The Descendant

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He chortled and came closer. Aldora could feel his hot breath, warming her cheek like a soft summer wind. Softly touching her hurt temple, he whispered: "It must hurt. You shouldn't walk alone." Andrea let his hand to glide on her face, took a rebel clump of her hair and placed it behind her ear. His hand continued its way on her neck and rested for a second on her collarbone. Aldora could hear her heart drumming. Her breath hitched, and a whirlwind of contradictory emotions took over her soul. Andrea Mitchell, the most desired boy in the school, was there speaking with her. His soft hand seized her phone after had clutched her hand for a few seconds, The England of 1868 was full of witches and wizards blamed for every drought or disease. White and black magic confronted every day in a fight for power. Killam the Wizard was to control everything and assure his King's empire won't be destroyed. His fight becomes personal when his daughter - the only descendent to the throne - dies. It may mean the end of the white magic and the end of the world as we know it. Aldora Tyndall is a normal adolescent living her trivial existence in England, 2019. Raised by a single mother, she finds herself implicated in an intricate story which will change her life forever. The novel is a draft. I am going to publish every Wednesday and Sunday. Enjoy :) Special thanks to "Canva" for the cover.

Fantasy / Mystery
A.E. Roberts
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The air vibrated; his blood vibrated. It wasn’t happiness or ecstasy or another soul-uplifting feeling. It was a deep sadness, as deep as the ocean.

He didn’t cry or wail; he had just stayed there in the same room with her timeless vision.

She wasn’t his anymore, not in this life anyway.

The man stared through the narrow window. The eternal sky was up there like every other day. It re-birthed in the mornings with the same cerulean colour but different clouds pattern.

“Eternal, re-birthed, different,” he muttered while turning his face to her. He frowned.

“We are going to see each other again, sweetheart,” he whispered, full of hope.

The man closed the door behind him and locked it with a silver key.

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