Wolves don't howl in the blue moon

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A novel about a girl who runs a werewolf pack and fights through hard times while still trying to provide a good life for her pack and demonstrates the strength of woman

Stella Rose
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Chapter one: Wolves that don’t play

The winds howled in agony and the trees whipped about in the cool autumn winds, the fresh fall air had a scent to it that made people feel at home the woods strived with animals that were not seen by humans before, hunters have tales about them and young teenagers fantasies about these creatures. The fall was there favorite time of the year because hunting season had come to a close and they were freely able to roam, so if you hear a howl in the distance someone has come to play and possible have you has their meal. The only people that survived freely in the woods were werewolves an abandoned mansion sat still in the woods covered with moss and barely alive half eaten animals. The house looked deserted because the people that resided they had made it their home, the outside was left untouched to make it blend in with the brown and orange woods that bordered the home. The people that resided there were rejects and hybrids people that didn’t fit in with the other packs, the ones that didn’t belong. This pack was called the fire pack they had become one of the strongest set of wolves and dominated all the others that had just taken in regulars. The packed consider everyone to be equal in their eyes, everyone deserved love even if it was with the same gender, most of the other packs only let those in who were straight, strong minded and willing to lay down there lives no fun aloud. This wasn’t the fire pack, this set of werewolves were aloud to love who they wanted, pick out their own line of work and be creative which aided in most of the protecting of the pack. For over a thousand years nobody has been able to catch any of the wolves from the fire pack because they relied on their instincts and prayed to the moon goddess, they were granted gifts for their loyalty to her. One grand gift that was given to them was a pack leader her name was Rose Von Pruitt she was extra special because nobody has seen a hybrid like her before many have rumors that she is half vampire half wolf so she has heightened senses, others have rumors that she was experimented on but nobody really has proof of it.

Others didn’t understand how she could sleep in a house full of males and rowdy girls but she was proven to be what the pack needed, someone who could have fun, someone who knew when it was time to take charge and much more she proved to her group. One thing that did bother her pack was that she didn’t have a mate, some say she was lucky she didn’t have to deal with going through the emotions of having one, other would say she had many and didn’t know it yet. Yet these were just rumors and rumors create drama which nobody needs in there this but this is the story of Rose Von Pruitt and her many mates we start with her waking up for school but we must begin to learn that Rose is special just like those who are rejected but they prove to be more then special they prove to be strong and will minded.

Bang bang bang! ” you’re going to be late” a little voice said. Rose couldn’t help but wake up to how cute the voice was she knew it was one of the kids in her pack but she didn’t know how much kids were in this pack since she never spent with them. She would have to make a day where she would meet everyone in the pack since maybe like a barbecue or maybe a social party.

“Come on I know you’re awake!” He said

she open the door to find A small kid around 4 years old she would have to bend down to his height,

“hi little man what’s your name?” she questioned

“My name is Luke ” he smiled proudly

“Nice to meet you Luke ” extending her hand out to get a handshake which he gladly excepted. Since now Rose was clearly awake she would start her day showering and preparing to go to school, after the shower she got dressed in a bodice like dress, a jean jacket ,flats and straighten her hair to finish the look which barely took anytime since her hair was already wavy.

After meeting Luke Rose decided to make him a goody bag from the candy stash she kept in her closet, once she put together a small bag of thing he would like, she exited her room and gave it to him while heading to the kitchen. She never seen a kid so happy to receive sugar so early in the morning usually they decline the candy she offers to the kids because there mothers says it will rot there teeth once she entered the kitchen the pack bowed and said “good morning Rose” which she returned the favor and smiled while they all went back to eating most didn’t have school others were already at school since it was still early. She grabbed a bacon egg and cheese sandwich and headed out to her black mustang and headed off to school.

Rose arrived to school at exactly 8:05 she knew she was early because school don’t open till 8:30 so she decided to eat her breakfast until 8:25 hit. After finishing her breakfast she gotten out of her car and began to walk into the school, as she passed through the halls she was greeted by a hundred different people saying good morning which Rose replied back of course the only reason they talked to her was because she was a highly authorized pack and could harm anyone who disrespected them. Half way through the hallway she was stopped by the trollops of the school

“Look it’s Rose girls” one of the hussies scoffed

“What do you hussies want?” I said

“We want your title Rose” another one said

“How about no so bye” Rose pushed her way passed them and headed to first period math but then she bumped in a wall but walls don’t move so it must been a guy looking up Rose saws the most handsome guy. This would be her first meet with just one of her mates even though he was a part of her life destined by the moon goddess didn’t mean he had too be nice

“Um hi I’m...” I said

“Rose I know I accept you as my mate” he rolled his eyes and began to become annoyed

“Cool I’ll see you later I have to get to math so bye” she was grabbed by the arm and yanked it back

“I’m terribly sorry what’s your name?”Rose questioned tilting her head curiously

“My name is beck” he spoke his voice was raspy like he just woke up

“Nice to meet you but I must get to class” she spoke

“Now why would I do that come on I’ll walk you” he said

“umm okay” she said unsure about it

Walking through the quiet halls made her feel unsure about her newly found mate, not only has he made it clear that he was annoyed by her but he also made it clear he didn’t want or need her in his life. Beck dropped her off at her class and walked away without even saying anything else to her

“Good morning Ms. Renee” Rose smiled and excused herself for being late

“Good morning Ms. Rose” he nodded and told her to take a seat.

Beck was know to mischief around school often brag about if he had found a rich mate he would be like a sugar baby and kill her after he was officially in the family not only would he brag about this but he often would go into detail about how he would do this. Sometimes he would say he could do it while she was sleeping put a pillow over her and bam that would be it or slowly poison her to death but then he would have to be stuck with her and he didn’t want that. All beck wanted was money it’s what his parent often tell their friends if they asked what beck wanted for his birthday or holiday and all little beck would say would be money. His parents had raised him to believe if money is tossed in your lap don’t question where it came from just go with it and act like you had it all your life. Beck lived by a motto “ Money buys happiness and if you don’t got money then your not happy” this would be his life motto because he didn’t care about Rose he cared about how much he could inherit because she was considered the riches pack through out town and nobody dared question where or how they got. All they knew was that if someone was bothering the pack the next day nobody knew the name of the rivals that had bothered the fire pack. This is what beck needed a quick money grab and Rose was the key to solving all his problems.

After Rose sat down at the table in the cafeteria her friends all began to arrive but she couldn’t kick the feeling that her mate was up to something, usually mates where happy to see someone they would spend there life with but not beck she knew it was odd and he had a reputation but this was her first mate and she was willing to just pretend that everything would fine and that would be it. Although his friends had told her about his plans she would just hope that maybe that it was a joke, something filled with dark humor but in the back her head her wolf would always be on high alert just in case she didn’t know or recognized when her own life would be in danger. Even though Rose was considered to be one of the best leaders through out the town she was also considered naïve and careless when it came to putting herself out there. A lot of her members didn’t understand why she wasn’t more careful with her life but all Rose would say that “its my life not yours if I wanna be careless let me pay the price” which is something she recently just started to follow but she was still scared that her first mate was just gonna use her for her money and reck the pack she built to be so strong.

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