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Dear Nola Sandiego, Ignoring the past might seem all too easy...but if I'm going to be honest, your only attracting it. My dear girl, what are you going to do when it catches up with you? Jaxon Beka? That big scary wolf? What if his captivating gazes, strong arms, and sweet nothings can't save you? Oh you poor thing, what can you do? ~Mature scenes~ This isn't my book cover. Rewriting cause I can't stand the structure and plot build up. Yall gotta wait till I finish rewriting these 20 chapters. Kapeesh? (Splitting a lot of the chapters into 2 sooo don't get confused because I won't be updating the book with new chapters until I'm done rewriting)

Fantasy / Erotica
Carmen's Shadow
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“Nolaaa we are gonna be late, what is taking you so long?!”

“Wait, I’m coming”

“There is no way I am gonna stand here and watch the graduation after party go by!”

“Patin, Can you just hold on!”

“This is the most important event happening at college and the last for us before we leave. All the guys are gonna be there, Dylan will be there...” It suddenly became quiet outside my room. My eyes rolled automatically. This girl and her 1000+ crushes.

"Darling. Stop daydreaming and come back to reality. Wipe that drool off too please." Even if I couldn't see her, she had a habit of escaping the clutches of this harsh world into her own. Oh and don't forget the drooling part, its a byproduct of her wonderland thoughts.

We both chuckled. I really did not like this dress, parties were never my thing. I have always focused on my career, becoming successful was the only thing I ever saw in my eyes while the rest of the girls always had them on boys. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to having sex, drinking or smoking. Those things were always in the hands of my best friend Patin.

She has been my friend since childhood, she comforted me when my mom passed away, I didn’t tell her about the abuse because I didn’t want to be a burden on her. She was the only friend and family I had, we aren’t really related but we like to call each other blood sisters.

My eyebrows knot together in irritation. This dress was too tight, I was wearing a sleeveless long black dress that showed cleavage which went with black high heels. My makeup was done in a way that did not cover my ‘natural beauty’ as Patin says.

My black hair had strands of brown, my purple eyes that were obviously not common, were from my mom. How did she end up with purple eyes you might ask? Well, I unfortunately don't know much about that, I was only told that it was some side effect of a surgery she had done. I know right. Strange.

I looked at the scar that was hidden in my thigh which was made by my dad. He abused me since I was 11 when my mom died. He blamed me for her death, even though it was cancer that killed her, he used a belt, a spatula, an umbrella, shoes, anything that was nice and hard to beat me up until he was satisfied.

He would threaten me that if I were to go to the police or tell anyone anything, he would kill my friend. He knew I wasn’t afraid of death but was scared if my friend was in danger.

I would always cover my scars with makeup whenever I went to school. At first it wasn’t so convincing, it raised suspicion, lies were being spewed out one after the other. It took time for me to understand the art of make up, eventually I got the hang of it.

Surprisingly, this helped me in art. I took it as a subject along with physics and computer science later on. My focus heightened as I needed to get those marks and get the hell out of this shit hole.

The hard work payed off as I got highest in the art exams, attracting scholarships to my path. It was all because of the scars, though sadness and angry dwell in my heart, I don’t blame them as much as I used to before, instead I have taken the initiative to start thinking positive.

“Nola!” I snapped out of my thoughts and walked out of my room and saw a grumpy woman taping her foot loudly on the floor. “Why? Why do you prefer to agonize me by take so long?!“, she is really pissed with me.

“You know I hate parties, especially dressing up, this is too tight”, she rolled her eyes, came forward gripping my wrist and started stomping her way to her BMW car, dragging me. “I just wonder how you are a woman in the first place, how can someone be such a tomboy?“, she stepped on the gas and I couldn't help but laugh at how funny she looked with her angry face.


We took a U-turn and rolled down to the gates of the college, we lived in an apartment which was 2 km away because of its generous pricing which was way cheaper than the dorms.

The tall gates smoothly slid in, allowing us access to the road that went straight to the ball room. Remind me why a college has a ball room?

We drove around a fountain, approaching the entrance, the car came to a halt then we got out, Patin tossed the keys to the chauffeur. I have always been confused as to why there are facilities and services like this in a college, don't they have better things to spend the money on? They could start off with funding clubs which fight for change in society, climate change etc.

A red carpet stood at the entrance, paving our way to the doors. 2 men stood at the door, kindly holding it for us. A chandelier came into view, its beauty not failing to stun us.

As we walk down the stairs, I notice the flowers at the tables, they were neatly prepared like the ones in the weddings. There were a lot of people; many at the bar; some on the dance floor; few sitting down at the tables, eating the free food or just staring into mid space alone.

I checked my watch and it was 12am. Man, hope we don't stay for long; the blankets in my room are calling out to me. My feet were already aching from wearing these heals, I definitely am not going to dance so I'll sit this one out.

My feet eagerly scooted me away from Patin to the bar stool. I got a book with me so I started reading. After what seemed like 3 hours, Patin walked lousily to me “Your such a party pooper, come dance with me!“, I shaked my head, “Nola, please“, she looked drunk, like really drunk.

"Come on buddy, lets get you home before I regret it," I stood up and held onto her just incase her legs decided to give on her. The party was anyways dying out, only drunk people were dancing, couples were slowly leaving as well to entertain themselves, I'm sure they would have been bored all this while, waiting.

I start walking up the stairs, struggling to keep Patin standing. Ugh, guess her legs don't want to work anymore.


"Phew, I am never ever going to do this again if your going to get wasted like this, I just want my bed." My instincts tell me to look over at her again just in case her seatbelt is loose or if she was missing her purse. Purse check, her undergarments' are still on, heels in her hands and seatbelt is buckled. Alright, let's go. I step on the gas and drive off.

I looked over at Patin after 10 minutes, hearing shuffling and saw that she felt uncomfortable in her sleep, her eyes shot open and gestured to me, telling me to pull over to hurl.

"Thank goodness we aren't on the main road, even if you were to vomit, this is your car so I have no problem."

She rolled her eyes and told me to do it quick, her cheeks were inflating. I stopped at the side walk near the club, she quickly pulled the door knob, stepping out with clumsiness, then ran to a bush and vomited. Eww. I hate the fact that I'm the only one who see's this every time we go out for drinks, she always chooses to vomit in my presence.

I walked out of the car, pushing the lock button on the key and attempted to rub her back. Before I can even walk 2 meters near her, she started running towards the club. She chuckled and went in, “Damn you Patin..."

I chased after her into the club. We were able to get in because we were both 19 years old. And were regulars because she always did this. How could I fall for it. Again.

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