Hellion and his Lassie

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Me? Who am I? That's what I ask myself all the time. Am I worthy of being important? Nola Sandiego, a college graduate is finally stepping into the wild, free from her father's grasp. Her mother died when she was just 11 years old, her father was hit the hardest, he couldn't take the loss of his wife. So, he started taking all his anger on his daughter, he blamed her for her mother's death even though she died from cancer. No one knew what was happening. She was all alone. After graduating college, she went for a couple of interviews. And found a job at a multi-millionaire company called BEKA as a product designer. She did not expect to meet a particular someone from the night before... Jaxon Beka a werewolf, the alpha of the crimson moon pack, CEO of BEKA, has always had a sweet life with the support of his parents, brother and sisters. In order to become the alpha of the pack, he had to undergo tough training since he was 12, to become the strongest, and so he reached that goal at the age of 16. Right when he became 18, he started searching for his mate, he wanted a Luna for the pack and love to stand by his side. He searched for 2 years and still did not end up with results until... What will happen when they cross paths? Read the book to know. MATURE SCENES! The book cover isn't mine. Please Review and like this book! Happy Reading!

Fantasy / Romance
Carmen's Shadow
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The Mate


“Nola! we are gonna be late! What is taking you so long?!”

“Wait! I’m coming!”

“There is no way I am gonna stand here and watch the graduation after party go by!”

“Patin! I thought you were suppost to be my one and only best friend who would do anything for me! Especially wait!”

“This is the most important event happening at college and the last for us before we leave. All the guys are gonna be there, Dylan! Will be there, oh he is so hot. That eye candy!”

We both chuckled. I really did not like this dress, parties were never my thing. I have always focused on my career, becoming successful was the only thing I ever saw in my eyes while the rest of the girls always had them on boys. Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to having sex, drinking or smoking.

Those things were always in the hands of my best friend Patin. She has been my friend since childhood, she comforted me when my mom passed away, I didn’t tell her about the abuse because I didn’t want to be a burden on her. She was the only friend and family I had, we aren’t really related but we like to call each other blood sisters.

UGH! This dress was too tight, I was wearing a black Bardot dress which showed my cleavage. I was wearing black high heels which shimmered a bit too much. My makeup was done in a way that did not cover my ‘natural beauty’ as Patin says.

My black hair that had strands of brown, my purple eyes that were obviously not common, were from my mom who was a test subject to some experiment and so it included changing eye color which made my moms eyes purple. This operation was top secret or something so I really did not know details, I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone so I just kept my mouth shut.

I looked at the scar that was hidden in my thigh, under my womanhood which was made by my dad. He abused me since I was 11 when my mom died. He blamed me for her death, even though it was cancer that killed her, he used a belt, a spatula, an umbrella, shoes, anything that was nice and hard to beat me up until he was satisfied. He would threaten me that if I were to go to the police or tell anyone anything, he would kill my friend. He knew I wasn’t afraid of death but was scared if my friend was in danger.

I would always cover my scars with makeup whenever I went to school. At first it wasn’t so convincing, I had to lie and say it was my cat. As time went I began to get the hang of it, by doing this, I started to get interested in art. I took it as a subject along with physics and computer science, I always got highest in the art exams and got scholarships. It was all because of the scars, I don’t blame them anymore for ruining my childhood, instead I decided to leave it and walk ahead.

“Nola!” I snapped out of my thoughts and walked out of my room and saw a grumpy Patin, taping her foot on the floor. “Why?! Why do you take so long?!“, she really is pissed with me. “You know I hate parties, especially dressing up, this is too tight”, she rolled her eyes and came forward gripping my wrist and took me to her BMW car. “I just wonder how you are a woman in the first place, how can someone be such a tomboy?“, she stepped on the gas and I rolled my eyes.

After a while...

We took a u-turn and rolled down to the gates of the college, we lived in an apartment which was 2 km away because it was way cheaper than the dorms. The gates opened and we came across a well lit road with candles and drove till the fountain and got out, Patin tossed the keys to the chauffeur and then we went on the red carpet. We walked to the doors then it automatically opened, as the door gave us way into the ball room, I saw the chandelier come into sight and it was magnificent, the flowers were well done, the tables were neatly prepared like the ones in the weddings. There were a lot of people; we walked down the steps to the dance floor and joined in the dance.

I checked my watch and it was 12am I didn’t want to dance so I went to one of the tables and sat down, I got a book with me so I started reading. After what seemed like 3 hours, Patin came to me and said “Your such a party pooper, come dance with me!“, I shaked my head, “Nola, please!“, she looked drunk, like really drunk. So I decided that it was best to go home, because the party started to slowly calm down, it was almost empty so I took Patin’s purse and held both her shoulders and started walking towards the doors, then to the car. I put her in the passengers seat, buckling her belt and then went to the drivers side, I closed the door, clasped my seatbelt and stepped on the gas.

I looked over at Patin after 10 minutes and saw that she felt uncomfortable in her sleep, she opened her eyes and gestured to me, clearly telling me to pull over because she needed to hurl. I stopped at a side walk near a bar then she opened the door and vomited. I came out of the car, locking it and attempted to rub her back when she suddenly started running towards the club. She chuckled and went in, “Damn you Patin..." UGH, I chased after her into the club. We were able to get in because we were both 19 years old. And were regulars because she always did this.


“Sir, you have a meeting scheduled at 12am then you’re free for the day”, I nodded then he left the room. The work files on my table caught my attention once again then I hurried and finished it. It was done on time and so I got up and walked to the meeting and got that done as well, it was actually a useless one so I called my secretary in and told him,”Don’t sign me up for such worthless meetings that don’t end up with good results, these people were just spitting out nonsense, wasting my time” he nodded “Yes sir, I apologize for wasting your time” he bowed then left the room.

“Why do they always bow?!”, my wolf, Titan asked. “How am I supposed to know?! They must be scared of me, which is good, because I demand respect in my company”, Titan chuckled.

It was 3am and I was looking forward to having a drink or two. I called Felix, my Beta to come and pick me up so we could go to the night club near that prestigious college. After a while I went down to the lobby and saw the car rolling down the path around the fountain, I whispered to myself “Perfect timing!“, as I was going to the car, the employees were in a line and they bowed down and said “Have a good day sir” in unison, I walked out and got into the bumblebee and then Felix stepped on the gas.

I sighed in relief, exhausted from the long day of work, loosening my tie. “Wattsupp Alpha!” when we are alone he is usually very informal with me but that’s ok because we grew up together and are best friends, “the sky” I said, he chuckled “oh Jaxon, you can be so funny sometimes”, I scoffed, aren’t I always funny.

After 15 minutes we reached the club, I got off the car and then my wolf went on alert “JAXON! I feel something, it’s so good... I think...I think-k...it’s our-r.....”I rolled my eyes internally, “SPIT IT OUT”, clearly annoyed because he was taking to long to tell me, “MATE!!! SHE IS HERE!”, my eyes widened, what did he just say?! My mate?! Oh My Goddess!

I looked around the area, there was no one, but then my nose caught something that was out of the world, it was so good, I could get lost in this smell for years, decades, centuries... Its cinnamon with a hint of strawberry and vanilla....ohhhhh.... I couldn’t help it, it smelt so right. The scent trailed to the club, so I started running after it. My wolf was literally HOWLING! Oh how long I've waited!

“Alp....Jaxon! You must really be dying for those drinks” chuckling, I am glad he stopped at alp- and did not say the rest, we are in public, he can’t call me alpha in front of anyone who isn’t a wolf. I ignored him and kept running towards the club, I went inside, the smell kept on getting stronger, I could feel her, I needed her NOW! Slipping through the crowded dance floor and to the bar...“MATE! MATE! MATE!”,my wolf kept on yelling...There she was...pulling another woman and yelling at her to get of the bar and come with her, the woman was quite drunk but that did not concern me the least, I walked towards and hugged her from behind, I felt sparks trailing from my arms to my legs on to my hardness, I put my head in the crook of her neck and smelt her, she smelled amazing....

She froze on spot and than moaned from my touch, she was feeling the sparks too, I knew it... I turned her around, holding her waist and looked into her eyes...Woah....Wow...Purple eyes...so beautiful that I could drown in them, jet black hair that complimented her skin, perfect full lips... They look like they need me to eating them NOW...She looked so pretty, I fell in love at first site, she is an angel. How did I get a mate that looked so innocent? I hugged her tightly not able to let her go. She just stood there... after what seemed like 1 second but was 3 minutes, she broke the hug, attending to her friend. I was confused, how come she left me so fast...“she’s human, Jaxon”, that explains it. But that’s ok, I’ll have to let her go and find out details about her. I’ll come back for her...I'll leave even if it is literally taking all of me to control. I don’t want her to freak out and run away.

I watched as she took her friend and left the club, my wolf trying to take control and get her back. "Titan..stop!"

“Jaxon! You found your mate?!” Felix says with widened eyes, I looked back at him and nodded. He bursts, “Oh ya! Woohoo! My alpha found his luna! Woohoo!“, I rolled my eyes and told him to shut up because he called me alpha again...whatever, he will never learn. I rubbed my temple, trying to get my stupid wolf to stop howling. “I know it’s hard Titan but we need to keep it together, I’ll find a way to take her and keep her with us forever”. “Felix, I want you to find out everything on the girl!” he nodded and gestured to his car. I took a beer and left with him. As he stepped on the gas, I popped the cap open and started drinking. ...

To be continued....

Sorry to disturb, Hi it's Carmen's Shadow and I would love to hear your feedback, This is my first time writing a book. I do this to improve my writing skills for my English exams but I enjoy writing. Hope you have a great time reading, stay safe and don’t go out as it is very dangerous because of the pandemic.

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