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I vowed that my friends' sacrifices shall not be a waste to haste. I promised myself that I will keep on living to complete the mission assigned to me. But I never signed up to become a warrior.

Fantasy / Adventure
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The white clouds turned gray as quickly as my steps brought me away from the collapsing building of my school.

My eyes focused to nothing but the pathway ahead of me. The shouts and screams of agony and fear belonging to my classmates rung in my ears.

As I run, dust and debris were everywhere but I paid no heed.

No matter what, I decided to keep on running.

The muscles start to burn up but still did I not stop.

When the paths went to a dead end, I slowed down my steps glancing to every alternative pathways that I could take to escape from this horrible mess and find help in any way possible.

A familiar dot of red laser on the ground caught my eyes as I traced back the source. My steps stopped to see the three remaining classmates of mine grinning tiredly at me.

Ernest, the one holding the laser waved enthusiastically at me -- as he always does.
Quanne gave me a firm smile, as if telling me that he has confidence in me in this mission.
Meanwhile, my best friend, Mia nodded firmly at me -- as if telling me to continue on without worrying about her.

I smiled my widest at them as I followed the alternative way to the shattering pond with the laser as my guide.
Before I jumped into the muddy water, I gave my friends a last glance.

With a heavy heart, I dove into the water with a muddy splash.

My vision was dark and I saw nothing but mere darkness.

For a moment, I thought that our theory was a mistake -- my escape was useless and their sacrifice must have been a waste.

But the hand taking me into safe care proved otherwise.

Chance of survival : 50%.

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