Warrior Princess: The Vampi Kingdom

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Chapter Seventeen

Callista pants as she comes close to the wall, her hand pressing against the blistering surface. The sun heats her skin as she struggles to get air into her lungs. Smoke still filled her lungs from a few hours ago, making her hack as she walks away. The escape didn't seem real, the last week and a half being bound to them, having no way to escape. It was as if the smoke wanted her to escape, to confuse the vampires as it swirled around them. The wall beside her grew boiling hot where it feels like it was cooking her hand. She yanks it off and presses it against her shirt.

Callista is in the town that once was a ruin when she first got a glimpse. It is busy with people going between buildings and homes as noon hits. Groaning, she shuffles forward through a mob of people, but eyes quickly dart to her. She begins to realize she is in a whole kingdom of vampires. As she walks, their eyes stray to her, but then go about their business. Confused, she continues on, hoping no one stops her. A child and a woman step in her way, causing her to come to a rough stop.

The child's eyes are a pitch black and bares his fangs at her. Callista stumbles at bit, the sun still disorienting her. The woman grins and reveals her fangs as well, alerting a presence at her should. A teenage girl with bright green eyes smiles at the woman and then focuses on Callista. Wariness bursts through the depths as she stares at Callista. Once the woman is done studying her, she leaves, gesturing to the teenager and shuffling along her kid.

She stands there, by the wall, her eyes taking in the surroundings. Callista couldn't tell before, with the males she traveled with, but here, where they do not have to hide, humans litter the place. Most have leashes and collars, bite marks covering their necks and wrists. She shudders, the humans are being used as a blood bag. Exactly what Julius called her.

An unruly feeling goes through her, like her blood became fire. Gasping out, she doubles over, facing a street that goes straight to the wall that goes further into the Kingdom. House of various times line the road. Shuffling on her feet, Callista stares at the street, getting weird stares at the people milling around. Another shock goes through her body, making her step forward. It fades. Her chest tightens and she waits, the feeling a little slower to come. When it does, she walks a couple paces forward, the feeling fading. Terrified, she continues making her way on the road.

The houses sat very closely together, like they are made from the same foundation. As Callista walks deeper, they became more tattered and broken. Windows are broke, with half doors. A young girl, approximately eight, stands at a door that is completely gone. A dirty teddy bears hangs limp in her hand, pointing toward the ground. Her eyes glitter brown, but she lunges, they turn black. Callista flinches, still walking in the same direction. The girl came to an abrupt stop as a bulky chain circles her ankle. She snarls, foam slowly drippling down her chin.

Walking faster, Callista comes to a stop in front of a black mansion, with boarded up windows. Green serpents wrapped around a staff is etched into the door of the mansion. It is eerily familiar and yet, she was drawn to it. The door swings open as if inviting her in. A sign stands in the yard, in bright red paint. WARNING: Those who enter beware, witches are not as nice as they seem. Witches?

Her body seems to have a mind of its own and takes a few steps forward. Having no other choice, she allows it and enters the dark doorway. The door behind her swings shut with a bang. Taking in a shuddering breath, she makes her way through the dark halls, the only light a doll at the end. Its eyes glow a bright yellow, illuminating a few feet. Wrapping her arms around herself, she absently rubs her upper arms in distress.

An icy wind blows around her and her teeth chatter from the cold. A hand wraps around her arm and twists her to face it. A perfect shadow, with no face or features swirls in front of her. Callista screams, trying to pull away, before gets yanked back.

"What is your fear, dear one?" the voice is dark and emotionless as it leans forward. The creature touches her forehead and heaves a sigh as it pulls out her greatest fear. "Hmm, never belonging. So, cliché." The creature pinches the skin on her forehead, drawing out a high-pitched scream.

"Stop!" a croaking voice yells at the demon. It hisses and jerks away from Callista, leaving her dizzy and swaying. "Do not touch her!" An older lady stands on a winding staircase, a few feet away from the creature and Callista. The thing before her hisses and draws away from her, its swirling face mixing.

"My master bids me off," he snarls lowly, dragging a talon down her face, "but don't think I have forgotten thee." The words seem like he is slipping backwards in time as he starts fading and soon his touch disappears as well.

The old crone stands at the staircase, her face pinched with worry. Her eyes take in Callista's shuddering body and claps her hands, allowing warmth to circulate through her body. The place lightens, as lamps flicker on and the doll fades as well. She wears outdated dress, with ruffles going along the center and the end of the skirt. Her wrinkled face pinches as she takes in Callista.

"I apologize for him," the crone whispers lowly, her voice scratchy, "He loves visitors, especially humans."

Callista nods, but her head sways as she tries to take a step forward. The woman lets out a tsk and waves her hand. The room expands, disappears and fades into a living room. The doll at the end of hall disappears along with everything else. The room comes together with two over fluffed couches along the sides. Two big windows over one. A fancy chandelier hangs in the middle, with dangling glittering beads on the end. Callista finds herself seated on one of the couches, her body sinking into the softness.

"What is he?" she mumbles, her arms crossing over her chest.

The lady frowns, her eyes on the table between them. She sits closer, her hands going for the tea pitcher and pours a cup. She hands the black porcelain cup, with steaming tea. The red beads in the corner move, a figure emerging. The male is looking a blue clipboard, his brows furrowed. He taps a pen against the board.

"Mage, why was Amdusias sent off so early?" the male asks, his voice gruff.

The male looks up, his long black hair falling neatly by his shoulders. His piercing white eyes zero in on her. Surprise glitters across his face and his eyes flicker to the old lady. She nods and gestures him to sit with her. The male sets the clipboard on a shelf by the beads and strides over to sit beside the old lady.

"Finn, Callista accidently ran into Amdusias when she came in." the lady explains, her voice low as if she hasn't spoken in a very long time, "I sent him away and plan on explaining a little."

Finn tilts his head and stares at her. "Mage, I don't think she has her memory back."

The lady whips her head to Callista, her eyes narrowing in concentration. Worry and wariness flicker across his face. "Oh, no. This isn't good."

Finn frowns and turns to her, the crone mumbling to herself. "I am sorry about that, dear. Mage hasn't been in this realm in quite a while. The only time she can present herself is for Prophecies."

Callista shakes off the terror a little and stares back at the inhuman male before her. "Prophecies?"

"Yes, which you actually need yours to move along, am I right?" he asks politely, his eyes sparking.

"I—I don't know," she admits, "I was drawn here, like a pull."

His eyes widen, his mouth shaping an 'o'. "Callista Shawcross."

The old crone shoots into a straight sitting position. Her eyes fixing on Callista. Her eyes roll into the back of her head and her mumbling grew louder. It sounds a lot like Latin and she felt a weird connection to it. She lets it wash over her, transfixed by what this woman is saying. She stops mid-chant and her eyes go back to normal. Her face smooths, and she became a younger woman.

"My, my," the crone muses, her voice velvety and rich, "It is time. The Prophecy that overthrows the balance has begun the moment she stepped into the realm. Even the king cannot stop her."

Callista raises her eyebrows. "What Prophecy?"

Finn stands from beside the lady and kneels before her. "You are the long-lost princess of the Royal Weres."

Callista shakes her head, disbelief coursing through her. "No. No way."

The woman stands and nods her head. "It is true. I have not properly introduced myself. I am the Mage. The Witch of the Supernatural Realm. I have witnessed your birth and what it brought forth to the world."

"What are you talking about?" she asks, her voice breaking.

"You are a werewolf, my dear. You were kidnapped as a child and kidnapped again to live in the Mortal Realm," the Mage explains, "When you were born, you brought this moment of clean energy that gave every supernatural a moment of power. But quickly it was tampered and shoved into hiding. Only the older ones know the truth. The Five Elves have been seeking you for decades. Me and Finn here knew the day would come the female of the Prophecy would seek us."

Callista feels her throat swell with stress and her heart began to thunder in her chest. "No, I am human."

Finn got up from his kneeling and sat beside her, laying his hand on her shoulder. "I understand this must be hard. The reason you have no memories is a mystery to us. We cannot see the past, only the future. You have the choice of being the salvation or the destroyer of this realm."

Callista shoves his hand off and stands up. She paces in a small section beside the couch. "This realm has brought me nothing but trouble and betrayal. A king wants to kill me, the prince wants to use me as a sacrifice. The Fae and the wolves have a different agenda."

Finn smiles, leaning back into the softness of the cushions. "Wait until the wolves realize who you are. You are the most powerful to them. The Royals have been long forsaken after the first war between the wolves and vampires."

Callista stops her pacing and turns to Finn. Her heart in her throat and sick to her stomach, she manages to not vomit. "If the Royals are my family, that means I am an orphan?"

Sorrow is etched into the faces of the people before her. The Mage takes over and looks at her. "Your parents started war to bring you home when you were kidnapped by the King. In the battle, your father was killed, and your mother followed shortly after. Your brother—"

"Brother?" she asks, her head becoming heavy and she sways on her feet.

"Yes, your brother forged an alliance with the King to appease him and stop the war. The only request was you and when he returned, you were gone. Your brother didn't sign the allegiance but could not survive another war, so they relocated. They have been in hiding ever since."

Callista sits back on the couch, her head pounding. "So, I have to find my brother."

The Mage smiles, as if relieved she understood. "Yes. They can help figure out what happened to you when you went missing and get your memory back."

"But how?"

Finn smiles. "Oh, that is the easy part. The hardest part is accepting your destiny before we move along to getting you close enough."

Callista sits there, the echoes of the conversation rolling through her mind. The possibility of her being a werewolf is very close to none. Though, all she remembers about them are the usual myths. But the idea of her being the female in the Prophecy, is a no.

"I don't accept it. I am not who you think I am."

Finn shakes his head. "Then we cannot help you. The female in the Prophecy is a royal werewolf and if that is not you, then the King of Werewolves is not your brother. Goodbye, Callista. Hope you find what you are looking for." He waves his hand and then she disappears.

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