Mated To A Werewolf

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Serana Young is 20 years old and she had recently graduated from college after completing her art course. However, she does have a love for animals and she also takes care of the strays in her neighbourhood. Until one day, Serana went for a Job interview in Canada which ended badly and when she went for a walk in the woods, she met a large dog which turned out to be a white werewolf. This werewolf was injured and yet, Serana showed no signs of fear when she approached this wolf. This werewolf turned out to be the werewolf king, Dominic. He went on a hunt with his friends but, it went wrong when the werewolf hunters found him and they tried to kill him. Dominic sensed a strange connection with Serana, could it be the mating pull that he was feeling towards this human?

Fantasy / Adventure
Kiera Morrison
4.6 85 reviews
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Chapter 1


Hi, my name is Serana Young and I’m 20 years old. I’m a graduate college student who studied an art course in California. I used to have an ambition to become a professional artist while using my photography and drawing skills. My life used to be normal until something unexpected happened that changed my life forever. It all started when I was graduating from college...

“Serana Young.”

I walked onto the stage and I took my diploma from the announcer after shaking his hand. I walked off the stage and I sat back down with my three best friends, Alice, Lisa and Dawn. We’ve been best friends since we were kids and we went to the same school and the same college together except we studied different courses. Lisa and I studied a digital art course while Alice studied a fine art course and Dawn studied a fashion designing course. Right now, all four of us are graduating from college and we have our own ambitions to achieve now that we’ve finished college.

Dawn is going to work at my mother’s modelling agency and some day she might start her own business as a fashion designer, Lisa and Alice will be going to university and I will be looking for a job as a photographer and of course, I will be setting up my own illustration business on the side.

Once the ceremony was done, I met up with friends and we decided to have one last meet up before we went to our dream jobs and universities.

“Here’s to graduating from college!” I spoke with a grin before we raised our glasses.

“Cheers!” We shouted before clinking our glasses.

Lisa downed her tankard of beer and she grinned.

“Woohoo! finally! after 3 years of college, we’re finally free to do whatever we want now!”

“I know and I can’t wait to start university and become a professor!” Alice spoke with a smile on her face as she sipped her wine.

“So what’s happening with this interview that you got, Serana,” Dawn asked me as she sipped her strawberry cocktail.

“Well, my Father was able to schedule an interview with the photographers in Canada and he was also able to get me an apartment for me to stay in while I’m there. I don’t know how long I’ll be there for though but, I think it will depend on whether I get the job or not.”

“Well, you be careful when you’re out there. I looked up online and there are quite a few dangerous wildlife predators out there. If you even think about hiking, be extra careful.”

I nodded my head when Lisa said this and then Alice spoke up.

“Oh ignore them, there’s nothing dangerous about the countryside, I would know. I used to spend my summers with my Grandmother.”

“That’s because she doesn’t live near a forest that might be filled with wolves or bears," Lisa told us.

I rolled my eyes and then Dawn spoke up.

“Ignore them, look, it’s not always about the country, there’s also the city life there too. If you’re lucky you might have some of your photographs used for advertisement.”

“I just hope you’re right and I hope everything goes well with your modelling career too.”

Dawn smiled and she crossed both of her fingers when I said this.

“The same can be said for you, I hope the company accepts you. You’re so talented with your photography and drawing skills.”

“Here’s to hoping,” I said as Dawn and I clinked our glasses and we drank them.

The next day, I flew to Canada in first class and when I got off the plane, one of my relatives, uncle Derek greeted me and he smiled at me.

“Uncle Derek!!”

“There’s my favorite niece in the whole wide world!!”

I flung my arms around him and he picks me up and spins me around in his arms. We both laughed and then he puts me down on the ground.

“Oh look at you, my little college graduate!”

“Thanks for greeting me, Uncle Derek.”

“You’re welcome, come on, let’s head to your new apartment.”

We got to my Uncle’s car and then he drove us to my new apartment. Once we got there, I was impressed when I saw the building.

“Wow! this place is awesome!”

“Wait until you see your new place.”

We went into the building and he showed me my new apartment. I was amazed when I saw my apartment. I looked around and there was a view of the entire city. The living room has a large TV with black leather sofas, a furry rug under the coffee table, the walls have painted a mixture of red and white to give it that modern look to it.

The kitchen contains grey counters, an island counter with black stools and the walls black along with appliances.

My bedroom was huge! it contains a king-sized bed, a desk where I can work on my digital drawings and my photography portfolio. There was also a room next to my bedroom where I can work on my fine art skills and there was a canvas stand.

“Wow, uncle Derek! this place is awesome! how much is it gonna cost for the rent?”

“Don’t worry, this building is run by me and it’s rent-free.”

“Thanks, Uncle!”

I spoke with a grin before hugging him tightly. Uncle chuckled and then he said to me.

“I would show you around but, I’m a busy guy but, feel free to take a look around and call your friends and family that you’ve arrived okay.”

“Thanks, Uncle,” I said as he left the apartment.

After he left, I unpacked my things and then I got my mac laptop out and I got to work on my college project along with some other samples that I planned to use for my interview. Hopefully, it goes well and I get a job as a photographer or a Graphics designer.

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