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ESKE - A Werewolf Novel - Currently On Hold

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Belle's POV

Paper after paper I completed. Happiness shined inside me like nothing else as I finished and started to go over it again. The first test of the year in my biology class. I was positive and I have no idea how I couldn’t be. I worked my ass off for this and I didn’t stumble on any question.

NOT. I so wish that could be but it wasn’t. I skipped the first page. I got stuck on the tenth questions. I flunked the thirtieth question and gave up on the rest. I didn’t study at all. I was too busy cleaning up after my mother’s mess if not my own.

I felt disappointed in myself but it was nothing new. I felt horrible when I passed in my test, the first-page blank as well as many of the others. My teacher gave me a shocked look before I escaped into the crowd outside my classroom.

I hugged my books to my chest as I rushed down the corridor, my eyes to the ground as tears tried hard to escape but I didn’t let them. My mother will get a call because I failed the test. And I’ll get hurt for it.

Ever since my dad told her about his affair, she went psycho. He didn’t take me with him, instead, he told me that he wished I was never a part of it. That I never existed. Then he left me to watch my mother turn to the bottle, harm herself in ways I can’t repeat and then see me as her next punching bag. I was twelve when she started coming after me. Ten when my dad left. Now I’m seventeen and on the edge of this world. I had makeup covering the bruises on my face but I’m sure no one would notice them anyway. No one even looks at…

I gasped as something hard came in contact with me, a noise I’ve never heard of coming out of the one and only Eske Colten. I stared up, my eyes watering even more as fear struck my heart harshly. Eske was a twelfth grader, a mean one too. He was big. Tall and muscular. Nothing took him on. No one had to take him on for him to react. He had anger issues like no one else. It was like he was a ticking time bomb and whenever someone looked a funny way to him, he blew up. He’d been expelled from two other schools before he came here. He’d already been suspended numerous times.

People say his name means a spear of Gods. Meaning, he was a weapon. People also say, he’s not human but something of a beast. Do I believe them? Well, it’s hard not to. His reputation follows on to a beast.

I hate how hot it got suddenly, my teeth clenching together while I tightened my grip on my books as if he was going to suddenly take them and throw them across the hall.

I’ve seen him do that before.

His deep ocean blue eyes sparkled with rage, a golden glow coming around the edge of his irises while his jaw clenched just as his hands did by his sides.

“O.M.G. Ambers’ about to get it rough,” I heard a girl gasp, making more attention come to me and Eske.

“I-I-I’m sorry,” I stuttered horribly and watched his lips pierce together tightly while he hands uncurled from their fists.

I went to step back to give us space and maybe run away but I didn’t get the chance when he suddenly grabbed my hoody, one of his hand tight in my hood and hair as the other smashed my books to the ground. He pushed me in front of him, pushing me to walk quickly down a narrow corridor to the boys’ locker room.

I felt my throat swell up, tears clogging it. Suddenly, everything went so blurry and I couldn’t help but let out one sob and sniff before tears poured out of my eyes. I could see again but only when I pushed my arms over my face when he forced me through the door.

He slammed it closed behind us, shoving me hard and letting go. I grabbed the lockers to get my balance back before I turned around. He locked the doors. My heart hammered. My head hurt. My eyes went blurry again.

“I-I-I’m s-sorry,” I croaked, stepping back as I faintly saw him step forward but so slowly. I held my hands out as if that helped but it didn’t. Every step he took forward, I took back until there was nowhere to go when my back hit the shower wall. Taps dug into my back and I glanced up quickly to find a showerhead above me.

“Don’t stutter. Don’t cower.” He gritted, moving closer. I cried out when he grabbed at me but he did nothing but move me to the side, off the tap and out of the showerhead’s target. He pushed me into the wall though, his chest hard against mine. I averted my eyes from his face, his eyes staring back like he was staring down his prey.

“How dare you show weakness. Pathetic,” he spat, his breath hitting my cheek as hot as the steam rising from boiled water. I swallowed, a lump forming in my throat before I gasped softly when his big hand captured my neck tightly but loose enough to let me breathe still. I raised my hand to brace his wrist, my eyes finally meeting his but they weren’t blue anymore. They were a bronze colour, beautiful but definitely not his normal blue. I stared while a fuzzy feeling erupted in my gut and my thighs suddenly clenched together.

“We came in here, I talked, you cried. That was it. Repeat it,” he ordered and I frowned in confusion before I tightened my hand around his wrist, gulping for air when I couldn’t breathe. “Repeat it,” he demanded, loosening again. I gasped in a breath, staring at his beautiful sculptured face before I noticed a scar cutting through his dark and thick eyebrow. “I’m not going to tell you again, Mate,” he gritted and a breathless groan escaped from my throat as I tried to remember exactly what he’d said.

“W-We came in here,” I started, my voice trembling. I flinched, my chest aching as he growled out from in his throat. His gaze softened a little and I took a breath to continue. “I talked-You talked, I cried,” I corrected while his free hand softly ran down my cheek. I bit my tongue then before I continued. “A-And that’s it,” I hesitated, not sure if those were the finishing words. His fingers ended at my jaw before he let me go and took a step back.

“Good. Now take your clothes off.” He said and my eyes widened as my jaw clenched. I felt my heart drop to my stomach while my head became fuzzy. His voice was so deep, his words were so slow and I was starting to tremble again.

I shook my head softly, moving my arms up to hug my chest. I have many scars and still healing wounds all over my body. I’m not just going to show him for him to tell everyone about it. Even if I didn’t have them, I wasn’t going to take my clothes off for him. He could have his phone ready to take pictures. Or he could do something I’d very much not want to do. What if he raped me? He is only the worst guy in school, I’m sure he’s done it before.

“Either you strip yourself or I tear the clothes off you myself,” he said huskily, his hands fisting by his sides while his eyes, blue eyes, glared at me with something I couldn’t read inside them.

I suddenly felt a hole grow inside me. I felt so sorry for any other girl who’d been in my position now or worse. I know I’m not the only student here with an abusive parent but I never knew something like this would actually happen. That someone bad enough could be so guilty and emotionless to do this. Take a girl to somewhere private. Make her say the lies before anything else. And then demand her to show off her womanly beauty.

But he was willing to go further. Tear my clothes off so I wouldn’t have them after. He’d probably make me run through the school butt naked, laugh as he watched.

I should have been watching where I was going. Now I’m late for my English class and Mum will get another email telling her about my absence.

I swallowed hard, full-on knowing I was cornered. Stuck in the boys’ shower room, alone with a psycho. A beast.


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