Chesney Goes to Space

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Hey Guys! This little story is for kids and it's a made-up story about my dog, a cairn terrier named Chesney! Something to read for babysitting or for fun! Hope You Enjoy! Feel Free To Comment(As Usual)! Thx! Love Ya'll Fam! xx

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Chapter 1

By: Dennis Yomar Valentin

Hi! I’m Chesney, The dog. More like the god, right? Anyway, I gotta make this quick because I’m about to blast off! I’m about to be the first living thing to be on Mars! I’m really excited and scared. Ten seconds until blast off!


Initiate blast off.


Woaw! I’m traveling so fast everything a blur! Oooh… I don’t feel so good. I’m really dizzy. My ears pop so I cover them with my paws. I look out the window and the view was just astonishing. Everything was straight up marvelous. Mars-velous, I should say. CLUNK! Sss! I landed on Mars! Wait, what’s that?

An evil bone-shaped Martian! And it was coming right at me, so I hopped on my doggy rover and tried to run away but I hit a Mars rock and flipped over. I looked around and yelped! Martians were surrounding me! I searched around, trying to find an escape route. I started growling and two of the Martians whimpered and fled, leaving a big gap. I ran through the gap and went the opposite way the two Martians did. I found my doggy rover and sped away, leaving the Martians in my dust! I leapt into my spaceship, and BOOM! I zoomed back to Earth. That was definitely enough adventure for one day!


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