Dragon-Man #2

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When the crime boss of Paradise City hires a hunter to slay the dragon, Dragon-Man and The Hunter become arch enemies. But can Dragon-Man beat him in a one on one fight?

Fantasy / Action
The Dragon Tamer
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Dragon-Man #2

“It all started three months ago. We were taken on a class field trip to an excavation site to help uncover lost dinosaur bones. I fell into a deep hole in the sand and found an underground temple. It looked pretty ancient, almost renaissance era. I may not have found dinosaur bones but I did find dragon bones and eggs. A nest of five dragon eggs. One of them hatched and latched itself onto my arm like some sort of parasite. They were super natural dragons that gave me strange dragon-like abilities. I can transform at will as well as breath fire and fly. A mysterious man covered in brass armor called ‘Thorax’ belongs to an ancient organization called ‘Dragon Tamers’. He taught me to use my new found powers however I sought fit. I sought to use these powers for good. And now, I think I have what it takes to become a superhero like no one’s ever seen before.”

Meanwhile at an art gallery, a girl cloaked in blue was ‘window shopping’ in the middle of the night. Wearing a blue hood over her head and a black mask, it was easy to conceal her identity. But who is she...? Her blue one piece was revealing down the middle, in the shape of a ‘V’ that cradled both of her large breasts. A necklace that was made of 100% sapphire caught her attention. The necklace was encased in glass. The sapphire sparkled in her emerald green eyes, she had to have that necklace. But how was she going to get it if she didn’t bring any tools with her? She held out her hand and placed it on the glass. Then she did something out of the ordinary. Her hand started to glow, like it was burning. She had conjured up fire from her hand. But it wasn’t red fire, but blue. She melted the glass with blue fire.

When the glass was melted, she snatched the necklace from within. She saw a glimpse of flashlights shinning from the corner and knew that it was time to go. However, another flashlight caught her as she turned and was like a deer in the headlights.

“Hey, stop right there!” Shouted the night guard. Three night guards surrounded her as she backed up against the empty display case. However, the night guards were distracted by her revealing costume.

“Damn, we’ve got a hot cat burglar over here.” One of them said.

“You like what you see boys?” She asked in a seducing voice as she approached them. One of them walked up to her. She flashed her green eyes at him as he couldn’t help himself. He reached out to her and touched her arm. As the other two came closer, that’s when she struck. She kicked the other night guard back as she grabbed the arm of the night guard that touched her. She threw him over her shoulder as she broke his arm in the process. The last night guard took out his side arm but she kicked the gun straight up into the air and out of his hands. She caught the gun and threw it back at him, breaking his nose. The night guard that she kicked down earlier got up and came at her with his night stick. She back flipped over him as he tried to hit her. She kicked him hard in the face as she grabbed his stick. She pulled him closer to her as she threw him over her shoulder too.

She left the gallery, leaving the night guards with nothing but broken bones and loose teeth. And maybe some erections as well. She ran and jumped across the rooftops like some hardcore parkour maniac. A large shadowy figure jumped down in front of her. She stopped as the figure stood ten feet tall above her. The figure stepped out from the shadows as she backed up and was face to face with Dragon-Man.

“So the rumors are true after all.” She said. She didn’t sound scared at all, she was not phased.

“You’re not afraid?”

“I’m terrified, but also amazed. I never seen a live dragon before.” She walked up to the dragon as she started circling around him, feeling his scales and getting a good look at him.

“If you’re gonna rob a place, you should wear black and not blue.” He joked as he watched her. She giggled.

“Easy there dragon. You don’t want to make me angry. I might just pounce on you. Unless that’s what you’re intending to do.” She stopped and looked up at him.

“In which case, I’m more then curious to find out how big that ego of yours must be.” He grabbed her arm.

“One last warning. Put the necklace back and I won’t leave you for the P.C.P.D.” She pouts.

“You’re no fun. I thought dragons liked treasure.” She walks away as she looks back at him.

“Only in fairy tales, and this is no fairy tale. Now put the necklace back please.”

“Ugh, fine. But only because you’re a cute dragon. And you said please. I’ll be a good girl and put the necklace back, I promise.”

“Good.” But before she left, there was a gun shot that pierced through Dragon-Man’s wing.

“AH, WHAT THE HELL?” He shouted as he looks at his wound. The mysterious girl’s jaw dropped as she was awestruck.

“DRAGON!” Dragon-Man looks back as a shadow of a man holding a double-barrel shotgun was seen standing on top of another roof. His coat flowing in the cool breeze as the smoke from his cigarette went up into the air. There was a green stone necklace dangling from his neck.

“So I finally found you! You’re the monster terrorizing this city! I thought Draco was just crazy but here you are!” He jumped down as he walked up to the dragon with his gun pointing straight at him.

“Draco? The crime boss?” Clayton ignored her question as he takes his cigarette and flicks it away.

“Run away little lady. This won’t be pretty.” He said taking aim. The mysterious girl got annoyed with him as she threw a blue fireball at his gun and melting it.

“MY GUN! YOU BITCH!” Once the gun was melted, Dragon-Man ran up and punched him hard in the face. He stumbles back as if it was like getting hit by a wrecking ball. Dragon-Man threw his punches left and right as Clayton was dodging every hit. He caught the dragon’s fist and grinned.

“What?” Clayton upper-cut Dragon-Man sending him flying before crashing down onto the floor. Both him and the mysterious girl was shocked. Clayton looked at his hands.

“Whoa, what the...? Where the hell did that come from?” He looked at the necklace that he was wearing as it was glowing green.

“Holy shit, this thing actually works?” Clayton grinned as he prepared himself for the fight of his life.

“This is going to be interesting.” Dragon-Man got up. Clayton swung in a left hook but missed as Dragon-Man stepped aside. Dragon-Man used his tail to lasso Clayton’s leg and tripped him. The mysterious girl decided to stay and watch as she leaned back against the wall. The silhouettes of them fighting shadowed over her. Clayton punched Dragon-Man in the belly. It actually hurt thanks to the boost of strength the stone gave Clayton, but he walked it off. Dragon-Man threw a punch making Clayton’s face bleed. He pulled out a hunting knife hidden in his boot as he swung it. Dragon-Man leaped back but Clayton managed to cut him in the process. Dragon-Man stumbles back as he covers his wound. Clayton flipped his knife around as he rushed toward Dragon-Man. However a sudden burst of blue fire came between the two and stopped the fight.

“Alright, that’s enough!” She yelled.

“Awe, are you upset because I hurt your little dragon friend?” He mocked her. She looked at him with an annoyed look. Clayton looked over at Dragon-Man through the fire as he grinned.

“The number one rule of hunting. Don’t wound what you can’t kill.” Clayton put his knife away and retreated. He looks back at him before running off.

“Just wait until round two.” Dragon-Man looked at him with one eye opened trying to stand up. Clayton ran off to fight another day. The mysterious girl walked up to him.

“That cut looks pretty nasty. You’re losing a lot of blood.”

“That was no ordinary hunting knife. I’ll be fine though. You should go before they catch you, but not before you put that necklace back.” She smirked at him.

“Alright push over.” She turned and started to walk away.

“Hey, thanks for saving me. Who are you anyway?” She looks back at him.

“You can call me Blue Flame. See you around.” She winked at him before leaping off the building. Dragon-Man watched as she ran off into the night. Dragon-Man spread his wings and flew back to the temple with little strength he had left.

The Dragon’s Temple

“That was a close one Drake. That wound was pretty nasty, you could’ve died today.” Said Thorax as he was finishing patching him up.

“Thanks Thorax.” He replied as he sat up still in his dragon form.

“So what kind of weapon was that? That was no ordinary weapon he used.”

“As a matter of fact it was.”

“Wait what?”

“It was just an ordinary hunting knife forged from steel.”

“No that can’t be. He must’ve used a... Some kind of special material.”

“Nope. That stone you mentioned that he wore around his neck. I did some research from the old scrolls.” Thorax walked over to his bookshelf and pulled out an old dusty scroll. He blew the dust off of it before opening it. He laid it on a table as Dragon-Man observed the text. A picture of the stone was drawn in the scroll just beside the text. Thorax explains to Dragon-Man what the stone can really do.

“It’s called the ‘Emerald Green Firestone’, also known as ‘The Altarstone’. It is still unknown who made the stone. Holding the stone or even wearing it can boost the strength of it’s wielder immensely, making him almost unstoppable. It has the same effects with his arsenal of weapons. For example, that hunting knife he cut you with triples it’s cutting potential.”

“Great, just great! An invincible hunter guy wants to kill me!” Drake complained.

“Unstoppable, not invincible. There is a way to combat the stones power, but it is risky. You must go inside the stone itself and destroy it’s core.”

“Wait what!? Go inside the stone? How the hell is that even possible?”

“It’s complicated. It takes a lot of training and meditation to master the art. You are not ready for that now that I think about it. I will help you. You just lure him here to the temple if you can and I’ll do my part.”

“Why here? Why can’t you come with?” He asked. Thorax sighed and explains to Dragon-Man why he can’t come.

“Because I can not leave the temple. I swore a vow to wait for the next Dragon-Man to arise and train him. I’ve waited here for centuries, bounded by magic to never leave the temple. That is my curse. I am forever bound to this temple until I die.” Dragon-Man’s eyes grew large. He was speechless, not knowing how to respond to that.

“Just do your part Drake and I’ll do mine, got it?” He nods as if saying he understands what he must do.

Meanwhile at the hunter’s cabin, Clayton was polishing one of his spare shotguns since Blue Flame melted his other one. He had a cigarette in his mouth as he was at his work bench preparing for round two with the dragon. This new shotgun he had made himself and it was modded to his specific needs. He had a Bluetooth device in his ear as he was listening to music. That was until he got a call. He switched the device from music player to phone.

“What is it Draco?” He knew exactly who was calling.

“Clayton, is that anyway to answer the phone? I’m calling to check in. Have you dealt with the dragon yet?”

“I ran into him tonight. But my business was cut short.”

“I am disappointed to hear that.” He sighed.

“Maybe you need a little more persuasion Clayton. Perhaps your wife will be willing to help with that. Or maybe your daughter.”

“Don’t worry.” He respond as he blew out a huff of smoke.

“I’ll get the job done dammit! That dragon will be dead when it comes to round two.” He sticks the cigarette back in his mouth.

“For your sake I hope so. I would hate to have to cut those pretty little faces. Keep me posted will ya? Laters.” Clayton hung up the phone as he switched back to his music.

It was still night as Drake was walking home. He had his hands tucked in his pockets as he was thinking about how he was going to lure Clayton to the temple. He looked up at the crescent moon as he notices smoke rising up into the sky. Drakes eyes grew big as he rushed to the burning house only to realize that it was his house that was on fire. He heard a scream coming from the house.

“MOM!” He cried out. He rushed toward the flames but they were too hot. He thought quickly and transformed into Dragon-Man as he rushed inside the burning building. While in his dragon form, the flames did not bother him.

“MOM, WHERE ARE YOU!?” He cried out. He heard his mothers poor screams coming from upstairs. A heavy beam came crashing down and broke the stair case. He used his wings to leap up onto the second floor. How did this fire start he thought. Was it just an accident or was it a crime of arson? He broke down the door to his mothers room as he saw her lying in the bed unconscious. He quickly picked her up in his massive hands as he flew out the window with a burst of flames behind him. He landed safely on the ground away from the fire as he lays her down onto the grass.

Tears rolled down his cheeks as he cradled her in his arms trying to wake her up. Charcoal smeared all over her face as she slowly opens her eyes, but she was far too weak. She smiled at him and caressed his cheek as if somehow she knew that behind the dragon was her son.

“Drake, my boy.”

“I’m here mom, you’re gonna be okay.” He said sobbing.

“Drake.... I’m cold Drake.” Those were her last words before she died in his arms. Tears overwhelmed his face as he cried his heart out. Sirens were screaming down the street. Cop cars and fire trucks were on their way. A light from a helicopter shined onto Dragon-Man as the cops circled around him and aimed their guns at him.

“What the....? What the hell is that?” They were asking themselves. Dragon-Man stood up slowly. Detective Wydock was with them. He stepped out of his car as he was awestruck seeing the mysterious dragon up close.

“DON’T MOVE MONSTER!” They were thinking that Dragon-Man must’ve killed her.

“N-No! I didn’t....”

“OPEN FIRE!” The cops opened fire on Dragon-Man but the bullets just bounced off of his scales. However, some of the bullets managed to graze parts of his under belly that his breastplate wasn’t covering. Dragon-Man covered up his small wounds as he started to bleed. He looked and stared angrier at the cops. When the bullets stopped flying, Dragon-Man let out a stream of fire as he made a ring of fire around him and his dead mother. He flew up into the night sky and away from the cops.

“It’s getting away!” Detective Wydock put his hand on the cops shoulder.

“No, let it go. I’m sure we didn’t see the last of it.” The ring of fire was put out as the medic team and Detective Wydock approached the dead woman. He knelt down as he took off his hat.

“This is Lilith Fires. The dragon was trying to protect her.” He said to himself. He noticed a piece of paper that she was holding onto. He reached for it as he takes it. It was the photo of Drake that she took on his birthday. He looks up into the night sky as the flames from the house were being slowly extinguished. Dragon-Man flew through the sky as he landed on a rooftop. He sat on the ledge of the roof as he had thoughts running through his head as his waist cloth flowed so gently in the breeze. Did Blue Flame cause the fire, or was it someone else...? As he was thinking to himself, he heard something screaming through the sky.

Something had landed onto the same roof behind Dragon-Man. He turned around as Energizer had landed. But Drake was too sad to be excited and fan boy over this. Energizer looked up at the dragon.

“What the hell? So you’re the monster terrorizing my city!” He said standing up and pointed at him. Dragon-Man said nothing. He just looks away as Energizer unsheathed his sword. It was a katana with an electric charge to it.

“Prepare to be slain monster! FIGHT ME MONSTER!” Dragon-Man continues to look away with sad eyes, thinking about his mother. Energizer didn’t think anything of it though. He grunted as he leaped forward with blade in hand as Dragon-Man caught his arm. He looked at Energizer as he tossed him aside.

“Alright, you wanna fight? Let’s go then.” He said to Energizer as he prepared himself for combat. Energizer rush attacked him, swinging his blade left and right as Dragon-Man used his scaly arms as shields to deflect every blow. Energizer charged up the voltage on his blade as he countered and leaped off of his arm for an over head attack. Dragon-Man caught the blade in his hand as the voltage just phased through him. Energizer’s eyes grew big.

“What!?! But how?” He punched Energizer so hard in the face that it sent him flying through the air and broke a piece of his helmet off revealing his face. He landed hard on his back as he flipped himself back up.

“I am not your enemy! I’m not terrorizing the city, I’m saving it!” He said huffing. The voltage of Energizer’s blade may not have done much to him but it did sting a lot.

“Keep quiet beast!” Energizer rushed over to him again, thrusting his charged blade as Dragon-Man dodged. Dragon-Man went in with a massive punch, however Energizer dodged his massive fist as he punched a crater right into the roof. Energizer sweep kicked him as Dragon-Man fell over. Before he could get up, Energizer put his foot onto his chest and seized the tip of his sword to his neck.

“How are you saving the city? You’re a monster! One look at you, and people would scream in terror!” Just as Energizer was about to finish him off, a blue fireball hit his hand making him drop his sword. He looked over as Blue Flame came out from the shadows and kicked him in the face. Energizer took a couple of steps back as Dragon-Man stood up.

“Stop this foolishness!”

“You dare interfere thief?”

“This is no monster! Are you too blind to see he’s telling the truth?”

“Stay out of my way thief or I’ll be coming for you next!” With that said, Energizer disappeared in a cloud of smoke just like a ninja. Dragon-Man turns to Blue Flame.

“You need to stop saving my life.” He jokingly said.

“It’s a habit.”

“Why did you burn down the house?”

“What!? You think I would do something like that? I’m disappointed dragon. I maybe a thief, but I am not an Arsonist.”

“If not you then who?”

“Can’t say, I don’t know who.” Dragon-Man walked over to her. He could sense that she was carrying something in her pocket. He put his hand in her pocket. Blue Flame threw her hands up into the air as she looked up at him.

“Hey! You naughty dragon, what do you think you are doing?” He pulled out not the sapphire necklace that she stole earlier, but a small statue with red ruby eyes.

“Window shopping again?” She pouts.

“Hey, a girl has to have a hobby right?”

“Stealing shouldn’t be one of them. Put this back where you got it.”


“Why not?”

“Because I stole it from Draco’s estate.” Dragon-Man’s eyes widen.

“WHAT? Are you mad? You stole from the biggest crime boss of Paradise City!”

“Don’t worry dragon, I can take care of myself. And besides, since you’re trying to save the city and all, I’d figure you might like some evidence. He’s got dirt under his nails and I bet there’s something of interest in that statue. It’s hallow so there’s bound to be something inside.” Dragon-Man just stood there with the statue in his hand as Blue Flame walked away.

“Thanks.” She looks back at him and winks.

“Now you be a good dragon and save this city. I’ll see you around.” She leaped off rooftop to rooftop as she disappeared into the night. He could not figure out her game, stealing but also helping him out. Although the two just met there was something about her that gets under his scales.

Dawn had broken out in the city as Drake Fires headed off to King Darkoss High School. His first period class was ‘History’. His history teacher was named Walter Miller and was a professor studying the most feared warriors to ever exist, the Spartans. Alison was in the same class as Drake but her desk was empty. She was not seen in about a week ever since the accident at her parents lab. Drake was torn, he was so worried about her. Maybe something bad had happened to her or worse. But Drake didn’t want to think that way. Something inside him told him that she was still alive somewhere. The P.C.P.D. had been looking for her for months, but they just could not find her. They have both of her parents down at the morgue. But there was no sign of Alison anywhere. All he could think about was finding Alison.

“Drake!” Called out Mr. Miller. Drake looked up at him.

“Yes sir?”

“Can you tell the class who it was that lead the brave 300 to a last stand at the Battle of Thermopylae?”

“Who is King Leonidas the first?” Drake responded as if it was the game show Jeopardy. The rest of the class chuckled a little.

“Correct. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. For there will be a pop quiz next week.” As Mr. Miller was talking, Drake looked out the window and saw something in the distance. Thanks to his enhanced sight due to his dragon powers, he could clearly see his heroic idol fighting a mysterious figure. Drake turned to the teacher raising his hand.

“Mr. Miller, may I go to the bathroom?”

“Of course Drake.” Mr. Miller gave Drake a hall pass as he walked calmly out of the classroom. But instead of going to the bathroom, he went to the roof where no one could see him. He transformed into his alter ego Dragon-Man as he took to the skies. He flew straight to where the battle was. Energizer was dodging fireballs that was thrown at him until Dragon-Man showed up. He whistled to get Energizer’s attention. He looked up.

“Dragon? What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to help of course.” Energizer used his sword to block an incoming fireball.

“I don’t need any help!”

“Seems to me like you do.” A huge fireball came toward Energizer as Dragon-Man came down in front of him and shielded him from the attack. Dragon-Man looked up at the one who was throwing the fireballs as his jaw dropped. Floating in the sky with fire in both his hands was Zachery Baxter.

“Zach?” He questioned.

“The name’s Hot-Shot!” Zachery was expelled from school and sent to prison for first degree murder. But who did he kill, why was he expelled and how did he get these powers? Before the fight continued, Hot-Shot looked at Dragon-Man confused.

“Wait, how the hell do you know my real name? You and I never met before.” Dragon-Man looked up at him.

“Uh, lucky guess? Never mind. You’re not going to get away with.... Whatever this is you’re doing.” As soon as an opening was cleared, Energizer shot bolts of electricity from his gauntlets. Hot-Shot used a fire blast to block the electricity. But the electric charge was too strong that it broke through the fire, shocking Hot-Shot. Hot-Shot dropped from the sky as he landed on his back. Energizer and Dragon-Man approached him as Hot-Shot opened his eyes. He blasted Energizer as Dragon-Man shielded him again giving Hot-Shot a chance to get up.

“Well, I had a blast but I gotta jet. But not before leaving you two a present.” He grinned. He backed up as he conjured up fire that were in the shape of men. Dragon-Man’s eyes widen.

“Well that’s a neat trick.” Hot-Shot ordered his fire men to attack the two as he used this opportunity to escape.

“You wanna help dragon? Then get after him and I’ll handle these things!” Dragon-Man nodded as he flew up into the sky. He flew in the direction Hot-Shot went. Dragon-Man caught up with him in less then three seconds.

“Hey Hot-Shit, where ya going!?” Hot-Shot looked behind him and saw that Dragon-Man was following him. He threw fireballs at him to try to slow him down, but Dragon-Man blew his fire breath to stop the fireballs.

“Huh, fighting fire with fire literally.” He laughed.

“FUCK OFF!” Hot-Shot flew as fast as he could with Dragon-Man on his tail. As he reached for his foot, Hot-Shot kicked Dragon-Man in the face causing him to let got of his foot. Hot-Shot turned to face him as he threw more fireballs at him. Dragon-Man shielded himself with his arms. When the smoke cleared, Hot-Shot flew up to him and punched him hard in the face, knocking Dragon-Man out of the sky and crashing into the streets below. As a truck was about to ram him, Dragon-Man flew up into the sky again missing the truck by a mile.

Hot-Shot grunted as he took off flying the other way. Dragon-Man flew after him until at last, he was close enough to kick Hot-Shot out of the sky. Hot-Shot crashed into the ground below as Dragon-Man landed. As he approached, Hot-Shot got up and threw a flaming hot left hook as Dragon-Man slapped his arm out of the way. Dragon-Man grabbed Hot-Shot by the tank top as he lifted him up into the air.

“It was you wasn’t it?”

“What are you talking about?” Hot-Shot asked as he grabbed Dragon-Man’s arms and struggled.

“You burnt down that house didn’t you? ANSWER ME!”

“YES!” He yelled.


“What is it to you!?” Dragon-Man threw Hot-Shot into the tree behind him. For once in his life, Zach was scared as Dragon-Man towered over him. There was terror displayed behind his eyes.

“WHY DID YOU DO IT!?” Dragon-Man punched the tree truck above his head as he flinched. Dragon-Man’s fist went right through the trunk of the tree.

“I did it to teach someone a lesson okay!?”

“You killed the person that was trapped inside! Did you know she was in there? DID YOU!?” He grabbed Hot-Shot by the vest and lifted him up again. He pounded Zach against the trunk just like Zach used to do to Drake.

“No, no! I swear, I didn’t know there was someone in there!” Hot-Shot pleaded.

“LAIR!” Dragon-Man sharpened his claws as he was about to impale him until Energizer showed up to save him.

“DRAGON, STOP!” His arm froze.

“Don’t you dare! Killing is not the way of the hero! He maybe a criminal but we do not kill our enemies! Let him go! Let P.C.P.D. take care of him. Put him down.” Dragon-Man calms himself as he gently puts Hot-Shot down. Energizer approached him and handcuffs Hot-Shot to the base of the trunk. He used a different type of handcuff then the police use. These pair were heat resistance strong enough to withstand even Hot-Shot’s fire. Dragon-Man and Energizer turned the other way.

“That was your house wasn’t it?” Hot-Shot asked. Dragon-Man turns to him.

“Drake Fires.” Zach maybe a hot head, but he was smarter then he looked. It didn’t take long for him to figure out who Dragon-Man really was. But how did he figure it out so quickly? Since Zach figured out who he really was, there was no sense of hiding it any longer. Dragon-Man transformed back into Drake Fires before Zach and Energizer’s eyes.

“Well I’ll be damned.” Zach smirked.

“I always knew you had a thing for dragons Drake. But I never thought you would actually become one yourself.” Drake paced toward Zach.

“If you ever tell anyone else, I will hunt you down!”

“Ooo, I’m so scared.” Zach mocked. Drake walked away from him as Energizer spoke to him.

“You’re that kid from the bus incident years ago. I don’t believe it, how did this happen?” Drake looked up at him and smiled.

“It’s a long story. You and I are the same now, we both have super powers. Only difference is I can transform into a dragon.” He laughed.

“Does anybody else know?”


“Good, keep it that way. Never reveal your secret identity to anyone else. They could be a target.” Energizer looked down at him.

“Listen kid, I’m sorry about the other night. If only I had known...”

“It’s okay, I understand. You thought I was just some random monster I get it. I’m just trying to be a hero like you.” Energizer sighed.

“Well, you’ve got a good heart. You’ve already displayed that on the bridge once before. Remember what I told you?”

“Yes. You don’t need super powers to be a superhero. Well, I gotta get back to class now.” But before Drake left, he paused. He pulled out a small USB drive in his pocket and gave it to Energizer.

“What’s this?”

“It was inside a small statue Blue-Flame gave to me the other night. She said that it belongs to Draco and he could be planning something.”

“She stole this from King Dragon!?”

“King Dragon?”

“That’s what Draco is known by. King Dragon is the biggest crime boss of Paradise City. He managed to avoid arrest numerous times. The P.C.P.D. was never able to put him behind bars. He keeps order in this city and has been for years now. If something is on this USB drive, then it must be important. I’ll look into it. You get back to class. And thanks.” Drake waved to him as he walks away. Energizer smiled behind his helmet and took to the skies.

It was night again at a future construction site, Draco was surrounded by his bodyguards. He had somebody tied up by the wrists on a hook, interrogating them for information. But who did he have tied up? Clayton was also with them armed with a newly rebuilt shotgun while all of the others had AK 47′s on them.

“I know it was you.” Draco turns to her.

“You think you can steal from me and get away with it!? You’ve got a lot of guts ginger!” He walks away from her.

“I’m just not sure what you are talking about.” Blue-Flame said trying to play the innocent one. Draco turns back to her with a hot poker.

“Oh really? Well then let me remind you of what you stole from me!” Draco puts the hot poker onto her neck. Blue-Flame tried to resist the pain but at the same time it seemed like she was enjoying it.

“You’re going to have to do much better then that daddy.” She teased him. A large shadowy figure appeared on the rooftop of the building across the street.

“You’re right.” Acknowledged Draco.

“Open her mouth!” Two guards came to her and force opened her mouth. Draco hovered the hot poker over her opened mouth.

“Last chance girly! What did you do with my drive!” Blue-Flame saw the shadowy figure from the corner of her eye and then looked back at Draco.

“Fine, have it your way.” Before Draco could stuff the hot poker down her throat, Dragon-Man swooped down, grabbing one of the guardsmen with his tail and throwing him onto the roof of a trailer gaining Draco’s attention. Dragon-Man landed as he stood up. Draco grinned as he turns to face him with guns pointed straight at Dragon-Man.

“The terror of Paradise City comes to play.”

“Let her go King Dragon!”

“Oh, so it speaks? And it knows my title. Well as long as you can understand me, understand this. This is my city! And there is only room for one dragon! You have overstayed your welcome!” Draco’s guardsmen opened fire on the dragon but their bullets just bounce off of his scales.

“My scales are a thousand shields!” He breathed out a stream of fire, creating a wall of flame between him and the guardsmen. Dragon-Man walks through the fire portraying a terrifying image, striking fear into Draco’s men. But neither Draco or Clayton were intimidated.

“KEEP SHOOTING YOU COWARDS!” All guns were trained on Dragon-Man. But before they could open fire, two little round devices were tossed onto the ground and zapped the guardsmen. As the guardsmen were paralyzed for the time, Draco looked up as Energizer swooped down as he kicked one of them in the face. While Energizer and Dragon-Man took out the guardsmen, Blue-Flame used her acrobatic skills to kick the hot poker right out of Draco’s hand as the poker landed and burnt one of the guardsmen. She used her fire power to melt the chains that held her up as she kicked off of Draco’s chest freeing herself.

“HOW IS THIS HAPPENING!?” Clayton finally joined the fight as he shot at Dragon-Man as the bullets nearly scrapped by his head. Clayton paced toward him shooting at the dragon. Dragon-Man knew that with the Altarstone still wrapped around his neck that he had to be careful. As Clayton was reloading, Dragon-Man sought the opportunity and flew up into the air. Clayton watched as the dragon fled and went after his prize. He hopped onto the bed of his jeep as one of Draco’s men drove. Dragon-Man flew luring Clayton back to the temple into the trap.

While the man was driving, Clayton stood up aiming his shotgun and fired. Dragon-Man flew left to right avoiding from being hit. Dragon-Man turned and the jeep sharp turned the corner keeping up with him. Dragon-Man could see the excavation site as Clayton took aim. He shot and hit Dragon-Man’s wing causing him to loose control and crashed head long into the ground. The jeep stopped as Dragon-Man stood up weakened. He jumped through the hole as Clayton soon followed.

“This time you’re mine beast!” Clayton followed Dragon-Man down the hole and into the temple below. But Dragon-Man was no where to be seen. The giant stone door was left open as Clayton walked right in, falling for the trap. Clayton was too busy hunting for his prey to admire the amazing architectural designs of the temple itself. Thorax was in another room of the temple meditating and preparing to spring the trap. He opened his eyes as Clayton’s footsteps echoed throughout the temple halls.

He stopped meditating as he stood up. He crept up to a wall and peeked around the corner as he saw Clayton with shotgun in hand. Thorax dashed toward him as he grabbed a hold of his shotgun. As Clayton and Thorax struggled, Thorax reached for the stone and spoke in an other worldly tongue as if chanting a spell. Thorax started to glow as he was warpped into the stone itself. Clayton’s eyes widen.

“WHAT!? HOW THE HELL?” Before Clayton could do anything more, Dragon-Man jumped him. He tossed Clayton onto the ground. Clayton wiped the blood off of his face as he was enraged. Dragon-Man walked up to Clayton as he stood up. Dragon-Man threw a left hook but missed as Clayton ducked. He upper cut him and then kicked him hard in the belly. As Dragon-Man was sent flying back into a wall nearly breaking through it, Clayton approached the dragon. As Dragon-Man was standing back up, Clayton approached him as he balled up his fist and upper cut him, sending the dragon flying through the air, breaking through the stone wall.

“Getting tired Dragon?” Clayton snarled.

“Not me. I’m just getting warmed up mate!” Dragon-Man stood back up, wounded and beaten, but still he was not going to give up. He was going to win, he was determined too. He breathed out a stream of fire, however Clayton used the stones power and formed a barrier around himself. Clayton reached for his shotgun. He blasted off rounds as Dragon-Man flew, missing the shots and disappeared into the shadows. The Hunter laughed as he pressed forward, loading his shotgun.

“If it’s one thing I know, it is that you can’t wound what you can’t kill!” He shouted, trying to lure Dragon-Man out.

“And I fully intend to kill you!” As he was approaching a column, thinking that Dragon-Man was there, Clayton continued to mock him.

“I’m going to be the world’s first famous Hunter to have slain a dragon! I’m going to mount your head on my wall..... In my trophy room!” He yelled as he turned a corner, aiming his shotgun at nothing. Clayton continued onward, hunting for his prey. For once in his life, Dragon-Man was terrified. He thought to himself while he was well hidden, that Clayton would not find him so quickly. It gave him time to think and come up with a strategy.

“I’m getting pretty tired of our little game of hide-n-seek Dragon!” Shouted out Clayton as he blasts a chunk out of the column with his shotgun.

“Come on out damn you!” Dragon-Man was smart and remained in the shadows until he comes up with a plan.

“I can do this all day Dragon! After all, it’s all in the thrill of the hunt!” He laughed. But Dragon-Man remained quiet.

“Come on Thorax, I’m counting on you.” He whispered to himself.

Inside the stone itself was like a whole other dimension. Crystallized walls and honeycomb shaped walkways. And beneath the walkway was an endless abyss. Thorax was at a loss for words, it was like stepping into a dream. Ahead of him, he could see an altar. And behind the altar was a large beam of energy feeding power to the core of the stone. He walked toward the altar. But as he approached it, a dark aura started to surround it. Something was coming out of the dark aura. Hooves stepped out of the aura and impacted the floor. Three fingered claw like hands pulled it’s body out of the aura. It’s head was shaped like a horned deer as it let out a huge roar. This red skinned demon was massive in size as it towered over Thorax standing thirteen feet tall.

“Of course it wasn’t going to be this easy.” Said Thorax as he summoned his weapon. A massive blade materialized into his hands like magic. The demon tried to squash Thorax with it’s massive hand but missed as Thorax dodged the attack.

“I’ll finish this up quickly.” Thorax jumped onto a ledge almost meeting the demon’s gaze. The demon threw down his massive arm as he dodged it. The demon’s hand got stuck in the ground. Thorax used this opportunity to run up the demon’s arm. Thorax jumped and swung his massive blade, giving the demon a pretty scar on his cheek. As Thorax was busy with the demon inside the stone, Dragon-Man was trying not to get shot by The Hunter. Clayton fired everything he had at the flying dragon, but Dragon-Man’s speed was too great. As Clayton had to reload, Dragon-Man sought the opportunity to get in close.

He swooped down, grabbing Clayton as he dropped his gun. He threw Clayton against the wall. Clayton stood back up with one eye opened as if he was hiding his pain. Dragon-Man swoops down again as Clayton took out his hunting knife. As Dragon-Man came in close, Clayton dodged and cut his wing causing him to crash again. Clayton grabbed his gun and approached him, pointing the gun straight at him.

Thorax had jumped high in the air as he chopped one of the demon’s hands off. But then something happened that Thorax did not expect. The demon shrank in size and was now normal sized. Thorax used this to his advantage. He dashed toward the demon and upper cut him, sending the demon flying into the beam of energy, shocking the demon and destroying the core in the process.

“This is the end dragon!” Before Clayton could pull the trigger, the stone started to glow brighter and brighter as if it was about to explode. Thorax warpped out of the stone as it exploded in Clayton’s face, sending him flying back. Clayton lied there on top of the rubble. Dragon-Man stood up and walked over to him. Clayton looked up at him and grunted.

“No, I don’t need a stupid stone to kill you!” He held out his knife as he stabbed Dragon-Man’s leg, but the blade did not go through. He stood up as he tried to stab him in the face. Dragon-Man caught his arm and twisted it just enough for Clayton to drop his knife. Dragon-Man then punched Clayton hard in the face knocking him out.

“It’s done. The Hunter just became the hunted.” Thorax approached him, patting him on the back.

“A job well done. The Altarstone is destroyed. Now what are we going to do with him?” Dragon-Man turns to Thorax.

“I’ve got this.” He grabbed Clayton’s unconscious body and took him outside. Later that same night, the police found Clayton with his hands tried behind his back up against a lamp post with a note attached to his chest. Detective Wydock approached Clayton and takes the note. He reads the note as it read; ‘I left a present just for you. ~D’.

“What should we do with him boss?” One of the cops asked. Detective Wydock turns to him.

“This one goes to Iron Halls. We were not able to catch Draco, but at least we have his Hunter.” Dragon-Man observed Clayton’s arrest from a near by rooftop. Energizer and Blue-Flame stood up behind Dragon-Man as he looks back at them.

“Draco is still out there somewhere. He managed to escape.” Said Blue-Flame. Dragon-Man approached them both.

“We’ll catch him, don’t worry. But this city needs us now more then ever. I have a feeling that this isn’t the end.”

“We’ll be ready. I’ve protected these streets long enough by myself. But it would be nice to have some help.” Energizer remarked. Dragon-Man smiled and took off into the night sky as the others followed. Detective Wydock looked up as he saw three figures flying across the moon and smiled. Dragon-Man will return to save another day.

Meanwhile at Iron Halls, Clayton was in his prison jumpsuit in the cafeteria with a bunch of other inmates. He see’s Hot-Shot standing with his back against a wall. Clayton walked past him until Hot-Shot notices him.

“Hey, I remember you. Clayton Huntsman. Let me guess, the Dragon-Prick put you in here didn’t he?” Clayton stops and turns to him.

“What is it to you?”

“I heard that the crime boss hired you to kill the dragon. News gets around pretty damn fast around here. What if I told you I knew who the Dragon-Man really is?” Clayton grinned but turns the other way.

“Not interested. I like to figure things out my way. After all, it’s in the thrill of the hunt.” Clayton walks away as he grins.


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