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Chris's life is about to be turned upside down when he gets a letter on his birthday telling him to report to st. Clarica's house of will. He will receive his great grandfathers fortune. All he has to do to gain this fortune is to stay one month in his deceased great grandfathers manor in the middle of nowhere with no surroundings. it should be easy is what Chris thought, but he never expected whats lurking in the woods.... and its not bears.

Fantasy / Adventure
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I must hurry if am going to make it in time. Thought Jackson. There, now all it needs is a signature.


Your great grandpa Jack

Jackson reaches for the wax and the wax seal stamp. Placing some of the wax glue on the envelope he stamps the wax seal stamp into the dark blue, but not navy blue, wax. As Jackson removes the seal stamp, revealing the family icon of a circle with a dragon head surrounded by 7 daggers.

Jackson hears a loud roar out in the distant hill side. I’ve got to hurry, they’re getting impatient. Thought Jackson as he wrote out who the letter was too. He then rushed down the stairs to the kitchen. Placing the letter inside a box Jackson closes and tapes it shut.

Another roar that is closer and more enraged rips through the silence of Jackson’s manor.

Picking up the pace Jackson starts writing down the address to the building that is to take care of his will. Rushing out the door Jackson grabs his blue scale designed jacket, it’s a loose fit with thin comfortable fabric.

Throwing on the jacket Jackson rushes out the door and pulls it shut until he hears the click of the lock. With the box in one hand and his keys in the other Jackson dashes to his car.

Jackson jumps into his car and places the box on the passenger seat. At the start of the car Jackson hears a roar that drowns out the sound of the engine. I must get the box to the end of the road. Quickly Jackson turns left onto his long 7-mile driveway.

As Jackson passes by his manor he glances at It for the last time. His eyes quickly focus on the trees in the distant background as trees begin to fall on an obvious path toward the road.

Slamming his foot on the gas pedal Jackson thinks. I’m not going to make it in time.


Jackson's body was found 25 feet away from his car after he swerved off Jack’s rd. going 156 miles per hour. The first 2 police officers on the scene called for backup at 2:35 A.M. on May 6th, 1997. Their bodies were never found. The 2nd pair of police officers to report to the scene recovered a box that was in Jackson’s car. The box was removed from evidence on 1998 august 17th and placed in a mail office to be delivered to the St. Clarica’s house of will. A company that handled the legal matter of people’s will’s after they have perished.

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