Warrior Princess: The Vampi Kingdom

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Chapter Fifteen

Callista watches Davis as he studies her. The four of them are in a tent, close to the infirmary where Julius is being treated. The tent is a dark green, color coordinate with others to blend in with the trees and bushes around them. Jacob had explained that during war, enemies will attack the injured and nurses so it is harder to get recruits. They got the news that he will survive but won't wake up for two days. It has been three days since they got Julius to camp and the male before her watches her like she will run.

She learned her lesson a couple days ago, about running away. Two vampires seemed like a better deal because it is harder to run from three. The vampire in front of her is dark haired with serious brown eyes. Compared to how gentle and kind Jacob's are, Callista wonders why Julius picked him instead of Davis. Without knowing why, her gaze flickers to Jacob who was talking intently to Keiser and a waitress. He flashes the girl a smile and Callista felt a tug in her gut, pulling her attention away.

Davis is still staring at her, but his brown eyes are lit with amusement. "Jealous?"

The word didn't seem right in the situation. Given the almost kiss with Julius, she has no idea what is going on. She remembers his abrupt leave, stumbling back to the tavern. Jacob is the nicest one to her, so she feels drawn to him in a way, but she can see that nothing will happen. He has feelings for Jamie still and Callista is conflicted with Julius.

Her mouth opens to snap back at Davis, who is patiently waiting for her answer. His brown eyes darken as if he already knew her answer. The door opens behind her, a little bell jingling in the air. His brown eyes darken with mischief as he watches the person walk in. By the look Davis is giving her, she knew who came in. Jacob and the other males start to smile, waving Julius towards them. A blonde nymph stands behind him, her eyes rolling until they meet hers. Bright green, with white surrounding the pupil. So plain and yet so inhuman. She wore blue scrubs, indicating she is a nurse. Her mouth pulls into a frown as she stares at Callista, rubbing her arm as she steps into the tent where they all sit. Davis jumps up and closes the distance between them. Callista stays where she is at, studying the nymph that is eyeballing her.

"Are we good to go soon?" Davis asks, his hand resting on Julius's shoulder.

His grey eyes jump to hers, roiling through emotions before looking back at Davis. Dismissing her entirely. The emotions jump at her and make her uneasy and even more confused. He looked at her with longing and concern, before disappearing to an empty casket of a male.

"Yes, we need to leave. Those men will realize I had lied about being Ambassador and will track us," he states, his eyes meeting Jacob's. The other male dips his head in acknowledgment to the waitress and appears at his leader's side. Davis and Keiser turn to her, wicked smiles on their faces and she knew Julius will be told about her failed attempt to run, "But we have—"

The tent's flap snaps open, revealing a large black wolf. It snarls at Julius, but its eyes focus in on Callista as she sShawcrossbles into a standing position. Jacob throws a dagger from around Julius and the wolf lets out a pitiful whine of pain. It glowers at the vampire, before charging at Callista. Davis and Keiser flanked it, taking the dagger from its side and slings it through his jaw. The wolf crumples and blood slowly pool around the corpse.

The two males before her take her arms and pull her towards Julius. His grey eyes are unreadable, as the males roughly push her forward and on her knees. The new attitude surprises Jacob, but his mouth his pressed in a thin line and looks away as Davis talks calmly about her attempt to flee. He does this as if he didn't kill a three-hundred-pound beast in a few seconds flat. The honor and loyalty that these males live by makes her furious. Keiser still has a hold of her arms, keeping her in a kneeling position in front of Julius, making her bow as if he is king.

Julius looks at her, his eyes dark with emotions, but they are hidden beneath contempt and amusement. This is the vampire that kidnapped her and will give her to his king with no remorse. The male she almost kissed the other night is still there, she only had to play the right cards.

"Let's go. We are by Granite City, I assume?" he asks, his voice dark and deep in the small spaced tent. His eyes never leave hers when Davis responds.

"Yes. But if one followed us here, who knows where the others are camping." Davis affirms. Julius tilts his head, a curl of black hair falls onto his forehead, making him looking even more handsome.

"We need to split up," he notes softly, his eyes darting up to Davis, "Get her up." Keiser yanks her up roughly, pain jolting through where her arm connects to her torso. She gasps out.

"Shut up." the red-haired male hisses down at her. A poisoned look is flung his way as the words left his mouth, but Julius's face went neutral as Keiser proudly displays a standing Callista.

The tent implodes as creatures slink in, their growls reverberating the tent. The ground shudders, sending the Fae warrior sShawcrossbling back. Some of the soldiers stand guard of the innocent ones, the nurse nymph watches with wide green eyes. The creatures swarm closer to the group of vampires and the mere human beside them. a dark familiar voice growls through the air.

"Ah, my liar," the voice muses, the dark wrath embedding into his tone, "you did not get very far with the poison. Led us straight into the camp for the Fae." The large wolf from earlier, the one who shot the arrow stands at the flap, his face twisting into a sneer. The tent shudders as the swarm of beasts inch closer. Callista feels the warm breath of the wolf closest to her. It snarls, the intelligence in its eyes fierce.

"Beta, leave," Julius orders with authority of Prince. The tone sent chills down her spine as she caught a glimpse of the male Jamie warned her about. "I am the Am—"

A golden wolf broke away and launches itself at the male, pinning him down in seconds. The wolf snarls, and the whole tent shudders from the force of power. The Beta smiles cruelly, like Julius did exactly as he wanted. He opens his arms wide, gesturing to the tide of wolves at his disposal. "My, my," he muses softly, triumph gleaming like metal, "your senses are getting weaker, Prince."

Julius is at a loss. Callista could see when his thoughts hit where everyone went. The Beta isn't the one commanding this legion. The Alpha is. The wolf pinning down the male, shrinks into his human form. Callista stifles her gasp of surprise. Handsome and beautiful come to mind as the male turns his head to meet her eyes. Dark blue eyes, like a sky before a storm, meet hers and her skin heats. The Alpha is familiar, and Callista tries to pull the memories together, but nothing sticks.

"Prince Julius," the Alpha states, his voice deep and rich like honey, "I have heard about you. The Cruel King's spectacular Heir. My allies are hidden deep within that kingdom you call home. How much longer before it falls apart, simply because your father can't rule?"

Callista can feel the anger building and the tension thickening as the Alpha's words hit home. She didn't allow herself to feel anything for the vampires that have stolen her from her make shit home. Even the male who has managed to get under her skin. She is not going to fall for a male in such a short time, getting glimpses of him from his best friend. The resentment that fills her makes her drowsy, her head tingling as if someone filled her with sparkling water.

"Stop," Julius manages, his voice losing the authority, "my father—"

"--has no power here," the Alpha finishes, pushing himself off, "he should not create empires he can't lead and rule."

The dark blue eyes meet Callista's again and she feels an intensity of protection for this wolf. His eyes brighten as he seems to feel it too, but it dampens as he looks around at the tent full of angered Fae and nymph nurses. He looks resigned and manages a look a distain at the male on the ground.

"A hunt is what I shall task us, fellow wolves," he says it with relish, enjoying the expressions upon the vampire's faces, "The human is the reward when we tear you to pieces."

Julius pushes himself up, his face taunt with hate and wariness. "Why a hunt, Alpha? Why not just kill us?"

Jacob's green eyes snap to his, urging the leader to be quiet. The Alpha smiles, letting the darkness of his animalistic side shine through, bearing his canine teeth at the vampires. They aren't scared at the monstrous beasts, just more worried about pulling through this. The Fae soldiers straighten as the orders are received, but their guard falls down. The guard closest to Callista, his eyes brown and gold meet Julius's and understanding flashes through the grey abyss.

"Because, my young prince, wolves are a predatory species. We enjoy the hunt, before the kill. The kill is satisfactory, but the journey to that point is even better. The fear, the tears, the exercise and the way they smell is enough to make someone go insane." The Alpha spoke lowly, his growl vibrating through the air to his wolves. They stirred, their growls echoing their master's. The Beta laughs, the sound like a thunderous boom in the silent tent filling with growls from the surrounding wolves.

"Alpha told us to give you an hour head start," he says, winking at Callista, "I would go if I had the chance."

With that, Julius launches himself a flurry so fast, Callista believed he disappeared for a moment, and the reappeared beside her. She dimly remembers a myth about speed, but the situation barely allows her to register the shadows that gather around him as he moves. His grey eyes stare down at her, fear and concern warring each other in the depths. He extends a hand to her, and she reaches out without thinking, grasping his rough hand. They take off, leaving behind Jacob and the others. They did their plan, to split up. Jacob is with Davis and Keiser, hoping to split the wolves. Only they didn't know it would be a hunt issued by the Alpha himself.

Callista and Julius ran, the forest seems to thicken around them as they dove deeper into the surrounding greenry. At times, Callista feels him grab her hand and be about ten feet further away from where they were moments ago. It leaves her disorientated, but his gaze only hardens, and exhaustion seems to fill his face. The ground levels out, into a smooth path. Mountains seem to grow from the trees as the foliage parts to reveal the landscape. Grey mountains, reaching high in the light blue sky, dotted with clouds. Julius exhales, a sigh of relief escaping. Callista pants, her heart racing as the adrenaline spikes.

"How far away is this?" she asks, her voice breathless.

"Six hundred miles," Julius responds automatically. His eyes flicker to hers and he blanches.

"Six hundred miles?!" she whisper-shouts, "But we have been running for about thirty minutes!" Even as she said the words, she realizes that whatever he did, by jumping from one moment to another, sped their process. "Wait, so that thing—"

"—is what we call Vamping," he finishes, his eyes resting on the glinting town hiding in the mountain's shadows. The mountain seems to wrap around the town, that is seated in a crater like hole. The half circle seems to slope down, as if to indicate the town hiding. Callista studies the town, the metal buildings and granite ceilings. It glints in the light, casting the light over the town. It shines so much that it helps to overlook the city. Unlike Julius, who knew where to find it.

"Where are we?" she asks, the change of subject distracting him. Whatever he did, Vamping, it drains him with each jump. Like it is linked to him. Her mind goes back to the wolves that would start tracking them in half an hour. She gnaws on her lips, hating to think that they are leading a pack of savage wolves into a town.

"Granite City," he responds, his voice soft, "another Fae town. This is the town under attack by my father. The wolves are not part of my father's army, so they will not attack the civilians or even enter their premises without permission from the Chief."

Callista furrows her eyebrows in confusion. "Isn't," she hesitates, the name within her grasp, but can't remember, "Leilani, the Chief?"

Julius nods to affirm the name, but his lips turn into a frown. "No. Leilani is the Chief of Silver Village and the City. Each Fae city and village has one Chief. There are the Elder Elves, who control each Chief, who approves the appointed. Elves are the ones Fae ascended from, but there are only five. All are immortal, cannot be killed by anything but the person who made them. They speak a rough tongue only the Fae can speak and hear it."

Amazed that in the moment of a life and death situation, Julius gives her a history lesson. She isn't too keen on why this will be important to her, only to brought to his father in a few days. After that, she doesn't know. Will she be sent back to the mortal realm, remembering every detail here?

A howl pierced the air, full of power and command. The Alpha's howl. Others follow, filling the forest with earsplitting howls. Julius flinches back to the present, grabs her hand and vamps them into the city below. The air around her freeze and they stop moving. Voice speak, but Callista couldn't grasp what is said. Julius mouthed words back and the air releases them, letting their trip continue.

The city is more beautiful than the outside. Varity of colors decorate the houses, laughter and joy sweeps through. Callista is waiting for war camps, training to take place. This place is alive with happiness and she closes her eyes as the emotions sweep through her. They vamped in the middle of the town, the building that is covered in metal to her right. There are four intersections, leading deeper into the heart of Granite City.

Her eyes snap to Julius, the grey in his eyes seem to lighten as the fear and worry vanishes. He looks handsome, in the midst of color and the dark blue shirt he adorned from Silver Village. His black hair is unkept, from the wind of vamping or the gentle wind that circulates them. Callista finds herself drawn to him, like a moth to a flame. Her heart thunders, a traitor to her mind. His eyes spark with desire, but he swallows harshly, before looking away.

Music dances toward them, a melody so charming, so soothing, Callista sways. Julius opens his mouth, but emotions flicker in his eyes like a movie on display. Her heart began to follow the beat of the music, and something told her to follow it. Julius seems to be fighting with something internally, but he sees her walking, so he follows her.

The music takes them to the left, leaving the tall metal building behind them. She drifts along, with Julius trailing her, looking more and more concerned. The music leads her to a building on the side of the mountain, only it seems to pulse with the beat as well. Callista stands there, watching the multi-colored lights, before realizing it led her to a club. She is a hundred percent sure they need to go inside, but Julius is defiantly fighting against the music.

She turns, allowing him to face her. His eyes are so dark in the flickering lights, so imagined them like thunder clouds. A smile plays her lips and his eyes shoot to them. "Let us go in."

He shakes his head, his hair splaying out like fingers. "I do not think that is a good idea."

She reaches out a hand to him, sending him a silent message of fall to the music. His eyes glaze, but he grasps her hand, allowing electric currents flow into her. The doors open and a head poke out. Pointy ears peek out through shoulder length strawberry blonde hair. The Fae's florescent green eyes made Callista smile and the female grins.

"Come in, human," she coos softly, ignoring the presence of the vampire, "let us show you fun."

Callista guides them in, and the music wraps her up in a warm cocoon. The Fae that invited them in, studies the two and the intertwined hands. Her face contorted into a dreamy face and snickers behind a hand. Too caught up in the music, Callista glides pass and ignores her. The music seems the thump through her and into the male's hand she holds. Forgetting about the wolves that are on their path, too misguided to ask for permission to enter this city, soon to be upon them. She meets Julius's heavy grey eyes, speaking of emotions she thought he didn't have. Her own came unleashed, meeting his halfway.

"Let's dance," she whispers, her voice dropping into what she hopes is a sexy voice.

His eyes widen and his pupils blow with desire. His eyes seem to bleed into the black as he pulls her back to him, his arms around her. She caught her breath, feeling a thousand volts enter her body, where his hands touch her skin. The shirt Jamie had given has ridden up her belly, where his hands sit, idly stroking it.

He leans down and indistinctively, her eyes close, waiting for his lips to capture hers. They do and the world seems to explode with color as the wonderous feeling of his lips fill her. He kisses her with intensity that makes her knees weak, leaving her mind buzzing. She slides her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Soon there isn't any space between them, and Julius seems to be kissing her desperately, like he is going to lose her. Callista doesn't mind and kisses him back with the same frequency.

"There!" a familiar voice echoes the club. They break apart, their breaths coming out in pants as the music lose its hold. Her cheeks flood with a cherry red as she realizes what happened. Julius avoids eye contact, his hands clenching into fists at his side. They both zone into on the female that spoke, her eyes wild with rage.

The Alpha and Beta smirk as their eyes meet the other's. Callista breathes in sharply. The trust Julius put into the Fae of Granite City failed. In front of them, the wolves seem to circle out, confining them in one place. Callista feels her heart slow, a calm feeling settling over them. The regal faces of the Fae stare at her and back at Julius, their eyes hinting this isn't a trap for them. Confusion floods through her. Fae hate the vampires as much as the werewolves, from what Jacob told her. Why did they set a trap for the ones who will do them a great good towards the king?

"Assemble!" the Fae yells, launching herself at the Beta, dragging him down with surprise. It wouldn't last, the vision of the Alpha quickly tackling came to her and he's a prince. He must've been thinking the same as he grabs her hand and starts running, back into the town.

"Julius?" the voice is soft and quiet, but nothing seems to be in front of them as they slip into the darkness of the mountain. Julius stops, letting go of her like she burned him.

"Davis?" he asks back, his voice just as quiet. Two bodies step out, Jacob and Davis. They had blended into the darkness to conceal themselves from the wolves. The information hit her, and she reaches for the small memory that is attached to it, but it floats away from her. "Where is Keiser?"

"Here," came his voice from behind her, as she feels a chill spill down her spine from the closeness of him. He smirks at her, as if noticing the anger, she feels toward him. The rough way he handles her in, like she is a toy or object.

"Good," Julius responds, "now let us leave this place and the beasts behind."

As they start going forward, Callista listens behind them, toward the club not that far away. No howls or battle rages. The question Callista starts asking herself, what are the wolves planning and does it include the Fae?

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