The House of The Alpha

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Meet My Staff

Chapter 6

Sam took me to the single dormitories. I'm still bitter about staying there. Starting in two days, I start training apart with the pack again. I didn't fully know what that involved. I follow one of many worn down dirt paths. A lot of the paths that go to the food hall, packhouse, recreational hall, and the lodge has a stone outlining the path to give it some decorations. Around the pack, the main common areas have rose bushes and lilac bushes. All the common area buildings have a rich log cabin look. The buildings have big windows to take full advantage of the scenery and to be on the lookout for intruders.

The family cabins are the size of a large cabin found on camping grounds. They have a small 2 to 4 small bedrooms, with one bathroom, a small kitchen, and living room. Dinner is the only meal the pack eats together. Usually, mutual families seat with each other or with close friends in the food hall. We walk past some small cabins that are designed for couples or high ranking wolves such as my brother. Imagine when I found out my little brother had a cabin to himself and I'm sent straight to the dorms. Privilege little shit is what he is. We walk past the two rows of small cabins that sat on each side of the path. I halt near the end row of cabins to look at one cabin. The lights are off, but I didn't know why this cabin caught my particular attention. It looked the same as the rest of them. A couple of the cabins did have some flower window boxes to make them feel inviting.

Sam look back to realize I stalled in place. My brain couldn't click why this cabin caught my eye. There's no decorations or anything that make me think any different about this place. "It belongs to a high ranking wolf. Why are we stalling for nothing," Sam rolled his eyes.

I wonder the same thing. Something wants to nudge me towards this cabin. This is stupid. What am I doing? "Nothing," I respond and start walking not looking back. The cabin went out of my mind as soon as it had been outsight.

We walked up to two large buildings identical to one another. The roofs had high modern peaks and the wood's color nearly blended into the trees surrounding the buildings. All the pack's buildings are meant to blend into the woods not draw attention to our lands. Aerial views could barely make out all the buildings because how much the tall trees cover all the structures. The packhouse and lodge could be made out from aerial view. We hide our pack very well from public eyes. Sometimes pack lands were thought to place cult places because of all the people.

"Female dorms are on the right. Your room is 106. Kate is one of your neighbors to help you get things figured out. Dad pulled a few strings to get your room by hers."Sam insisted. "Females are only allowed in the dorm and Males are only allowed in the male dorms. Be advised if you do the deed," Sam warned. My mouth gaped open and l look around to see a few members walk in and out of the dorms. Heard a group of girls giggling because of wolf hearing. Is my brother trying to destroy me already?

"Jeez, Sam. Is that why dad gave you the cabin so you can do the deed," I barked out. A few heads turn our way easily overhearing the cabin.

"You need to learn your place, Spencer. I'm alpha," he snarled with a silver lining his blue eyes.

I step forward towards my brother to be toe to toe. I look up, but I refuse to belittle. "You're not my alpha and your still my baby brother, Samual. Don't forget I know some of your dirty secrets," I threaten. He still bitter about what happened at dinner time and us fighting in dad's office. "I'll see later, "I snapped walking toward the dorm. I head to the front door and head in.

The building is three-story high. Most of the main floor is a lodging area with a small kitchenette with a few fridges. There are two large flat TVs on the wall with plenty of comfortable sectionals. An old classmate of mine told me my room is on the second floor. She said her friend had the old room and moved out recently because she's mated. Sam made it sound Dad kick the girl out of the room. She moved out because she mated and the room would have been empty regardless of me being in it. The walls are light tan and with pictures of a group of girls from pack events. I walk down the hall looking for my room number. The doors jump every six numbers and I couldn't understand where my room is. Finally, I knock on the room closest to my room number 101.

To my surprise, Kate answered the door. "Oh, good you found it okay. Come in," she declared.

I walked into another hallway that had two doors at both ends of the hallway. There are three doors on each side of a small common space. There enough sitting for six people and a small tv. "I don't understand why the rooms were jumping so many numbers, but I get it now," I said looking around. I see the six doors were each label with number 101 to 106. I saw one of the doors with the number 106.

"We call this a Pond. It's like a family unit. There are six females to a Pond. There two bathrooms with a shower on the ends, "Kate explained. Two girls sat on the sofa looking at me coldly. "This is Lissa," Kate pointed to the girl with a large nose and long dark brunette hair. "And this is Jessie," she pointed to a girl with Asian features and gorgeous black hair. Jessie stood up and shack my hand and Lissa gave a small wave. I could feel the awkward tension in the room. Kate seems to realize and show me my room. I follow her to my very small room. There's a small closet. A twin bed sat on a wooden tall frame to give space for storage below it. There's a desk with a basic black iron chair push in. I see my two suitcases on my bed. Both are open and the clothes are out of the suitcase. "I put the clothes you have in the closet and your fragiles on the desk and window sill. I know you'll redecorate, but I thought you would be tired after a long day and what happened. I have you my extra blanket and sheets until rest your stuff comes in." she pointed to the creme comforter.

"Thank you, very much. I appreciate you dearly for this," I said yawning and stretching.

"There are some basic foods in the fridge downstairs for breakfast. Most usually eat lunch around two in the food hall. You'll meet of the rest Pond then. You'll know a few from our childhood. We each have a schedule to help clean the Pond area and other common areas in the dormitory such as bathrooms. There's also shifting of certain jobs such as kitchen, garden, nursery, that sort thing each month. Some stay in certain jobs all time. You and I currently one of the wolves that have shifting jobs. I'm trying to get in as an apprentice with the healer. Marshal rarely takes on new healers," I nodded as she talks. She sees me my eyes drubbing as she talks. I see I'm losing you, so I'll let you sleep," she gave me a light hug and left. I stripped naked and crawl into my bed. I pray tomorrow will be easier.

The next day I had become a burrito wrapped up in blankets. I refuse after exams and traveling home to be removed from my burrito blanket. The morning came with a screeching noise outside my window. My brother stood with microphone blaring at my name wearing nothing, but boy shorts. Staying up to two last night didn't seem the best option right now. I look over at my alarm clock. Six o'clock the time read. I'm going to kill him. Who the fuck embarrasses their sister this bad? I open the window. "Cut it out, "I screamed.

"In five minutes and be in the training room," he said through the microphone with a smirk. I flick him off and close the window shut.

Nothing is more fun than having glares as I make my exit towards the dormitory. I had thrown on a tank top, baggie shorts, sneakers, and half attempt of a bun. "What the hell Sam," I said spreading my hands out in front me.

" I had to make sure you were up and I can't enter the dorm," he replied as if it's no big deal.

I give him a what the fuck look. "You could have told me a time to be there instead of embarrassing me like that," I snapped.

"Where's the fun in that," he asked. This is the future Alpha? This pack is fucked.

Smack, Smack, Smack

My body slams into the mat repeatedly by Sam. Bruises formed all over my body as I keep constantly hitting the mat. "Come on, Spence. Are you even trying? Did you keep up on your training," Sam asked hasn't broken a sweat.

"Yes, let me put training in combat between volunteer internship, work, and class course work, "I snapped.

I stood up feeling my legs wiggle from the constant smackdown. I lean over resting my head on my knees. I'm gonna need an MRI to see internal injuries if he keeps this up. "Okay, you come at me this time and I will only defend," he encourages giving me his hand.

I took his hand and slowly standing up. I rest my hand on his shoulder feeling I'm about to clamps on my own. "Is this revenge of me throwing you the mat as a kid," I huff struggling to breathe.

"I'll take over," my mom instructed sliding out the shadow off the room.

We are in a large room with mats on the floor and some weight equipment up against the side of the room. The walls are bare as the sun shines through the old dusty blinds. Sam and I had open a few windows to feel we can breathe training in here. It's an old training room that doesn't get much use anymore. Sam said in the summer months most the pack trains outside on the fields. The place he looks he wishes to be. "Sam, you're dismissed," mom said. Sam gave a relief look and saluted me as he left. He didn't need to be told twice.

"Glad to see I'm not a nuisance," I said with sarcasm.

My mom throws an old wooden staff at me. I caught it with ease. I shock myself about how my body caught the staff with ease. The one she hands me wasn't my old one. Maybe because I had burned mine the last night before I left for boarding school. I flipped it around I could see small nudges on the side. There are a couple of tidy nudges on the side. I realize this had been dad's staff he had a train with me. "Why are there nudges," I asked. They hadn't been there before I left for school.

"Each day you were gone. He started the summer you left and he continues every day until it hit your second anniversary being gone is when he finally gave up," she explained with bitter in her voice. My heart dropped as I looked at the staff. I didn't realize how much he anticipated for me to return. Back then I thought my family would get used to me being gone. Clearly, dad wanted me back more then I had thought.

Nine Years Earlier

My steps could be heard echoing in the training room. I stomp my feet piss off I lost another match with a recently shifted wolf. This marks the sixth one to be shifted for my age group. Each one that shifts puts me more on edge. I hadn't shifted yet and each wolf that comes into puberty makes it looks like my wolf is weaker. I didn't want a weak wolf and everyone knows the weaker wolves shift last. Dad orders me into the training room for one of his talks of encouragement. I think pulling me off the last kid as I punch in their face could be the reason for this talk.

I went straight for the punching bag to continue to vent out my anger.

"Center stage, Spencer," my dad growled coming into the room. I turned and saw silver eyes gleaming in the shadow of the room.

"Dad, what's the deal," I latch out.

"Center stage, Princess, "my dad's eye flash silver fully now. Shit, okay. He's serious. I move to the middle of the mat as he instructed. He held something behind his back. He shows me what he held behind him. It five-foot wood pole about two inches thick. "I will be on defense. Now, come at me," he gives come out me gesture as he enters the circle on the mat. I flew forward knowing my dad's weakness. I jump high as to come into a fake high kick. I go low ready to take out his footing. He slams the pole on to my foot and I stumble to his feet. Shit, that hurt. He puts the end of the staff in front of my face. "Again," he orders.

I took my stance in the center of the mat. My dad had a blind spot on his right shoulder. I go for high knee kick and he easily throws my knees down and I growl as I slam into his legs. The wooden staff came down hard on my back. I scream for the pain. "Right, now Spencer you're still human until your wolf comes in. So, you'll fight human not as an animal," he hisses.

Standing up my back screams at me from the spot he hit. I lean over on my knees trying to relieve my back from my pain. "Catch," he barks out as a wooden staff fly at me. I let out a hiss of air and my back screams as I stood up too quickly. This staff is the same, but it is about three and a half tall coming to my shoulder. "Any match you do against a shifted wolf with be with this. You'll only go hand to hand combat against those who are human your age. You won't pick any recently shifted wolves anymore to declare your dominance, Princess. You know the disadvantage of recently shifted wolves. I raise you better than picking out others' weaknesses to benefit you. This is not what Alphas do," he snarled. I nodded knowing the conquest of arguing about the staff. I didn't want to train with the stupid thing and make me stand out more from my peers.

"Why is no one else being trained with the staff," I asked why he would outcast me.

"No, one else is being trained to be alpha. This is another tool for you use to defend your pack then fists, or wolf," he replied. "Let's begin."

Current Day

I held up dad's staff has been shortening for my small height. It came little above my shoulder with cravings represent our pack's symbol. With all the tidy nudges down the staff. It all details and sealed to protect the wood. "I didn't know he had missed me so much," I suggested running my head down the indents. "Did you guys know even back then I wouldn't shift," I asked looking up through my eyelashes.

"No, we didn't. The staff wasn't given to you out of pity or weakness Spencer. The Bo Staff is a traditional fighting tool from my pack when we didn't take wolf form. It's a pack tradition I taught your dad and we hope to pass down to you and Sam. Sam never took a liking to it. When you train and fight with it, it like an extension of you. Spencer watching you fight with it reminds me of my pack and I could see the talent you have come from them. You can't shift, but pack skills are still bedded into your DNA," she spoke holding up a staff of her own.

"Why didn't you ever told me, "I asked feeling I wouldn't have burned my staff if I knew the importance of the staff.

"Your mind had been to consume figure out where your wolf is. You have a clearer head now to learn this time the importance of pack traditions. Are you ready to begin," she asked.

Mom is disconnected from her pack and her parents. Fairly common for Luna to disconnect from her former pack to give her new pack all her attention. I have an actual skill from her pack. I look at the staff in my hand with a new outlook. This staff they gave me was supposed to teach me more connected with the pack not to outcast me. I grip it in my hand and feel the worn in grip marks where my dad held it. "Let's begin," I declared taking my stance.

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