The House of The Alpha

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A Part of Something

Chapter 9

The wolves took off down the hill. I march back to the dormitory thinking how am I convince anyone to help me. Maybe Sam may know few people who are willing to help me or Kate may know too. I walk back into the Pond and saw few girls giggling looking at the window. "What's so funny," I ask after pure curiosity.

Lissa looks up from the window at me. There's a poor pup who is crushing on Annabelle HARD," she explains. "His shifted only a few years ago and keeps trying to convince Annabelle to be his mate. He luring her outside with sign asking her on a date. It's so cute and robbing the cradle a little at the same time." I walked over and see Annabelle blonde's Shirley Temple curls bounce. I see her bright red cheeks from here. By her stance, she seemed she's in an awkward situation.

"I kinda feel sorry for the guy," I blurted outputting my training bag on the table.

"Ouch, are those new bruises," Kate asked coming out of the bathroom. I pulled off my long sleeve under armor. I did an hour of training with mom today. Once I think I'm getting better mom comes by and proves me wrong all over again.

"It's cool your mom is training with you," Molly said from the couch watching old MTV Music Videos. "My mom only wants to lecture to me about finding a mate and having pups. Like please, mom I have my entire life for that. I want to be free," she stretches out her arms to incentivize her point.

"Did you miss where my parents' tried to mate me off to another pack," I joked taking a big gulp of my water.

"Yeah, good point. I had already forgotten about that. A few of the elders were bent out a shape when you gave that speech in front of the pack, "Molly pointed out.

"I could care less about the Elders. My parents are cool about it now. No, mate for me," I declared.

"What about parties," asked Lissa finally taking her eyes away from the window.

"I miss them," I declared. "I use to go to them all the time at school, "I respond.

"Friday, there's a bomb fire out by the old train tracks. Do you want to come with us? We usually go as a group. Coming home though is a whole other story," Lissa snickered at the thought. They're invited to a group activity? Are they finally starting to accept me?

"How late? I only asked because I have requirements this weekend to paint one the rooms for the care center," I asked.

"They're making you work there on weekends too," asked Kate looking mouthful.

"No, I asked Sarah if we look into painted the kids' rooms to be more colorful. I have a few ideas for each room. She said it's possible to do it over a few weekends. Alpha approved and would get us the supplies, but she said I'm encharged of the project. That had never been my plan. I don't know who be available to help and Alpha only agree to it if I started this weekend," I explained. Dad is very excited about me taking charge of something pack related. I really want to go to this bomb fire. Staying out late Friday and waking up for a full day of work with no help didn't seem exciting.

"Why didn't you asked us for help," asked Molly. I looked at her mouthful. I didn't even think they even concerned.

"I didn't think you guys would be interested," I confess.

"Never heard the term not be afraid to ask for help," Lissa asked. I've learned over the last few weeks. Lissa is the unofficial leader of this unit. Get on her good side she's can be best friends, get on her bad side she'll crawl my eyes out.

"Okay. Are you free to help me this weekend to do the baby's room," I asked? No one said anything but looked quietly around at each other as if there's some unspoken thing. There's the thing I could never be apart of. I knew they are linking with one another. They did it out of habit and are unaware I'm not taking part or maybe they did it on purpose.

"Sorry Spence, I'm busy with my apprenticeship," Kate gave a sympathetic look. I knew she would be busy.

"It's okay," I said gather my water bottle and training bag.

"If you come to the bomb fire, I'll help, "said Lissa. "Besides my cousin, Tucker won't stop talking about you. He has a little crush on you," Lissa snickered. Tucker one the five-year-olds, I've been watching this week. He brought me a flower almost every morning. The boy is a charmer.

"You will. Yeah, I can stop by for a little bit," I said.

"No, you will come with us and be there until we're too shitface to know if you're there or not. That's my deal," Lissa demand.

I eye her noticing her challenge.

"I hope you have a large stock of coffee because you'll need it Saturday morning," I retorted.

The door from the hallway flew open and in came Annabelle in a huff. "He set up a dinner date with his parents," she whins. The girls laugh at her. The laughter easy the tension.

" Anna, we are helping out paint one of the rooms at the Care Center on Saturday and Sunday. If you're free we could use your help", Lissa said pushing her long hair out of her face.

Friday came and Kate is walking with me to dinner. I'm finally alone with her to ask her what change with the unit. In the last few days, each girl seems to talk to me a little bit more and more. They are mostly curious about what college is like, how's dating different from wolves, how do they mate, or how do humans party. I've explained my college years to them. They were baffled I had a human boyfriend at one point.

"What change the unit's mind about me," I blurted as we walk towards the lodge.

"I think Lissa's mind change because of her cousin Tucker likes you. I think she sees if Tucker can trust you, maybe she can give you a shot," she replied.

"That's exactly what happened with Sophia. She's a little girl I watch this week and her mom says Sophia loves to talk about me. That's why I'm eating with their family tonight. Man, maybe mom is right connecting with kids. This might be how I connect with the pack.

"People trust little kids. Because kids are blunt and they can be little shit in the exam room. "Kate mumble the last bit.

I wave bye to Kate and I found Carman and Sophia. The tall dark complexed man must be Carmen's husband. Sophia shouted my name half away across the room full of people. "Spencer, "she cried out waving her hands dramatically trying to catch my attention.

"Looks like you have a fan," said a smooth voice beside me. I jumped to the side, not excepting someone. I look astonished at Leo staring at me with delight. I hadn't seen him at all since the night Sam yelled at me in front of Leo.

"Huh, yeah. Her mom invited me to have dinner with their family," I explain seeing Sophia being hush by her mom.

"Do you mind if I join you," he asked.

"What,"I asked looking back at Leo as if I didn't hear him right.

"Can I join for dinner," he asked politely. The only thought I could process is why?

"Why would you want to, "I asked little harsher then I intended.

"To get to know you better. I transfer here the year you left. I didn't get the chance to know you," he replied. Now, I felted guilty.

"If you want to," I said slapping myself mentally. Why am I being so rude to him? A huge part of me didn't want him here. He nodded and he follows me to dinner.

Dinner went good because a five-year-old had been one leading the conversation and awkward tension isn't a thing that exists in her world yet. Carmen and Mike, Carmen's mate were polite to ask me what study in college. We didn't get much more talking in because Sopha wanted to be talked about pirates and didn't want me to go do a different job on Monday. She's sad about me leaving to work a different shift job. I told her I visit her from time to time and she's always free to sit with me at dinner if she misses me. Leo had been polite at dinner. He listens and asks Sophia pirate-related questions she loved to answer.

Leo insisted walking me back to the dormitory because he said he didn't get much time to actually talk to me. We were halfway back and the awkward tension is back. "What pack are you originally from," I asked. I'm desperate to fill in the silent void.

"Shellsberry. It's by the northwest coast," he answered.

"You grew up by the coast. I'm jealous, I uttered.

"The coast is about over hour away. We would sometimes do small groups runs on the beach," he replied.

"That's where I want to live is near the beach. A group of friends of mine is going to be renting a house outside of New Orleans. I'll be moving down there next spring," I said. I notice Leo suddenly stopped walking. I turned around to see him look stunned with a mix of something else. "Did I say something," I asked confuse about his expression.

"You're not staying, " he asked with a hint of what sounded like a disappointment.

"Only for this year. I don't really feel part of the pack or see the pack being part of my future. I feel more comfortable with humans, I replied honestly.

"Your brother made it sound you're trying to be apart of the pack again. Was that true," he asked looking for an unknown answer from me.

"Um, it's complicated. That's family business. No, offense I don't feel comfortable talking to you about it," I replied.

"I understand," he said sounding hurt.

" Did I say something wrong, "I asked noticing he seems more distant from me. Leo is nice. I am curious to get to know him better.

"No, you did nothing wrong. I got the wrong impression. I-I need to go," he insisted.

"Oh, okay. Are you going to the bomb fire later, "I asked hoping to see a familiar face.

"You're going to that," he asked in surprise.

"Um, yeah, My unit is going and it's the first time they invited me to something with the group. They said if I come, they'll help me paint the care center," I answered.

"Why are you painting the care center," he asked to seem to be generally curious.

"I've been helping out there the last couple of weeks. The rooms are bland and we are decorating something at kids' level for them to enjoy," I replied.

"I bet Sophia would enjoy that," he smiled little.

"Yeah, I'm planning something big for her room," I agreed. I thought of Lissa's comment about it never hurts to ask for help. "Would you want to help," I asked unsure of what Leo would say.

"You really want my help," he asked in surprise.

"Yeah, if you're not busy. We are gonna start painting around four if you're interested," I said.

"I'll be there. Do you need any more hands? It sounds like a project," he said.

"You know anyone who would want to help," I asked astonished. "That would be amazing. I've been trying to get all the help I can get. This weekend and the next two. We have to get it done under Alpha's order," I said.

"Then put my name down on the list for those weekends," he said.

"Oh, thank you very much, Leo. Please tell me you will be there tonight's bomb fire," I ask with pleading hands up to him. He chuckled at my gesture.

"Yeah, maybe I'll stop by if the pups are behaving. Be careful down there. It can get crazy at times. Warriors have had to break up fights down there more than enough times," he explained.

"Great, so there's a good chance I'll see you, "I replied. I'm glad to see another familiar face.

"Maybe," he said.

Possibly have a chapter out this weekend or by early next week. It's about to get spicy.


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