Ghost Witch

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Previous Book One - The God's Playground. John and Lois barely survived the Wolf God's healing, and only because Lois's Grandmother, the Grow God of Souls sacrificed itself. The Nightmare Owl is managed and no longer a threat. But the Gods continue their games with Lois the prize. This Book Two Now they have just a moon period to stop the Rat ending humanity with its deadly plague, else, not only Lois dies but everyone dies, including their friends. They know that Clara is the key. The Wolf God is the anthesis to the Rat and can cure the sick, as she had when the Rat released the Black Plague. But like then it will cost many lives if they do not stop the Rat from releasing the Black-flu. They also need to stop the Firebird starting a second Great War, and protect their friends from the Storms. They also have to protect Clara the Wolf from the Rat's attempt to have her killed, keep Lois from the Firebird, and in between, John and Lois get married. What role do the Wolfs and the fourteen maidens have in all this and what about the Vulture that put the living Darkness into Lois, in both her lives? Then there is John's mother, who is really his sister, and she is the Ghost Witch.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Book 2 - Introduction

So far...

John and Lois died and as needed, Lois’s Grandmother, the Crow God of Souls, sacrificed its Divine life-essence to bring them back. The Nightmare Owl is managed and no longer a threat and something is developing there too. But the Gods continue their games with Lois the prize.

Book Two

John, Lois, and Clara have just a moon period to stop the Rat ending humanity with its deadly plague; else, not only Lois dies, but everyone dies, including their friends. They know that Clara is the key and so does the Rat.

The Rat has to kill Clara, Claare’amarog the Wolf, its natural Anthesis before it can release the Black-flu and eradicate humans.

The Firebird and the Storms are convinced that Lois is the Stoddards Daughter. Humphrey’s media and broadcast empire in the US is the tool they need to turn America towards Purist thinking and bring them alongside the Germans. Bringing the US into the Nazi’s way of thinking, of white supremacy, will ensure that the Second Great War really spreads to all parts of the world.

Humans have to be culled or eradicated and only John, Lois, Clara, and Karla Amelia stand in their way. They have some helpers, a house, a spider, and a promise. But so too do the Nature Gods, who call in the God of Death to help. They know that if they fail to end humanity, they may end their Divinity and the Destroyers will come. These will cause worldwide natural catastrophes that will end all life, not only human.

How can a pacifist God, and two Demi-gods defeat the Firebird, Storms, Rat and Death? They cannot unless bossy-britches, John’s twin sister from another life develops her potential as the Virgin Ghost Witch and the Cosmics promise comes true.

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