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Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

“Please take a seat” offered Dr. Poleman in a very polite tone.

Chris places himself at the front chair, the one directly in front of Dr. Poleman’s desk. Bill and Carolyn both sit in the 2 chairs by the door.

“You are here for Jackson’s will I presume” asked Dr. Poleman in a curious manner.

“Yes” answered Chris. “we got a letter in…” Chris started

“Yes, I know why else would you be here.” Interrupted Dr. Poleman.

“Ok let’s get into it” stated Poleman. “Are you 18” asked Poleman politely.


“Is your great grandfathers full name Jackson William Hill”


“In his will he states that his predecessor shall receive his house and his fortune. His son died, Correct?”

“Yes… I mean correct”

“Then the will was passed to his grand child, who also died. Correct?”


“Then Chris Jackson Hill, to receive Jacksons fortune… it says here that you must spend a month in his manor.”

“Where is the manor located?” Asked Chris is a curious manner.

“Down Jack’s rd.” responded Dr. Poleman. “We are aware of the fact that you do not have a car…” Inquired Poleman “… so we will have a taxi pick you up tomorrow.”

“What about our cut.” Muttered Bill under his breath angrily.

“Excuse me. What was that?” asked Poleman in a curious way.

“I said where’s the cut for the people who took care of the will receiver.” Announced Bill.

“The parental guardians are not anywhere in Jackson’s will.” Answered Poleman

“That’s bull, I drove up here for a will that was supposed to contain something valuable. I have taken care of Chris for 5 years. I brought him up here. And I demand some compensation.” Bill said in an increasingly louder tone as he stood up.

“ENOUGH THIS IS MY OFFICE… YOU WILL NOT TALK TO ME IN THAT TONE… leave my office so that I can continue reading out the will to Chris.” Shouted Dr. Poleman in a way that would have scared a bear.

Bill submissively walked out the door with a shocked look on his face.

“you to Carolyn, please.” Commanded Dr. Poleman in his usual kindness. As Carolyn stands to leave Dr. Poleman adds “and close the door please.”

“Now we can get some stuff done. Chris do you accept to move to Jackson’s manor for a month to receive his fortune.” Asks Poleman.

“Yes” said Chris unsurely.

“good, now leave, and tomorrow a cab will come and pick you up in the morning at around 4:30.” Stated Poleman with a smile.

Chris stands to leave and as he reaches for the door poleman says. “oh, and do stay safe, bears are the least of your worries in the forest around Jackson’s Manor… Have a good day”


“You’re not going, my car needs to much work.” Bill told Chris

“Do it yourself.” Responded Chris.

Everyone jolted forward as Bill slammed the breaks. “What did you just say.” Said Bill in an ominous tone.

“I said do it yourself.” Repeated Chris.

“You still have to repay me, so once you do that then you can go on your little trip to a crappy cottage at some little girl scout camp, but until then you will work for me.” pointed out Bill.

“Repay you for what?” asked Chris.

“for everything…” answered Bill. “…for living in my house, making me drive all the way here for nothing, and for BEING SO DAMN SNOTTY.” Shouted Bill.

“Me living with you came with you dating my mother, and I’m pretty sure I did not hold a gun to your head and tell you to drive. So, there for I did not force you to drive anywhere.” Retorted Chris.



In a lower but somehow angrier tone Bill says. “the day you tell the truth is the day I’ll stop dating your mother.”

“in that case, I’ll tell you a truth. you were a mistake because your family couldn’t afford and abortion.” Said Chris with a smug attitude.

Bill opened his mouth as if he was about to say something back, but he just turned around and started to drive.

After, the trio drove for 40 minutes in silence Bill stopped the car at the start of the road that lead to Bill’s house.

“get out” said Bill.

“What?” asked Chris in a shocked way.

“I SAID, GET OUT… walk home.” Yelled Bill.

“fine.” said Chris as he began to unbuckle. “I didn’t want to ride in this car with you anyway.” Stated Chris as he opened the car door and got out. Slamming the door Chris began walking. Soon after, Carolyn got out of the car and started walking next to Chris.

“Got room for one more.” Asked Carolyn.

Bill sped past them in a manner that showed how angry he was.

“After the month I’ll come back and get you, I’ll give you enough money to get your own house.” Said Chris.

“You don’t have to do that.” Answered Carolyn. “He’s not that bad when you’re not around.”

“You don’t have to lie to me just to make me feel better.” Retorted Chris.

“No really, it’s true. He… just isn’t good with kids.” Explained Carolyn.

“Yeah I noticed.” Retorted Chris.

“Me too.” Said Carolyn with a grin.

A few seconds of walking in silence later and Carolyn said. “Do you know how your dad died.”

“No… you would never tell me.” Answered Chris.

“He died in a plane crash. He was on a business trip to Hawaii, when I called him. I told him that I was in labor. He asked if he should come back. I told him no… that it would be fine. He wouldn’t listen, he just kept insisting on coming back to witness your birth.” A few moments of silence later and Carolyn continued her story. “The plane got hit by something in midair. The police think it was another smaller plane from Honolulu. The plane was never recovered and there were no survivors.” Said Carolyn as she finished her story.

“Wow. I always thought that he walked out, and you just didn’t tell me.” Stated Chris.

“… you thought of the least likely thing that your father would ever do.” Stated Carolyn. “but I didn’t tell you anything… I guess your mind just filled in the blanks.”

“Yeah, I guess it did.” Agreed Chris.

As the duo entered Bills property, they noticed that bill’s car wasn’t there. Though there was a Note stuck to the door.

Carolyn reaches for the note and reads it aloud.

I’ll be back later I went to the bar… I won’t get to drunk I swear. I went with a friend so if I’m too drunk I told him to take my keys, if I’m not back tomorrow it’s cause I drank too much. I just need to let off some steam.

“Strange, guess it’s just us for supper.” Pointed out Carolyn.

“Actually, it’s pretty late. I think I might head to bed.” Explained Chris.

“Are you sure I was planning on making meatball subs.”

“Well… I do like Meatball subs… But the taxi is supposed to come pick me up tomorrow at 4:30 A.M.”

“Holy crap that is early.”

“That’s what I said”

“What are you doing, go pack and go to sleep.”

“Consider me asleep.”

“After you pack, I’ll consider you asleep.”

“I’m going I’m going.”

Chris ran upstairs to pack for a month at a mysterious manor in the middle of nowhere. He wasn’t sure were his great grandpa’s Manor was. So, he packed enough cloths into 3 suitcases, plus a few other necessities.

Finally, after packing enough cloths to go to Canada and everywhere in between, and after indulging in a delicious home-made meatball sub, Chris went to bed at 8:30. Though he didn’t fall asleep until around sometime after 11.


Oh, great. Morning. Chris sprung out of bed and began to dress. He threw on a jacket because it was still cold out, but not too cold. The jacket was the only thing Chris had from his father. The blue scale designed jacket, is loose fitting with a thin comfortable fabric. There was also a strange symbol sewn into the outside of the inner pocket on the right side. Chris never knew what it was.


Chris quickly rushed to the window and glanced outside to the sight of a cab waiting outside on the road. Speeding down the stairs Chris yelled “bye”. Then he rushed outside.

The cab driver was unlocking the trunk for Chris’s bags.

“suitcases in the trunk.” said the Cab driver.

Chris listened the man and placed his 3 suitcases in the trunk. Then he opened the cab door and sat down. As Chris was buckling, he saw an envelope on the seat next to him. It was sealed with a blue wax image of a dragon head with 7 daggers surrounding it.

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