Spirit High

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Because they started a new beginning, Crystallia and Ash (Satoshi) are going to rise through several challenges and lessons. As they forge on, their life will reach something truly amazing. And as they go through the challenges, they will do it together. As their life progresses, they go through several changes. As the reader, you will find out if they reveal their past, or if somebody finds out, what was so horrible about their past that they started fresh, and what happens, all along the way.

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1. New Beginnings

This is an original story.

Ages: Me: 16; Ash: 16; everyone else mentioned in the story: usually 16.

Notes: thinking. Ash and I can talk to each other telepathically, just so I don't freak you out.

"Ash, hurry up, we're gonna be late!" I shout. Goodness gracious boy, you better hurry up......or I'm gonna do that punishment......

"Almost done...done, and ready to go!" Ash replies. No need to do it, I'm coming out...

"Good, because we got 10 minutes to get there before we're late," I say to him as he comes out.

"WHAT?!" he shouts, "we need to GO, NOW!"

"Let's use our winged spirit forms to get there," I suggest.

"Good thinking, C," he replies.

We change into the forms and shoot into the sky, then shoot towards the school, as our forms know where it is.

Our spirits find the school and we plummet down, headfirst. Just seconds before we hit the ground, we switch to feetfirst and open our wings to catch the wind. Now we're outside the school gates.

"We have 8 minutes left to get to the office and get our schedules," I say to Ash.

"Okay, Crystallia," Ash says.

Just then, somebody notices that we're there and comes over to us.

"Oh, what do we got here? It looks like two losers," the person says.

"Yeah, bet they aren't even special," says another, joining the first one.

Rage burns in me, but I push it down and stay calm.

"Let's just ignore them, Ash," I say.

We start to walk away from them.

"Hey, where you going? Bet what she called you is short for Ashley, am I right?" the second one says.

They both laugh.

"What are you doing with him, hottie?" the first one says, "with that loser?"

Rage burns in Ash and I. It burns like a ravenous beast, itching to eat.

"She's mine! Back off!" Ash snarls at them.

The two 'bullies' take a step back.

Did he literally just say that? I think.

"I'm nobody's but his!" I growl, going along with it.

The two are even more scared.

"O-oh ye-yeah? Then k-kiss and p-prove it," the first one says.

Ash and I blush hard.

"Uh-uh......" we begin to say. Then we kiss.

Long and hard.

Turns out, Ash and I kissing was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Both 'bullies' run away, scared to death.

"Ha, running away after getting humiliated," I say.

"Yeah, they're not even proper bullies," Ash says.

"Ash, that was amazing," I say to him.

"Really?" he asks.

"Yes! It really was!" I replied.

"I've been wanting to tell you something for God knows how long......I really like you, Crystallia, and I have since God knows when. Will you be my girlfriend?" Ash says to me.

"Yes yes yes, a million times yes!" I say, "but now, we need to get to the office."

"Oh, yeah. Well, we better get going," he replies.

After getting our things, we teleport to the outside of our first class. We knock on the door.

"Come on in," a voice says.

We walk into the classroom.

"Ah, the new students. Please introduce yourselves," the teacher says.

"I am Crystallia Aura," I say to everyone.

"And I am Ash Fire," Ash says to them, "and Ash is short for Satoshi, not Ashley."

Everyone is shocked that he basically knew what they were thinking.

"Can you-?" someone started saying.

"Read minds? No, we can't," I said, "and we get asked that a lot."

Somebody started saying something, but Ash and I stayed quiet.

"But how could you tell what we were thinking?" another person said.

"Because we already had an encounter with some people who said Ash was short for Ashley," we say.

"Now that that's sorted, let's begin Battle Class, shall we?" the teacher says.

"We'd like to challenge the newbies, so we can see what they are made of." somebody says.

Then whispers start going through the room.

"I feel sorry for the new kids, because they're gonna get their buts whooped," someone says.

"Yeah, me too. Those two are the strongest in the school," says another.
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