The House of The Alpha

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This is My Fight

Chapter 9

My hair looked like a bird's nest. The bird's nest had been my attempt for a messy bun. I pulled out the bun and recomb my hair. I decided to go with my signature look. A loose big fresh braids. The braids stopped mid shoulder blade. I inherited my love for long hair from my mom. I wore ripped jeans with hiking boots. The ground is rough terrain and no cute boots would survive the hike. I put on a loose white tank with a heavy off the shoulders gray sweater. Yep, I'm unsure how to dress for pack's bonfire. I never went to one without my parents. This bonfire wasn't family-friendly.

I took a breath and look around to see if I'm missing anything. The boxes from college were piled high to opposite wall off the bed creating a very narrow path from the window to the door. I've still haven't found free time or energy to unpack. My mind feels conflicted about unpacking when it knows I'm only here for a little awhile.

The unit heads down the trail to the old train tracks. The trains were taken out in the 1940s. The old railroad bridge that crosses a deep riven still stood today. That's the location of the bomb fire. The girls' joke about catching a few males' attention. "How are you feeling about the heat is coming up," asked Annabelle.

"I think I'll be taking a male this year," responded Molly smirking. It felt odd to hear them talk about being in heat. Females go into heat generally twice a year. The would go a few days with high intense sexual drives. Mated or not a female could become pregnant during this time. Unmated pregnancy wasn't a huge deal. The packs always enjoy each life brought into this world. Wolves struggle to conceive children because a female could only conceive a child twice a year at the most. It's rare for one to happen outside of heat. I had been one of those rare pregnancies.

Females are still warned about unprotected sexes that could result in a pregnancy. When females start hit shifting age, this all taught to us. I remember the lectures and never took it seriously. Being at school it never dawned on me I could have gone into heat. Mom hinted at it a few times over the phone, but I thought she was talking about unprotected sex. It never occurs to me, I could have gone into heat at school. Well, I guess that proves I'm not having pups because I can't go into heat.

"What about pups," asked Kate looking concern.

"It's my body and I want to feel my urges fill this year. I can't handle only morphine and the ice for the only coping strategies anymore. I need some, dick" she declared.

I smirked at her answered. Night has fallen and I'm having some trouble finding my footing. All other girls had their lovely wolf vision and I'm over trying not to trip in the dark. Why didn't I bring a flashlight? I'm an idiot. I didn't even think about I wouldn't be able to see.

"Do you go into heat, Spence," ask Lissa.

"Nope. I'm pretty much human through and through. The only thing I seem inherited I'm faster runner then average twenty-something girl, "I replied. I'm struggling not to fall on my face flying down the hill. Kate takes my arm and guides me. "Thanks," I mumble. Her help felt like a stab to my ego as the human who needed help among wolves.

"No, prob," she answered.

"Interesting. Did your parents know that when they set up the mate bond with the Elmsberry Pack, " asked Lissa.

"No, and I don't care if they do or not. The mate bond wasn't based on if I could conceive pups but on my skills. I've developed from school to help the new Alpha when he took his new position," I explain with a sharp edge to my voice. My parents didn't raise me to be a pup breeder. They raise me women with useable skills to help benefit the pack.

"What skills can humans provide," she asked sounding unimpressed.

"Tons! We are taught communications. Best to deliver a speech. Psychology is getting inside the mind and learning a way to manipulate a group for better or worse. Sports can be used fighting strategies that can be similar to fighting plans for a pack's flight. Engineering for creating the most sound buildings or structures. It's limitless on what you can learn from school. It's all base on what career the individual is striving for. I took the environment habitat as my major. A habitat is a delicate balance of shelter, food, and water. So many animals habitat relays on other animals' survival habits. I study what happens with certain animal needs aren't met and how it affects other habits," I responded. I didn't know if I should be impressed by what I said or dumb how I sounded.

"All those skills make you high market mate in the human world," she asked.

"Depends on the guy and what he wants. It can impress a human guy. Education isn't about looking good to a potential mate, but better oneself to give yourself a better life," I replied.

"So, is that what you wish to give yourself a better life then what you had here," Lissa challenge. The group's side conversations died down and I hear everyone anticipating what my answer will be. Lissa's questions felt like a double edge sword.

"For a human in pack life isn't ideal. I would do better with humans than with wolves," I said honestly.

"Didn't you say could make a good mate for soon be alpha? "Lissa responds.

"Those are my dad's thoughts. Not mine," I declared.

An orange flicker over the next hill gave me relief from Lissa's questions. I get she's only speaking what everyone is thinking. I knew they didn't understand and they would never understand because they are at home within the pack. I felt I'm only visiting.

Kate stood beside me as we maneuver around the groups of wolves. From fourteen-year-olds to early thirty-year-olds are the ages attending the bonfire. Similar age groups stay together around the several bonfires lighting up the night sky. Music boom from portable speakers with the latest country rock or whatever popular among the young werewolves. I cringe at the music knowing this stuff is horrible compare to what I use to listen to back in college.

A face stood out among the crowd. His face draws me into tunnel vision. Mason Thomas. A five o clock shadow covers his chin now and he stood a little more buff then when I had been fourteen. My heart started to pound watching the man's every move. He's laughing with a few girls. I look to the girls and their faces start to appear in my vision. Lily, Kelly, and Lauren all laugh at something Mason is saying. Mason's partner in crime leans over his shoulder pointing at something in the distance. They were my old crew. The friends I used to believe were gonna be the most loyal when I would become Alpha. They turn my life to be my hell on earth.

Mason's face went still and glance at the crowd as if he's looking for something. His eyes look to the faces around him looking for someone. His glance came this way and my heart slammed into my chest. His eyes found mine and widen. A slow sinister smile spread across his face as he eyes me up and down. I resist the urge to cross my arms to show I'm in a defense mood. I focus to keep my arms down not letting him know I'm not threatened by his glances. He says something to the others and points in my direction. All their faces find mine. I get a mixture of amusement and disgust from each. Kelly didn't bother hiding her disgust look as she looks my way. She whispers something and groups laugh looking back at me. I didn't hear what she said. I knew it along the lines of making fun of me. I knew this moment would eventually happen.

"Will you hold my drink," I ask Kate standing by me.

"Sure, is everything okay," she asked seeing my concerned look.

"Yeah, I have someone I need to talk to," I said. She eyes behind me and sees Mason's group.

"Stay away from them Speace," she hisses.

"I'm going to say hi. It'll be fine, "I replied playing off her warning.

I hand her my drink and she mouths, "be careful". I nodded and I walk toward Mason's group all standing waiting for me to approach.

"Princess, it's nice to see you," said Mason eye me up and down. He eyes like a predator eyeing its prey.

"Likewise," I replied. "Haven't seen you all for some time," I answered looking at every one of them.

"Nice declaration you made in front the pack," said Logan referring to me denying my dad's arrange mate bond.

"I'm not looking for a mate, currently," I said.

"Too bad," said Mason.

"Your brother has been eyeing Lily for some time lately. She might be your future sister-in-law," Kelly snickered. I burst out loud leaning over my knees. My brother is the furthest from suddenly down than any male I know. I look up and see Lily and Kelly aren't amused.

"Oh, you're serious," I said wiping my tears. "Sam is living his best bachelor life. You must be reading him all wrong," I urged. Lily's eyes flame silver walking towards me.

"You better shut your trap, stud."Lily snapped.

I didn't step back or felt afraid of her warning. I baffled she believe my brother thought of her other than something to screw. She is this stupid to know he's playing here. "He slept with a girl across the hall from me last week. Girl, he isn't into you," I declared giving her a pity look. A growl escapes her mouth and she presses forward. Mason jumped in front of me.

"Lily get a grip. She's right. Sam isn't looking to mate right now," he urges with tad sympathy in his voice. Lily growls only thickens as she glares at me over Mason's shoulder. I'm surprised Mason in for my defense, but wasn't entirely sure what his reasoning.

"Move," Lily barks at Mason trying to jump at with her claws extending. Mason tackles her to the ground and Logan jumps in to help Mason.

"Get out of here, Stud," Mason snarls struggling to hold Lily down. She is one of the best female warriors of her age.

Every one around else stood starring at me. I could hear the word stud be whispered around me. Stud is a wolf who can't shift. Dad would punish anyone who would call me that when I had been fourteen. I didn't know what to do. I knew walking away would be a weakness to those around me. A normal wolf would fight. They expect me to walk away because I'm human. I turn and head towards the dark woods hearing chuckles behind me.

A low branch caught my eye. I swift gears and I look at the branch. I ran and jump grabbing the branch. The branch broke off with ease. The branch is roughly the same side as my staff. I had forgotten my staff back in my room. My mom had declared I take my staff everywhere for my protection. She said the staff is my teeth and claws in a fight. I refuse to take the staff because it's another reason for me to stand out. I could still hear Lily fighting Mason and Logan. She started to shift into her wolf form. Mason growls warnings at me to leave. I ignored him as I snap off small tweaks from the side of the branch. I held the branch in front of me and took a fighting stance.

That's when I heard the silence. Everyone at bonfire grew silent. The laughing and stud names vanish as everyone watching the stud taking a fighting stance. "Let her go," I ordered in a rough voice.

Mason and Logan let her go or she escape. Either way she launches at me and ready to attack. She flies towards me like a typhoon. She bares her teeth diving towards me. I launch ready to meet her attack with a growl of my own.

A wolf flies to Lily's side tackling her to the ground. A body slams into me pushing me into the ground. We roll and come to a halt. The person who tackled me holds me down. Man, they weren't light. "Get off," I yelled as I lay in the dirt. The branch digs into my chest from the pressure of the person. I hear growls and scuffles taking place beside me where Lily went down. It only lasts for a few seconds when wolf that attacks Lily had her neck in their teeth. It didn't take me long to recognize my brother's wolf. Lily whimper and went limp.

"Give me the stick," a voice vibrates above me. I look up and see blazing silver eyes stare dangerously down at me.

"Get off me," I yelled not giving a fuck what they said.

"Stick first," the voice said little calmer.

"I can't. You're pushing it into my chest. You need to get off first," I hiss trying to breathe. The person slowly gets off and pulls me up by the hand. I finally had enough light from the fire to see a pissed of Leo. I went to my feet holding the branch to me as I rise. I blew out heavy sigh blowing off steam. I'm pissed. He interrupted my fight. What the fuck? I threw the branch to his feet. "There's your fucking stick you wanted so bad," I hiss and turn on my heels. Now, I'm leaving. I only got a few steps when a firm hand grabs me arm. I look up and see Leo. He doesn't stop moving and leans me into the forest. "Let go," I barked out.

"No," he barks back.

That's what we do for a few minutes. Each time I yell, scream, or order, he tells me no. I'm sure everyone at the bonfire could hear our argument. The torches finally appear in front of us lighting up the path around the pack buildings. He finally let's go and starts to storm off back into the dark forest.

"Why did you do that," I demanded. Leo stopped. His back tenses and his fists clutch to his side. He whips around and flying towards me I barely saw him coming. He comes face to face to me. I feel his breath of my face as stood inches from me.

"You nearly had been killed," he snapped.

"Not matter. It's my choice," I snapped back.

"You can't take a wolf," he declared.

"I don't give a fuck. I have every right to fight her. I know the pack rules. You and my brother were outlined,"I snarled.

"I'm outlined? You're human. Spencer, not wolf," he growled.

I step nose to nose with him. My noise only came up to his collar bone, so I had to step back to see his eye. Now, I felt like an idiot. "I know that. I've been trained to protect myself Leonard, "I explained.

"I'm not doing this with you. You can't be picking fights with wolves," his eyes soften.

"I need to do this. I need to play by wolf rules. I need to prove to them I'm not weak," I whisper out loud. I didn't expect that to come out.

"You're anything, but weak, Spencer. You need to be more careful," he responds.

"I'm not stepping down from this. They will not tear me down again," I yelled back with tears in my eyes. I didn't realize this fight with Lily was more than her thinking she'll be Sam's mate. Leo pulled me into a bear hug holding me tight to his body.

"Princess, I will never let them tear you down again," he whispers in my ear. I didn't know if he meant what had happened with Lily. It sounded his speaking of the day I dreaded deeply.

Next, chapter will be spicey. I realize I needed this chapter for what comes next. Love to hear theories what you think is going to come next. Thank you all you add this to your reading list. Currently, starting to write Chapter 10 next and have it out in a few days.


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