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This is not a story, it is to be used as a tool. - This book contains the names of the Fated Mates and their friends so far in the series. Each Chapter will be for each book. Please find the book you are on. While you read the books, you can now keep track of who everyone is for that chapter. I would advise you to stick with each book you are on, or you will get very confused. =) HOPE THIS HELPS!

Fantasy / Romance
Koko Aranck
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Book One - Her Shifter Bodyguard

Sharissa (Shar) Flemmings - Blue eyes/Blond Hair - 24 yo - Human - Profession: Business - (Shar smells like Peaches to Dustin)

Dustin (Dusty) Kraftman - Brown Hair - 96 yo - Cougar Shifter - Profession: Bodyguard/Security


The Kraftmans

Daryl - / Dominic - / Dylan / Drezden - All brothers have brown hair and are Cougar Shifters

Mother - Amirah Kraftman - Long dark hair - Cougar Shifter



Lyvia Yule - Tiger Shifter

Tate Umber - Vampire

Raj Cunningham - Tiger Shifter

Sebastian Bensing - Panther Shifter - Singer/guitarist /band name: The Runarounds

Marry-Beth Andrews - Panther Shifter - Owns the Bar / Shifter Dive


Other Characters

Mr. Trinkle - Shar and Lyvia's boss



Johnny Vega - Mobster/Shar's ex

Mable - Shifter Dive Slut


Shifter World old Language

Mafilia - My Mate / My Love

Mafilio - Male version of Mafilia

Seliana - Sister

Beliono - Brother


Goddess of Love - Senshire

Goddess of Souls - Biason

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