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Follow what lies ahead for Aurora and Wolfgang, whose bond will be put on a test as they face many more adversaries and new enemies.

Fantasy / Romance
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After defeating the rogue leader and escaping death’s grip. Aurora returns home to discover that her mate, the alpha of the blood moon pack, Wolfgang, has revealed that they have imprinted to the elders, but she now finds herself loathing the man she once hoped would address an ounce of attention towards her and refuses to acknowledge their relationship, exacting to be rejected and left to be a rogue. But Wolfgang will not let go so easily as he finally realized how stupid he’s been for neglecting Aurora and is determined to recover her back.

Meanwhile, in the dark lurks a new kind of enemy who has been searching and annihilating werewolves around the continent and has targeted the blood moon pack after discovering that a young she wolf murdered one of the strongest weres.

Will they be able to overcome this all?

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