Light Beckons: Book Three

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Things are not what they seem as Kat Vega struggles with her growing gifts, powers shifting, and John closing in on her. Kat has to, once again, gain her freedom back and right the wrong her gifts have caused. Only this time the fight to freedom may be more than she bargained for. As Kat begins her endeavor to regain herself, she must deal with what can be lost and what stands to be gained as she becomes part of the resistance. With Dickson and her friends by her side, Kat learns that she has more than John to worry about this time around. Control of the Shadowlands is up for grabs, and alliances will only last for so long. Sacrifices will need to be made, and not everyone will survive when the light beckons.

Fantasy / Romance
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According to my mother, life is a series of fires that either need to be extinguished or fed. They create changes—transformations in us, in the ones we love, and the others that we meet along the way. These fires are all different; some of which can surprise us (in both good and bad ways), some can shape us, and some try to break us.

For instance, one day, you can be surrounded by loved ones, free and open to new possibilities. The next day, everything can be taken from you; your family, your freedom, and your very will to be can be held against you. Then—well and then, just as suddenly, hope rises from an ember, slowly flickering then growing into ablaze.

However, fire does not burn forever; it slowly diminishes and dims until—eventually, it leaves nothing but ashes.

I think it was Friedrich Nietzsche that said, “you must be ready to burn yourself in your own flame;
how could you rise anew if you have not first become ashes?”

Well, I have most definitely burned myself with my own flame by allowing myself to be taken over by the light or the power that it contains. The problem is—for it had always been the problem—how do you rise anew from ashes when those ashes have been lost to the wind and all those who held you to the earth have gone with them?

I’m sure Nietzsche would have something to say about that (for that matter, my mother would have a lot more to say—but we are not going to discuss either at this time). Regardless of whose words of wisdom may be relevant, I am going to pass—I am tired of relying on others for advice and help. It is time for me to solve my own problems. It is time for me to brush off those ashes, rise anew, and kick some ass.

Kat Vega is now gone.

Long live the tigress that she has become.

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