Pyre Academy

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[Book 3] The Wynd Academy students have finally arrived in Pyre Academy, and find themselves enrolled in a whole new Academy. With a Crystech project taking place behind the scenes, what do the Pyre Family have planned for Roisin Luna?

Fantasy / Scifi
Scarlett Dunn
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Rychard and Skylar Pyre stood at the main entrance to Pyre Academy. Roisin and the others arrived and were welcomed by Rychard.

"It is good to see you have all arrived safely" He smiled. "I understand your journey here was somewhat turbulent" he sighed.

"You could say that" Roisin nodded.

"I apologize we could not be any more help, we have been tied up with defending ourselves from the Imperium's advances into our Kingdom." Rychard apologized.

"It's okay, we're here now" Dex smiled.

Skylar approached Sebastien.

"Who is this?" She asked.

"Says he was a final year student in Wynd, says he survived Terrana too" Ariel explained.

"Yeah, we'll keep a..." Skylar began, before noticing his Crystech arm. "Crystech?" She said looking at Rychard.

"Huh... I'll run his record when I find time" Rychard nodded.

Deep in the pits of Abysial Academy, Atlas and Amanda once again found themselves in the pitch blackness of a prison cell, although here, the darkness felt thicker, as if it could seep into your soul and drown it in darkness.

"I guess at least here we're not chained up" Atlas shrugged.

"Always look for the silver lining, Atlas" Amanda smirked.

"May as well, given we're gonna spend the rest of our lives here" Atlas joked. He sighed as he laid back against the cold damp wall.

Ember stood nearby in the shadows, silently observing the two talking.

Victoria reached Rosefall after weeks of travelling. The city had fallen into disrepair since Atlas had left, the docks shutting down had severely damaged the local economy and many homes and businesses laid empty. She parked the stolen car on the outskirts and headed into town, hoping to find someone to take her to the Western Continent, and back to Pyre.

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