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Chapter 1

Chapter 1:


Oh no, it’s morning already. Thought Chris Jackson Hill.

leaping out of bed Chris walks over to grab a shirt from his basket. Pulling out a red t-shirt with the Nike icon in the top right and Throwing it on. Chris then pulls a pair of jeans out of his dresser drawer and puts them on. As he begins putting on his second sock, he hears his mother yell “CJ, breakfast is ready.”

It better not be waffles again. Thought Chris as he began to tighten his belt. “Coming.” Chris yelled back.

Before Chris went downstairs, he crossed February 1st, 2018 off his calendar. Todays the 2nd, my birthday thought Chris. Today was Chris’s 18th birthday.

Chris walked up to the table and sat down. Ugh waffles again. “Where’s Bill” asked Chris.

“He’s getting the mail, orange juice?” asked his mother.

“Yes.” responded Chris.

Creeeeak. CLUNK. Chris’s mom’s boyfriend walked in the door. “morning”

“Morning Bill.” said Chris

“Morning Bill.” said Chris’s mom

Placing a small pile of letters on the counter, Bill walks over to pour his coffee.

Chris’s mom walks over to the table from the kitchen and places the orange juice on the table. Then she turns around grabs the letters and hands them to her son as he sits down. “sort through them, please.” Asked Chris’s Mother “I have to go get the waffles and plates.”

“Sure” answered Chris as he grabbed the letters from his mother’s hands. Sifting and sorting through them Chris begins to read them aloud. “2 bills for Bill L Smith, two letters for Carolyn F Hill, and… one for the Hill family.”

“Who’s it from.” asked Carolyn in a puzzled tone.

“… it says it’s from… St. Clarica’s house of will.” Responded Chris in an even more puzzled tone.

“Well, read it boy” commanded Chris’s non-biological father Bill

Ripping open the letter that was in an odd tannish envelope with a piece of tape holding it shut. Pulling out the hand-written letter that looked as if it was written by an old penman in cursive.

Clearing his throat, Chris began to read the message aloud.

Dear the living Hill family

The St. Clarica’s House of Will requests your immediate presence at St. Clarica’s House of Will. We are to discuss important matters belonging to the Will of Jackson William Hill. The will places us in a tight spot, but with Christopher Jackman Hill’s death and Charles Alex Hill’s death the next in line for Jackson William Hill’s will would be Chris Jackson Hill. We are aware of his age restrictions which is why we waited until his age reached 18. If you are unable to show any visible presence before the date of February second than all matters regarding Jackson William Hill’s will are to be voided.


St. Clarica’s House of Will

“Strange. Not worth it you and I have to fix my car today Chris” stated Bill, in an all to happy tone for Chris’s liking.

“The will, will be voided if we do not act today” acknowledged Carolyn.

“So, who needs some stupid will from a great grandpa… it’s probably some stupid coin from the 1900’s that’s only worth 20 or so dollars.” Pointed out Bill

“But I want to go.” said Chris in a slightly desperate way


“Listen, Bill, sweetie, there is a chance that it could be a coin that’s only worth about 20 dollars… but it could also be a large amount of money so that we don’t have to support Chris anymore.” Explained Carolyn. “We could clear out his room and make a home theater.” Persuades Carolyn.

“What if it’s just a waste of time and gas.” Complained Bill

“I’ll pay you back the money for the gas.” Responded Chris

“And how would you do that you don’t even have a job” demanded Bill.

“Well, if it’s not worth the trip, I’ll sell the whatever it is and give you the money” explained Chris.

“Fine…we’ll leave at noon.” states Bill as he begins to eat his 2 waffles.


After breakfast Chris rushed up stairs to take a shower. He entered his room on the right to grab a better change of clothes and to check the time. After 2-3 minutes of debating what to wear, Chris decided to wear blue jeans, and a light blue shirt that had a tommy Hilfiger logo on it. Checking the time as he hastily speeded out of his room. 9:34 A.M.

After Chris’s long 20-ish minute hot shower, he walks back down the stairs to answer the knocking door. Chris Opened the door to a strange man wearing an orange vest and holding a box the size of a small microwave.

“Is your dad around?” asks the strange man.

“My dad’s dead.” Chris replied in a tone that showed a small amount of anger.

“Oh, well I’m sorry to hear that… then is there a person named Bill Smith here?” replied the strange man.

“And what if there was?” asked Chris.

“Then I would have a delivery to give to him.” answered the possible delivery man in an increasingly angered tone.

“Well if there was a man named Bill Smith that lived at my mom’s boyfriends house than I might know of them.” Chris replies in an attempt to annoy the man even more.

“Enough jokes is there a man named Bill Smith that lives here or not.” Asked the delivery man in a very exasperated tone

“I’m not sure… Bill...Bill… Bill… maybe go check to see if this is the right address.” Answered Chris

The man exhaled sharply and turned around and walked back to his white van flustered, Chris closed the door and caught a glimpse of what was on the side of the van, We sell used car parts visit our website at

After sitting in his car for a minute or two, the man got out of his car and swiftly walked up to the house with an angered look.

Chris took a few steps away from the door and waited for the knocking.


Chris opened the door and asks, “how may I help you?”

“You know why I’m here.” says the man in an extremely annoyed way.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about…” states Chris as he glances at the box that the man is carrying. “… and I don’t want any girl scout cookies.”

“I’m not selling girl scout cookies… I am here to give this box, the one in my hand, to a man named Bill Smith.” Says the man through gritted teeth.

“OH… Bill. Ya. I know who you’re talking about.” Replied Chris.

“Good, here’s his delivery.” States the man as he thrusts the box towards Chris.

“Oh…wait you thought this was his house?” asked Chris with a slight grin on his face.

“This is his house; I checked the address twice.” said the man with an even more increased amount of annoyance.

“Hmmm… strange” Chris says smugly. “I’m not sure, try asking my mom’s boyfriend. He’s in the garage to your right.”

“Thank you.” says the man through more gritted teeth.

Closing the door and turning away Chris began to laugh as he walks up the stairs.


“You went the wrong way.” murmured Carolyn

“I did not.” responded Bill

“You did to, because this is French Creek road.” stated Carolyn

“Yes, and at the end of French Creek road you turn onto Davison’s road.” explained Bill

“French Creek road is a dead end.” argued Carolyn

“Just wait and see.” announced Bill

“Yeah, wait and see… see that I was right” mumbled Carolyn under her breath.

As the trio of people drove for 20-30 more minutes they pulled out onto Davison’s Road. Bill was looking as self-satisfied as ever.

“Mom who is Jackson hill.” asked Chris, hoping to break the tension.

"He is your great grandpa on your father’s side.” Replied Carolyn.

“Was he rich.” asked Chris in an increasingly interested way.

“I’m not sure… he was probably a recluse. I never met him.” Responded Carolyn. “come to think of it, your Father, Charles never talked about him. Except for the time I asked if he had a grandpa.”

“What did dad say when you asked about his grandpa.” Questioned Chris

“Just that he never really knew his grandpa and that he only knew that his name was Jackson. Oh, and that he lived in a house deep in the woods.” answered Carolyn.

Oh, great I’m going to receive a will from a creepy guy who spent his life alone in a spooky house somewhere deep in the woods thought Chris. I hope its money

So, then I could move out of Bill’s house… and maybe go back to high school.


After driving down 3 wrong roads, and many arguments between Bill and Carolyn, the trio of people made it to their destination. St. Clarica’s House of Will.

“We’re here.” announced Bill.

“Great we travelled for 2 hours on a 45-minute drive… you deserve a golden star.” said Carolyn in a sarcastic manner.

“Don’t start with me woman, I asked you and hour ago if you wanted to drive.” Shouted Bill

“DON’T EVER REFER TO ME AS WOMAN AGAIN.” shouted Carolyn in an increasingly agitated tone.

“CAN WE JUST GO IN.” Chris finally shouts from the back seat.

Both adults sheepishly murmured in agreeance as they all got out of the car. They began heading up the steps onto the large Victorian style house. The outside was a light beach sand color, but leaning more towards a yellow, with blackish shade colored roofing. There were 3 visible stories and what looked like an attic. On the window a painted sign read St. Clarica’s House of Will.

“Well this looks like the place.” mentioned Bill.

“Thanks captain obvious.” Retorted Carolyn in an annoyed way. Thankfully Bill ignored this comment.

Chris sped walked up in front of the two babbling adults and knocked on the door. There was some shuffling and the sound of a person walking towards the door. The soft creak of the door opened up to a woman that looked like she was in her mid-20’s.

“Can I help you.” she asked in a manner that didn’t sound rude or kind.

“Um, yes. This morning we received a letter about Jackson William Hill.” answered Chris.

“Oh yes, down the hall 2nd door on your right. Knock before entering.” said the lady charismatically as she held the door open for us.

Chris began walking down the hall with his parents following silently behind him. As he reached his destination, the 2nd door on the right, he stared at the red door with Dr. poleman written at eye level.

“Well knock.” acknowledged Carolyn charismatically

Chris knocked on the door once. Nothing but silence on the other side. As Chris reached up to knock a second time, he heard a raspy old man’s voice say “Come in.”

Pushing open the door delivered a loud creaking from the door. Inside there were tannish walls with bookshelves covered with files on both left and right. a man was sitting patiently behind his desk. A chair sitting in front of his desk and 2 more to the left and right of the door. Glancing at Dr. Poleman’s desk as he walked in, Chris saw a folder that said Jackson William Hill.

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