The Path

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In the sky amongst the magics lives a boy. Half-human and half magic, a recipe for paranoia for those around him. After seeing the dooming future, those he trusts become hesitant to trust him. Will the future come to reality or will he be able to overcome the obstacles coming for him.

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Chapter One

“Ma’am, pardon me.” The young boy squeaked.

She looked down from her chair and stared at the boy.

“What is it?” she bellowed.
“They have arrived.” he looked down to the floor and shuffled his feet.

She straightened herself in her seat and cleared her throat. “Let them in, thank you.” She called out, patting the boy gently on his head. The boy scurried from his place and ran to the door. He placed his small hands on the engraved symbol and pressed down. The door lit up with life, awaiting its next command.

The boy furrowed his eyebrows and focused on the command to open. The letters and syllables came out of his mouth, the language sounded foreign and ancient. The door slowly opened and the 3 guests walked into the room.

“Nice to see you again Charlie.” One of them said while giving his head a gentle pat.

“You did a good job with that opening spell.” The others praised in unison

“That will be all, thank you.” his master called out to him. He bowed his head and walked out of the room.

“What news do you bring,” Melody asked stepping off of her chair.

The twins exchanged looks to each other and nodded. “The war is growing, it will be hard to stop.” Melody stood up. The two timid girls stood awkwardly next to each other. Their green eyes shone from under their golden locks. Aura was leaner than her sister, always more warm and welcoming to others. Adrina was colder and more reserved. She was the sister that kept to herself and stood on the sidelines. Aura and Adrina practically shone, their home-based closest to the sun. Aura always flaunted around in bright colored dresses, while Adrina wore her usual baggy clothing.

“Show me.” Melody stated standing in front of Aura and Adrina. They both put their hands on her shoulders and focused on the future.

Melody stood in a desolate war zone, a fire raged everywhere as the ashes rained down over her. Sounds of crying and screaming people filled the air. Melody looked around her, fearing what she was looking at. Shadows loomed over the burning city below her, the tallest shadow raged with fire. Screams filled and attacked her ears, her eyes focusing through the flame to find a man sitting alone on the top of a building. Melody could hear his laughter as he watched the people that were below him. The people screamed in pain as they tried to run from him. Suddenly, the man stopped his laughter. He stood up and jumped from the building, disappearing into thin air. Melody watched the tower with horror. The man stood over her and watched her quietly.

“Melody?” He asked, moving the hood from his face. Her eyes widened as she stepped back.

“Who are you?” she asked the man standing in front of her.

“Have I really changed that much?” he said, holding his hands to his face sarcastically.

His face was littered with scars and his eyes seemed to glow. He was a tall gaunt man who’s back curved. His eyes searched Melody, rage, and curiosity present on his face. He sighed and shook his head.

“Do you seriously not recognize me? I do admit, I have changed a bit but you practically raised me.” his eyes narrowed and he shifted his focus away.

“The only person I’ve practically raised is Charlie but-”

“Finally, it took you long enough,” he exclaimed, stretching his arms out.

“But, you look nothing like him.” she stepped back cautiously.

“I guess you can say, I look like my dad.” he smiled moving the hair from his eyes.

“But I don’t understand, you can’t end up like this!”

“Because of the laws of time, I can’t exactly say how but I got a really big eye-opener when I was younger,“ He said crossing his arms.

“Silly me,” he started before turning to look at her.

“How are you here?” He spat out and grabbed her arm roughly. His words muttered through gritted teeth as his grip tightened around her arm. His eyes shone a bright blue as his white hair peeked through the hood of his cloak. He looked tired and angry. Charlie’s eyes glowed brighter as his rage built up.

“What happened here?” she asked him, trying to shake her arm from his grip.

“Do you like it?” he proudly said, dropping her arm from his tight grasp.

“Did it myself.” He sneered. The wind swirled the ashes below them; The screams and cries of the people swirled with them. Charlie turned to her and looked down.

“I can’t wait,” he started shifting himself towards her.

“For what?” Melody stuttered, it felt as if someone had been holding her throat with a firm grasp. Charlie snickered and looked up to her, his eyes shining with excitement. He held a finger to his lips and smiled widely like it was a joke.

“From what I can see, you come from November, November 15, XXXX. Am I right?” he asked, circling her and staring at her, his gaze filled with amusement as if this was a game to him. Melody swallowed hard, clenching her fists.

“Well? I can clearly see the timestamp on you.” he teased, pointing to her feet.

“Otkrij vremensku oznaku, molim” he clearly said, moving his hands in a pattern in the air. A swirl of green appeared at her feet and the date appeared. The symbol flickered with a low green glow.

"November, 15 XXXX.” the date revealed itself to her.

“Cool huh?” he asked, waving his hand and letting the symbols shift away.

“I can feel someone tugging at you, trying to get you back,” he stated, chewing his thumb nervously. “How rude, I haven’t seen you in a long time and they’re trying to take you away from me,” he whined, sitting on the ground in front of her. He motioned for her to sit next to him.

“Its Aura and Adrina isn’t it?” he asked, chewing on the corner of his lips, his eye twitching slightly at the mention of their name. He sucked in air through his teeth and looked down.

“Why would you do this to the world?” Melody asked, her eyes glued on the despair below them. He laughed quietly and folded his arms.

“I was bored.” he sighed. Melody looked at him in horror as he smiled and closed his eyes peacefully. The air around them thickened and swirled angrily. Human buildings stood below them, their glass long shattered. Their bases seemed like they had been burning for some time. Their cars stood in place, some crashed together from moments of panic. Melody could see the areas of land that he had risen to block the paths of oncoming threats.

Charlie stood up and laughed.

“Seeing you as this has really made me a little happier. The Melody I remember from when I was a kid, kind and warm towards me.” his eyes fell to his feet, almost like he couldn’t move them from that spot. He shook his head and conjured a sword.

“If I get rid of you now, I won’t have to deal with you.” he sighed rushing towards her and thrusting his sword towards her. Melody called her spear and clashed it against his sword.

“Cute.” he snickered, pulling his sword away and lunging the sword towards her chest. She moved away from him swiftly and landed on all fours. He ran towards her again and ran the sword through her leg. She sucked in air through her teeth and kept her scream inside.

“I always get your leg!” he complained. He wiped the blood off the sword and licked his blood-soaked fingers. His veins and eyes lit up and he smiled in amusement.

“Finally, I have enough.” he cheered in excitement. Melody groaned as she healed herself, pushing the pain from her mind. Charlie danced in joy as he turned to her.

“Oh, you can go now.” he smiled pushing her head down to the ground. Her head hit the ground with a thud.

The sisters pulled her back to their time and caught their breath.

“How was he able to see me?” She panicked.

“I thought it was only for me to see into the future.” The sisters stood up tall.

“In the future, Charlie becomes a powerful sorcerer, we don’t know why he was able to see you but he must have used some strong magic.” Melody sat in her seat, collecting her thoughts.

“He pulled your body into his future, we tried to get you back but it’s something we’ve never seen before,” Adrina mumbled, playing nervously with her hands.

Melody had finished healing her leg and wobbled up.

“What news do you bring?” She asked, quickly changing the subject. Her eyes moved towards Arawn, the oldest of the four of them. Her hair red as flames were swept up in a messy ponytail. Her face was littered with freckles, not a blemish in sight. The clothes she wore were the same black she always wore. Melody never knew why but Arawn’s fashion was monochromatic. Today she wore a black coat over a tight black turtle neck shirt over some black slacks. Regardless, she was Melody’s second in command, most importantly she was the one who had once saved Melody from true darkness.

“The arrangements are falling into play, the peace treaty has been sent out,” Arawn said quietly, knowing that they would be in vain.

They further discussed the future and how they would handle the war, but the thought of Melody’s young student still haunted her.

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