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ESKE - A Werewolf Novel

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Isabelle Ambers is a seventeen-year-old living with an abusive mother. Eske Colten's a rogue werewolf, hiding as a twelfth grader at her school. His name means a Spear of Gods. He was born a weapon and is seen as a beast, even when he looks human. Watch how fate evolves around the broken but beautiful Belle and the lonely, aggressive but protective Eske.

Fantasy / Erotica
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- Abuse

- Rape

- Mature Language

- Mature scenes

- Erotica

I will say 18+ but I'm going easy with it since I'm not even 18 myself. Do not read if you can't handle any of the above warnings.

. Eske is short for Eskesen but you won't read the long version much through this story.

. Belle is short for Isabelle (I'm sure you figured that one out)

Hope you enjoy! And don't forget to COMVIEW whenever you wish. (Comment/Review)

Thanks so much


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