their son Theodore at the end of the summer in a formal mating ceremony," dad spoke enthusiastically. Several pack members stood up applauding at the news. "Spencer comes here at the bride to be," he instructed. I zone out on unsure what I heard or is he referring to me. My mind traces back our earlier conversation and I hadn't agreed to this mating. I walk towards him unsure what to do. He is still my Alpha and his orders still need to be respected.

But, but, but, a little voice in my head mutters. This isn't what I want. I don't want to be mated an alpha in another pack. I don't want to be mated. I don't even know if I want to be part of this pack anymore. I'm human and I enjoy living in the outside world in human society. I gave up on my dreams of shifting. I gave up wanting to be alpha of this pack. I had given up on my childhood dream of being an alpha.

All I ever wanted is to make my dad proud of having me as a daughter. I had no longer desire to make myself suffer to make him proud of me. "I don't want this, "I mutter to my dad. He looks at me as unsure what I had said. Between the cheering and everyone clapping, he couldn't hear me. I turn to face the pack and look around. The pack simmering down as thinking I had something to say. I close my eyes and took a heavy breath. This isn't my world anymore. I wasn't part of theirs anymore.

"I do not, "I took a heavy breath. "agree to this mating. I will not mate with Theodore, Alpha," I spoke looking directly at my dad. His eyes zoom in on mine. The room suddenly came calm. Eyes glued right on me as waiting for the car crash to happen. Dad's wolf instantly appeared in his eyes as he struggles for dominance in this situation. Every wolf knows don't challenge the Alpha, not question the Alpha, and don't go against the Alpha. I'm challenging the Alpha and I will not back down.

I turned on my heels and walked calmly off stage. I couldn't fight my dad like wolves normally do. I did know the weight of my words would have. I knew the punishment is worth the pain then suffering in silence. I am done ignoring what I want and making other's wants a priority.

"Spencer," Sam growled. I didn't turn back. My feet kept walking towards the exit. I walked out the door and heard it shut behind me. When one door closes and another door opens.

I've caught up all the edited chapters for this story. Back to the writing board to develop for this story. I'm really enjoying writing this character. If you enjoy this story, there'll be more chapters soon. Bye loves.

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